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I Am a Member of Wealthy Affiliate – Here is Why I Joined

Are you a member of Wealthy Affiliate?

Over the past two years or so, somebody asked this question on quora.com (the popular question and answer site). Not at all unusual.

My answer is: Yes, I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and you’re going to learn why.

As with any platform engaged in the popular and competitive affiliate marketing training field, affiliate marketers of all levels want to know from members matters like:

  • Is Wealthy Affiliate free?

· Is Wealthy Affiliate worth the money?

· Is Wealthy Affiliate a life changing platform for online businesses?

· Is Wealthy Affiliate University legit?

  • etc., etc.

The straightforward answer to each of them?

Yes, it absolutely is.

The longer one?

If you want to know the road ahead, ask those coming back – Chinese proverb.

So if you want to know what Wealthy Affiliate University is all about and how it works, read on to find out.


What is Wealthy Affiliate and What Is It About?


From 2005 when they began as a modest site selling keywords to marketers for their PPC campaigns, Wealthy Affiliate has been rapidly evolving each year. In 2018, they became the top affiliate marketing platform of the year with members from 193 countries. Last year alone Wealthy Affiliate helped over 217,530 start their first business.

The platform was created to help other people succeed online in the same way Kyle and Carson had also already experienced online success. The platform at WA has continued to innovate at a pace that is faster than the industry.


  • 14 years of experience

· Helped over 1.5 million budding Internet Entrepreneurs

· Training Updates: 750+ per year

  • System Improvements: 155 in the past year alone (2018)

Tomorrow Will Be Better Than Today

“When you approach success with anything you do in life, you need to make a concerted effort to make tomorrow a more brilliant day than you experienced today. We treat the service like that at Wealthy Affiliate. Our motivation is getting others to feel the same way about their situation. A brighter day is always ahead.” – Wealthy Affiliate About Us.

Who Own Wealthy Affiliate?

Another frequently asked question about Wealthy affiliate is, “Who is Wealthy Affiliates for?”

Wealthy Affiliate was co-founded by Kyle, the Marketing Chief, and Carson, the Design Chief.

Passport photograph of Kyle, the co-founder and marketing chief of WEalthy Affiliate
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Kyle’s approach to marketing is: “You cannot make people love a service, you have to create a service that people love.”

Kyle is imbued with a veritable passion for helping people succeed. He is always coming up with ideas outside the box or helping folks within the community. Also, he works on the numerous training platforms/courses within the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Passport picture of Carson, the Design Chief and Co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate
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Carson’s approach to design is “Effective design isn’t the process of adding more, it is the focused process of being able to take away and simplify.”

Carson has been instrumental to the Wealthy Affiliate success. He molds ideas from their earliest forms and builds them into a real world business application.

“He truly is passionate about making an idea come to life and do so in a way that offers the greatest form of simplicity.” – Wealthy Affiliate About Us.

Who Make Up the Wealthy Affiliate Team?

The founders are backed up by a passionate and brilliantly smart team that works hard behind the scenes. They ensure that the platform is driven by projects that further enhance the way people do business online and the efficiency in which they can do it.

Through their design, technology, marketing and support, Wealthy Affiliate is sure to continue to advance continually.

Now, let’s see the members of the team who make Wealthy Affiliate services get better with every passing single day.  

Passport picture of KC, Wealthy Affiliate's programming chief
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First, KC, the Programming Chief, whose approach to programming is “Simplicity to the end user is the ultimate form of programmatic sophistication.”

He is one of the originating members of the Wealthy Affiliate team and “is responsible for many of the innovations that you see taking place from a technology standpoint at Wealthy Affiliate.”

Passport picture of Aaron, Wealthy Affiliate's Technology Chief
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Aaron is the Technology Chief. His approach to technology is “The only boundary of technology is the interruption of a human element.”

Working with the team since 2009, Aaron brings in depth technical knowledge to various components of the platform. “He is responsible for making the Wealthy Affiliate ‘beast’ run efficiently and in a way that is stable, secure, and efficient.”

Passport picture of Jay, Wealthy Affiliate's Training Chief
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Jay is the Training Chief. His approach to training is: “There is no reason to ever stop learning. The skills you learn today could pay off forever in the future.”

Probably the best known team member to Wealthy Affiliate members, Jay has been charming them for years with his natural radio voice in his popular webinars. These are some of the most spectacular live training available anywhere online through his weekly “live classes” and ongoing support.

“If you want an honest and accurate answer about your online business, Jay’s got it.”

Like the founders, the senior team is also not alone. It is backed by over 20 full time SUPERSTARS that are actively working on projects and roles to make their collective ideas a reality.

Two people in suit shaking hands to signify why and how I joined Wealthy Affiliate
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How Did I Join Wealthy Affiliate?

Getting started with Wealthy Affiliate is another major preoccupation of people.

I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since August 2015.

I joined quite fortuitously.

In effect, I was looking for a way to escape my dreadful 9-5 and consulted Google in 2013 for a replacement. I fell on affiliate marketing blogging.

That was the first time I heard the terms “affiliate marketing” and “blogging”! And they charmed me.

The short training I followed with a now-defunct company enabled me to create a website for affiliate marketing.

Almost two years on and the paltry results forced me to abandon the idea.

But once bitten, twice shy, they say.

So in 2015 I went back on Google and fell on a Wealthy Affiliate review. As I read it my eyes widened and my pulse rate quickened.

Why Did I Join Wealthy Affiliate?


I had created my blog mentioned above on the free blogger.com platform. At one time a marketer told me that if I wanted to be taken seriously as an affiliate marketer I needed to have my own domain.

And when my actual sponsor’s review made me see Wealthy Affiliate could easily make me create one on WordPress, I jumped at the opportunity and got started with Wealthy Affiliate.

Of course, there were other determining factors which made me sign up for my wealthyaffiliate com and especially which made me stay as a member. Answers to questions like: Does Wealthy Affiliate actually work? Does Wealthy Affiliate make you money? Is Wealthy Affiliate any good?

I will soon talk about them below.


What Did Wealthy Affiliate Offer me?

