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How to Write A Product Review That Is Helpful And Drives Sales

A KEY element to a trustworthy, authoritative website is product reviews. This post teaches how to write a product review that is helpful and drives sales.


Editor’s note: This blog post is based on Wealthy Affiliate’s Affiliate Bootcamp – Phase 1: Lesson 9 of 10 Creating Thoughtful, Insightful Reviews.


You are an affiliate marketer. When you write blog posts, you also integrate affiliate links to products into them. This is to help your readers get the best ones out there for solving their problems.

That is good. But it isn’t enough in the way of recommending products.

You must write product reviews also.

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Why Must You Write Product Reviews?

To answer that question, we must ask another question: “Where is the first place you go to do your research?”

Online, obviously.

I wonder how many people go to the library these days. And how many also pick up a book for initial information about anything, except when doing academic work.

There you are.

When people want to purchase anything online, and even offline, typically they will look for a review about it. They want to be informed about the purchase. This makes them feel as though they are making an informed purchasing decision.

The Internet being the gateway to information these days, people will continue to seek information there first before purchasing products online.

That is a captive audience for you. And, of course, as a product promoter, the World Wide Web is where you are going to be delivering your reviews.

Besides, as Kyle affirms in the lesson on which this piece is based, “There are some KEY elements to any trustworthy, authoritative websites online. One of these key elements is reviewing products and services within their respective industry.”

What Type of Product Review Must You Write?

It’s not because food and water are important to life that people are going to drink just any sort of water and eat any kind of food.

No, they wouldn’t.

Well, unless circumstances like extreme poverty or famine drove the survival instinct over considerations of safety.

But you would agree with me that there’s no dearth of good information on the blogosphere. So you must strive to win a place on it.

“You will likely be making many product/service recommendations over time, and occasionally, helping people avoid products or services that may not help them out” – Wealthy Affiliate.

That is what this post is going to teach you: how to write a product review that is helpful and drives sales.

So if you grasp how to effectively write a good product review, Google is going to see your content as valuable. And people to whom it is served are also going to appreciate you as a helpful person.

The finality?

That’s going to drive a lot of traffic to your business. And if your capture pages and Call to Action are well designed, they will effectively convert a lot of “prospective” buyers into actual buyers.

Your Focus Therefore – Thoughtful and Insightful Product Review

If you are a Wealthy Affiliate member, your first focus will be to integrate reviews of the platform into your site. But don’t limit yourself to Wealthy Affiliate alone.

There are many other affiliate programs out there. You can leverage them too as your business grows to create multiple income streams.

Before we jump into the heart of writing reviews, I would like you to watch the following video. It is on how to create and architect a proper product review that is helpful and rives sales.

N.B.: Wealthy Affiliate is used in the example. But of course, it will do for any other product.



Welcome back.

 Kyle’s “C.I.A.O.” Principles in Writing a Great Product Review

Kyle says there are four core principles that he follows when creating product reviews that are helpful and drive sales. He calls them the “CIAO Principles”.

The “C” represents “Captivating”

The “I” stands for “Informative”

The “A” symbolizes “Accurate”

The “O” denotes “Opinionated”

Let’s jump in and see each of them;

1. Captivating.

You are walking normally in the street. Everybody else are also walking normally in the street. Does anybody turn to look at the other(s)?


But let someone do something out of the ordinary and all eyes will be on them. They’ve attracted people’s attention.

That is how your review must be. In fact, every content on your website. They must capture the interest of your audience.

In fact, when we are talking about content, the first thing which must captivate your audience is the title. Then, when they land on the post, you have only the first paragraph(s) to hold them.

If it doesn’t capture their interest, people wouldn’t even go through the body of your content before leaving.

There’s no dearth of information on the net, you remember?

The hardest work of a blogger is getting someone to your site. The harder is getting them to read the initial paragraph(s). The hard is getting them read the whole content.

Only then can you say you have won.

This will happen only if you are captivating with your content. Visitors will stay to read what you have to say.

Let’s go back to the street.

Maybe it was a juggler’s “magic” which made you pause your brisk pace.

You were just curious but you ended up staying longer than you had thought possible.

To be so “captivating” too, you should write as though you were talking to a friend. Explain a product or service as if your audience was a friend right beside you. Explain the benefits of it as if to that friend. Let them know how their life will be better having it than not having it.

We have already told you about having a STRONG title. The headings within your content should also keep the reader engaged.

Like your title, they serve to let people know what you are going to talk about before even before they read further!

2. Informative.

In your product reviews, you must provide people with enough information to enable them make a purchasing decision comfortably. In full knowledge of the facts, they must decide either to buy or not to buy a product/service.

What can be as comprehensible and simple as people leaving your site to resume their research elsewhere if you failed to help them?

And when they vacate your site in this manner, what does that represent for you?

FLEETING traffic and LOST revenue.

