How to create an account on Quora and optimize your profile for success

Are you not yet on Quora? Or, have you joined and looking for ways to stand out? Then learn how to create an account, to fill out your profile and add credentials. Find out how to write a killer profile bio, to describe your topic experience and to optimize your profile for success, etc.

Quora logo ofthe words written in red letters
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That said, and without further ado, let us get into the nitty-gritty of things.

Quora defined

Quora (/ˈkwɔːrə/) is a question-and-answer website where questions are asked, answered, edited, and organized by its community of users in the form of opinions. Its publisher, Quora Inc., is based in Mountain View, California. The company was founded in June 2009, and the website was made available to the public for the first time on June 21, 2010.[5] Users can collaborate by editing questions and suggesting edits to answers that have been submitted by other users. – Wikipedia

Quora explained

Quora enables users to ask and answer questions assigned to specific categories. Users can portray themselves as experts by answering questions in any number of categories.

Users can also rate negatively or positively the questions and answers posted on the platform.

This way well-rated, helpful, Q-and-A threads become highlighted and appear more frequently in users’ feeds.

The site has a comment function which people can use to participate in or discuss the topic of the post. They can also use the change feature to edit and improve questions and answers.

As a concept, Quora is something of a hybrid between a social network like Facebook and a knowledge forum like Mind the Book or Yahoo! Answers.

Quora’s homepage feed recalls Facebook’s timeline because it allows visitors to use the site seamlessly with unlimited scrolling. In effect, the feed is a mix of active threads, unanswered questions from your selected categories, and suggestions for users to complete their profile.

A user wishing to contribute can do so without leaving the feed. This enables Quora to offer a fast, dynamic user experience.

Quora thrives on a continuous feed of users—experts or educated people with different areas of expertise—to answer and comment on a range of questions.

New Quora users however, are likely to be flooded in a jumble of trivial, often confused questions. But they would soon feel at home as the platform is easy to use, enabling them to achieve a lot with a large, capable community.

The successful feedback mechanism of the platform makes the direct exchange of knowledge fun for all.

As a thriving bank of knowledge, Quora attracts large investors and prominent people such as Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales, and 44th US President, Barack Obama.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So, countless numbers of people also use Quora for entertainment by clicking for hours through its interesting feeds.

Why you should use Quora

Are you a website owner looking for backlinks or promotion for your blog? Or do you want to drive free targeted referral traffic to your property?

Maybe you are a brand wishing to share knowledge about your industry, looking to drive landing page traffic, or on the lookout for a way to market your products.

You could also be an entity wanting to make money, build your authority, generate leads, or build your email list.

Finally, you may be an individual desirous to exercise your writing and promote it.

Whatever your case, here are five great reasons to be on Quora:


  1. gives you exposure to the site’s millions of monthly worldwide visitors
  2. enables you to demonstrate your expertise on almost any topic
  3. gives you insights from experts in any industry
  4. allows you to give direct answers to anyone asking about your business, products, or services
  5. makes it possible for you to share content from other websites (including your own) in topic-focused boards on your profile

Now that you know why you should use Quora, let’s look at how to create your account.

How to join Quora

Step 1: Go to the Quora homepage to sign up

Quora homepage
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You can sign up with your Google or Facebook account, or with your email address.

Step 2. Select at least 10 interests

After signing in, a modal window appears asking “What are your interests?”

Quora what are your interests
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You will find numerous images describing various topics and you have to choose at least 10 to follow.

As you scroll down, the site loads more images.

Choose topics relevant to your blog and that have the most followers. Doing that will enable you drive traffic to your blog and also have a lot of views of your answers.

After selecting 10, the hazy button under the images turn blue and you can read “Continue”.

Quora after selecting 10 topics, click on continue blue button
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Quora after selecting 10 topics, click on continue blue button

You may select more topics or just click to continue.

Step 3. Join Spaces

Quora one last step spaces
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This last step to joining Quora was introduced this year (2020).