The proposal was for me to join free for 7 days, time to test things and decide for myself if Wealthy Affiliate was suitable for me.

When I logged in to Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle, as usual, was the first to welcome me to the platform. He helped me to set up my account and start building my first free site on WordPress on a theme I had chosen myself. 

In the meantime my sponsor followed and offered to help me with any issues that I had during my free starter membership period.

Soon, I discovered the Wealthy Affiliate Community
where affiliate marketers of all levels were lending people a helping hand to build their businesses.

I knew this was what I had been yearning for.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth the Money?

So when Kyle reached out to me after the trial period, I didn’t hesitate to upgrade to the first monthly reduced premium membership rate of $29 for the first month and $49 henceforth.

Seeing that the yearly membership of $529 made me save $59, I upgrade further.

And later when there was a Black Friday sale of $259/year, I settled definitely on this.

If, despite my meagre salary of a part-time worker in Africa, I made those investments, it’s because I saw that the Wealthy Affiliate University was legit, the training was really worth it and could make me money.

But don’t take my word for it.  Read on to find out for yourself if Wealthy is any good and how much money you can make with it.

How Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work?

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform created for affiliate marketers of all levels. It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting out, have some experience, or are a very successful affiliate marketer. You’d find your place under the (Wealthy Affiliate) sun.

Now, how does wealthy affiliate make you money?


Turn Your Passion into Profit – Start a Business from 1+ Million Lucrative Niches

Do you have a hobby, an idea, or something else that you are passionate about and which gets you motivated when you think about it?

With that idea Wealthy Affiliate will help you turn it into a very successful startup online using their 5-phase, 50 lessons Online Entrepreneur Certification Course.

Don’t have any idea to start a business from home?

No problem.

Wealthy Affiliate will help you determine a direction for your business from over 1,000,000 different niches so that you can start a business from scratch.

Wealthy Affiliate even offers you a done-for-you Affiliate Bootcamp Course where you will be held by the hand from the beginning to the end of a 7-phase, 70 lessons training to promote the Wealthy Affiliate program and others of your choice.

Drawings of websites one can create at Wealthy Affiliate
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Build a Beautiful, Profit Ready Website without Any Design Skills

Offline businesses need a physical geographical location called a store (or the various other names like mart, department store, grocery, hypermarket, mall, etc.). Such as the “small shop round the corner”, Walmart or Starbucks.

Online businesses however must have a website which is a sort of a “storefront” for your business.

Wealthy Affiliate simplifies the process of building your very own website so you don’t need any prerequisite website design skills or education.

Would you believe me if I told you the process takes less than 30 seconds to have a beautiful looking, mobile, and revenue ready website?

Yes, it does.

Besides, the state of the art, ultra powerful and secure hosting will allow you to grow your business with Wealthy Affiliate. You can even build a free profit money making websites without any investment.

Niche marketing home traffic image
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Learn Proven Strategies to Attract Loads of Traffic and Have Access to Over 4 Billion Potential Customers

Whether offline or online, people are your business.

Without people, who are you going to sell or advertise to?


That is why within the first few lessons of the training, Wealthy Affiliate will teach you all about the most current traffic techniques to generate organic blog traffic.

Not only that.

You will also learn how to get an ABUNDANCE of relevant customers to your website.

A fact Wealthy Affiliate proudly claims is that its members OWN Google rankings, and a huge chunk of ALL traffic online.

Logos of amazon, Etsy, ebay, shopify, WA and YouTube to show brands Wealthy Affiliate members can promote and where to make money online
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Huge Revenue Sources with 598,500,000 Products YOU Can Instantly Sell Online

Once your website is ready, you next move is traffic.

Why is getting web traffic to your site so important?

You need to “monetize” (make money) with your website and this is possible only when you have traffic.

“This is the fun part,” Wealthy Affiliate says.

Because without dishing out a dime, you can promote all the top brands in the world through the affiliate programs linked to them.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how you can choose from close to 600 MILLION products/services you can sell online and easily promote them on your website.

The interesting thing is that you need no inventory, no shipping and no support to do so.

Even you don’t have to worry about payment terms and returns.


Wealthy Affiliate Powers Affiliate Marketers Worldwide

With your Wealthy Affiliate login you also have access to the Wealthy Affiliate affiliate program.

“We don’t just lead the affiliate industry, we innovate and propel the industry. There is a reason over 50,000 independent authority bloggers rank Wealthy Affiliate the ‘go to’ platform for Internet entrepreneurs.” – Wealthy Affiliate homepage

Is Wealthy Affiliate Legitimate or Scam? – Check a Few Statistics

Is Wealthy Affiliate worth the money? is another question we see often. Judge for yourself:

  • 14 YEARS IN BUSINESS (Created in 2005)
  • 1,400,000+ MEMBERS


Here are Real Feedback – Testimonials from People with a Wealthy Affiliate Login

“With all the tools and training here at Wealthy Affiliate, the support, the mentorship, the live video classes, the course lineup, the live chat, the accessibility to incredible mentors, I can say with absolute certainty that this is the best training and mentorship platform for building a successful business online, hands down.” – Wealthy Affiliate homepage

But what do real members say?

Let’s see to some Wealthy Affiliate testimonials from them.

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Eric (Eric Cantu)
Current Premium Member (US)

“Finding and joining Wealthy Affiliate was a complete game changer for me. If you want to build a real online business then it will take some time and hard work but it will be profitable and sustainable long term. If this is your goal, look no further – WA has everything you will ever need to succeed online.”

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Lynne (LynneHuy) Current Premium Member (South Africa)

“Wealthy Affiliate transformed me. It turned this ordinary guy with no clear career path into someone who will ALWAYS be able to generate an income online. At Wealthy Affiliate you get ABSOLUTE clarity in every aspect within an otherwise foggy and often confusing ‘online biz’ industry. Thank you for everything, Wealthy Affiliate!”

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Marcus (Marcus WFHW) Current Premium Member (Great Britain)

“Your choices are limitless here and everything is included in the membership. From keyword lists and tools, endless training, platforms to get comments or help you write content, and those to engage with the community, you have endless resources all available 24/7. I have met people around the world. I love WA and believe it is the best resource available for learning to build a website and a business!”

