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How to Create Content with Intent That Profits You

This post is going to teach you the intent of your content: getting people to click a link, share a post, phone you, buy something, join an email list, leave a comment, or click on an ad.

Creating content with intent is the last in a series which included content writing efficiency, getting engagement within it and beautifying your design.

Why Do You Need to Create Content with Intent?

Editor’s note: This post is based on Wealthy Affiliate’s Super Affiliate Challenge – 2019 and 2020 Edition, Month 2 tasks, Focus 4: Content Intent.


In this post we will be getting into the overall intent of your content.

Every website owner is excited to get their content ranked in Google. Why not as this is how your content can be found by readers.

But that’s just one side of the content story.

The other is to monetize your content through a particular intent that you have within it that benefits you.

We have already seen how to write content that ranks. From now on we are going to focus on the factors of “monetization”. This should be a forethought as you build out your website, and of course, your business or your brand.

No doubt you began your business to help people solve problems. That is good. But your ultimate goal in creating a business online is to make money and to be “profitable” with your time.

“And the intent side of your content is what is going to lead your website from simply generating traffic, to actually generating revenue,” says Kyle. “It is important you get a good handle of this concept in the early stages of your website so that you can build it out in a way that leads to maximum success.”

Could you please read the last sentence again?


What it is saying is sort of, the early bird gets the worm.

Every website owner knows that the hardest part of building an asset online is getting traffic to your website. So this should be your initial goal.

Once you achieve it, your next focus should be the intent of your particular page and how to leverage your audience to maximize your conversions and revenue.

Your core goal therefore is going to be getting people to patronize the program you’re promoting.

If you are a Wealthy Affiliate member doing the certification course, you are going to get people to set up an account with the product/service linked to the passion you’ve built your business around.

For those engaged on the affiliate bootcamp course, one of your core goals is going to be getting people to setup an account with Wealthy Affiliate.

These are what will lead to revenue, and they should therefore be your ultimate goals.

Well, some of them.

Because many things though could serve as goals for an internet/affiliate marketer. They could be to get someone to take an action when they are on your page. As already said, they are getting them to click a link, share a post, or phone you. Others were, buy something, join an email list, leave a comment, or click on an ad.

These are ways to “monetize” your website.

Unfortunately, it is precisely at this crucial point that much of the breakdown takes place in your campaigns.


“Marketers have a natural tendency to lose sight of the actual intent within their content,” the SAC course material says, “the relevance of their offers, and ultimately the conversion rate of their website suffers.”

There is something marketers call “The Customer Purchase Lifecycle”. Here is a video to let you understand it.  The first focus of this is to build trust with your audience. Otherwise your entire website will have a systemic conversion issue. Online, people buy only from those they trust.

Click to view the tutorial now:

Customer Purchase Lifecycle

As you saw, the customer purchase cycle should be the first and foremost focus on your website.

“This comes down to humanizing your content and speaking to people with compassion and truly aiming to help them within your content,” Kyle says.

All this comes down to the flow of relevance which we are now going to consider.

Understanding the Flow of Relevance – From Keyword Down To the Pitch Page

People coming to your site are not the same. That means they are not looking for the same thing. Unlike many people, you must not lose sight of this basic concept as you construct your website.

As people are different, those coming to pages on your site may need to be treated differently too.

“Conversions and maximizing conversions comes down to the flow of relevance right from the keyword, down to the pitch page. The same is going to go for both SEO, and PPC (any search engine traffic).”

This is how the flow looks like:

Relevant keyword => Relevant landing page => Relevant pitch => Relevant pitch page/recommendation

The Break in the Chain of the Flow of Relevance

We said earlier that a breakdown takes place at a critical point in many marketing campaigns. This break anywhere in the chain of flow of relevance shown above will hurt conversions.

Let’s see how.

Say you have a page whose title suggests the content is about “forex trade”. The page that people come to and read about that suggestion should be related to it. That should also be the case with SEO because you are ranking under specific keywords because of the relevance.

Now, where does the breakdown usually occur?

It is with your pitch or call to action links on that page about forex trade. Because they are not really relevant to the subject matter.

In the case of forex trade traffic, which is not directly relevant to Wealthy Affiliate, you could position something like “learn how to make money online” or “build an affiliate marketing business”, in a much more relevant way with a proper pitch.

Something like:

“Most people are losing money with forex trade, learn how to build a real business with us.”


“Want to build an authority business in the forex trade industry? – Learn how with us!”

