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How To Add An Opt in Form To Your Website

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Newsletter or Autoresponder Campaign?


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Do you send or plan to send a newsletter to your subscribers or do you carry out or plan to carry out an autoresponder campaign? 

If yes, then adding an opt in form to pages on your website is a must for the success of your newsletter or autoresponder campaign.


The form on your website pages will enable you to turn your one-time visitors into regulars and finally into customers.

But the problem for many is how to add a contact form to WordPress or another website platform.

If this is your case, let me assure you that you will soon master this technique over the following 9 easy steps.

In fact, publishing your first form for your email campaign shouldn’t be a problem at all.

But before we follow the steps, I would wish you to watch this video first:

Click this link to watch the Video            


Ready for your first email campaign?

Not ready yet?

Okay, let’s see the 9-steps then.

9 step-by-step Instructions to adding a contact form to your website pages

Step 1: To begin, sign in to your AWeber account and go to the navigation menu and click on the “Sign Up Forms” tab.


AWeber autoresponder sign up form showing Sign up forms
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Step 2: Now click on the button which reads “Create a Sign Up Form.”

A green rectangle with the insceiption Create a sign up form
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Step 3: When the templates open choose the one you prefer for your form. If none appeals to you, click the “Show More” option and a menu of the different categories will be brought up.


Images of AWeber email autoresponder templates
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N.B.: It is important to browse through the different categories to select a template that fits in perfectly with your websites design and theme.


Image showing names and numbers of alternative templates for email autoresponder
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When you find it, click on it.

It’s now time to choose your color scheme.

After doing that, click “Load Template.”


Image with CTA to load template
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Step 4: Now click on the “EDIT HEADER” tab to add your text.

Green rectangle with a smaller one with a rounded edge reading EDIT HEADER
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You need to add a headline here. This will let your websites visitors know not only why they should sign up to your campaign but also what kind of information they will receive from you.

Think carefully about what you will write here as it is your first step to the success of your campaign. Ask yourselfwhat is in it for your website visitors and use that. For if they don’t see the interest of signing up to your campaign, visitors will click themselves away.

Step 5: Once you’ve penned your best text, click “Go To Step 2.”

Two triangular forms, the green on the left saying Save Your Form and the blue on the right Go To Step 2
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Step 6: This is where you give your form a name.

N.B.: Only you will see this name which just serves to help you tell your forms from each other. (You are not going to have only one, are you?)

The basic settings asking to customize your forms properties
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Step 7: Then, choose where your subscribers go after they fill out your form.

Note that AWeber put several default thank you pages at your disposal. You can even find a smart version that shows your subscribers how to confirm that they wish to receive information from you.

A thnak you page showing audio,
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If you wish you can send them to a page on your site.

Step 8: Now click “Save”, and next click “Go To Step 3.”

Two rectangles, green one on left saying Save Your Form and blue on right Go to Step 3
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Step 9: In this last stage, you’re going to publish the opt in form to your site.

You have 2 possibilities:

  • Do it yourself with the HTML code provided by AWeber or
  • Have AWeber send that information to your web designer, if you have one

A page asking who will publish this form to your website
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N.B.: You will publish the Javascript Snippet or Raw HTML Version anywhere between the <body> tags of your site.

Image showing java script snippets
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A third possibility is to let AWeber host the form.

This time you get a link exactly like the following for your website.

(That form is real and it is embedded on my website. Go ahead and click it. Then sign up if you like what you see.)

Once the form has been added, you must test it to make sure that it is working properly.

In this wise, fill it in yourself with your details such as name and email address. (These two are enough. The more details you ask of your visitors the less likely they are to fill up the form. Haven’t you felt so yourself? Why do you expect others to act otherwise).

Go back and check your email inbox.

The message is there! (Your face lights up)

You are now ready to turn your website visitors into subscribers who will be leads and give you sales later.

Good luck with your Awesome Aweber autoresponder campaign!

Don’t have an Aweber autoresponder?

It’s easy to sign up. Besides, you get a free 30-day trial. And it costs only $19 a month.


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