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Jessica (SwanGirl) Current Premium Member (US)

“It’s been over a decade since joining WA and it has helped me achieve financial and personal freedom that a job could never provide me. At one point my wife and I were able to quit our jobs, buy our dream home and travel the world with our daughter as a result of the business WA helped me build. Here’s to another decade of success for all of us!”

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Eddy (EddySalomon) Current Premium Member (US)

It’s been over a decade since joining WA and it has helped me achieve financial and personal freedom that a job could never provide me. At one point my wife and I were able to quit our jobs, buy our dream home and travel the world with our daughter as a result of the business WA helped me build. Here’s to another decade of success for all of us!”

What about that as answer to the interrogation: is Wealthy Affiliate real or a scam?


Wealthy Affiliate University – Perfect for Both Beginners and Experts to Succeed

These are the features which will ensure your online business succeeds at Wealthy Affiliate:

  1. 1. Master affiliate marketing, with an industry leading education

2. Get instant expert coaching when you need help or advice

3. Find millions of keywords, niches and spy on your competition using Jaaxy keyword tool

4. Get fully customizable websites, choose from over 3,000 theme designs

5. Run your entire business from Wealthy Affiliate’s fast, secure and reliable hosting

  1. 6. Instantly network a rolodex of 1.4 million elite affiliate marketers.

What about those also as answer to the question: is Wealthy Affiliate University a scam?


Endless Opportunity and Zero Risk Assured

Wouldn’t you want to know why Wealthy Affiliate are the most trusted and respected affiliate marketing platform in the world?

Sign up here and find out for yourself.

You have nothing to risk and absolutely no obligation with Wealthy Affiliate’s free Starter membership. Rather by clicking on the link above, you are minutes away from starting your own successful internet business.

Still hesitating because you don’t know how much you can earn with Wealthy Affiliate or even how to make money online with Wealthy Affiliate?


Try Wealthy Affiliate Free and find out. You don’t need your Credit Card to sign up.

What are you waiting for?


Need more information first?

Okay, let’s go.



Wealthy Affiliate Education – It’s Simple, Yet the Training Produces Results

What often holds some people back from seeking further education is their fear that their low level of literacy couldn’t make them be able to follow the course.


The education offered at Wealthy Affiliate is simple, so simple people of various educational backgrounds can understand it.


Is the Wealthy Affiliate training any good?


Yes, the training is better in every single way. Simplicity doesn’t mean sacrifice of the quality.


“From the moment that you join you are going to be walked through our state of the art, step-by-step training platform. For newbies and advanced marketers alike, our focus with all of our training is teaching you how to create a successful, long term business within the online space.” – Wealthy Affiliate Education.

Education Ahead of All Others


“Education ahead of the Curve, ahead of the Competition.”


That’s how Wealthy Affiliate describes it.


Anyway, did you know that the online business world changes rapidly?

Yes, it does as search engines change quickly, techniques and strategies for building a business online advance swiftly, and technology also progresses briskly.

But Wealthy Affiliate has you covered.

Here is their promise:

“The education you will get at WA promises you a competitive advantage over your fellow webmasters and keeps you ahead of the curve in terms of what works today and what will work tomorrow.”

Now, how does the Wealthy Affiliate training work?

You have access to 52 Weekly Live Classes in the year and STEP BY STEP Task Oriented Training.

Still Wondering if you’ll Be Up to the Task?

Maybe you still feel that you do not have the ability and experience to undertake the training and secure your future online.


If so, know that your brain is capable of achieving amazing things.


Here is a little story for you.

How the ‘Nerd’ Discovered His Secret Talent as a Billiards Shark

We know a math whiz who had great interest in computers, in science, in technical topics, but no interest at all in playing billiards with his buddies, who were avid players. “I’m no good at it,” he said, “I’m clumsy. I’m not good at games or sports. That’s just the way I am.” (By saying these things, he was verbalizing part of his self-image, describing the picture he carried in his mind about himself.)


One day, somebody pointed out to him how much playing billiards has to do with – geometry! This caused him to look at the game in an entirely new way. Then he got interested in it. He tried playing, with his new knowledge. And, to his surprise, he discovered that his understanding of the angles made up for less-than-terrific physical dexterity. He could play well and he enjoyed it. Then, by playing regularly, his physical skills naturally improved too. After a year, he was routinely beating his friends and started entering tournaments.


The way to uncover your own hidden talents and interests is simply to experiment. Instead of saying “That’s just the way I am,” say “I’ll try that.”How to Open the Door to Your Future, The Official ICS Guide To Success In Life, Published by ICS Learning Systems, Inc.

So, a proper education (and encouragement) is all it takes to get you to do things you never thought you were capable of. You just need to be taught to do the right things.

“As you take action on the tasks and work your way through the lessons at Wealthy Affiliate, you are going to realize your true potential and how capable you are of creating brilliant and beautiful businesses.” – Wealthy Affiliate Education.

Wealthy Affiliate has helped over 217,530 people start their first business last year. Why can’t it do the same for you too? Mind you, those people aren’t smarter than you.

Bring Any Passion – Wealthy Affiliate Will Help You Turn it Into a Gainful Occupation

Did you know that the fastest growing business platform in the world is the Internet? Did you also know that you can tap into it?

Yes, the training within Wealthy Affiliate will show you how to capitalize on your idea, interest, or passion and turn it into a career and/or profit.

You have none of these?

“Just bring your love of something and we will help you turn that into a lucrative business.” – Wealthy Affiliate.

Isn’t the affiliate marketing industry too competitive?

If that is your fear, consider these figures:

  • The amount of affiliate industry potential is 8 billion
  • 6 billion was what was earned online in the past year.

As you see, there’s a place under the “affiliate marketing” sun for you too.

Even Earn While You Learn – That’s the New Normal

Conventionally, we go to school for 4 years to get a degree before starting a career. That is the old normal.

The new?