Spaces are communities created around shared interests. You can join some interesting ones to get started.

Before opening it to the public, Quora asked selected people, including me, to test it. But I didn’t really try to find out what it was and ignored the offer.

Even after it was introduced, some spaces in which I was sharing my answers asked me to be an admin, but I turned down this offer too for lack of time.

N.B.: Spaces replaced blogs that were very popular on Quora.

After completing the above three steps, your registration is done.

So, you will be directed to the Quora home.

Quora home '2'
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This is where you will find your scrollable feed sorted according to “top posts”.

You can also find your personal messages and settings through the top bar.

Quora suggests threads that match the interests you have chosen. You can use these threads to rate responses positively or negatively. You can also use them to “follow” users.

Don’t feel like posting your own answer to a question?

The comment function will still enable you to participate in that discussion.

Fill out your profile

Your profile establishes your trustworthiness and credibility.

Therefore provide information as truthfully and accurately as you can.

People will go to your profile to learn more about you when you answer a question that demonstrates your industry expertise.

That gets you exposure.

Now, let’s see how to fill it out.

Step 1: Add your profile photo and edit your name

Quora Click on your image and on your name
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Click on your Avatar image at the top right hand corner and upload your photo.

Choose a high-quality profile photo which shows you at your best. Meaning that you must look presentable and approachable.

If possible, use a professional headshot.

For easy branding, choose the same photo you have on your blog and social media accounts.

You can also edit your name here, if necessary.

Step 2: Add your profile credential

Quora edit credential page
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Click on edit credential and add your profile credential.

A credential is a one-line bio that appears below your name on an answer you write.

This will act as your personal headline. It is your first opportunity to stand out of the crowd. Something like telling the reader, “You can see I’m better than the rest.”

Be clear about what you excel at.

Let’s say you are going to write predominantly about content marketing. Your Bio could read something like “X Years’ Experience in Content Marketing” or “I Write about Content Marketing at my Blog”.

Quora Neil Patel’s credentials
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You must certainly avoid using vague Bios that one often sees on Quora, such as “Been there, Done that”.

As you already know, your credentials should closely match the specific question you are answering. Otherwise not many will believe your capacity to answer the question credibly.

See the importance of the headline from the screenshot of the following message Quora sent me:

Quora dominating image
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To make your profile complete, include an image, description, links to your site and social platforms.

That way, if you use Quora to showcase your writing or attract visitors or generate leads or make money, for marketing or promoting your business, for building backlinks, your authority or email list or brand awareness, your account (and answers) will look credible and improve recognition.

Let’s say a Quora answerer is a cardiothoracic surgeon and also a Hanoverian horse enthusiasts. Would you believe more what they say on cardiothoracic surgery or what they tell you is the best horse food?

You must therefore be relatable.

For example, if you’ll be writing about the military or battlefield strategy, include your military experience in your credential. If you’ll be answering questions about design and you’ve been working as a designer for fifteen years, include that in your credential.

The more specific, the better.

Fortunately Quora allows you to be.


…Create multiple Credentials

For every answer you write, you must choose an appropriate credential which fits the topic.

For Quora will show your bio next to each question that you answer. Your bio must therefore be optimized for each.

The credential is an opportunity to assert your expertise as well as show why your opinion counts or why your answer should be taken seriously.

Fortunately you can create different credentials to go with your chosen niche topics.

For example, if you plan on answering questions about SEO as well as website design, you may want to create one bio for SEO and another for website design.

So, anytime you write an answer, you choose the credential that fits that topic.

But don’t worry if you had forgotten to do that.

Quora gives you the opportunity to create a new credential after you have answered a question.

Remember, your credentials are your title. Your objective is to be interesting, intriguing and credible. In as few words as possible.

Example of multiple credentials for my profile:

Quora example of multiple credentials for me
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As we said, credentials can change at any time, either before writing an answer or after doing so. They can even be swapped for something more specific at the time of writing a new answer.