Then you should send your traffic to a page that is specific to forex trade, yet promotes Wealthy Affiliate in a way that would arouse the interest of the forex trade audience.

Let’s see some more effective sales promotion strategies examples:

  • WA could help you create a forex trade authority blog
  • Creating a real business is possible, much more stable than forex trade
  • There are many affiliate programs in the forex trade space
  • Learn how to advertise and get ranked with forex trade (and convert that traffic)
  • Become not just an investor, but a source of authority and run a lucrative forex trade business within WA
  • etc.

This is important because if you sent a raw forex trade traffic to a generic Wealthy Affiliate review, it wouldn’t convert.

You must appropriately segment your traffic.

All your forex trade posts should go to a proper lander, and have a proper pitch for people coming there. All your email marketing traffic should do the same. The same is true for all your “jobs” traffic, all your affiliate marketing traffic, all your SEO traffic, all your eBook designing software traffic, etc.

They should each follow the same flow of relevance.

Wouldn’t that be hard or too much work?

It isn’t a ton of work at all segmenting your traffic like this. Besides, the end result will be much higher conversions for you.

When should you design your flow of relevance?

Know that it will be much easier for you to design your content and the flow as you write your content than it will be to go back and fix it later on. So do this as you build out your site.

And when you are starting to get different sources and types of traffic (different types of people with different mindsets, different interests), then you segment them and create specific promotions offering what each is looking for.

How to Incorporate Effective Sales Promotions

Now, how can you effectively tie in promotions with your website?

There are many ways to do this.

One way, which is also good for search engine optimization, is to present your “pitches” in a manner that is conducive to maximizing your rankings.

On the other hand, you may integrate your promotions in a way that leads to the highest rate of conversions.

Both are good. But there is a “happy medium” that you would want to use with this.

That is recommended because, one, you must not stuff your website with affiliate links on every page. Google will penalize you for that. Besides, it is also not good for pay per click.

Two, you must also not write without proper intent and without integrating effective promotions. Because you are not writing just to write (which is a huge waste of your time).

Those being the cases, how do you effectively promote something on your site without infringing on the rules of the search engine algorithms and without breaking the rules/policies of the paid search?

To help you get that “happy medium”, we are going to break down the most effective approaches to incorporating your promotions into your website.

They are:

  • Centralize Your Reviews: Any product or service that you promote on your website should have not only a full review but also a parallel review. So that you can link from another page or post on your site to the full review. “This will convert better because you are truly informing/educating people about a product or service before they buy it,” says the course material. “This will move them closer to a purchasing decision and if they truly feel informed, they will buy.”The course material also advises: “**Avoid putting affiliate links on other pages within your site outside of your review or pitch pages that you create. You can do this in some circumstances, but if you start littering your entire site with affiliate links, Google, Bing & Yahoo could drop your rankings as a result.
  • Maximize Affiliate Links: Each review you write will of course have affiliate links. While you must not go overboard, you should also provide adequate exit points for your audience so that they can go from your site to the one where they want to purchase something. This is why within your WA review, “you will have many exit affiliate links and use language that encourage people to join (either in the link, or somewhere around it).”
  • Leverage Links in Your Comments: The comments section of your website is an excellent place to leverage links to your review pages. Comments are as valid as any other content. So, if you find a contextually relevant opportunity to promote something from within a comment, don’t hesitate to do it!
  • Use a Custom Banner at the Bottom of Your Content: Using, you can easily create a custom banner that you could leverage at the end of your post. This works really well, because it doesn’t feel like a call to action link within your content. Google seems to prefer this approach rather than your post that you riddle links with.For your audience too, that are visual in nature, this gives them something they would like to click on instead of just a button or a link. So test using banners at the bottom of or somewhere within your content that lead to your most relevant pitch page.

Tasks to Accomplish:

  • Incorporate affiliate links into your reviews (if you have any)
  • Link from the appropriate page (non-review pages) to your review pages
  • Using, create a custom banner for at least one of your posts

People interactinfg at a party to show the importance of interacting on a website like Wealthy Affiliate
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Why Is It Important To Interact at Wealthy Affiliate (or In Any Website)

Now, let’s look at something which is recommended for members of Wealthy Affiliate but which anybody can do elsewhere where website interaction is available.

Your consistent interaction within Wealthy Affiliate or elsewhere isn’t an arduous or time consuming task. However, it is crucial to your affiliate business and your overall relationship with your referrals.