At Wealthy Affiliate, the most powerful training platform in the world helps you to build a real and tangible business where you can start earning right away. In other words, learn and earn with Wealthy Affiliate.

With a Live Education – Nothing Beats That

Remember I told you the education at Wealthy Affiliate is simple?

Yes, all the lessons are live and interactive so you can engage and communicate directly within the lessons.

This enables you to get help with any questions or difficulties that you may crop up as you learn.

There is Live Chat, Live Classes, Live Interaction, and Live Expert Help.

Want to experience all these big components of your education at Wealthy Affiliate?

Get Started With Wealthy Affiliate Education Now



Build Your Own Website Using SiteRubix, the Most Powerful WordPress Website Platform

Every successful online business starts with a solid foundation: a website.

You can create and grow your very own business with SiteRubix, the powerful Wealthy Affiliate website builder platform.

SiteRubix is not just about how to build your own website using WordPress. It also puts some of the most useful and integrated tools for website analysis, management, ranking, and security at your disposal.

So sophisticated, yet SiteRubix is amazingly easy to use. And so much fun too. Thus making building your Wealthy Affiliate website an experience you’ll appreciate.

It’s So Easy, So Quick, And So Profitable to Build Your Website

It once took weeks, even months, to build a website. Now, this can be done in seconds.

You would agree with me that when you don’t have to crack your brains and spend all your time figuring out the technical aspects of building a website, you can focus your energy on what matters to you most: your business.

“We have yet to have someone tell us they cannot build a website. Within minutes, you are going to have your very own niche website online and visible to the world.” Wealthy Affiliate Website


  • The age range of people that have built sites is 8 years – 97 years
  • The average time to build a website is 34 seconds.

What about that for how to build a profitable website from scratch for with SiteRubix for making money online?

Immensely Beautiful Websites – Yet Ultra Simple to Build

It is known that a quality user experience starts with a website design.

With 3000+ templates available within SiteRubix, there is a look (beautiful website templates) for everyone. Moreover you don’t have to worry about how much it costs to hire someone to build a website for you. With just a few clicks you can have a visually appealing website up and running and live online.

You’d find that building your perfect website from scratch for your business is as easy as reciting the letters of the alphabet.

Wealthy Affiliate Is a Bête Noire for Website Hackers – Evidence Proves It

Anyone who has run a business online before knows that website security is a big part of its success.

“You are in good hands with our SiteRubix website platform at Wealthy Affiliate,” the company assures. “We go above and beyond the call of duty with your website and have created a line of defense against some of the most sophisticated attacks that can happen to your website.”

  • ü Wealthy Affiliate monitor all websites 24 hours per day
  • ü Offer full redundancy
  • ü Offer daily snapshot backups, and
  • ü If there is any suspicious activity they get to the bottom of it right away


They defeated 27,195,900 hacking attempts in 2018 and average uptime for websites was 99 .99 %.

Support? – Always Available, Round-the-World, Round-the-Clock

What about the technical aspects of your website or how to deal with any issues when they crop up about it?

At Wealthy Affiliate, that’s the last thing you need to worry about.  

For, if you accidentally break your website, they can help put it back together.

If you need them to recover your website from a backup, they will do it.

If you’re confused about something technical, they’ll straighten matters up for you.

Short, Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting experts instantly get to any issues that you need help with.

The average response time is 1 Minute.

Wealthy Affiliate live chat is also at standby for immediate help.


Your Websites is Built for Ranking and Revenue

“A website is only as successful as the platform it is built on.” – Wealthy Affiliate Website.

Wealthy Affiliate’s unparalleled hosting helps you build websites that rank in search engines.

“Your websites will be run on a powerful, incredibly fast platform that will deliver your content in a way that will really add to the user experience. A website built at Wealthy Affiliate will lead to better rankings and more success. It’s inevitable.”

Short, you will build the kinds of websites that make the most money.

Want to Try For Yourself? – Create a Free Website With Your Own Domain Below Now!

You can get started right now and build a FREE WordPress website on Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteRubix.com hosting platform.

Yes, you are just 60 seconds away from your own LIVE niche website!

All you have to do is:

  1. 1. Choose a domain name for your website
  2. 2. Enter a domain name

3. Enter a title for your website (You can always change your website title later)

4. Choose a design for your website

Click Here to See How to Make Your Own Free Website in Seconds With SiteRubixNow!



Wealthy Affiliate Domain Hosting – A Seamless Domain Experience You’ll Always Cherish

Within the SiteRubix platform, websites, domains, and the management of your websites are all fully integrated.


And since the WA platform evolves constantly, it’s sure that you will get other features that will further catapult your business to great heights.

Powerful, Comprehensive Domain Search at Your Disposal

How do you find the best domain names?

By using the SiteDomains platform at Wealthy Affiliate.

It will allow you to check domain name availability instantly in seconds and buy the one(s) you like.

That is, not only will this feature expedite your research for available domain names list but it will also truly uncover some of the true domain gems out there for you.

All you have to do then is to access and purchase .com, .net, .org, .info and all of your other favorite top level domains.

ZERO Upsells – You Get All Your Domain Needs in One Place

If you hate upsells as much as I do then you’ll feel at ease here in Wealthy Affiliate. There isn’t any upsells whatsoever with any of the services.

Each and every domain comes with EVERYTHING you need:

  • Full access to emails.
  • Full privacy and domain protect.
  • Full email accounts included with each domain purchase.
  • You don’t have to worry about being sold on various upsells or being charged more in subsequent years like other domain registrar’s.
  • With SiteDomains you have everything included all in one place…at ONE price.

As I said earlier, there are NO UPSELLS. So you just pay $13.99 per year. Period.


Security and Privacy – Your Ultimate Domain Protection

People buying domains often wonder: Should I buy domain privacy protection?

At SiteDomains, the answer is no. The domain you purchase through it comes with privacy protection. This means that your personal details are safe from spammers, scammers, solicitors and your competition.

That’s not all.

You also get additional levels of security against spam and solicitation. Wealthy Affiliate offers these services for all domains by default. This is a security pledge that your domains are always safe.

