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How to Create Content that Captivates Readers

When you post content, you want as many people as possible to read it. But they won’t if it doesn’t capture them. But just how do you create content that captivates readers?

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Let’s dive in to find out.

First thing.

What you say as well as how you say it are both important if you want your readers to like your content and devour it.

It’s never too late to do better. You can always update your content. The longer a piece of content stays on your blog the more cobwebs it gathers.

When you are doing so with content you have on your blog, do not hesitate to brush the cobwebs away from it.

Always choose those short articles as well as articles on your blog that brought you much higher conversion rates along with your affiliate links. Those were the ones that clicked with your readers. If they liked it before, chances are good that they will like it again.

Evaluate all of them and choose the best. When rewriting them, incorporate upgraded information that will attract your chosen audience whom you probably know better now.

Did you know that product reviews attract visitors? Incorporate them into the articles you’re updating, but only where they add value for your readers.

What is actually terrific to highlight a niche subject are general pieces, or “evergreen content”.

The information is always useful to readers because it provides a basic foundation. As you go down into subgroups within a niche, the content you feature must also zero in on its target through communicating directly to the needs of the individuals on that subscriber list.

Another thing.

Keep your content in consonance with the products that you are promoting.

If video making software is your affiliate product, articles or posts about eBook making software (Designrr) will not make your audience love you, though both products are about “content”.

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Remain consistent with the type of content you put out for your chosen affiliate product.

Not only that, but also maintain a similar voice.

Changing your point of view on the best email services provider from one company to the next merely in an effort to earn a commission will appear questionable and not worthy of you in the eyes of your subscribers.

Also, is there a reason why a piece of content is good and another is bad?

There should actually be an explanation why some content material is actually quite excellent and some other is actually quite poor.

And that explanation is this –

Good writing come from “quality writers” who treat content creation as a craft.

Now, is there a way to produce good content?

Fortunately there is.

It is this: through concentrating on just two essential elements all authors can easily come up with the kind of material that generates passion and also creates demand.

Just before I describe how to interweave each of these elements right into your content, allow me first to say why these parts are actually needed in the first place.

Know that people read for two fundamental reasons –

1) They wish to be actually ENTERTAINED

Lots of people read because they love a really good tale.

Snuggled in their favorite rocking chair on the porch J. K. Rowling zooms them off with the Harry Potter fantasy series or even, possibly, they sneak into the bedroom along with a copy of National Geographic to read about an underwater world filled with several species of fish and coral reefs photographed by divers.

Whatever they read, they do so to be entertained.

2) They desire to be actually EDUCATED

There are actually other times when people read because they really want to find out something bothering them.

How to get back the traffic you lost when you changed your blog theme to a better one for ranking; how to drive traffic to a new website; how to make a YouTube video that ranks and brings you traffic.

Whether it is actually an affiliate marketer seeking to improve their online business or even an online marketer hoping to their site visitors to subscribe to their list, people are looking for an education.

Those are actually the two fundamental explanations why people read.

This is the “ultimate” mastery of your craft – To educate readers about something dear to them in a manner that they find enjoyable.

So, let’s now see some specific ways to achieve each of those two parts: Just how can you make your content
enjoyable, and, how can you make it educational?

Content Component # 1: Entertain

There are actually a lot of means to turn your writing into a type of entertainment.

I am going to briefly discuss six ways of engaging your reader and making the consumption of your material a pleasurable encounter for them …

Acronyms: The first tip is to organize your content by using an “acronym” like, “How To I.N.S.T.A.L.L. A WordPress Site” or “How To I.M.P.R.O.V.E. Your Website Ranking”.

In these two cases, the words “Install” and “Improve” are used to disclose the different aspects of the content. Not only do people love them but it also allows you to have something original that is uniquely yours.

Analogies: A terrific means to keep your material moving is actually to make use of a couple of comparisons. That is, you compare one product to another one.

See our reviews tab for comparison posts of the MLM companies that we have reviewed and recommended. Or even these ones where we compared AWeber to its immediate competitors and Wealthy Affiliate to its best rivals.

Editorials: Opinions are like feelings in that everyone has them. So, why not discuss yours?

To be safe, you may want to stay away from any controversies that could harm your standing and business, but don’t be terrified to get personal when you write.

Humor: A little bit of a chuckle goes a long way when it comes to the satisfaction aspect of reading. Rare are those who do not like to laugh.

However don’t use humor excessively and steer clear of obscene humor. But by all means insert light-hearted fun when applicable.

Revelations: A straightforward means to make someone read deeper into your content is to actually reveal something you’ll be discussing eventually in the content.

It’s actually simple to do.

If you check back somewhere in what I have written above in this article, you’d find this statement:

“Just before I describe how to interweave each of these elements right into your content, allow me first to describe the fact of why these parts are actually needed in the first place.”

Do you see how that functions? I set the table for what I’d actually be disclosing soon. This raises the expectation of the reader who can’t stop reading in order to find out.

Storytelling: An enjoyable story always engages the reader. Especially when it pertains to the point being made.