That’s not the reason why you came to blogging/affiliate marketing, did you?

DURABLE traffic and consistent revenue why you have to offer a very informative review.

“Something that is comprehensive enough that someone can make a decision after reading your review,” says Kyle in the lesson. “One that builds enough trust and offers people enough help that they feel comfortable enough with your ‘words’ that they decide.”

A product recommendation that is helpful and drives sales would be a minimum of 1,000 words.

The maximum?

“Write until you feel you are offering a comprehensive experience for your visitor,” says Kyle.

That doesn’t mean, write an eBook.

3. Accurate.

A product review should be accurate.


…how accurate?

It should be accurate to the best of your knowledge.


This means that the product reviews you create must be bases on factual information.

Well, you can slip in an opinion now and then. But they must be based on facts. Don’t ever make stuff up or fabricate things to make your story seem good.

People will find out and shun you like the pest.

That said, where do you do research for your reviews?

Facts for products can be obtained from many places. And you can get them through product research.

The internet can offer you an incredible amount of information about a product or service through the following sources given by Kyle:

I quote

  • Researching it on the product website or sales channels
  • Your own product experience (if you have tried it)
  • Forums and online discussion platforms
  • Youtube, Vimeo, and other video platforms
  • Through other bloggers and industry authority websites
  • Communicating directly with others that have tried it

and unquote.

4. Opinionated.

Have you taken a survey before?

Whether yes or no, why do you think companies pay for public opinion of their products?

It’s simply because your opinion matters.

So it is with a product review.

This is what Kyle affirms, “You can feel confident in offering people your opinionated information within your reviews if you are basing your review on accurate and factual information.”

If you know a product is great for this or that reason, why should you hold yourself from saying so?

On the other hand, if you think a product is not recommendable because of XYZ reasons,  then what can make you not say so?

The same way that you feel comfortable explaining to a friend to try or not try a particular product/service, it is the same way you should present your content within your reviews for your visitors.

“Be opinionated,” Kyle hammers out, “it will make your reviews much more interesting to read and will lead to much better results.”

That’s it, the anatomy of a good product review that is helpful and drives sales.

Practice makes perfect. So, let’s leave the theory and try to write a real review. Rather, follow Kyle’s instructions to write a Wealthy Affiliate review.

N.B.: You can adapt the method to any product.

Tags on pieces of paper to signify titles of a piece of writing
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Task 1: How Do You Pick a Good Title for Your Review?

With any content you create for your website, your goal is to rank in Google, Bing & Yahoo.

A content that ranks starts with the KEYWORD phrase that you choose. Reviews are no exception.

When someone searches for information on something online, here are a few key characteristics and behaviours that Kyle encourages you to be aware of.

I quote

  • They Want “Reviews” of the Information. (Review, Compare, Does it Work)
  • They Are Looking for Various Product Insights (price, success stories, affiliate program, how does it work, income proof, etc)
  • They Tend to Look for The Dirty Laundry. (Scams, Ripoff, Complaints, BBB rating)

and unquote.

For those reasons, here is a list of potential keywords that Kyle says you could use within the title of your post.

I quote

  • wealthy affiliate review
  • wealthy affiliate reviews
  • review of wealthy affiliate
  • wealthy affiliate review 2017
  • 2017 wealthy affiliate review
  • wealthy affiliate scam
  • does wealthy affiliate work
  • wealthy affiliate success stories
  • wealthy affiliate ripoff
  • wealthy affiliate complaints
  • wealthy affiliate hosting
  • wealthy affiliate comparison
  • wealthy affiliate price
  • wealthy affiliate income proof
  • wealthy affiliate affiliate program
  • how does wealthy affiliate work

and unquote

Here is the title Kyle selected for his Wealthy Affiliate review post:

Title Kyle selected for his Wealthy Affiliate review post: 2017 Wealthy Affiliate Review - Built for successful affiliate marketers
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The ideal title for your review post is the one that you are not going to be changing. Once your review post ranks in Google and other search engines, updating your title too often can tank your rankings in them.

So choose a title carefully. Make it one that:

  • has your targeting keyword somewhere within it, preferably to the beginning of the title
  • is captivating, and
  • pleases you a lot.

Task 2: Create Your Wealthy Affiliate Review

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

Now that you have your keyword-rich review post title (the first step), the rest is to write a BRILLIANTLY captivating, informative, accurate and opinionated review (the 4 CIAO principles).

When writing your review, you must focus on several critical elements in terms of the structure and design.

  1. Product/Service Overview

Every successful review should be thorough and informative. It must also be a much lighter and easier to read “overview”. It is an overall product breakdown based on the main elements of the product or service.

Here is the example from Kyle’s Wealthy Affiliate review.