So Simple. So Easy

With a few clicks, you can have your very own domain live with a website.

  • No upsells.
  • No confusing settings you have to set up.
  • No waiting 24 hours for your domain to set up.
  • Your domain will be available and ready to build your website in minutes!
  • We take care of all of the “technical” stuff for you so you can focus on things that matter…like building your business!


Everything Included in One Flat Price

As a premium Wealthy Affiliate member, you get all domain features at the most unbeatable price in the industry.

These include:

  • Email accounts,
  • WHOIS protection/privacy,
  • Domain security,
  • Advanced DNS automation and management are all included.

With other domain registrars, these features are usually “add ons” and cost you extra. But at Wealthy Affiliate they are included free of charge.

Wealthy Affiliate Domains Vrs Others in the Industry

The following table should give you an idea of what we are talking about.





Domain Cost





Renewal Price





Privacy Protection


$ 7.99/year

$ 2.88/year

$ 3.99/year

SSL Certificate



$ 9.00/year

$ 9.99/year

Email Accounts


$24.5 (accounts)

$ 15 (5 accounts)

$59.05 (5 accounts)

Premium DNS


$ 3.99/year

$ 4.88/year







Flat Rate Guarantee





Total Cost





Get Started With Your Search and Register Your Own Domains Now


Brilliantly Powerful, Intricately Secure Wealthy Affiliate WordPress Web Hosting


Do you need web hosting for WordPress?


What is the best managed and most secure hosting for WordPress?

With Wealthy Affiliate, you get a more secure and powerful hosting for your WordPress websites.

The power behind any successful hosting platform is the intricate technical process. You can feel safe running your businesses on Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting. They take good care of the technology so you can focus on your business with serenity.

Grow Your Business with Wealthy Affiliate

Are you wondering how to make money with Wealthy Affiliate?

Are you just getting started within the online space?

Or are you looking to grow several different businesses to new levels?

Whatever your case, you can count on Wealthy Affiliate’s robust and every step of the way powerful hosting platform they call “SiteRubix”.

Know that people are already running million dollar businesses on these same platforms.


  • Free starter members can create 2 free websites
  • Premium members however can have up to 25 domains of their own and 25 free websites, making a total of 50 Websites.

Faster Wealthy Affiliate Hosting

Did you know that slow hosting can impact your website rankings?


Yes, it does. And there’s nothing Google hates as much.


That’s why Wealthy Affiliate came up with SiteSpeed.


It is one of the core focal points with their SiteRubix hosting platform.

To the question: How is Wealthy Affiliate Hosting, we read, “You can rest assured your WordPress site will always be hosted on the latest and most powerful servers in the world through Amazon hosting.” Wealthy Affiliate Hosting.


They have uniquely brilliant “load limiting” process that will monitor your website to ensure that it is always running optimally.


Imagine: Average page load time: 1.3 Seconds


The Wealthy Affiliate hosting is built on a framework used by major companies in the world, such as:


Expedia, Netflix, Comcast and Foursquare as examples of companies running on Amazon hosting
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Double Hosting of Your Website Makes It Always Stay Awake

What type of web hosting is best for you?

I will let you decide after reading this section.

Wealthy Affiliate offer all clients “double hosting”. Therefore your website has full redundancy.

What does this mean?

If your website was to go down accidentally, Wealthy Affiliate have a “mirror” of it running at all times that they will swap in instantly.

“This layer of redundancy to uptime that is unparalleled in the industry,” they say.


Hosting Security – Done Right

What is wealthy affiliate hosting about?


To this question, Wealthy Affiliate says, “We know WordPress, we live and breathe it.”

Their innate knowledge of the intricacies of WordPress and the security vulnerabilities that can occur within the platform has prepared them to stop hacking or spam before it happens.

In effect, they have set up several layers of security that shield your websites and keep them secure so that you can work with serenity online.


Wealthy Affiliate hosting has blocked 27,195,900 hacking attempts in 2018.

Wealthy Affiliate Have Got Your Backups, Each and Every Single Day

Wealthy Affiliate knows that mistakes are inevitable when diverse types of people are trying their hands at technology.

This can be nerve-wracking for certain persons.

With the Managed WordPress Hosting experience at Wealthy Affiliate, you have peace of mind knowing that they take daily snapshots of your website.

So, should you ever mess things up, they can help you get your website back and running in no time.

Very few hosts offer this advanced service which, at Wealthy Affiliate comes standard with ALL of your websites.


The BACKUPS take place EVERY 24 Hours.

The Truth of the Matter is in Comparing the Best Managed WordPress Hosting

What is the best managed WordPress hosting service?

To find the answer, let’s compare the Wealthy Affiliate hosting to that of the industry.



WP Engine







Number of websites





Instant DNS Setup





Hosting Speed

Amazon c3.large (faster)

Amazon c3.med. (med. speed)


Website Space





Bandwidth included

500K visitors/month

100K visitors/month

400K visitors/month

100K visitors/month

SSL Certificates





Site Builder Included





Staging Environment





Full Redundancy





Enterprise security





Daily Website Backups





24/7 Access to Server Admins





Email accounts





BotNet Security















Website Feedback





Community Access





1 on 1 Marketing Mentorship





Get Started With Wealthy Affiliate Advanced and Fastest Managed WordPress Hosting Now


Wealthy Affiliate Community – The Most Helpful You Can Find Anywhere

Have you ever tried to get help for your business on the social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and the others? Things like answers to queries, likes, shares, comments, etc.

If you have and unless you were an influencer, then you know that the most difficult aspect of building a business online is getting help when you need it.

But at Wealthy Affiliate, you will get help quickly from a myriad of people having all kinds of expertise. The response is so instantaneous and numerous you’d think you had people at your beck and call.

You’d get help from newbies (if your query concerns what they’ve learnt), “intermebies” (who’re making steady steps online) and “oldbies” (that are ultra-successful entrepreneurs and even millionaires!)

That’s why Wealthy Affiliate boasts that, “We are a community that truly cares and will be there for you all day, every day.”


Wealthy Affiliate is active 24/7.

