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How to find trending questions for Quora dominating – Insider secrets of the great writers revealed

This post will reveal secrets great writers use to find questions to dominate Quora, such as how to find popular questions that match your niche, follow relevant topics and users, check followers for the question, select questions based on data, follow relevant topics and users, etc.

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If you do not know yet, Quora is a Q&A site where people ask questions on practically any topic and others share their expert knowledge of them.

That said, and without further ado, let us get into the nitty-gritty of things.

In a previous Quora post, we talked about how to create a Quora account, fill out your profile, and add credentials. We also discussed how to write a killer profile bio, to describe your topic experience and to optimize your profile for success, among others.

In this present article, we are going to the next logical step: how great writers find the most viewed questions on Quora in order to dominate the site.

We will consider extracts from blog posts of Bob Ruffolo, Searchtides, Cara Tarbaj, Daniel Ndukwu, Liis Hainla, Tom Blake, Aquif Shaikh, Amanda Bieganski, Amy Copadis, Neil Patel, Ankit Singla, Lilach Bullock, Si Quan Ong, Coursehero, and Mohit Arora.

Find Relevant Questions

With your profile created and optimized, you can now start to look for the most popular question on Quora to answer.

We will begin with this video:

How To Get Backlinks From Quora – How To Get Free Traffic From Quora (Quora Traffic Tutorial 2020)

Summary of the video

Type the following into Google: keyword “1 answer” “view 1 upvoter” “k views”

Replace the word keyword with your keyword. For example: Make money online

Click one of the posts and write a blog post about it.

Use it to better answer the quora question to get 2 upvotes and become the top answer.

Link your Quora answer to your blog post.

You’ll get the top Quora position, backlinks and top Google position.

How to find the right questions to answer

Millions of questions are posted on Quora. How can you find the good one to answer in that sea of questions?

This interrogation is important because I believe no one wants to unknowingly spend their precious time and effort to answer questions that are old or irrelevant to their niche.

Believe me, a lot of people face challenges in this wise.

I have myself posted on topics that brought me very few views and a few to no upvotes.

Yet, the more views your answer receives, the more the likelihood of gathering upvotes. And the more upvotes your answer gets, the higher it will display in that question’s feed.

So, how do you find trending questions?


Let’s see how Bob Ruffolo, CEO of IMPACT, an Inbound Marketing Agency, explains this.

Let’s say you’re looking to answer questions about inbound marketing. Of course, you’ll want to search for that term in the search bar as below:

Term 'Inbound marketing' searched on Quora
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Quora will suggest related topics to your search term, as in the image above.

Now, select the one you want, and you’ll be directed into the feed to that topic.

Once there, select the Topic FAQ (frequently asked questions).

This will bring you the top questions that are being asked.

Now, you have hit gold for a starting off point.

But you may find the question has already been answered by hundreds or even thousands of people.

Is it worth your while to go ahead and answer such a question too?

Sure, according to the author.

This is because if many people are answering a question, equally that many, if not many more, people are viewing the question. And if your answer provides value, it’s possible that those viewers will take a look at your answer too and upvote it.

When that happens, your answer will move towards the top of the feed.

What about relevant questions?

There is a similar way to find them.

It consists in typing your keyword into the query box and selecting Search.

Then filter those results based on questions that have been submitted within the month.

How to find evergreen questions with more than 1,000 views

After identifying your topic’s FAQs, look for two things: questions that have received more than 1,000 views and ones that have been posted for at least a week.

As we saw above, the more views a question receives, the more exposure your answer to that question might get too.

To get the stats for each question, go to the right sidebar and look underneath Question Stats:

Question stats on quora showing number of followers, of views, last asked date number of merged questions and eduts
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Quora doesn’t allow you to filter questions by views. So spend some time manually searching for questions that match that criteria.

You will reap the fruit of your efforts.

Turn on Notifications

You’ll want to continuously increase brand awareness on Quora, won’t you?

Then you’ll need notifications of new relevant questions to your areas of expertise.

To receive them, follow topics that are relevant to your industry and Quora will send you emails.

Don’t get those emails and do nothing about them.

