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I Want to Make You a Super Affiliate

 This is about a 12-month affiliate challenge from Kyle, co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate to make 300 sales and be invited to the annual all-expenses paid Las Vegas Conference.


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“I Want to Make You a Super Affiliate” was the title of a private message Kyle, the co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate, sent me. In fact, the full title was “I Want to Make You a Super Affiliate in 2019”.

But before I come to that I will like to talk about another private message Kyle had sent me earlier. The title is below:


My Vegas Update, Path Getting YOU As A Super Affiliate There Next Year (2019)

First off, Kyle wished me a great 2019. Then he said he had started the year on a good note. Besides, he was more hopeful than ever for the future of Wealthy Affiliate.

He gave information about the annual Vegas Super Affiliate Conference which had ended just a few days back. Like the other years, the Vegas trip once again surpassed all expectations.

The participants were awesome, the discussions at a high level.

The talks of course centered on the service offered by Wealthy Affiliate and how to improve it. They also discussed a bunch of affiliate tools, platforms and promotional strategies. All these in a bid to help Wealthy Affiliate affiliates scale their business faster than ever this year.

I nodded in approval. What else could an affiliate want from their program?

Go here to read about the experience Las Vegas 2019. Incredible. 2020 Will Be Insanity.

Kyle wants me to become a wealthy affiliate super affiliate

Picture of Kyle, the co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate
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Can you imagine why Kyle was reaching out to me? He wants me to make Vegas this year (2019)! I nearly jumped through the roof on learning that.

He next touched on some success I have had promoting WA in the past. And said he wanted to take me to new level. A position where I would be earning a full time income through the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate.

Amen! I proclaimed.

Now, the message was prophetic.


In the past few months, I have been taking stock of my business and was wondering how to scale it up.

I started the stock-taking by searching for how to get traffic to my site. (I will be posting an epic content on that soon). But on seeing that SEO was more important for me, I concentrated on that first.

Go here for the epic content 37 highly efficient SEO tips for bloggers.

How Can One Become A wealthy affiliate Super Affiliate Marketer?

Marketing image with a hand drawing a red line
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Kyle said it is possible for ANYONE to reach the 300 sale criteria in a given year for invitation to the Vegas conference. That amped me. But a little skepticism (my biggest enemy) still whispered the contrary in my ear.

But Kyle beat it by saying “this is going to be more than possible for you if you really start to push now.”

Aah, hard work. The one recipe for success. I had read of it with a lot of interest and some envy on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. This was when a teen member said his hard work had paid off.

In effect, it made him earn over 100k in a week on launching his own course which attracted over 500 signups. And he had been a Wealthy Affiliate member for only 2 years! I felt bad about my “disastrous” 4 years.

So, hard work is what was missing in my game.

I breathed hard, wishing I knew the simplest route to it. For I crave success the way an asphyxiated person does oxygen.   

I went back to reading.

This time it concerned some improvements Kyle promised Wealthy Affiliate affiliates in the next 3-4 months. They are:

*Focus on Yearly, Adding a Bonus to Yearly Offer
*Lead/Campaign Platform
*Live Event Advancements
*Affiliate Programs Platform
*New Server Class & Hosting Updates
*Dedicated Hosting & Commissions

“If you can make one sale, or 5 sales, or 10 sales,” Kyle said “….you can make 100’s or 1,000’s of sales.”

I stopped reading, breathing laboriously.

How I failed to become a successful wealthy affiliate super affiliate marketer

Dark image with a red triangle and a falling car
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I’ve been trying hard to make 300 sales but never got anywhere close to the tiniest fraction of that. I’ve also been wondering how some fellow Wealthy Affiliate affiliates manage to make the 300 sales to go to Las Vegas. 

“It is just a matter of scaling out your business and continuing to work hard,” Kyle revealed.

Hmmm, I sighed.

“…those that are creating the most success are those that are the most consistent.”

Well, Kyle, you’re right there, I sighed.

About a month ago, I posted a 7-series article on marketing titled Online Value creation.