Therefore, create a default credential for the topics you’ll often answer and then choose to use it or even create a specific one as you write an answer.

Step 3: Write a description about yourself – Add a relevant profile bio

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Aside from your profile credential, your description is crucial to create a good first impressions.

It is the first thing users clicking on your profile photo from your answer will see.

Unfortunately a lot of people skip this step, oblivious of the fact that it is indeed crucial to portray their credibility.

The Bio is a headline of your profile, so it is important to select one that best describes the topics you will be covering.

You can include bold, italic, bullets, pictures, links, etc.

This is where you market yourself. So take it very seriously.

For if someone is hunched over your bio, it means you have them on the hook. All that is left is to reel them in.

You do that by giving them a link to a place where they can learn more about you.

Meaning, smooth transition is key.

If your bio makes people believe you to be what you say you are, capitalize on it.

How you do it is to send them to a page that builds on the awesome image of YOU and what you stand for.

Directing people to your brand’s home page can’t help you achieve that.


…It is not yet the moment to try to promote or sell anything.

That could backfire at this stage.

You need to build trust first.

Quora description of Aquif Shaikh
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When you write your description, make sure to use every day words that you’d normally use. Include some social proof if you have it. Then link to your blog at the end.

Don’t forget to proofread your description.

Typos or clumsy grammar can taint or destroy your credibility.

Set up a good bio to showcase your expertise

When people read your answer, they’ll want to know why you are qualified to speak on the subject.

But what if you write on different topics?

You can write a unique bio for every topic you handle. This is an opportunity to put your expertise across on a wide range of related topics.

Quora example of multiple credentials
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Also, create an all-encompassing bio on your profile page to showcase your main expertise. Leonard Kim does this very well.

LeonardKim's all encompasing profile bio
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Use the 50-character Headline to your advantage

Quora only shows the first 50 characters of your tagline alongside you answers. So mention your brand name right away.

Below is a great example that shows how this can differ if you’re not careful:

Quora Jimmy Wales
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Since tagline above your answer is a great branding opportunity, describe yourself in a catchy and memorable way.

See how well Joseph Smetona does it here:

Quora Joseph Smetona
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Add detail using the profile summary

You can find your profile summary under your profile bio.

This is where you can provide more information about yourself.

The summary field is far less restricted in length and format than your profile bio. It is displayed only when people click to view your profile in full.

Rich formatting like bold, italic and underline is supported. Also lists and block quotes. Web addresses will be rendered as clickable links. No doubt, this is a great opportunity to link to your blog.

Here are some of the ways top Quora writers use their profile summary field:


  • tell the story of their lives and give their professional experience
  • link to their blogs and social media profiles
  • mention publications they’ve written for, in order to build social proof
  • share any quirky or interesting facts which makes them different from the others

Get inspiration from it to write yours. Strive to be interesting and inspiring. Know that humor works well too.

Check Brandon Lee’s profile:

Quora bio of Brandon Lee
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Notice the clever way Brandon constructs his summary using his past answers on Quora.

This not only gives him credibility but it’s also an opportunity for him to get more clicks on his answers.

That would bring you more views and upvotes.

You can do it too once you’ve created a few successful answers.

It’s also possible to tag other writers in your summary.

Check Jasmeet Singh’s profile:

Quora Jasmeet Singh profile
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See how he has used his blog’s link in his profile’s tagline.

How to make your profile stand out

This is a part many Quora users miss quite often.

To make your profile stand out from the rest, you must:

  1. Highlight the essentials: Indicate your most significant achievement at the very top of your profile. Mention a product/service you have on offer. Make sure the CTA is high ‘above the fold’ to make it more likely to get clicked. State what you do if you have no product/service.
  2. Add links: Embed links in your bio to direct people to a place where they can find out more about you, what you do, and what your achievements are. For example, on your website.
  3. Indicate your areas of expertise: On your profile make clear your areas of specialty and provide links to content as proof. For example, if you say you are a successful YouTuber, include links to your channel.
  4. Fill out all your credentials and highlights: Your credentials will be displayed by default at the top of every answer you write. If you answer questions on a wide variety of topics, choose a related credential to prove your authority in that area.