Overall product breakdown based on the main elements of the product or service. Wealthy Affiliate - The Overivew and Rankings
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You should use these elements consistently for “similar” products. Thus, if you were to review other products that were in the same industry as Wealthy Affiliate, you should as much as possible to use this very same criteria.

What is important is that you must be unique and original.

  1. Captivating Internal Headlines

Within your content, you must use internal H3 tags (the size of the font) headlines like the one above. They break up your content and make it easy to read. People are often turned off by a massive block of text.

“It is cumbersome and strains the reader’s eyes,” Kyle says.

It is not practicable on mobile devices which more and more people are using to consume content.

Another thing. It helps you foreshadow the next topic of your discussion.

Take a look at the screenshot below.

Using internal captivating headlines to foreshadow the next topic of discussion of a product review
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Kyle is foreshadowing that section on Wealthy Affiliate Support by stressing that it is a community of caring experts.

Writing your internal headlines this way is more interesting than having something dry like “Wealthy Affiliate Support”.

So, using headlines within your content and making them interesting will lead to many more people reading your content. And, at the end of the day, more revenue for you.

  1. Call-to-Action Links

Let’s now talk about the call to action affiliate links that direct your website visitors to Wealthy Affiliate.

First, grab your Wealthy Affiliate link through the “Program Details” tab, at the top of the page (as shown below).

Call to action links that take your website visitors to Wealthy Affiliate, through your affiliate link in a product review
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This is what will be tracking your referrals and ultimately the revenue you generate from your site.

To add your link, highlight the text you want to link.

Click the link button (chain link icon) within the top header.

Now choose “Insert Link”.

Choose Insert Link to insert your affiliate link into a product review post.
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A modal will pop-up.

Within the “URL” field, add your affiliate link.

The URL field, to add your affiliate link into a product review post page.
  • Save

Note that the key to a successful call-to-action link is to create one that entices people to click it. Thus, it must be contextually relevant to the surrounding content.

Here is an example of Kyle’s call-to-action link that he created within the “training” section on his review.

An example of Kyle’s call-to-action link that he created within the training section on his review.
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There you are. The three main focuses of the product review that is helpful and drives sales.

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews. Uncut.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you have hands on experience with your reviews which could serve you for other similar services.

Besides the hands on experience, you may have had personal connection with many members at Wealthy Affiliate. This includes Kyle and Carson.

You also fully understand the helpful, forward thinking and “members first” nature of Wealthy Affiliate.

The prices at Wealthy Affiliate have remained the same in the last 12 years. Not only that. The prices are absolutely unbeatable.

It began as a “keyword list” site back in 2005. At $359 per year. Loved by people.

It is now obviously “light years” more sophisticated, elaborate and useful in 2017. It is still $359 per year.

“Comparable hosting alone, is $250 per month and as we progress through 2017, there won’t be a Managed hosting company in the industry that can compete with the hosting that we offer here at WA,” –Wealthy Affiliate.

They have a dedicated team of 25 people working behind the scenes to make sure you have the best technology and training.

Offering far more than anything else within this space is Wealthy Affiliate’s focus. Something Wealthy Affiliate invest 60-70 hours per week working towards.

So, when constructing your review, don’t hesitate to look around the platform and make it personal to you and your experience.

Kyle advises to focus on things like:

  • Support (Live Chat, SiteSupport, Q & A)
  • Personal Mentoring
  • Community
  • Training Courses, Step by Step
  • Weekly Live Classes (and 100’s of hours of replays)
  • Ambassadorship Program
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification
  • Affiliate Bootcamp
  • The Affiliate Program
  • Networking
  • Building Websites
  • Website Performance Tools (SiteRubix)
  • Website Engagement Platform (SiteComments)
  • The Hosting Platform
  • SiteContent Writing Platform
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • etc.

That, of course, is just the tip of the iceberg concerning the platforms at Wealthy Affiliate that you could integrate into your review.

But that doesn’t mean that you should write an eBook or a novella which incorporates everything.

All you want to be is informative and thorough.

“It will lead to much better conversions and a better experience for your visitors (and ultimately better rankings),” says Kyle.

Task 3: Publish Your Review as a POST to Your Website

Why must you publish your product reviews as a “Post” to your website?

Let’s listen to Kyle instead.

“The reason for this is that you are going to want to allow for comments within your review,” he says, “which is going to be a critical component of your review, building trust and conversions moving forward.”

What Can You Take Away From This Post?

You now have the elements and the ability to write an insightful and thorough product review. A product review that is helpful, ranks, converts and brings you sales.

That is money on the table. Will you leave it there? Will you pick it up?

The decision is in your hands.

If you don’t have a product already, you know you have a good one here at Wealthy Affiliate. Click the image below, and you will soon be writing a Wealthy Affiliate product review that will help people and bring you sales.


Meanwhile, why don’t you let us know what you think about this post? Your feedback will be highly appreciated and I will personally respond to it.


Your personal guide to securing your future online.

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