A True Education – From a Platform Overflowing With Teachers

If trying to learn without helpers coming to your aid is no fun, then doing so with a multitude of people eager to lend a helping hand can only be a delightful experience.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you have teachers there to help you every step of the way.

It’s like attending a school with many teachers around you. That is the type of service that you will get within the Wealthy Affiliate community.

It’s Worldwide, Big but Really Intimate

Wealthy Affiliate boasts the largest Internet Marketing community anywhere in the world. And it continues to be the #1 choice for people all over the world to learn and create successful businesses online.

In real life, small communities are really more tightly knit than big ones. And on huge social media, the feeling is that each needs everybody’s help and none is willing to help the other.

But this is not the case with the Wealthy Affiliate community.

It is big, it is online, but every single person matters. You will feel the community love and your sense of importance as soon as you step into it.

You have people from your own country and almost 200 others to connect with.


  • 800,000+ community size
  • Members from 195 countries.

Network – Create Long Lasting Relationships

Would you believe me if I told you that Wealthy Affiliate is the only community in the world that you can walk into as a perfect stranger and start creating unbelievably powerful business relationships?

Yes, “every single day there are 10,000’s of people networking within Wealthy Affiliate, creating businesses together, offering each other insights, and building their network.” –Wealthy Affiliate Community.

Why is networking and building professional relationships important at Wealthy Affiliate?

Apart from the exchange of ideas to build your business, such relationships can blossom into joint venture projects.

How can you establish and nurture networking opportunities at Wealthy Affiliate?

Simply follow people whose profiles interest you. They will follow you back. Then thank them for doing that. Now, go to their profile and comment on it. Find their blogs at Wealthy Affiliate and outside the platform and comment on them. They will do the same. And you take it from there.

Wealthy Affiliate is a closely-knit and helpful community and collaboration between members goes fast.

Help is Instant – The Pay it Forward Mentality

“We thrive off being a true pay it forward community. Wealthy Affiliate breaks down the idea that we are all in competition with one another, rather we can all help one another and do so in a way that leads to much greater mutual success. You need help with anything, you get it and it is almost instant.” – Wealthy Affiliate Community.

The pay it forward concept is that receive help and you in turn give help.


  • The average time to get an answer is 1.8 Minutes
  • The community interactions is 32,000+ per day.

Expert Coaching, With a Personal Touch

“Rubbing shoulders with millionaire marketers is a complete reality within WA. Wealthy Affiliate is a platform where the “who’s who” of the Internet/Affiliate Marketing world hang out.” – Wealthy Affiliate Community.

Besides, you have direct access to the owners with whom you can communicate on any issue. They even appreciate you to just stop by and say hello.

You can also directly contact 100,000’s of people made up of up and coming success stories as well as UBER successful entrepreneurs.

Get Started With the Wealthy Affiliate Community Now and Learn From Your Peers


Drawing of a computer from which money is flowing out from a bag held by a hand on which is a dollar sign to signify make money with Wealthy Affiliate's affiliate program
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How Does Wealthy Affiliate Make You Money? – The ELITE WA Affiliate Program

Can you make money on wealthy affiliate?

The answer is yes, you can.

Now, how do you make money with wealthy affiliate?

One way to make money within Wealthy Affiliate is to promote this innovator and industry leader in the affiliate marketing space.

High Converting Recurring Commissions

There is a difference between the WA affiliate program and any other affiliate program online.

This comes from the fact that the owners ARE affiliates. So they UNDERSTAND and LOVE affiliates. That’s why their entire business is built on catering to affiliates.

The state-of-the-art technology behind the affiliate platform is ample demonstration of their respect for affiliates and your wants and needs.

Now, what is the wealthy affiliate program?

Wealthy Affiliate provide their Affiliates with an education and coaching environment. Through this you can advance your skill-set as an affiliate and also interact with some of the leading affiliate marketers in the world.

That’s not all.

They also put a subset of tools at your disposal that you can utilize to maximize your marketing reach, your conversions, and your overall affiliate revenue.

Drawing shwoing dollar amounts to signify Wealthy Affiliate commission payments to affiliates
  • Save


Millions of Commissions Paid and Will Continue To Be Paid

Wealthy Affiliate don’t just pay out commissions, they pay out millions every year to affiliates and will continue to do so for a long time to come.

Another interesting thing about Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate program: they are one of the longest standing and most lucrative affiliate programs on the Internet. Besides, they have never missed an affiliate payment in their more than a decade existence.

Image showing lifetime commission per sale of $121 paid by Wealthy Affiliate to its affiliates
  • Save

Lifetime Commissions – An Average of $121+ Per Sign-up

What is the wealthy affiliate’s commission structure?

Each Wealthy Affiliate sale you make brings you over $121 (average) in commissions.

Can you guess the beauty of the Wealthy Affiliate commission?

It is that it is based on the affiliate marketing residual commission model.  

So, not only do you earn commission for the first month that your referral joins the program, you will also earn recurring commissions for as long as they remember a member.

Wealthy Affiliate funnels showing how they convert free members affiliates send them
  • Save

Refer Free Members and Get Unparalleled Conversions

When you send people to Wealthy Affiliate’s FREE and world-class Starter membership, think of it primarily in terms of helping them to build a lucrative business for themselves. People will join you when they see that you’re trying to be helpful.

The money part?

Wealthy Affiliate has got you covered.

“With average Free to Paid upgrade conversions ranging from 12% overall, we have broken the barriers of all freemium models in the industry. We convert at 6x the industry average, and in many cases affiliates convert at over 30%.” – Wealthy Affiliate’s Affiliate Program.

Why Promote Wealthy Affiliate? – Service You Can Trust and Recommend

Can you make money on Wealthy Affiliate? Is Wealthy Affiliate legitimate or scam? What exactly is Wealthy Affiliate?

Let’s get the answers from the horse’s own mouth.

 “We are the most active, engaging, helpful, and forward thinking affiliate marketing platform in the world.” – Wealthy Affiliate.

As an almost 4-year-old member I know this is absolutely true.

“We provide our customers with an all-inclusive place to create, grow and scale their online business within any niche.” – Wealthy Affiliate.