Write a killer Profile Bio

Just like with social media marketing, you need an awesome author bio to establish a solid presence on Quora.

Quite a chunk of your profile’s configuration involves basic steps, like adding your profile photo and filling in your name.

What you need to pay attention to, however, are your credentials and description. (More on this later)

Quora description of AnkitSingla
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Your description should not be an entire article. It must be short, straightforward, and impactful.

You can simply enumerate your job experience, what you do, and maybe a couple of your hobbies.

One other thing is to also list down the websites you’ve been featured in if you’ve been interviewed or actively guest blogging.

Your profile should also contain links to relevant pages, such as your website or social media profiles and contact page.

Quora description of AnkitSingla 2
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Whenever other Quora users visit your profile, they’ll be wondering who you are and why they should trust you.

Your Quora profile should address those concerns with a complete record of your credentials. All these can be found and edited at the right-most section of your profile called:

Credentials & Highlights

Quora employment, education and location credentials
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Under Credentials & Highlights, you will see:

  • Add employment credential
  • Add education credential
  • Add location credential

Don’t leave these for later. In the hullabaloo of things you may forget it. Remember, the more information you provide, the more professional and credible your profile looks.

Step 1: Complete the employment credential

Now, click on “Add employment credential” and say where you have worked (if applicable) and where you are working now.

If you work for a popular company, be sure to select the official Quora “topic” for your company.

Remember, Quora doesn’t have business pages — even for big-name brands — per se. Rather, companies are treated as topics that users can follow and form discussions around.

For example, if you are a tech blogger working as a software engineer on Facebook, you may select either the topic for the company or the core product itself.

Quora add employment credential
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If your brand isn’t registered as a Quora topic yet, you can do so yourself by scrolling to the bottom of the list and clicking ‘Create Topic.’

Quora create topic
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For example, Bob Ruffolo of IMPACT uses his profile headline to mention both the company’s name and what they do.

Quora Bob Ruffolo
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Anytime one of his answers appears in users’ feeds, they’ll know he’s the CEO of an inbound marketing agency.

This will make them associate any value they receive in the answer with the IMPACT brand. Those really interested can therefore be able to seek more information about it.

Beyond that, you’ll want to take advantage of the fact that Quora allows users to include links in their profiles.

See how Author John Green does a nice job of this on his profile.

Quora Joseph Smetona '2'
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Step 2: Complete the education credential

This can also establish your credibility.

Supposing you’re writing on historical subjects, and this credential shows that you have a BA, MA, or PhD in history from a certain university, that will really establish trust as it shows you are qualified to write on the subject.

Step 3: Complete the location credential

Is it worth filling up this credential?

Let’s say you are reading an answer about the wonderful Victoria Falls in Zambia.

Who will you believe?

A guy who lives and works there or someone found thousands of miles away?

That’s the importance of this credential.

What if you are not going to write about any locations?

Still, add this credential.

You never know when you will need it or what it might tell a reader who consults your profile.

Knows about

This section is found under the above credentials.

What topics do you know about?

Click inside “What topics do you know about” box and add the topics you master.

Describe your topic experience on your profile

Describe your experience in each of the areas of interest you chose earlier on.

Quora what topics do you know about
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You can use the search function to find new topics. The search results also return the number of users who are experts in this area.

Add Relevant Topics in “Knows About” Section

When you select an interest, subcategories of the topic will appear for you to specify your interests further.

Quora will pack your feed with questions based on the topics you’ve selected that you can answer and link to your affiliate content.

So you wouldn’t always be too late to answer some questions or even miss a handful of them.

You choose the right topics in the “Knows About” section under the Answer Tab of the Quora homepage.

Based on the topics you select, Quora will compile a list of questions for you to answer.