When I checked my Wealthy Affiliate dashboard, my posting frequency had shot up to 100%. Since then I only posted this yesterday. And when I checked the posting frequency, it had plummeted to 60%!


Blog publishing frequency
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I wheezed.

It’s true, we’re architects of our success. And unfortunately also of our own failures.

“You never really notice a drop in your business the minute you ‘stop’ working,” Kyle continued, “it usually happens around 6-8 months after you stop. Then when it happens, it is hard to correlate to your ‘current’ activity because your drop is the result of your lack of effort months back.”

Now, Kyle was talking directly to me.

It was like sometimes in Church when the preacher was saying something and you felt like he was talking about you.  

There came a drop in my business. It was somewhere in the last one-and-a-half years.

It was time to renew my various subscriptions.  

I had been using my visa card to make those payments for yearly accounts with Wealthy Affiliate, AWeber, and NameCheap. But just when I had to renew them that time, my bank had some strange problems with the payment processing.

First, AWeber sent me a message on February 10, 2018 that my payment was overdue. Therefore service to my account had been suspended.

I breathed hard.

I was earning commission each month with AWeber. I didn’t want them to suspend my account too.

Urgent action was needed.

I kept going to my bank for information but all I got were vague promises.

Then NameCheap joined the dance on March 18, 2018. My domain was registered there and I risked losing the service for a payment of just less than $9 for the whole year!

Their Domain Expired Notice asked me to act fast and reactivate the domain as soon as possible. They gave me a grace period of up to 27 days during which I could still reactivate it at the regular rate. After that my domain would be placed in redemption.

“The domain will not resolve to your website during this time,” they warned. “These will all be enabled when you reactivate the domain.”

Wealthy Affiliate soon bared its teeth.

My site was hosted there and they warned me to take action before it was unhooked off the servers.

Why do I always have the most stupid of problems? I wondered bitterly. I had enough money on my card to effect payments but I couldn’t do any.

I contacted friends living in America. I proposed to send them money through Western Union so that they could pay for me with their credit cards.

All these people are not doing any online work. Maybe they had used their cards only for store purchases. Online, it could be for air ticket purchases. So they were wary of exposing their account details to companies they didn’t know.

I gave them links to check the trustworthiness of the companies. A few simply reiterated their refusal and others simply ignored me.

I felt devastated. Was it my destiny not to succeed? Everything, including friends I thought I could count on in difficult times were failing me in my hour of greatest need.

That was when I understood people who circumstances push to commit suicide.

Had I done it, everyone would have said I showed no visible signs of suicide. But those signs were there. Carefully concealed.

In effect, my wife knew about my online work. But I had kept my online spending secret.

People who don’t have the online working dream always equate it to waste of time. And they are not keen on seeing one spending money on it.

As expected, I soon lost the services provided by Wealthy Affiliate and NameCheap.

This site fell off the blogosphere. Like a meteorite into the void.

Soon, Google was sending me mails asking me to check my posts which were returning 404 messages to searches. I hope Google knew how powerless I felt. At that time, my most popular post was 88 ways to make money online from home free

Kyle was right that when a drop happens in your business, it is hard to come back to that position.

Finally I got a casual friend’s sister living in the US to make a payment for me. Then I remembered an old student of mine in whose cybercafé I did all my internet-related work. He willingly made the other payments too.

I got my site back but not a single post was showing up in searches! My bizarre life was haunting me again.

Needless to say that I still find this episode painful. It is now (months after the incident) that some of my articles are beginning to make it back to Google page 1.

My expereince with AWeber post on serp
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Google serp for my post on CBProAds
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Kyle’s advice on how to become a super affiliate

 “So push hard,” Kyle advised, “keep your foot on the pedal, and even when it appears that things are not paying off, they will. Your efforts NOW will pay off down the road and often times for the lifetime of your business.”

Amen!! I cried again.

“Search Engines are showing much more favoritism than ever for websites that are consistent with their content production. Something to consider.”

“Yeahhhh!” I said and nodded in agreement with Kyle.

“Also, as your audience anticipates new content, they naturally come back to your website to see what is new.”

