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How to succeed as a Clickbank affiliate

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In the preceding post we saw How to create and use Clickbank hoplinks as part of your Clickbank affiliate marketing. The aim was to make sure that your promotional efforts did not turn up futile so that you can earn money as a Clickbank affiliate.

And in fact there are many paths to succeeding as a Clickbank affiliate, but the one we are going to suggest in this post is recommended by many top internet marketers. (See “How wealthy affiliate works”). This is because it brings results and has the extra advantage of being inexpensive.

Don’t skim over this article, watch the videos several times, take your time to implement each of the steps, and take consistent action every day. (See “Need Success? Make This Your Motto: Consistence Action Equals Consistent Income”)

  • Step 1: Settle on your Passion
  • Step 2: Build Your Website
  • Step 3: Grow Your Customer Base
  • Step 4: Promote, Promote, Promote
  • Step 5: Now, what next?

It is important to resist any temptation to skip any of the steps above. Follow them chronologically as detailed here to ensure your maximum success.

That said, let’s now get into the heart of the matter:

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Step 1: Settle on your passion 

Settling on your passion allows you to stay focused.

Can you imagine that power?

Okay, let’s take the sun’s rays.

Generally it doesn’t set anything on fire. But use a magnifying glass to concentrate the rays on the edge of a piece of paper and it will catch fire.

So the more you fix your attention on a niche, the better you will be at satisfying the needs of the customers in that area.

The following link is a video from over at Clickbank. Watch it for strategies and tips for picking a niche for your new Clickbank affiliate business. Give it the time it needs for you to understand it thoroughly.

Click here to watch the video “ClickBank Affiliate Training Step 1: Choose Your Niche” now! 

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Step 2: Build Your Website

Website or no website? That is as burning an issue as which came first: the egg or the chicken?

It’s true, you can promote Clickbank products without owning your own website (See CBproAds / CBTopSites / CBPassiveIncome / CBSurge).

However having your own platform gives you complete control over it and you can use it to communicate with your potential customers. Besides, your website will serve for growing your audience and promoting products to them. 

Here is another video from Clickbank which walks you through the process of developing and building your platform.

Click here to watch the video “ClickBank Affiliate Training Step 2: Build Your Platform” now! 

Resources for building your website

To build a website, you will need web hosting and web design. They are available from a number of providers. Clickbank however has a list of recommended partners for these and others. Check them at Clickbank’s Partners page.   

If there is something to avoid at all costs it is free web hosting solutions. They don’t give you technical control over your website. So chances are great that you can lose it at any time. Therefore make the necessary sacrifice to invest in a paid web hosting service. It doesn’t cost much and the benefits to you are huge.

That said, here are some more resources for you:

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Step 3: Grow Your Customer Base

No good traffic = no business.

Therefore attracting a large number of people to your offers is the only way to showcase them to a larger pool of potential customers.

The video below from over at Clickbank will show you the steps to take to start growing your list to use as traffic to your platform. It is important to watch Steps 1 and 2 first.

Click here to watch the video “ClickBank Affiliate Training Step 3: Grow Your Audience” now.

Resources for growing your customer base

Kindly check:

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Step 4: Promote, promote, promote

You begin to promote poduct ONLY WHEN you hae a platform and an audience in place.

The following video will show you how to promote products to your audience for them to give you the most sales and love you as well! But just as seeds scattered over an untilled field cannot do very well, the many great strategies and tactics in this video will not serve you adequately if you did not do the previous steps properly.

Click here to watch the video “ClickBank Affiliate Training Step 4: Promote Products” now!

We said that no traffic no business. So it’s important that you know from where you can find traffic to drive to your offers.

Traffic Sources

You can get traffic from both free and paid places. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Paid traffic

Sources: You can get paid traffic from PPC or banner advertising. There are also text advertising, classified ad, solo ads, etc.                                                                                               Advantages: Paid advertising is usually easier to control and scale up. This means if it is working for you, you can put in more money to get more traffic. You can also start a paid advertising, if not immediately, at least, very quickly.                                                                             Disadvantages: Yet paid advertising can be somewhat costly. You also have to supervise it closely in order not to lose money. Besides, to advertise with paid advertising platforms like Google AdWords and BingAds, advertisers must adhere to strict requirements (rules and warnings) not only for themselves but also for their ads.

Free traffic

Sources: Organic search engine visitors, SEO, video marketing, or social media/forum traffic, can drive highly targeted visitors to your website.                                                                    Advantage: The biggest is that this traffic is absolutely FREE.                                Disadvantages: Having a platform that delivers free traffic is, and should be, a long-term Clickbank affiliates marketing strategy simply because it usually takes you not only a lot of time but also great effort before you start seeing results. Free traffic can also be unreliable.

Conversion Rates

This is crucial for your Clickbank affiliate programs’ marketing promotion. For your conversion rate is the percentage of the ratio of customers who buy your product from all the visitors who landed on your order form. For example, if 100 people visited your offer and 2 became purchasers, then your conversion rate is 2%. 

This rate depends on many factors, some of which are:

  • Where you’re driving your traffic from. (Paid? Free? Warm? Cold?)
  • How well your audience know, like, and trust you. In online marketing, people often buy from those they know, like and trust.
  • Sales copy, pricing, page layout, etc. These can adversely affect the number of Hops it takes to convert a visit into a sale, even among products in the same niche.

Because of these and many other factors that affect conversion, it may only take a few Hops for some Clickbank affiliates and hundreds or more for others to make a sale.

Resources for driving traffic to your website

Some of them are:

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Step 5: Now, what next?

Now that you’ve gone through this post and viewed the videos, there’s no doubt at all that you have a complete understanding of what it takes to become a successful Clicbank affiliate. So all that’s left for you to do is visit Clickbank’s Using the Marketplace (which will be the subject of the next Clickbank affiliate program post) to start going through the products to find the one(s) you want to promote.

Want to succeed as a Clickbank affiliate?

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