Quora’s compilation of of list of questions for you to answer
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Even if you feel that the topics are too general, go ahead and choose others that may sound unrelated. You can always change them later.

Your answers will enable Quora provide you with targeted answers to questions that match your fields of knowledge.

Add Relevant Topics to the Feed Section

Besides the above, Quora will also compile a list of topics for you to read based on your interest.

This gives you access to more questions.

You can edit these topics in the feed section of your Quora home page. You can choose entirely different topics for your Feed Section or may add the same topics as in “Knows About” section.

Quora Feed Section and topics as in “Knows About” section.
  • Save

Note that “themes” can also be places, like universities or educational institutions.

At this point, Quora will also ask if you know other languages.

Quora what other languages do you know
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This is optional, so skip it if you want.

After following the topics which interest you, go back to your profile and click on your Topics.

Quora Click on topics after following topics which interest you
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Then describe your experience with each of the topics you are following.

Quora describe your experience with each topics you are following.
  • Save

Whatever descriptions you write here will be displayed next to your name when you answer questions on those particular topics.

If you don’t enter anything in this area, it is the main headline for your profile that will appear next to your answers.

Connect your social media accounts

Quora enables you to share your answers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn Tumblr, and even on a WordPress blog.

You can use the Settings option on your menu to connect your social media accounts.

Quora use the Settings option on your menu to connect your social media accounts.
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Below is a screenshot of the Settings page after you connect and turn on your social accounts:

Quora settings page after you connect and turn on your social accounts.
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When you link to your social media accounts, your contacts can find you on Quora. This will increase your number of followers.

The reverse is also true. In the sense that it can help you get more followers on your social media accounts.

Below is the screenshot of the connected social handles for Quora user, Mohit Arora.

Connected social handles for Quora user, Mohit Arora
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Once your credentials are finished, and your profile is set up, it will start building content.

On the Quora homepage you will see “top stories for you”, “New questions to follow”, “Bookmarked answers”, as well as the topics you said you knew about.

Clicking on any of them will bring up matters concerning them. You can also type in your question and search for a topic on top search bar.

Quora search for question on top search bar
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You can click on a question link to find the question to answer

Quora find question to answer
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You can request people to answer a question you asked or found by clicking the + sign beside their names and the sign will turn into a tick

Quora request answers
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The Notification icon above will enable Quora to inform you when someone answers/

If you want to answer a question, click on it and a page will load for the purpose

Quora answer page
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Finding topics and following them

When your profile is completed, it is now time to start finding topics and to follow them.

Finding niche topics

To find topics of interest to you, go to the search box at the top and type in a keyword.

Quora top search bar
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This is how the search looks like.

Quora doing search for analytics at the top search bar
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Quora doing search for analytics at the top search bar

As you see, once you begin to type in a search term, Quora gives you instant suggestions.

The topic pages start out with the latest boards and questions.

Quora latest boards and questions
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The selection will continue to grow, depending on the topics you choose.

Following topics

To follow topics, go to the top right and click on the green Follow Topic button shown in the image above.

This will automatically populate your Quora home page news feed with the latest activity within that topic.

Would you like the latest questions sent to you via email?

Then click on the Settings button that appears after you follow the topic. Then change the Email Settings to On.

You can also subscribe to any topic by adding /rss to the URL.

If you used a search query to find the topic, just strip off the ?q=keyword from the end of the URL before adding the /rss.

For Google Analytics, the URL for the topic is and the URL for the RSS feed is

Use Quora Analytics to see who is viewing your Profile

Doing this is a great way to learn more about your readers and what’s popular.

In effect every answer you write has statistics of the number of times it has been viewed.

If you click on “# views”, you can see how people are getting to those answers.

Was it through your profile? Through searching a topic? Through browsing? Or what?

By using this information and visiting your personal views page at, you will see where you need to optimize your efforts as well as where to spend more time to get the best benefits.

Quora analytics
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N.B.: This optimization is in addition to optimizing by filling out every piece of information needed on Quora. Which includes your areas of expertise, interests, schools you’ve attended, where you’re located, your past jobs, etc. as well as creating a full description and uploading a quality photo.