The interactivity tasks assigned to you are as follows:

  • Be Active in chat 15/20 minutes per day (minimum)
  • Create at least one blog post on your WA Blog per week
  • Make the effort to help at least 5 people per day within WA

You should carry out these tasks consistently as you continue to build out your website.

Imagine that you are invited to a club, church or another organization that the inviter said they love and are part of. They even offer to accompany you once you join. (In the case of Wealthy Affiliate, they offer your coaching once you become a member.)

You believed the person, you trusted them, and you joined excitedly. You the inviter have done the hard work of getting a member. However, when they get in, you fall short. You are nowhere to be found. (In the case of Wealthy Affiliate, you are not active in chat, you don’t blog regularly, and you are not actively “visible” within the community.)

What do you think will be the feeling of your invitee towards you and the club/church/organization?

Your answer is as god as mine.

“We have plenty of data to indicate that the highest converting affiliates are the most interactive and helpful within Wealthy Affiliate,” Kyle claims and encourages, “This doesn’t mean wasting your day, but setting aside a portion of it to stay visible.”

Now, how will the interaction at Wealthy Affiliate benefit you?

“Not only will these activities have an impact on your conversions (as you are going to be perceived as “present” within WA,” Kyle assures, “you are also going to learn a great deal naturally through this interaction and your skill set will advance with much more efficiency.”

And concluded: “So make interaction a habit and it will absolutely pay dividends in the long run…for your own personal education and of course your income.”

What else can one ask for?

How Hard Is It to Make Money with Wealthy Affiliate – Here is Your Potential Income

I am going to give you a quick breakdown of potential earnings as an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate.

It is not surprising if you find it difficult to fully comprehend how much revenue the Wealthy Affiliate recurring commission model can make you. Many people do. So I want to provide you with some insightful numbers based on what other affiliates are already earning.

Estimated Growth on Your WA Sales (if sustained for a year)

3 Sales/Day Average Earnings: ($160,000 per year, 3.0 sales per day)

6 Sales/Day Average Earnings: ($320,000 per year, 6.0 sales per day)

12 Sales/Day Average Earnings: ($640,000 per year, 12.0 sales per day)

24 Sales/Day Average Earnings: ($1,280,000 per year, 24.0 sales per day)

Disclaimer: Whether you achieve these sums or not depends on you, your sustained effort and persistence. These figures are given just to give you an idea as to how significant your revenue can become if the above sales volumes are met.

Theoretically it shouldn’t be difficult to get 3 people in the entire world per day who want to benefit from the awesome platform that is Wealthy Affiliate. The healthy 6-figure income should act as an added impetus for you to go out and get them.

Alternatively, you could probably attain this amount simply by going to your local coffee shop and promoting WA to people hanging out there! Check other ways to promote it.

As the owners of Wealthy Affiliate continue to improve their service the retention rate will continue to rise. And with it the respective figures above.

And as they continue to establish the Wealthy Affiliate brand as the significant leader in the affiliate marketing industry, conversion rates will continue to move up. Thus making it easier to achieve those goals.

Crossing tasks off a task list with a violet highlighter pen to signify undertake tasks
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Some Website Housekeeping Tasks To Round Things Up

These are to ensure that you have your website set-up properly for speed and encryption. A slow website will only increase your bounce rate, rob you of traffic and reduce your income. Lack of encryption will put your sensitive information as risk as scammers can intercept them.

Within the SiteRubix platform there are a lot of features that are unique to WA, and are a great resource for your business.

SiteSpeed – The Way to Vastly Improve Your Overall Speeds

A faster website leads to a better user experience. Search engines seek to ensure better user experience for website visitors. That’s why they are taking much more interest in sites that have faster loading times.

To ensure you this at Wealthy Affiliate, the owners have made significant investment into website speeds with their SiteSpeed platform.

This is exclusive to premium Wealthy Affiliate members.

The SiteSpeed platform will optimize your website for speed and efficiency, including state of the art “caching”. No other hosting or website platform in the industry offers this feature.

When you toggle this setting “on”, it will drastically speed up your website load times and your search engine appeal.

You can turn on SiteSpeed from within your SiteManager.

Here is the direct link:

Once inside, click the “SitePlus” link.

This will take you to the SitePlus features and toggle on the SiteSpeed Extreme

If you have SiteSpeed turned on and your website load times are still slow, this is could be due to one or two things.

