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How to get signups for your business

I decided to write this post to help newbies overcome their inability at not being able to get new customers for the businesses they sign up in.

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If this concerns you, for this once, I sincerely entreat you not to just skim over this post, but to take your time and really take in what I am going to convey to you. This is because I’m going to touch on only 3 steps that will teach you how to get new customers for your business and guarantee success in your online business.

Do I have your attention?… Okay, let’s go.

First things first dear reader; why did you join the program you’re in?

Because of the promise of wealth and independence, right?

Yes, you signed up for that program because of one and only reason: to make money and live your life on your own terms.

That’s a laudable goal and I can very easily help you in this post to make that happen.

First, warning

Everything you read on the sales pages of legitimate programs are sincere and true. But simply joining and not taking any action will not get you anywhere.

One: action speaks louder than words.

Two: the only place money comes before work is in the dictionary, and you know why.

Most make money online programs are so simple that even a 12-year old could follow the instructions and succeed. Generally people don’t commit, by offering up at least weeks or at most months of their effort in return for a lifelong payoff.

Does this sound familiar?

Even though trusted online programs make so many resources available to help you get sign-ups, but as a newbie or just someone who may harbor a fear of failure or success, it may very well be overwhelming to you, which is why you need to go back to basics.

The crux of the problem is this…

You joined an opportunity to make extra money. To make this money generally you need referrals. So why do you balk at approaching your family members, friends, neighbors, colleagues and even perfect strangers?

In some programs you need only enroll a few people to succeed, like in EasyCash4Ads where just 3 of your friends, family members, or general cell phone/email contacts on or off-line would do.

And even in programs where large numbers are necessary to make money, you need not do the work alone. Leverage is the key. That is, you enroll a few who also do the same and so on and like a snowball effect your downline grows. This is the way some successful online workers have built hundreds and even thousands of people in their programs.

Is it too much to ask you to enroll a few people?

Not at all. Of course, with people’s bad experiences of failed programs and even the ones you convinced Uncle Andrew and Aunt Anna to invest a small part of their pension payments in but which went nowhere, it can sometimes feel a bit awkward to approach them again.

YET, DO IT. For your success depends on that. And your persistence becomes their success. And their success gives you a great feeling.

Considering the generous pay-off of serious programs, is it really that much to ask you to recruit a few people?

If you really want to make that extra money online, you must be prepared to do a little something for it.

It’s true, the people you approach will inevitably say “no” but don’t take it for a definite answer. People are still interested in making money online but often don’t know which program will make their dream come true.

But mark my words, if you commit to what I am about to share with you here, don’t be surprised one day to see those very same naysayers scramble to you when they see how much money you are making and implore you to sign them up to become referrals in your business!

The following will show you just how little you have to do to get more customers for your business and guarantee yourself a lifelong income. And in some businesses like EasyCash4Ads you have to do it only once.

Should I repeat that?

In a program like EasyCash4Ads “You only have to do what I explain in this post ONE TIME ONLY IN YOUR WHOLE LIFE!!”

Let me ask you once again, is that asking too much of you? What will it take for you to realize that the only person on earth who can ever make a difference in your life is YOU? But if you didn’t make the necessary changes in your life last week, last month, or last year to change your financial situation, what is it that you can do now to instill such transformation tonight?

To help you in that direction, I am going to outline the following points for you in the rest of this post:

  • how to go about getting more customers for your business,
  • and focus on the follow-up procedure.

And Then You Have to Do Little or Nothing Again, E.V.E.R!

This is my promise to you.

If you commit to the steps below, take it from me that you will always have an extra income every day which will only get bigger and bigger over time.

An overstatement?


Ordinary people like you are already raking in tens and even hundreds of dollars per day right now.

Don’t you see people post their commission checks on Facebook? And even some companies organize annual events at which huge checks of tens of thousands of dollars are distributed to high-performing affiliates.

What this means is that those programs work. And even in these days of unrestricted use of mobile devices, your task is facilitated.

Many program sites are designed with mobile devices in mind, sometimes even first, as in the case of EasyCash4Ads, then desktop devices second. What this practically means is that when you go to visit your friends and family you can show them what it is on your mobile phone.

Then what?

Let them know you want them to join under you and that you won’t take a no for an answer. If reluctant, let them watch the program video or read the sales page again. If they have questions, explain as much as possible how the system works. This supposes that you yourself might have watched the video several times or thoroughly read the sales literature. Let your passion for the program show through.