Find new connections

You can find new connections who will be interested in the same subjects as you are.

To learn more about them, just click on any person’s profile.

Do you find them interesting to follow?

Then use the green Follow button to do so.

To manage activities on sites you participate on

You can use Google Reader to keep your favorite topics under a folder labelled Questions together with feeds from other question and answer networks.

Quora Google Reader to keep your favorite topics under a folder
  • Save

Quora Google Reader to keep your favorite topics under a folder

This way you can manage all of the activities on the sites you participate on.

To find the latest activity on the topic, etc.

To find the latest activity on the topic, top “answerers”, and the people following the topic, look beneath the top questions and subscription options.

Quora To find the latest activity on the topic, top “answerers”, and the people following the topic
  • Save

Create your company name as a Quora topic

We have already considered individual and brand profiles (which can still affect your company).

But what if you want to focus on your brand name directly?

You can start this crucial step by typing in your company name under the “Topics” section found on the left hand column.

If it doesn’t come up then a Topic about your brand has not yet been created.

The screenshot below shows how it works:

Quora How to focus on your brand name directly
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Quora How?

As you can see, HigherVisibility is not yet a topic.

So click “Create Topic” to customize the topic.

You can do so by adding a logo, and description.

Then you can start conversations about your brand.

After creating a Topic for your brand

After you create your brand’s topic on Quora, you would find it in the search suggestions.

Click on it to view your topic page.

Quora topic page for a brand
  • Save

Unlike Quora profiles, you can’t write a description for your brand topic. However you can add an official topic photo, modify the name, manage topic “aliases,” and merge it with existing topics.

Quora add an official topic photo, modify the name, manage topic “aliases,” and merge it with existing topics.
  • Save

To manage your topic’s aliases, click the three-dot settings button, select ‘Manage,’ and click ‘Add Alias.’

Quora to manage your topic’s aliases
  • Save


What’s the value of aliases?

They help users find your topic through common misspellings, abbreviations, and alternative spellings for your brand.

Master Blogging has chosen “MasterBlogging” as an alias for people who have only seen their logo and may use that spelling to find them.

Quora Master Blogging’s alias “MasterBlogging”
  • Save

Ask for reviews of your company “topic”

Now that you have a topic for your brand, you can ask people to review that topic. That will give you even more visibility.

Just click the “Request” button found on your new Topic page, then ask people to review your brand.

The screenshot below shows an example:

Quora request people to review your company topic
  • Save

Optimize your privacy settings

Your privacy settings can be adjusted to maximize your visibility inside and outside Quora.

First, access your privacy settings via Settings > Privacy.

  • Save
Privacy.” title=”Quora privacy settings via Settings > Privacy.”>


Allow search engines to index your name. That’s the best way for your Quora profile to be displayed in the search results when someone does a search for your name.


So make sure that box is checked.


Do you want anyone who sees your answer with your profile to be able to get in touch with you?

Then select “Allow any person on Quora to send me messages.”

The same goes for anyone who wants to comment on your answers and posts.

So check this box as well.

How to edit your profile

To edit your profile, first click on your name in the top menu bar. Then click on the Edit links to add your headline and profile content.

Quora How to edit your profile
  • Save

Success on Quora all boils down to an optimized profile

Quora Rand Fishkin’s optimized profile
  • Save

As the many you’ve seen above show, Quora profiles are extremely simple. In effect, they are not laden with photos like those of Facebook but rather with a design between that of Twitter and Instagram.

All you find on a profile is a picture, a headline, a feed, and credentials.

The simple nature of a Quora profile makes it imperative to have an awesome copy. You do this by completely filling out your profile.

Don’t skimp on your headline and summary.

A good advice I saw is not to exaggerate the use of the vertical bar: | This | is | it | right? |

Highlight your social media profiles, your company/business, and the topics you’re going to discuss.