  1. Slow Plugins: The over 50,000 plugins in WordPress are built and programmed by independent companies and programmers. Sometimes they can really cause load on your website and grind it to a halt. So refrain from adding unnecessary plugins to your website, especially those that don’t have positive reviews. The rule of thumb at Wealthy Affiliate is not to add more than 4 plugins to your website.
  2. Large Images: Images that you add directly to your website from the web, your phone, or from an image service online are typically not optimized (that is, not compressed properly). These big image files take longer to load, thus slowing down your website load times. However, if you use SiteContent to publish your content to your website, you will not have this issue. In effect, it compress ALL images before you publish them to your website.

Although already a game changer for your website speeds, SiteSpeed will continue to evolve to keep your websites ahead of the competition.

SiteSSL – Proper Encryption (Becoming a Standard Online)

Have you noticed how URLs now have s in the URL? Have you also noticed the green lock in front of the URL in your browser window?

This means that the site is secure for the transmission of sensitive data between it and servers.

That is what SSL is all about.

SiteSSL at Wealthy Affiliate installs your very own Secure Certificate on your website. This means that all data transferred from a user’s browser to the hosting servers is encrypted.

Did you know that Google and the other major search engines prefer SECURE websites with SSL Certificates? Even this is going to become a major element in the ranking factors in 2019.

Securing transfer of sensitive data by installing an SSL Certificate means that if someone visits your website while at Walmart, a third party cannot intercept any data transferred from that user’s browser to the server.

Let’s say you’re on a hotspot WIFI connection and entering your card number to pay for something or password to login to your website admin area. Since this is now encrypted, there is no way your friend, or some malicious virus / malware could hack into the data to steal your card details or password and cause you harm.

Furthermore, all the edits to your website will be encrypted and safe, all of your logins will be encrypted and safe. Google will prefer your website when it comes to rankings and positioning.

Now, how do you turn on SiteSSL and make your website https:// (encrypted)?

Head over to the SiteRubix => SiteManager page.

Here is the direct link:

Within that page locate the SitePlus link as you did with the SiteSpeed update.

Toggle the SiteSSL feature to “ON” status and SSL will be added to your website within just 30 seconds.

What You Learnt In This Post

  • Why you need to create a content with intent
  • The customer purchase lifecycle (video)
  • Understanding the flow of relevance
  • The consequence of the break in the chain of the flow of relevance
  • How to incorporate effective sales promotions into your content
  • Why it is important to interact at wealthy affiliate (or in any other website)


  • The potential income you can make with Wealthy Affiliate

Some website housekeeping tasks

The Tasks Assigned to You:

They were as follows:

  • Be Active in chat 15/20 minutes per day (minimum)
  • Create at least one blog post on your WA Blog per week
  • Make the effort to help at least 5 people per day within WA
  • Turn on SiteSpeed
  • Turn on SiteSSL

Toolkit of Resources Needed for Carrying Out the Tasks

  • (free)
  • (free)
  • (free)
  • Google Search & other resources (free)
  • SiteContent (included in membership)
  • SiteContent Images (included in membership)
  • SiteComments (can earn credit for free, or buy credits)
  • SiteSpeed (included in membership) SiteSSL (included in membership)
  • Jaaxy Lite (included in membership)
  • Jaaxy Pro/Enterprise (paid, to add efficiency to your business)

The matters discussed here have certainly awoken some sentiments in you and you will want to make some comments. This is highly welcome. Just scroll to the comments section below and let us know what you think/feel about this. Thank you for your contribution.


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  2. Wow, great review on affiliate marketing and wealthy affiliate itself. To be honest, I am willing to join in on wealthy affiliate because it seems like a very lucrative offer for marketers. I believe though that the figures I see have to do with a lot of consistency and time. I have always had a thing for writing and creating a worthwhile content should not be a problem if I am well put through to which I believe that I can learn on wealthy affiliate.

    • Hi Henderson,

      Thnaks you for your visit and for liking my article on affiliate marketing and wealthy affiliate itself.

      I will strongly encourage you to join in on wealthy affiliate because, as you yourself said, it seems like a very lucrative offer for marketers. It doesn’t seem like avery lucrative offer, it really is a highly lucrative one. Just check success stories on this link alone:

      Yes, the figures you see have to do with a lot of consistency and time. In affiliate marketing, in the beginning you’d have to work very hard but when you achieve residual income, you wouldn’t have to anymore. You can go on holidays, sleep, work less, and the money will continue coming in.

      If you have always had a knack for writing and creating a worthwhile content, then doing affiliate marketing should not be a problem for you. But you have to learn the basics and get a firm grip on the essentials. All of these are taught at Wealthy Affiliate.

      I look forward to seeing you on the best affiliate marketing training platform in the world.

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