How to Change Negative Thoughts into Positive Ones

Are your negative thoughts hampering your progress? Have you tried in vain to reverse them? There’s hope for you. Here’s how to change negative thoughts into positive ones.

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The person whose teachings will change things for you is Dr Steve G. Jones, a Clinical Hynotherapist.


Picture of Dr Steve G. Jones, Clinical Hypnotherapist and inventor of Total Money Magnetism
Dr Steve G. Jones is the man who Dr Joe Vitale, from the movie ‘The Secret’, asked to teach how to change negative thoughts into positive ones. This was recorded in a short YouTube video clip. I thought you might like to watch it.

Click on this image link to check it out:

I hope you found the video Short clip featuring Dr Steve G. Jones and Dr Joe Vitale teaching how to ‘catch your negative thoughts’ and turn them into positive thoughts/beliefs above helpful!

Now, back to our talk.

How to replace negative thoughts with positive ones

A starting point and a really good way to totally replace any negative belief is to first IDENTIFY it.

Then write a positive AFFIRMATION that is the new belief you want to overwrite it with.

Now, spend 5 minutes a day, every day for 90 days, stating the new positive belief.

“Why should I do this?” you may ask.

This is because repetition is the key to strengthening this new neural pathway in your brain which will help to overwrite the old one.

Here is an example of a negative old belief about money:  I’m the kind of person who always has difficulties to make money.

Here is an example of a positive new belief about money:  I’m the kind of person who finds it easy to make money.

This new belief is what you must repeatedly say to yourself.

Of course positive beliefs are helpful, but they’re not everything.

Changing negative thoughts need more than positive affirmations

To think like a wealthy person, you need to use their strategies and implant other core beliefs as well.

But something must be said about that one belief: it sets you on the path towards success.

So if you would like Dr Steve G. Jones to help program an entire MILLIONAIRE’s brain, beliefs and strategies into your mind, then take a look at his system below….

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By the way, in case you haven’t seen this yet, Dr Steve G. Jones recorded a video where he shows you the secret to Total Money Magnetism. At the end of the video he gives you
the details of his program.

To watch the video now, just click here.

Here are other links for you to check the program:

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8 thoughts on “How to Change Negative Thoughts into Positive Ones

  1. This is definitely something I need to look into.. Maybe I have more negative thoughts than I think…Your article was an eye opener just because I never thought to think of the positive or negative in life..Great videos to show as an example..I can’t wait to hear about more. Great work! Best of luck to ya!

    1. Hi Genia,

      I’m happy that you feel my post is something you should definitely look into.

      Oh, you think you maybe have more negative thoughts than you think? Then you have to go to work immediately to corrct them. And you’ve had my article as an eye opener to help you.

      You said you’ve thought of thinking of the positive or negative in your life. Do you mean you push it out of your mind or you justdon’t mind them at all?

      Now, more than ever, I’ve seen the need to publish more of such articles with videos to show people as an example.

      I surely will be publishing more soon. Just keep coming back and you’ll see them.

      Thank you.


  2. Dr Steve G. Jones is surely the right one for me. Within this short post, I already felt how powerful his teachings are and to change my negative mentality towards a lot of things, there would be need to approach it with the highest affirmation and action as you have stated here. To be honest, I am going to enroll for the course so that I can finally learn the ways of the wealthy and bring it to fruition in my life.

    1. Hello Rodarrick,

      Yes, if you have negative thoughts that you want to turn into positive ones, then surely Dr Steve G. Jones is the right specialist for you.

      Ah, my post already made you feel how powerful his teachings are and to change your negative mentality towards a lot of things? Please,go ahead and start doing it. You have nothing to lose, rather you have everything to gain.

      I think you have taken the right decision to go and enroll for the course. Surely you will finally learn the ways of the wealthy and bring it to fruition in your life.

      Good luck!


  3. Affirmation is a very powerful tool to engage in when it comes to changing our world view about the negative things around them and to see them as being positive and I must only commend you for sharing such a post with us all. Getting affirmation would help to see the positivity out of every situations. Also, the fact that one needs to learn more from the wealthy, the secrets to becoming wealthy and a millionaire is the reason I will subscribe to this. thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Ramos,

      Yes, affirmation is a very powerful tool to use when you want to change your world view, especially about the negative things around you and to envision them as being positive.

      Sharing such a post with you all was a great joy of mine. I’m somebody whose life has been affected for many years by negative thoughts. Having found the value of changing them to positive, I just wanted to share them with the whole world.

      Butbe warned that positive affirmations are not enough, because theywill be like wishful thinking. Action speaks louder than words, so you must work on your ideas.

      This post tells you that you need to learn all the tactics that the wealthy use, their secrets to becoming wealthy . Your wish to become these, as well as a millionaire will be quickened if you subscribed to this.

      Thanks for commenting.


  4. My dear friend Akoli, i like your website because it is full of valuable information. Thank you for your article ,because at the moment i’m working very hard on myself to control my emotions.Truly, we need to change our negative thoughts into positive ones to improve our mental health.This subject is so deep,have you got more tips for us? Thank you so much! 

    1. Hi Eva,

      I’m veryhumbled that you like my website for its valuable information. You make me feel that I’m doing my work properly as a blogger.

      Oh, you’re working very hard now on yourself to control your emotions? Just follow the guide in the post to turn your negative thoughts into positive ones. This will help you improve your mental health, as you so rightly observed.

      Yes, I have more tips for my readers. I will soon be posting them. Just keep coming back and you’ll be served.

      Continue commenting to encourage me, but above all like and share my posts. Thank you

      so much too!


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