Keep them short and sweet (don’t launch into the great American novel – this isn’t Hemingway) and vigorous and they’ll only improve your writing.

Those are actually simply a handful of techniques you may use to “entertain” your visitors and also make the consumption of your information a delightful experience.

But, what about the other side of the equation?

How do you “educate” them?

Let’s dive in and take a look.

Content Component #2: Educate

There are actually several techniques to perform this efficiently. Therefore no one standard formula exists that all content should be written by so as to get it right.

However I think there are three fundamental things that need to be actually part of practically every piece of content if it should educate.

Action Steps: If a person wants to learn a process, they would wish to know the essential steps associated with doing it.

For instance: If I wish to build a website that ranks high in search results, I do not really want a list of tools along with the directions “Use these together”.

I would rather want a detailed, chronological listing of what to do, step-by-step.

Of course, not all content is actually a “tutorial” (This post you’re reading isn’t actually written in a step-by-step format) yet, when applicable, always describe points in chronological, practical steps.

Brainstorming: Two of your preferred expressions as an article writer need to be actually, “For instance” or “For example”.

The missing part of many information products and related content that I’ve read is actually the using of “examples” and also “ideas”.

Lots of authors provide some information and after leave it to the imagination of the reader to find out exactly how to use that info for their personal usage.

That is certainly not advantageous.

Rather, it is actually vital to give them as many different examples, case studies, ideas, etc. as possible to let the reader have a good idea of just how to perform what you’re proposing.

Their wish is to see the information at work; they desire to find exactly how they can easily utilize it on their own.

Tips: Every piece of content you write ought to have tips featured on it. Everything.

Tips can be found in many sizes and shapes: keys, tactics, techniques, ways, methods, options.

As many of these as you can easily work into your writing, the much better.

All you need is actually just one great suggestion that you’ve discussed to please the reader.

If you share 10 ways to write content that ranks and only tip number 5 clicks with the reader, they’ll adore you.


Now that you know how to create content that captivates readers, the next time you sit down to write a blog post, incorporate these ideas into it. You’ll then get as many people as possible to read it. This is because your content will now capture them.


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10 thoughts on “How to Create Content that Captivates Readers”

  1. Really great information on how to write content that captivates the audience.   I am always trying to find weighs to bring my audience in, captivate them and have them sold basically.  I do get great reviews on my site, but not much in the way of sales.  This is where I need to to improve for sure.  Thanks for some great ideas.

    • Hello Leahrae,

      Thanks for appreciating my information. Follow the ways in the post and you’d begin to get sales. Thanks for your helpful comment.

  2. This was very insightful but actually all made really good sense, nobody wants to read content written by a robot so putting a little bit of humour with an piece can make it so much more readable especially if its quite a dull subject.

    I liked the idea of acronyms, thats something new to me I wouldn’t have thought of doing but I can see how that could be engaging.

    it all comes down to being able to give value in a captivating way and you summed that up brilliantly!

    • Hey Amy,

      I’m happy to have served you a piece you loved.

      Yes, use the acronyms idea and see how engaging it could be.

      Thanks for your comments.

  3. Hey Akoli. As a newbie working hard to own a blog that would eventually become successful and big, I your tips very useful and helpful in creating contents that are captivating and would eventually convert my visitors to buyers of products that I recommend to them. As we know, content is king, well it wouldn’t be if it is not properly written so I appreciate you sharing this article. It’d be really good to make my articles entertaining as this will keep my readers excited and glued to their screen.

    • Hey Tush,

      Thanks for your comment and also for finding my tips very useful and helpful. Yes, everybody likes what entertains and content should not be an exception.

  4. Hey there Akoli

    You are using your post as a case study for us to observe and learn from. Your writing is quite clear and I swear I caught myself feeling like we were in the same room having a conversation.

    I like to consider myself as somewhat of a writer but I know I still have much to learn. Thanks to your post, I believe that today I became a better writer then I was yesterday. You’ve provided worthwhile tips and a post I will be visiting often whenever I need more structuring and focus on my writing, and also for some motivation.

    “Action steps” is a technique I’m currently busy with as I am building my work with reviews like you suggest here. I can attest that it is truly a method that allows for simple but creative writing.
    I will be visiting this post again a few times more.

    Solomon & Selina

    • Hey Solomon,

      Thank you very much for your high appreciation of my post. This serves as an encouragement for me to strive to do more.

      You’re not the only person who still has much to learn. Learning is an ongoing process and everybody must do it continually. That’s what will make you grow beyond your present stage.

      Sure, do come back here as often as you like. There will always be something new to learn. And my readers will benefit from your insightful comments.

  5. This is a very helpful article. I always loved writing right from my hiih school days but i never went into it fully cos other things i ennjoyed doing distracted me plus i always felt i could never be a good writer but reading your article i now know how to fix that by incorporating alll the ideas in this article.

    • Hello Iheanacho David,

      I’m tickled that you found my article helpful. Never downplay any dream you have. Work hard on your dream and you may be surprised to find it blossoming one day. Thank you.


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