I know this also. I can even swear to this one.

“We are industry leaders and are widely recognized for the constant focus on our evolving online business platform.” – Wealthy Affiliate.

I can vouch for that too.

Part of the ending of 2017 and most of the beginning of 2018 I was largely absent from the site for professional reasons. I had to learn to find my way around when I came back.  

“Making our community happy is what we do. Wealthy Affiliate is a company you can ethically stand behind.”

This is no sweet-talk.

Right now I have been chosen personally by Kyle after designation and application to follow The Super Affiliate Challenge – The 2019/2020 edition.

Beside the high level training, if I make 300 Wealthy Affiliate sales this year (2019), I will be invited to a 4-day all-expense paid visit to Las Vegas in 2020 for conferences and fun.

How else can a company make members of its community happy?


  • The annual payments to affiliates is $1,000,000+
  • The average commission is $118.


Affiliate Training That Brings Out the Expert in You

As a Wealthy Affiliate member you get access to their acclaimed affiliate bootcamp training. This teaches you to create an authority website within the various categories that Wealthy Affiliate offers services in.

Do you have a hosting website, an affiliate marketing website, a website dedicate to working at home, or another?

Wealthy Affiliate offer services in them as well as within an abundance of verticals that can excite and help your audience.

The program is known to transforming complete “newbies” into successful affiliate marketers as you will see below in the success stories.

You can also accomplish this with the affiliate training provided inside of Wealthy Affiliate.

Notebooks, laptop, desktop, keyboard, smartphone and other office equipment to show Wealthy Affiliate training that works online
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Promotional Toolbox

Did you know that when you join Wealthy Affiliate you become an affiliate of a technology company?

Yes, you do.

If you are wondering how to promote Wealthy Affiliate, imagine:

“From tracking tools and customizable pages, sophisticated stats, a website platform w/ hosting, promotional media, easy to add websites widgets along with some most advanced communication tools for your referrals, our goal is to make sure you are the best-equipped affiliate possible.”

Drawing of a desktop computer with a reading lamp and other objects to signify Wealthy Affiliate's Affiliate Bootcamp Training Course
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Affiliate Bootcamp – World Class, Interactive Training Experience

What is Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate bootcamp training?

It is an intensive bootcamp course which will walk you through the process that will make you succeed as an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate.

This training will literally take you (whether a newbie or advanced marketer) and give you a foundation of applied and hands on knowledge with supporting tasks to create a very successful business online in the niche.

The Affiliate Bootcamp Training is making people taste success. It is enabling people create full time businesses. It is getting people invited each year to Vegas due to its hands on approach.

Drawing of major building landmarks from around the world like the Eiffel Tower, the Pyramid of Gizel to show how Vegas conference is also some fun at Wealthy Affiliate
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Others Have Made It to Vegas – Yes, You Can Too

Vegas is a private conference organized at the beginning of each year by Wealthy Affiliate.

There, you can interact with likeminded, ultra successful affiliate marketers and get insights into the future of affiliate marketing (and Wealthy Affiliate).

“Mix in some amazing shows, entertainment, delicious food, some gambling, high end WA gear, and great company. It is a brilliant experience, and highly achievable for anyone.’ – Wealthy Affiliate’s Affiliate Program.

Permit me to quote the entire next section.

I quote

Wealthy Affiliate Care About Its Affiliates

We have been moving forward in the affiliate industry at a breakneck speed. The Wealthy Affiliate brand is only getting easier to promote as our service evolves and innovates.

We truly care about your success and will be there to help you (personally) create and grow your business. When you join Wealthy Affiliate you are joining the most elite, industry leading platform for affiliate marketers.

Best of all, it is completely free to get rolling and you will have immediate access to the Affiliate Program (and all the affiliate resources) as soon as you create your account.

and unquote.

So Come In And Become An Affiliate Of Wealthy Affiliate Now To Earn Good Money.




Success at Wealthy Affiliate – It’s A Daily Affair

Can you really make money with wealthy affiliate?

Before tackling this section I will like you to consider this quote.

What REALLY Leads To Success …

For starters, let’s agree that we can disagree about what “success” is. It certainly means different things to different people. For one person, “success” may pop up pictures of a Rolls Royce, a yacht, a fancy house, maybe a business of your own, or a white collar, management career with a solid company, or all these things. For somebody else, just the thought of having to put on a business attire and go to an office every day is frightening. For others, the emphasis may be on family, not money. So there’s no point in trying to force fit any one idea of success onto you. How to Open the Door to Your Future, The Official ICS Guide To Success In Life, Published by ICS Learning Systems, Inc.

But at Wealthy Affiliate when people talk of success, they are generally talking about how much money a member has made.

There too, the idea of success may differ from one person to the other.

So what is your idea of success?

$10/day may be success for somebody who has never made a single penny online, or who is making their first sale.

$100/day may be okay for another.

Yet another will appreciate $1,000/day.

And why wouldn’t yet others prefer far more?

Each of these success stories is perfectly achievable with the education, the websites, and the community you have at Wealthy Affiliate.

Every single day Wealthy Affiliate members are posting their success stories on the platform. Others go quietly about their business and don’t reveal anything to “strangers”.

Check a few (tip of the iceberg) of the success stories (including income proof) which go to show that Wealthy Affiliate is worth the money:

  • Save

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #9 — Christene9, already successful before joining Wealthy Affiliate, took her websites from good to awesome. Her niche: Marketing.

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Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #11
— WendyK now has over 10 streams of income. She’s been here a few years, and she’s seeing increases of 30-50% per month! Her niches: Adult board games.

  • Save

10.5 Million Visitors Have Visited My Site

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

One thing all these stories have in common is that none of them were an overnight success. Each member had to suffer through painful defeats before coming through the other side. Here are some of my favorite success stories:

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories


Made $51,755 with an Affiliate Program

Hey Everyone at Wealthy Affiliate. I wanted to share my success story with anyone that might need some inspiration at Wealthy Affiliate. Before you read this I just want to drive home the point that you need to work and be proactive with your online marketing. There is no magic button; but WA is a great tool to help get you started making money.