Another nod.

“If you post regularly, they will know you are always going to have something new.”


“This can lead to a lot of traffic and trust.”

I breathed hard. This is why my traffic is dismal.

“Anyways, I just wanted to reach out and let you know as one of our more active affiliates, you can certainly meet and exceed the criteria for Vegas in the year ahead.”

I felt proud to be labelled a more active Wealthy Affiliate affiliate. But felt bad that my business did not reflect it.   

“You have my direct link here if you need ANY help at all with your campaigns or some direction moving forward with your business.”

That’s the beauty of Wealthy Affiliate. You can contact the founder at any time!

“Carson and I (and all the other amazing super affiliates) WANT to see you in LV in 2020.”

Carson is the co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate. When I contacted Kyle just two weeks ago to help me change my affiliate payment setting from check to Paypal, he asked me to contact Carlson.   

“Let’s make it happen!” Kyle concluded his private message.

I breathed harder. It will be good to be in Las Vegas. But how?!!

“I Want to Make You a Super Affiliate in 2019,” Promised Kyle

Like people with best intentions, I had all but forgotten about Kyle’s private message when this one arrived a couple of months later.

I will give you the link to read the whole thing because I want you to join me on the 2020 Las Vegas trip.

Go here to read I want to make you a super affiliate in 2019 

Now, what happens at the Las Vegas meeting?

Here below is a glimpse of LV 2019 attended by those who made the 300 sales criteria in 2018.

Las Vegas 2019. Incredible. 2020 Will Be Insanity

This year too, Kyle said the Las Vegas meeting beat all the records.

The group of super affiliates was made up of many new faces and many second year folks. And also many people that have been there for 5+ years.

Kyle was kind enough to offer all Wealthy Affiliate affiliates some insights into the event and their decision-making process. Also, about things that they have planned, and the motives behind every decision made.

Kyle began with how any Wealthy Affiliate affiliate can make 2020 Vegas in 2019.

The Opportunity. 300 Sales in a Calendar Year.

Wealthy Affiliate run an incentive based opportunity with their affiliate program opened to everybody, including you.

The first condition is to be a Wealthy Affiliate affiliate.

The second is to make 300 unique Premium referrals from January 1st to December 31st of any year. A unique premium referral is someone who upgrades from Starter => Premium.

When the two conditions are met, then you will get invited to the annual Super Affiliate Conference.

Kyle assured that anyone can easily achieve the 300 sales. Just by following the training. This is what many of the folks that were in Vegas this year did.

So, Kyle recommended that those interested in working towards this incentive and building a full time and sustainable business promoting Wealthy Affiliate, to head over to the Affiliate Bootcamp and get rolling.

Affiliate bootcamp on dashboard as part of I want to make you a super affiliate
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The Affiliate Bootcamp Course literally walks you through the process of starting out. It also gets you through advanced techniques right to scaling and growing your business.

Now, let‘s see what happened at:

The 2019 Super Affiliate Conference

Day 1: The Meet and Greet


The first day was for get-together for a meet and greet. All the new and old faces hanged out, got to know one another, shared stories over the past year, and ultimately built amazing bonds with each other.

The co-founders profited to get to meet the new faces and catch up with the old ones from past years.

“We have the evening catered,” the document said, “so lots of good food, drinks and conversation. It creates a great deal of comfort heading into the first day of the actual round table discussions.

Jeez. My resolve to make LV 2020 got heightened.

Day 2: Getting Down to Business (and some fun)

The following morning the guest found a rectangular table loaded with the year’s SWAG. There were also the materials they needed to follow along with years’ conversations.

This “book” mainly deals with the many platforms/ideas that WA are looking to implement in the year ahead. This year’s outline of “things going on behind the scenes” was 37 pages long!

As is always the case each day that conferences are going, the entire day was catered, including breakfast platters, lunch, and of course refreshments.

Here below is this year’s “big table” set for business.

Las Vegas big table set for business as part of I want to make you a super affiliate
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As you see, there are pad folios, pens, and a few other goodies. The coffee mugs and charging batteries are not shown. Attendees even receive some “spending” cash to use for whatever they like. Like gambling or otherwise.