When you can, provide answers to the questions that resonate with you.

The easiest way to do that is to use content you’ve already created, preferably those posted on your blog.

But don’t just copy and paste the content.

Repurpose it.

And don’t give away everything or even too much.

You may want to send your Quora readers to your blog for more information, thus bringing you traffic.


In Quora Marketing: How to Leverage this Q&A Site to Build Your Authority, we read:

How to follow relevant topics and users

Do you want to be in the know of the Quora recent questions asked and answers written in your industry?

Then, here too you can find the topics by typing your industry into the search bar.

Then follow the topics that appear there.

In the image below is an example for “content marketing”:

How to follow relevant topics and users, example for Content Marketing
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As usual, you can go through the results and follow any of the topics there, which are all related to content marketing.

Just click on the topic and you will see the feed of questions asked about it, together with related topics which might interest you.

feed of questions asked with related topics
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The good thing here is that you can find the best answers for each of the most relevant questions asked over time.

You can upvote the questions and follow the user who answered it. This way you can keep track of their answers to other questions.


Finding popular questions on Quora to answer

Check for ones that have more than 1,000 views per week

There are a couple of different ways to land the most popular questions on Quora.

Cara Tarbaj in How We Answer Quora Questions to Drive Traffic to our Website talked ofthe top three that worked for them:

I quote

Use the search bar. Search short phrases and keywords that relate to your article (don’t use long sentences as they’re not good for getting the results you want). For example, I searched “pre-launch landing page” when I found our top traffic-driving question (…).

Browse/follow topics. Each topic has a set of “stories” which are top answers at the time.

Follow people in your industry. Then browse your home feed for an assortment of questions answered by people you follow.

and unquote.

Now, how do you get to answer questions that will bring you value?

The article advised to look for the following:

  • The most recent questions
  • Answers that are a week or older with more than 1,000 views

Let’s see the first way to get to answer questions worth your time.

The most recent questions

For browsing the most recent questions, they suggest to begin by following some topics. You can find topics relevant to your industry by using the search bar at the top of the page.

Now, how do you know a search term is a topic?

It will be specified on the right hand side as in the screenshot below.

Quora landing page as a Topic
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Click on it and you’ll be brought to the topic page.

There you can click the “Follow Topic” button.

Landing pages for Follow Topic
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After you follow some relevant topics, look under “Write” in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

There you can find the most popular recent questions.

most popular recent Quora questions
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Note that the questions won’t be sorted into the most recent. You will only find that each question has a time that it was posted in the description.

For the most recent, look for ones that are no more than an hour old with 0 to 5 answers.

That said, we are now going to consider the other way to get to answer questions worth your time.

Answers that are a week or older with more than 1,000 views

If you find a question that is at least a week old and has 1,000 views or more, then that is where to start.

This is because 1,000 views mean that the question has enough popularity within the Quora community to bring more eyeballs on your answer.

See the screenshot two paragraphs below for a case in point.

The question asked just a little over a week before had accumulated 1,326 views.

Both the date it was asked and the QUESTION STATS (which show the number of views on the question) have been pointed out.

Date question asked on Quora and question stats
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Since Quora doesn’t give any date or view counter filtering of some sorts, you must do the work searching on your own.

Don’t balk at doing it because this will pay you big.

Meanwhile, you’ll find that after you’ve answered a few questions, Quora users will be asking you questions in your chosen niche.

You’ll find these questions in the same section under ‘Asked to Answer’ shown in the left sidebar below.

Questions under Asked to Answer in Quora left sidebar
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Now, can you begin to see immediate results?

No, the author says.

Like content marketing, you can’t just answer one question or post one article on Quora and get your expected results.

Cara Tarbaj says that if you check the total traffic their site receives from Quora, their top answer brings them only a fraction of the traffic they get from the platform.


Another useful way to land most popular questions on Quora

Another useful way I found to get great questions to answer is the following.

Search keywords related to your blog

For example if you write about cooking, search cooking on Quora.

The topic must be popular.

And as you can see in the example below, cooking has 5.8 million followers.

So it’s perfect.

Keyword cooking searched on Quora