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How I got to using email marketing with Aweber

What brought me to email marketing?

When I started blogging, I thought it was just enough to produce content, put it on my blog to attract visitors, get them clicking my links and then make money. How wrong I was! No matter how you promote your site, if you don’t heed the saying that the money is in the list, you aren’t going to go anywhere significant.

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You’ll have people coming to your site, read what they want and then go away. Among several reasons for building a list, imagine somebody reading articles on a particular subject on several sites, including yours. This person may not note your site, especially if they are just comparing articles. Once they leave your site, they are lost for you. How many times haven’t you yourself wished you had noted a site on which you had read a good article to go back to it?

But supposing you had a form for the visitor to fill to receive more of what interests them, then they will keep coming back and hopefully reward you with their custom one day. It is said that online people buy from those they trust. And email marketing helps you to build that kind of relationship with customers.


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Why did I need email marketing?

No matter what people tell you about their intention blogging, the ultimate aim of all bloggers is to make money. For how can one keep on doing all the things to keep their blog going if no money was coming in to support them?

So when I turned to email marketing, all I knew and all I was interested in was to build my list and make money. Unknown to me, email marketing was far more than that.


What is email marketing?

Email marketing helps you to easily create and send emails to your present and potential customers. For actual customers, you can program to send them newsletters, offers, news of contests, polls and survey, etc. Concerning potential customers, you can get them to sign up to your email list by creating a sign-up form in your account and putting it on your website.

Other useful services Aweber offers are easy import of subscribers, in-depth analytics to let you see the behaviour of your subscribers, connecting your account with other tools, and doing email marketing on-the-go. 


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Why did I choose Aweber?

When I started using autoresponders, I did so as an affiliate marketer. That is, I signed up to Aweber, and TrafficWave and promoted them to get affiliates. At that time, all I knew about working online was affiliate marketing. So, every month I paid for the providers’ services but ignored all else about the most important service they could offer me.

With few affiliates and mounting debts, I was obliged to cancel my accounts. 

Then when I started reading more about earning online, I kept on coming across the phrase: the money is in the list. Then I saw why I wasn’t succeeding online and what email service providers could really help me do for my online business.

My choice of Aweber was based on what experts were saying about this company. Although people were recommending the other email service providers like Mailchimp and Getresponse, many had the most praise for Aweber. Why turn left when everybody is turning right and not falling into some hole?


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What were my initial difficulties and how did I solve them?

Since I was determined to make money online and the best route was email marketing to build my list, I took some time to learn how to do it. But as we know, every beginning is difficult.

In fact, my first difficulty was to even start! I was so intimidated by everything technology that fear made me fail even before I had begun. Could I get it right, was I not going to mess up, etc., etc. assailed my thoughts.

Even when I finally started, fear still made my progress slow.

My other problem was where was I going to find an interesting gift to entice people to sign in? One solution was to contract people on fiverr and similar sites to design something for me, but I didn’t have the means to send them payments since internationally-accepted credit/debit cards weren’t available here then to use with Paypal or other payment processors.

Then I learnt I could turn my blog posts into e-books and offer them to potential subscribers. So I began to design e-books using adobe pdf. With time, I got to know designrr which enables me to create really beautiful and professional gifts for my subscribers.

People needed to sign-in to my campaigns so the next step was to design sign up forms. That was when my fear of technology floundered me again, and more powerfully. The more I read about it, the more convinced I became that it was too technical for me. Then I contacted Aweber support and they got me going like a breeze. However, the forms I created were too simple and unprofessional because I was afraid to use all the possibilities available to me and maybe mess up the form. No doubt, I had practically no subscribers.

Now, I had to create the emails to send to my subscribers. Daunting technology reared its ugly head again. I reached out to support again. With trial and errors, I had something, not too different from the class of my sign up form. So the few subscribers unsubscribed as quickly as they came.

One thing I didn’t know at the time was to keep my subscribers close to me with follow up legacy messages and broadcasts. I thought once a subscriber always a subscriber. No doubt my list stagnated.


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Am I an expert email marketer now?

I must confess that I still grapple with email marketing since I haven’t completely solved all the problems mentioned above.

True, today I design my own e-books using designrr. But I think I need to do more, as subscribers become more and more sophisticated and we the small fish compete with the big ones.

Ready to design your own e-books? Then grab this link and start doing so today!

I think my sign up forms need more work to really become irresistible. It looks as if the best forms are available in mailchimp, but I haven’t checked that yet.

Why not check the sign up form on this blog and tell me what you think?

Thanks to Aweber’s great support people, creating emails is now second nature to me. I easily use the drag-and-drop email builder, but haven’t explored all the beautiful email templates yet. I automate my emails with the delivery date and time, but I’m yet to make use of the unlimited image storage and RSS to email. Besides, I don’t view the in-depth analysis, connect Aweber with my other tools, and do email marketing on-the-go. So my email list sucks somewhat.

But just as I had been able to overcome the initial difficulties, these problems will also soon become things of the past. This, I’m determined to do, believe me.


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What about you?

Is email marketing right for you? Yes, it can help your organization connect with your audience and grow them into a list. You can also convert prospects into loyal customers. All these at a fraction of the cost of most other marketing channels. And it is effective too!

Want to give email marketing a try? AWeber has all it takes to grow your email audience and build profitable relationships. Quick, grab the link and begin your FREE 30-day trial today. Your success depends on it.


Nota Bene

In the coming days, I’m going to write the following posts about Aweber:

What is Aweber?

How does Aweber compare to its competitors?

Why do you need email marketing?

Why should you use Aweber for email marketing?

How to design e-books for your subscribers

How to design a sign up form in Aweber

How to easily create and send emails using Aweber

How to keep your email list happy  

How to easily grow your email list

Do you need email marketing on-the-go?

How to move your email list to Aweber

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And you, is there anything else about email marketing that you would wish me to write about? Leave whatever comments you have in the box below. Thank you for your visit and your time.

Akoli Penoukou

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