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How To Remember Past Lives Using The 5 Senses

Reincarnation: it’’ s the concept that our soul has actually embodied several various individuals throughout the period of time. Some doubt that it’’ s even genuine while others are consumed with attempting to comprehend it even more. If you’’ re part of the latter group, then I ’ m here to reveal you how to keep in mind those previous life memories through intuitively utilizing your 5 senses.

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.What is a previous life memory trigger?

Before you can keep in mind any previous life memory by yourself, you require to begin with a memory trigger. Previous life memory triggers are generally like beginning ideas or points to assist you concentrate on a particular memory. Kinda like how you’’ ll odor sugar cookies and right away be carried back to Christmas Eve from when you were a kid. Or how listening to an unique love tune will take you back to your very first kiss. The odor of cookies and the love tune are the triggers, while Christmas Eve and your very first kiss are the memories. This very same retrieval procedure can be used to previous lives. All you require is the best memory trigger!

.How to utilize a previous life memory trigger.

Past life memory activates can actually be anything. Our worries, skills &&fascinations are simply a couple examples of previous life activates. The simplest previous life trigger to work with is this: time durations that captivate you.

Here’’ s how to do it:

. Select the # 1 period or age that speaks and interests to you the most Get in a peaceful area and close your eyes Now, attempt to psychologically carry yourself to that period. Pretend to stand in that time duration. Stand there and ensure to keep your eyes closed in your mind’’ s eye and keep your real, physical eyes closed too. 1) Sense of odor.

As you’’ re pretending to stand in this time duration with your eyes closed, see if you can picture what it smells like there. What sort of smells are you intuitively detecting?

.2) Sense of noise.

As you’’ re pretending to stand in this time duration, notification what type of noises you hear. Where are the noises originating from in relation to where you’’ re standing? Is it quiet? Loud? Attempt to detect any sound as you’’ re picturing yourself in this period. Yes, once again, keep your mind’’ s eye closed and your physical eyes closed as you’’ re standing in this period!

.3) Sense of touch.

Pretend to connect and touch what ’ s around you in this period. What items are around you? What do they seem like? Any intriguing textures? Hot? Cold? What does the flooring seem like underneath your feet? What does the clothes seem like on your body? These are all concerns to assist you through intuitively feeling your method around.

.4) Sense of taste.

Notice your mouth as you are standing in this time duration. What do your teeth seem like within your mouth? Are they all present? Is your mouth dry? Moist? Any specific tastes turning up?

.5) Sense of sight.

Now you can formally open your eyes in your mind’’ s eye. Simply keep your real physical eyes closed still. As you’’ re standing in this time duration, what do you see? Exists anything in this memory that stands apart to you? Simply relax and just see what’’ s going on around you. Attempt to take a look at your feet. What type of shoes are you using? Take a look at your hands. What do they appear like? Simply consume in whatever you see around you and when you’’ re all made with the memory, physically open your eyes in this life and compose everything down to keep in mind for later on!

.Why this works.Due to the fact that all memories are connected to the senses, #ppppp>. It doesn’’ t matter if it ’ s this life or a previous life. All memories are set off by sensory info. And by tuning in to a particular trigger from the past, you can access a memory just by intuitively speaking with the environment through your senses.


Remembering previous lives doesn’’ t need to be tough. It might take some practice, however keeping in mind previous lives by yourself can be fairly simple. All you need to do is:

.Choose a memory trigger Get in a peaceful area with your physical eyes closed Go there or exist in your mind’’ s eye Remember to keep your eyes closed within your mind and your physical eyes closed and after that just merely Intuitively utilize your 5 senses to see what you detect.

Just make sure to utilize the sense of sight as the last sense and you need to be excellent to go! Due to the fact that recovering previous life memories is a present all of us have. All we require to do is open our minds and trust the details we keep in mind.

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