While your profile must stand out and showcase your expertise, you can still talk about things not related to your business.

Let’s say you’re interested in gardening, cooking, or dancing. You can safely incorporate these personal interests into your business ones.

Here are some examples of profiles unique to their industries and qualifications:

Optimize your Quora Profile

You want your profile to let people know who you are, what you do, and be able to connect with you through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or your blog.

So follow these steps:

Set up Topic Specific Bios: If you have a wide variety of expertise, you can create bios specific to each topic. This will allow you to make the most of your bio.

Use a specific bio for a specific topic: Quora allows you to modify your bio to match the questions you’re answering.

And after you have submitted an answer, you’ll find an “Edit Credential” option in the “…” menu. Select that option, and again select the credentials you want to edit in the pop-up.

Quora edit credential for an answer submitted
  • Save

Selecting “edit,” will bring you to another box where you can enter in your new bio, and click “save.”

Want to change your bio everywhere?

Click set as default.

Quora set your credential as default to change your bio everywhere
  • Save

Add links in your description: Although a great place to showcase your expertise and generate some SEO value, the description area can also be used as a funnel to produce more clicks on your website link.

While Quora lets you include in-line hyperlinks in your description, don’t go overboard. In addition to using them strategically and sparingly, make your links relevant and useful, such that they guide people to your homepage, blog, or social media accounts.

Quora Bob Ruffolo '2'
  • Save

A link to a page can also help people contact you to hire you for freelance work. See how well Amanda DiSilvestro does this in the profile page description below:


Quora Profile page description Amanda DiSilvestro
  • Save

Keyword optimize your headline: Try to optimize your headline and get found for your niche’s keywords.

See how well Bob does this in the screenshot above Amdnda’s.

Their brand name as well as keywords—inbound marketing and inbound marketing agency—are included in the headline.

As your headline has a 50-character limit, you must make it as concise as possible. Thus you will not compromise your message and also avoid carrying the dreaded ellipsis…

Simply stating your job title and business name should also do the trick, as shown below.

Quora Neil Patel’s 50-character headline limit
  • Save

Notice how simpler the profile is; it also contains less links.

When Neil answers questions using this Bio, readers see that he is a Forbes rates top 10 marketer and best-selling author. That definitely gains some attention.

However you can be as creative as possible to leave a lasting impression on your Quora readers.

Neil Patel however does more than what his job title suggests, Since Quora allows users to create topic-specific bios, Neil has a bio for each case.

Quora Two of Neil Patel’s bio to show how to use bio for each case
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You can also do the same.

Let’s say that your initial bio states that you are a business owner. However, you are also adept in WordPress development. You can create a separate bio for this so you can display it every time you answer a WordPress-related question.

To provide a better idea to your audience about who you are, you can edit the “Credentials & Highlights” and “Knows About” section of your profile. Filling these sections out with the correct details establishes what people should know about you. The latter section emphasizes your expertise, while the former offers social proof to validate your knowledge.

Lastly, you can fill out the other details of your profile such as the About me section, schools and colleges you’ve attended, and much more. The information lets users locate your profile and answers much easier if any of their search phrases matches your profile.

Bios of some top Quora writers

Top writers design their bio like a website homepage.

They use elements like:

  1. Relevant offer
  2. Social validation
  3. Memorable picture
  4. Links to their other content

James Altucher

Here’s an example Bio of one of the most followed people on Quora, blogger James Altucher:

Quora example Bio of one of the most followed people on Quora, blogger James Altucher
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Quora Example of all bios of blogger James Altucher
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Here’s a compilation of the three main building blocks of James’ Quora page: the main profile highlighting his activity/history aka answers, his bio and “Knows About” section.

Oliver Emberton

Take a look at a screenshot of Oliver Emberton’s Quora bio:

Quora Bio of Oliver Emberton, one of Quora’s top writers
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Emberton is one of Quora’s top writers, and he was able to use Quora to grow his blog to millions of readers in its first year.

