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How to keep away from Affiliate Marketing Rip-offs

Affiliate marketing is an online method for people to work for themselves without hassle. However it is not immune to fraudsters. How can you avoid these rip-offs?


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Genuine Affiliate marketing – Sell products or services

When you join an affiliate marketing plan, you either are going to offer a product or a service.

With products, you typically have an option and a variety to offer. That is, you could choose between digital and physical products or even offer both.

Digital products could be an eBook that focuses on your topic or a video training series. You can get them from places like like ClickBank, the biggest digital store on the internet offering more than 10,000 products in various niches.

Physical products could be a real paper book to be sold online and offline. You can create your own product based on your experience or using PLR from sellers around the internet.

You can also get them from affiliate marketing network sites like Commission Junction, Linkshare, etc.

You can also join Amazon, eBay, etc. These two sites have anything any niche can offer.

How you decide to go about your affiliate business is entirely up to you. That is, it will depend on your experience, passion and goal. Something like, are you just looking for a side hassle, some money for a project such as a family vacation or do you want to make it a full-time job?

You could also offer a service. Websites creation, selling articles to webmasters, SEO services for website owners, social media management, video creation, helping companies to increase sales and web traffic.

These are all examples of services used by affiliate marketing programs.

All the above businesses are legit, great and free. That’s the beauty of the internet.


Affiliate marketing frauds

Beside this, how many times haven’t you seen ads on the web appealing to your need for big incomes?

Things like “Earn $1000 a day working only 2 hours” or “Join our program now and end up being a millionaire” or even “Have you failed on the internet? What if I told you there was a program which will make you succeed? And it isn’t difficult either and doesn’t cost you anything.”

If your look carefully at these ads you would notice that they are not in fact offering anything. Any company that is simply offering the opportunity to earn money without a genuine product or a service is likely a scam.

Daily, individuals are taken in by guarantees of huge money with relatively little effort.


Legit affiliate businesses

True, some legit affiliate marketing businesses will have attention getting headings like the ones mentioned above. But if you go on to read the ad and info, there will likely be an in-depth description of what the business offers. They will also have a disclaimer and conditions and terms somewhere. There may even be a money back guarantee.


Pyramid schemes

On the contrary, the businesses that use the opportunity to make money without any concrete business behind it are most likely pyramid schemes. The only people making all the money are the owners and their cronies. All the others are only people paying cash in to join and reaping hot air.

If you have to pay to sign up with an online business then you might have stumbled upon a scam or what is understood as a multilevel marketing program. Mind you, multi-level marketing programs are totally legal and some individuals make great livings out of them. But in many cases, people only lose money and their peace of mind in them.


How genuine affiliate marketing operates

On the other hand, real affiliate programs are totally free to join. That is part of their way of attracting people. There are no charges to you and they must also be run totally risk free. Any Affiliate marketing programs that require your money is not an affiliate program. You need to ask yourself why they are misrepresenting themselves in this manner if they are genuine.

A number of us dream of being our own bosses. A legitimate aspiration since we would love to be able to take control of our careers and lives.

The fact of being accountable only to yourself coupled with the ability to set your own working hours and dedicating what your choose bring loads of people into the affiliate marketing plans.

Affiliate marketing can be an outstanding method for an extremely encouraged, innovative individual to make an exceptional living. There are some wonderful programs out there simply waiting to be signed up with.


A word of caution

However, you must tread with caution. For every excellent program out there, there is likely one that is deceitful. Con artists run in lots of locations and regrettable affiliate marketing is not immune to that.

Therefore, before signing up with any program, examine it carefully to see what the business is offering. Insert the program/company name into Google and add “is it legit”, “is it scam”. For example: is X a good program,” where X is the name of the company or program.

Google will give you reviews which will quickly let you know what they are. There may even be customer complaints and BBB ratings.

If all you find are negative reviews, you know in which direction to run, don’t you?

If you find that they are not selling items or services, then they are most likely an illegal pyramid plan.

If they require your own money to get started, then they are what is understood as a multi-level marketing program.


Partial conclusion

As you see, affiliate marketing can be a great opportunity to work and earn online. But you are requires to do your homework to avoid being ripped off.

Take care and good luck.


Summary conclusion

Affiliate marketing is a method for individuals to work for themselves with no risk.

When you sign up with an affiliate marketing scheme, you are either going to sell an item or a service. Web page development as well as increasing sales and web traffic are all examples of services used by affiliate marketing programs.

Any Affiliate marketing programs that demands your cash to sign up is not an affiliate program.

The fact of being responsible only to yourself coupled with setting your own working hours and devoting what you pick bring loads of people into the affiliate marketing schemes.


The real money is being made online in affiliate marketing and our number one recommendation can walk you through everything you will need to get started building your own online business. And you can start today for free!


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6 thoughts on “How to keep away from Affiliate Marketing Rip-offs”

  1. Thanks, this was very helpful, I’m doing affiliate marketing myself and I think it’s a great way to earn an income both as a side-income and your main income, I’d like to avoid scams so this article was just for me! I truly didn’t know of any scams like this, so this really helped me.

    • Hello Jepjer,

      Thanks to you too for your helpful comment on this article. Since you’re doing affiliate marketing yourself, if you don’t take care you’d fall into scams. But thankfully this article helped you just in time! Oh, there are a lot of scams, some subtle and others not so subtle, out there. Just take care and you’ll be okay.

  2. Hello Akoli,

    Nice to meet you! Your site is full of quality contents that are evergreen. More and more people look for alternative income especially online. Some people are very skeptical about drop-shipping, and now affiliate marketing. Some others don’t really understand about how people can actually make money by creating a website or writing a blog. I know, I am one of those people. So, kuddos to you! I would definitely visit your website and learn more about online business and how to be successful like you in this business.

    All the best!


    • Hello Ferra,

      I’m glad to meet you too! And thanks a lot for appreciating my site contents. Words like yours encourage me to do more for our readers. Yes, as the economic situation becomes bleaker and bleaker and the desire to be one’s own boss becomes more and more interesting, (as you said) more and more people look for alternative income especially online. I encourage all those who don’t really understand how people make money by creating a website or writing a blog to check our number one recommendation. Please, check it too as you said you are one of them. Please do come back here and don’t fail to comment on anything you read.

  3. Affiliate marketing? 

    An online business where  products and services are  sold. Scam is  so easily detected here. 

    No charges, risk free. Your time and  survey is all you need. I have been in this platform for  a while and setting my target has really and it’s  really helping me and  anyone who wants to earn well will need to look into it  too. 

    Thanks  for the article. 

    • Hi there,

      Selling and scam in affiliate marketing are like the two sides of a coin.

      The absence of charges and risks and the fact that you only need your time and survey makes it recommendable to anyone who wants to earn well to look into it.

      Thanks to you too for your comment.


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