I run one of the top web hosting review sites on the net; http://tbwhs.com


Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories! Why It Worth Our Time and Money.

Trust me if you spent your time reading and following 9 successful people’s steps in less than a year you will become the number 10 successful person and if you spent your time with 10 mediocre and unsuccessful people in less than a year you will become the number 10 unsuccessful person. Agreed?

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories


Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

I often read new members asking if this stuff actually works and where are all of the Wealthy Affiliate success stories?

There are lots of them. Big and small.

Not all get posted. Some longtime, hardworking, successful WA members stay quiet behind the scenes enjoying the benefits of the WA platform and appreciating the rewards of their accomplishments.

58 Awesome wealthy affiliate success stories….that prove one thing

Get Immersed In a Community of Successful People to Boost Your Own Success

Have you seen how Wealthy Affiliate members are having affairs with success? It’s possible for you too.

Come join Wealthy Affiliate and surround yourself with successful people.

Now, why is it important to surround yourself with supportive people?

Permit me to once again quote extensively from How to Open the Door to Your Future



Foundation #3 is: Association. There is a ‘principle of success’ called “The Power of Positive ASSOCIATION.” It basically means that you either hold yourself back or improve yourself based on the people you spend time with the most, because their values, ideas and directions are always influencing your own.

As we become adults, though, “peers” become just as important as “family” in this area of association. Surely you’ve heard about “peer pressure.” It can be ‘positive’ or ‘negative’—helpful in going in the directions you want to go or distracting from going in those directions. Here are very tough questions to ask yourself about the friends and other people you spend time with most and listen to most: Are these people going in the directions I want to go? Do they have ideas, experience and encouragement to share that can help me move in the directions I want to go?

If you can’t answer honestly “yes” to those questions, then you probably need to make some changes in your friends—who you spend time with, who you listen to. You may need to get involved in very different activities, where you will get to meet new and different people.

Everybody needs a “support group.” Your “support group” can include family members, friends, neighbours, co-workers, a mentor on the job, teachers and coaches. It must feature people who share your directions or who have already travelled successfully in the directions you want to go.

Please, read the last paragraph once again.

The book in which I took the above citation was published in 1995 but it looks as if they are talking about Wealthy Affiliate created a decade later!     

“When you mingle with successful people and you interact with those that are highly successful, it is proven to increase your success drastically.” – Wealthy Affiliate Success.

Thousands of people are succeeding every day within Wealthy Affiliate. And there is no better place to network and surround yourself with people that can improve your mindset, motivate you, and help you create a new, more successful, you than this.

A man only learns in two ways, one by reading, and the other by association with smarter people.” – Will Rogers, Famous American “cowboy humorist”

Fortunately you have both at Wealthy Affiliate.

So, you have the answer in case you are wondering: How can I surround myself with successful people?


There are 2.8 Billion BUYERS Online to sell to.

Why on earth with a powerful platform and positive successful people can’t you be encouraged to succeed?


Build a Lucrative Businesses from Scratch

The question haunting you may be: How to start an online business from scratch?

You don’t need experience or technical knowledge to build your online business with Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate take the approach where they assume that anyone can create a phenomenally successful and long term business from scratch.

“We understand how an online business is created and we are going to help you create one.”

What about that?

Can One Succeed at Wealthy Affiliate? – “You Won’t Fail. Wealthy Affiliate Promise”

By now the answer is obvious to you. But it does nobody no harm to reassure them.

A bold approach to business, but one we strongly stand behind. We have never seen someone fail at Wealthy Affiliate that didn’t quit.” – Wealthy Affiliate Success.

This is because everything you need to create and grow a business to any imaginable level online is at your disposal at Wealthy Affiliate. These range from the education, to the tools, the support, the network, the websites, and the community.

The only missing piece is YOU and the EFFORT you will bring upon the activities.

So Get Started With Wealthy Affiliate Now and Be the Next Success Story



Here are some answers to questions about the Services at Wealthy Affiliate.

Question 1


Do I need to have experience before joining?

Question 2


What forms of payment are accepted?

Question 4


How quickly can I achieve success online?


Wealthy Affiliate claim they get this question all the time and their answer is that it “DEPENDS” on one thing: YOU!

Please read the following post as it will give you some insight:

How long will it take me to make money online?


Consult it here  

Do you have any other question? Ask us in the comments box below and we will answer.

The Major Points You Learnt In This Post

  • About Wealthy Affiliate
  • Who owns Wealthy Affiliate
  • How and why I joined Wealthy Affiliate
  • What Wealthy Affiliate offered me
  • How Wealthy Affiliate works
  • Wealthy Affiliate education
  • Build websites using Wealthy Affiliate website builder “SiteRubix”
  • Wealthy Affiliate Support
  • Wealthy Affiliate domain experience
  • Wealthy Affiliate hosting
  • Wealthy Affiliate community
  • Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate program
  • Wealthy Affiliate success stories
  • FAQs
  • Wealthy Affiliate Privacy Policy

Afterthought – Is Wealthy Affiliate Perfect?

Like any human activity, Wealthy Affiliate is perfectible. This is why the platform undergoes constant improvements in the course of a year and a total overhaul every three years.

One critic on quora.com said at Wealthy Affiliate they never teach how to build mailing list, nor creating marketing funnels.

This is an outsider talking about Wealthy Affiliate, fortunately they made it clear that their suspicion is not confirmed yet.

True, this matter is not treated in either the Entrepreneur Certification Course or the Affiliate Bootcamp Course lessons. But there is more than sufficient information on these in the webinars section. Thank you, awesome Jay.


Wealthy Affiliate is helping me and thousands others achieve their dreams online. It can do the same for you too. Why don’t you give it a try? It’s free to start with.

For even more information, check my Wealthy Affiliate unbiased Review, a personal experience. 

Before You Go

We cannot imagine that this long blog post has not made any effect on you, can we?

That’s why I’m respectfully inviting you to go to the comments box below to let us know what you think. We will surely answer you soon. Thank you.


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