If they are still stubborn-more so than curious, is it a good idea to offer to pay for them so that they pay back when they gain enough commission? No. it is known that people generally don’t take what they didn’t pay for from their own pockets serious.

Rather, tell them should the program not work, you will gladly reimburse the $19 they paid to get in BUT on the condition they repeat everything you do (which of course is what you’re reading now).

Then watch in silent AWE as they join. Sometimes it is as if people need to be forced to open the door to their own financial future.

Should you be scared about the promise to them? No!! Even go do this again with their prospects!


Keep reading while witnessing your future change in front of your eyes!

Concerning the financial promise, even if a program like EasyCash4Ads was scam, nobody has gone broke for refunding $19, even a few of them!

Now, repeat the above process until you have the minimum number of people needed in the program.

In EasyCash4Ads, it is at least 3 people. The first 2 will be your qualifier sales and the third will constitute your first leg and ensure you always have spare cash flowing into your pocket.

So is your work done?

Not yet!

Now Comes the Crucial Part.

Now that have signed up the minimum number of people to make money, dear online dreamer, it is vital that you follow up with them and make sure they commit to doing exactly what you did.

This is called DUPLICATION, an important concept in online work.


If your referrals are people near you, don’t just phone them. No. Rather go and visit them and impress upon them to do what you did. Let them know if it brought you results it will bring them results too. If necessary, promise to accompany them when they go to see their friends, family, etc. And do it! Do 3-way calls too. Send people messages if they are on the other side of the world. Talk with them on skype. Send them tweets. Chat with them on Facebook or by WhatsApp or Immo. Believe me, these bullet=proof habits bring huge conversions!

It is important for you to contact your new referrals every day and insisting you go and see their friends till they too have 3 people. This is crucial for people are funny…

The easier something is to make money, and/or the more it is in their favor to do so, the less they are inclined to do it.

So please contact them every day till they have their referrals too.

And for the love of God, don’t be the person who only assists direct referrals from whom you are making direct or more commission. Little drops of water make a mighty ocean. Even if not for that alone, the more people you help to make money, the more money you will make too. It is therefore important to stay in contact with all the people in your downline, and why not, in your upline too.

If you do this, I bet you to point out to me later how the promises made on the sales page of a good legit program will not soon materialize in your life. Because soon your income will begin to flourish and in a fashion quicker than beyond your wildest dreams.

The icing on the cake

 A cake is good enough but the icing on it makes it even better.

Doing the above can assure your good income but to assure HUGE Income for all, one last Great Habit remains for you to instill.

Before you can leave the system alone and set it on autopilot so that it continues to produce passive income for the rest of your life, you need to follow up with each of your invitees’ new members the same way!!

This great leadership gesture will permeate all of your new members, spewing all the highest ascertainable financial rewards to everyone involved.

Live, breathe and die by this rule …

In our modern life regulated by income need, live, breathe and die by this rule . . .

Stay Consistant.

In other words, do the work and the money will follow inexorably. Let it become the mainstay of your daily function and you will prosper. Guaranteed dear money dreamer.

Commit Now and See Yourself Free

To this end, at the very bottom of this post, there is a pledge. All you have to do is copy and paste it into the comment box below to show me those who made a commitment to follow these life-changing instructions.

I have also added a list of businesses I’m in. join any that you want!


Ok, let’s recap.

For how to get more customers for your website, you only need to follow these 3 steps:

  1. Approach family members, neighbors, friends, colleagues and even perfect strangers till you have the required sign-ups (use the resources in your dashboard or back office.)
  2. Ensure the people you signed up do exactly as you did
  3. Ensure the people your people in 2 above signed up repeat the process. Reach out to other embers as well.

Now, that we have come to this piece on how to get sign ups, should I wish you success? No, that can be wishful thinking. A sort of counting the chicks before they are hatched. Rather, I’d encourage you to go out there and put what you have learnt in this post into practice. Then success will only come as naturally as the rain to the ground.


Your personal guide to securing your future online

Pledge: by copying this into the comment box below, I promise to commit to everything I’m told in this post. I understand that any deviation will be a failure on my part. I know that there is no such thing as a free lunch, but the way Akoli explained it in his message to me here, there is also no reason for me to fail other than my own unwillingness to succeed.

Please copy the pledge above into the comment box below before you go so that I know you have committed to strategize and get busy henceforth.


Check below also for some legitimate programs and reviews.

Need some legitimate programs to promote? Here are mine.

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