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How does Aweber compare with its competitors?

Do you know how Aweber compares with its competitors?

If we talk of email marketing services companies or providers, of course, Aweber is not the only one around. We can cite 10 best email service providers of 2018 or List of all the email service providers.

In the post “Do you know what makes Aweber an Awesome email services provider? I mentioned three prizes won by the company in customer service, customers’ satisfaction with service, and recognition of Aweber’s AWesome Customer Solutions Team by the National Customer Service Association as a first runner up for the 2015 All-Star Service Team of the Year Award.

Want to give Aweber a try free for 30 days and see for yourself? Then grab this link.

While all those awards go to prove that Aweber’s customer service is unparalleled to get your emails delivered and opened and thus help you grow your business, you may be wondering where Aweber stands in comparison with its rivals.


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How does Aweber compare with its competitors?

Since it’s fair to compare only what are comparable, let’s see in the screenshot below how Aweber stands out in comparison with its closest competitors, that is, Mailchimp, ConstantContact, and GetResponse:

A comparison table to show How does Aweber compare with its competitors?
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A comparison table to show How does Aweber compare with its competitors?
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Isn’t your choice clear? However Aweber allows you to try out things yourself free for the first 30 days. Here is the link.



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A Little Commentary to understand how AWeber compares with its competitors

As you can see:

  • Constant Contact and GetResponse compare with Aweber in terms of # (Number) of Emails you can send;
  • all the four compare equally in terms of Segmenting;
  • only GetResponse meets Aweber in terms of types of Customer Support, Basic Autoresponders, and Advanced Autoresponders;
  • for RSS-to-email and Broadcast Archiving, only Constant Contact does not match up with Aweber;
  • however, all of them stand tall in Analytics;
  • but only MailChimp can boast along with Aweber in terms of Analytics Storage;
  • and only Constant Contact measures up with Aweber concerning Sign Up Form Split Testing;
  • all of them are equal in Integrations;
  • and for Mobile Responsive Emails, only Constant Contact fails the test;
  • but Aweber beats them all in all the other categories, that is to say, Sign Up Form Templates, Stock Photos, Image Storage Hosting, and Email Templates.

 Why go elsewhere when the best email service provider is just a click away?



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Conclusion: How does Aweber compare with its competitors?

Now you know why more than 120,000 customers all over the world trust AWeber when it comes to their email marketing needs. Aweber is no brainer. Isn’t it a perfect time to try them out for yourself?


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It’s So Easy to Get Started and Get Going. Do so Today

Get all-in-one pricing, without any add-ons or upgrades later on. You can also try your own full-featured account for 30 days free. Even during this trial period, you’ll get unlimited lists, emails and image storage, plus Aweber’s comprehensive resources and Awesome customer support.

Do you still want to procrastinate? You wouldn’t know what you are missing until you start.  


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2 thoughts on “How does Aweber compare with its competitors?”

  1. This page makes a good case for selecting AWeber as an E-Mail service provider.But I would like to know how many contacts in my E-Mail list I should have before I sign up with an E-Mail service provider.I am just starting with my website and getting visitors is my number one goal now.Does AWeber also sell mailing lists?

    • You don’t need to first have contacts in your email list before signing up for AWeber. The aim of getting on the platform is to build your list. But what happens if you already have a list? You can migrate them to your AWeber. But the company is strict about this. If the listhas not been built clasically, they will  refuse them. This happened to me. The idea is in the client’s favour. Many people can complain about being on yur list, saying that theyhave not given you their permission. So, anytime somebody signs up to your list, AWeber asks them immediately to give their permission, althouhg they signed up themselves. My regret now is not to have started a listw hen I first created my website. So this is a good time for you. No, AWeber does not sell lists. It’s against their ethics. I bought lists before but I will never buy one anymore becausemany are worthless, having been sold over and over again. Some people on a bought list will ask you where you know them or complain that they didin’t ask for your business. If you’re using gmail or similar, your account could be shut down.

      So create your own list! 


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