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How Much Does the Wealthy Affiliate Program Cost – Is It Worth the Money?

People desirous to become affiliate marketers want to join Wealthy Affiliate to learn. But they are wondering about the cost and whether it will be money well spent. What can be more natural than that?

Wealthy Affiliate homepage showing a man helping another climb up a mountain and giving statistics to show if wealthy affiliate is worth the membership fee
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So in this post, we are first going to see all about Wealthy Affiliate. Then we will give you the various membership costs. And finally the services offered free starter members and premium ones. By the time we finish, you’d have the idea if they are worth what you pay for them.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Having themselves began and succeeded online, the co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate decided to extend their experience to others to be successful too.

And that is how the now affiliate training platform began in 2005 proposing keywords for affiliate marketers to use in their PPC campaigns. With their satisfied customers asking for more services, the platform has continued to evolve and innovate at a pace unmatched in the industry.

Wealthy Affiliate’s approach to success is to make a concerted effort to make tomorrow a more brilliant day than today. Their motivation is therefore to get others to feel about their situation how they treat the service at Wealthy Affiliate. That is, there is always a brighter day ahead.

Who Own Wealthy Affiliate?

Passport picture of Kyle, Wealthy Affiliate co-founder
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Kyle is the Marketing Chief, the one coming up with outlandish ideas or helping folks within the community when he is not working on many of the training platforms or courses within Wealthy Affiliate.

Passport photo of Carson, the other co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate
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Carson, the second co-founder, is the Design Chief. A critical role player, he architects the rawest of ideas into a real world business application.

Who Are the Wealthy Affiliate Team Members?

The co-founders are helped by a passionate and brilliantly smart senior team of three persons that work tirelessly behind the scenes to make stuffs happen.

Through their design, technology, marketing and support, they come up with projects that further enhance the way people do business online and the efficiency in which they can do it.

If Wealthy Affiliate services get better with every single day that passes, it is thanks to this team that makes it all come together.

But who are they?

Passport photo of KC, the Wealthy Affiliate Programming Chief, carrying his baby on the shoulders
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First, we have KC, the Programming Chief.

One of the originating members of the team, KC is the brainchild behind many of the technological innovations that take place at Wealthy Affiliate.

Photo of Aaron, the Wealthy Affiliate Technology Chief playing with his dog
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Next is Aaron, the Technology Chief, who has been with the team since 2009. His in-depth technical knowledge powers the various components of the platform, so that the Wealthy Affiliate “system” not only runs efficiently but also in a way that is stable, secure, and efficient.

Passport photo of Jay, the Wealthy Affiliate Training Chief
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The third member of the Wealthy Affiliate senior team is Jay, the Training Chief.

He handles some of the most spectacular live training available anywhere online through his weekly “live classes” and ongoing support at Wealthy Affiliate.

The senior team is also helped by over 20 full time SUPERSTARS. They work on projects and roles to make the company’s collective ideas come to life.

Some Wealthy Affiliate Statistics

Is Wealthy Affiliate a legitimate company and affiliate training platform?

Consider the following:

  • 14 years of business and training experience (having been created in 2005)

· Trained over 1.5 Million Budding Internet Entrepreneurs


  • SYSTEM IMPROVEMENTS: 155 In The Past Year

How Much Does It Cost to Join Wealthy Affiliate?

Magnifying glass placed on €50 bill and calculator to signify How Much Does the Wealthy Affiliate Program Cost - Is It Worth the Money?
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There are 6 types of membership costs at Wealthy Affiliate:

7-day Starter Membership Cost: Everybody (except people from Bangladesh, Egypt, Ghana, India, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, and Vietnam) joins Wealthy Affiliate at the Starter Membership Level which costs $0 for 7 days. Then people are urged to upgrade to the next level.


First Reduced Monthly Membership Cost: All those who upgrade get an almost 59% discount over the $49 monthly cost and pay $19 for their first month’s membership.


Monthly Membership Cost: Thereafter, those who choose to pay their membership monthly do so at $49. This comes to $588 for a year.


6 months Membership Cost: One can upgrade to a half-yearly membership which costs $234. This works out to exactly $39 a month (making you a saving of $10.)


Yearly Membership Cost: Those who upgrade to the yearly membership pay $359. This comes to almost $29.92 per month (or a saving of $19.08 per month and of $229 per year).


However, if you have been paying monthly and wish to upgrade before the end of your 12-month year,* you get prorate. That is, $359 is divided by 12 and the result multiplied by the number of months remaining for you to come up to one year.

Let’s imagine that you’ve been paying the regular monthly membership cost for 3 months but seen the value of the training decide to upgrade to the yearly. You’d only pay ($359 ÷ 12) x 9, which comes to $269.25.

And at the end of the 9-month period (when you should have made a year, that is 3 months + 9 months), you now pay a full year’s membership fee.

Black Friday Exceptional Reduced Yearly Membership Cost: There’s a Black Friday sale each year when the annual membership cost drops to $299.


You benefit from the same prorate here.

I was paying monthly and upgraded during a Black Friday sale. So I only paid for the remaining months of my year.

From there, I upgrade at every Black Friday sale, and pay that low rate, an equivalent of $24.92 per month. This comes to a saving of $5 per month and $40 per year.

*Your year begins from the month you joined Wealthy Affiliate to the end of the next 12 months. So your membership is not calculated on a calendar year which begins in January and ends in December.

Upgrading your membership to Premium is always an option, but it’s a decision you can make with confidence knowing whether or not the Premium membership is right for you and your online business.


There Are No Upsells At All at Wealthy Affiliate


Wealthy Affiliate is a company open and transparent about the way they do business. Not only do they let you in the doors to explore the platform for yourself for free, but you upgrade to a Premium member with one simple, straight-forward price, without any upsells whatsoever.

Besides, you wouldn’t have to pay for any other programs (except an email autoresponder) because everything you need (top affiliate marketing training, online business tools and community support all in one place) is already included in your premium membership.

Do You Need to Have Previous Experience Before Joining Wealthy Affiliate?

Previous experience is not necessary to join Wealthy Affiliate. The training starts from ground zero, meaning that they are designed with the assumption that no member has any experience.

Many now highly successful Wealthy Affiliate members started out with no technical knowledge nor experience with the Internet.

“If you can write an email to a friend, you can be highly successful at Wealthy Affiliate!” – Wealthy Affiliate.

What Forms of Payment Do Wealthy Affiliate Accept?

Wealthy Affiliate accept Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard) and PayPal as forms of payment for Premium memberships.

The two forms of payment are even interchangeable at any time. That is, you can choose to use a credit card this month/year, then change to PayPal later date, and vice versa.

Billing is your personal affair and you can choose what works best for you.

Now, to see if your membership cost is worth what you get, we are going to see what Wealthy Affiliate offers you in return for your payment.