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How do CBProAds’ Features Compared to Other Vendors’

There are a number of ClickBank third party affiliate storefronts on the market. How do CBProAds’ features compare to the others’.

CBProAds is a ClickBank vendor which offers you a ClickBank third party affiliate storefront to help you promote and market ClickBank products easily and at a shot. But it is not the only one on the market. Other ClickBank’s vendors exist offering a similar service.

Here below you will find first, features that all of them share in common and second, those that CBProAds offers but which the other vendors may not and thirdly, what you can have only with CBProAds storefronts.

Common features

These features are shared by all the ClickBank storefront vendors:

1. There is no need for you to own a website or a blog to make money with them.
2. You don’t need any Technical Skills to run the storefronts.
3. You don’t need to invest in website design or hosting.
4. You earn up to 75% of the price as commission on all products displayed on the storefronts.
5. There is no need for you to worry about customer service; Clickbank takes care of this.

Special features

CBProAds offer you all the following features but the other vendors may not:

1. All the products on the storefront have your own Clickbank nickname (ID) embedded in them.
2. All links are cloaked so that your commissions are protected against thievery.
3. The storefronts automatically updates with the Clickbank’s Marketplace data feed every day.
4. The site can be customized completely.
5. You have the possibility to place your Clickbank StoreFront in Frames and promote under your own domain name.
6. You are also allowed to add your own other affiliate program ads on to your CBProAds storefront.
7. You can promote any Category or Sub-category.
8. You can promote your CBProAds products using any Keywords or Keyphrases

CBProAds’ unique features

These features are only available with CBProAds:

1. Visitor Friendly Redefined Titles, Descriptions and Keywords (REDEFINED ADS). This is so because you would find no affiliate information in the Titles and Descriptions of the sites.
2. The storefront is embedded with the graphic cover image of all the products.
3. The navigation links are user-friendly and intelligent.
4. Any product listed in the storefront is done along with its price and popularity rank.
5. Your customer can order the products according to popularity or price.
6. You are provided a Member Area where you can track visitors and clicks.
7. Clickbank Tracking ID is integrated on to your StoreFront to track the sales.
8. The storefront runs on a fully dedicated web server for reliable and consistent performance.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about the many more features that CBProAds offer you than its closest competitors.

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Do you know of any other features to add to this list? Feel free to leave your opinions and feedback in the comment box below or contact me on my Wealthy Affiliate Profile.

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