Thomas Blake

Here is how Thomas Blake has set up his Quora profile:

how Thomas Blake has set up his Quora profile
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Mr. Blake says the following concerning some critical elements to take note of, and I quote:

  • My blog URL appears next to my name. When people see my answers, they will also see my blog.
  • I describe what my interests are and what value I will provide to readers.
  • I link to some of my best posts and other platforms where people can find/reach me.
  • I include credentials that are relevant to the topics I answer questions in (mostly marketing, SEO, and passive income).
  • I use my real name — Quora really doesn’t like pseudonyms and requires you to sign up with your real name or remain anonymous.

and unquote.

As you have seen already, to stand out of the multitude on Quora, you need to give particular attention to the optimizing of your profile.

The more you answer questions the more traffic will flow to your profile. The same will happen to your affiliate website if your link leads people there from your profile.

Esteban Martinez

Quora example of a great profile by Esteban Martinez (marketing director at Addicted 2 PPC).

Quora Here is an example of a great profile by Esteban Martinez (marketing director at Addicted 2 PPC).
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In the main headline, one can see his experience through the impressive amount spent by his company on Google ads.

He has even added a video introduction to his profile.

Then, he states what he helps people with.

See how some parts of his profile are formatted bold, to stress his expertise and interest.

Different formats are supported and you can create, for example, bullet points and sections in italic.

There is also a hyperlink to his agency website.

Like all awesome Quora profiles, in just a few seconds you already know Esteban’s field of work.

People see this summary section when they click on his name and visit his extended profile page.

Josh Fechter

As you can see from Josh Fechter’s bio below, he links to Autopilot organically, promotes an eBook (which he says brought him over 3,000 signups!).

Below the offer, he includes social proof to increase conversion votes.

Finally, he promotes some of his favorite Quora answers:

Quora profile of Josh Fechter where he links to Autopilot, includes social proof and promotes some of his favorite answers
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Nicolas Cole

By using a mix of brand names, features, imagery, and relevant offers to drive leads, Nicolas Cole creates another great bio:

Quora Nicolas Cole’s great bio with a mix of brand names, features, imagery, and relevant offers to drive leads
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Leonard Kim

One popular format, used by Leonard Kim in his profile bio, gives a list of descriptive roles separated by a “pipe” character:

Quora profile bio of Leonard Kim where he gives list of descriptive roles separated by a “pipe” character
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Quora profile bio of Leonard Kim where he gives list of descriptive roles separated by a “pipe” character

Remember, any links you put in your bio will not be rendered clickable. So reserve them for your profile summary where they will be.

Don’t rethink the wheel.

Copy how top writers design their bios to drive traffic and leads.

It will save you time on Quora you can use for answering questions.

Get featured in big publications

Do you want to get featured in big publications like Inc., Time, and Business Insider?

Then write an excellent answer the Quora staff may pick up for publishing on major media outlets.

Don’t expect it to happen by chance, however.

You can increase your odds of getting your work appear in some big media by being maybe the first to write better articles in niches frequently syndicated to publications and which Quora’s media team are always on the look-out for.

For topics to contribute in, search for people on whose Bio you can find the phrase, “Quora Media and Publishing Team”.

Then, select the topics they follow to get an idea of where they’re looking for answers as well as which author’s work they enjoy reading.

But really the fastest way to find them is to dive into the answers to questions dealing with Quora Publishing.

Your content must be well-designed for the Quora Publishing team to consider it for publications.

Lists do very well with them. Break the article down into actionable steps by focusing on how-to content sprinkled with personal storytelling.

Here’s a snippet of Josh Fechter’s Quora answer re-published in Inc.

See how they started the answer with a couple of links to his Quora bio, thus driving traffic to his lead magnet. That’s why you are advised to link your important resources to your Quora bio.

Another way for you to have this opportunity to be published in the big media is to answer popular questions on Quora. For, the more the number of people who follow an answer, the more likely it is to get the right pair of eyeballs on it.

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