The gambling part made me wince. I would rather use it to buy something useful for my business. Unfortunately I don’t know the amount to tell you what. But certainly something linked to computing.

At the end of the day, the participants wrapped things up in the evening with a ‘social’ event. This year they did Craft steak, one of Wealthy Affiliate’s favourite restaurants in all of Vegas. They labelled it as “their favourite steakhouse”.

Doesn’t the pic below of a few super affiliates enjoying dinner make you wish you were there? Come join us and let’s support each other to work hard to see ourselves in the 2020 pic.  

Las Vegas dinner table as part of I want to make you a super affiliate
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Day 3: More Business, Collaboration, and Idea Sharing (and a nice dinner)

Day 3 got off with some more amazing discussions on new platforms that they have coming at Wealthy Affiliate. “And the overall strategy and approach to ‘getting people over the hurdle’”.

The idea was to help Wealthy Affiliate affiliates create and grow a business online with more ease.

“This also includes helping newcomers getting over technological hurdles, and also the motivational hurdles that prevent them from success.” This could mean many things to many people, they are constantly working to refine it.

Also in the pipeline are some brilliant training roll outs, some brilliant new platforms, and many overall system improvements. All of which are going to help further advance, refine and polish the platform at Wealthy Affiliate in 2019. And, of course, well beyond.

“We didn’t become the industry leaders in the affiliate marketing space by sitting on our laurels and we certainly will not be in 2019,” they affirmed.

That part about being the industry leaders will make their competitors blush. I have been reading things on quora where some rival companies bashed Wealthy Affiliate as not worth anybody’s while.

However the LV 2019 Day 3 evening was ended with a Japanese night.

There was a wide array of Japanese food, and different types of sushi and sashimi. The world-famous Morimoto restaurant that catered the food also provided warm appetizers.

That was not all.

They also had a large selection of Japanese beer for refreshments. It was said to be great fun, with lots of amazing sushi that was specifically made to order by the head Morimoto sushi chef.

During the event, the top “up close” magician Robb Weinstein performed sleight of hand magic for several hours. That blew all of their minds!

See the pic below.

Magician at Wealthy Affiliate Las Vegas conference as part of I want to make you a super affiliate
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Day 4: A Bit of Business, and Then A LOT of Fun

This is the final day. It is usually wrapped up with a half-day session, followed by a farewell session at night.  

Wealthy Affiliate really like to do it up on the last night, and surprise the Super Affiliates with a new location.

This year they relocated to the Wynn Encore for the final evening together.

The lucky folks had a bartender serving several feature cocktails. That is, everything from Champagne based drinks to an Old Fashions with a twist.

Imagine being in a room of over 6,000 square feet with enough room for everyone to comfortably hang out, socialize, shoot some pool and listen to live music.

Live music?


It was provided by Jesse Roper, a very talented Canadian blues musician. Wealthy Affiliate managed to get him out of his busy touring schedule to come down to Vegas and play several hours of acoustic for them “in room”.

Maybe because Kyle grew up with Jesse right from elementary school.

Anyway, Jesse has a lot of radio hits in Canada. So Kyle believe it’s just a matter of time before his career shoots to the moon.

Jesse Roper blues singer at Wealthy AffiliateLas Vegas meetup 2019 as part ofI want to make you a super affiliate
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Maybe the name doesn’t mean much to you.

Know that Jesse Roper has been establishing a solid footprint in the blues industry over the past few years and he has accrued a very lively following.

Jesse is an incredible guitarist, and a great vocalist to boot. No doubt the evening was a lot of fun.  

Want to hear some of his awesome music?

Kyle recommends downloading his Albums on Apple Music or Spotify.

But every good thing must come to an end.

LA 2019 also did with a lot of “see you next year” wishes.

“We can’t wait to see the entire group back, along with some new faces (perhaps YOU?) next year in LV.”

Emoji smile whatsapp
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What’s your feeling about this 4-day event?


You wish you were there?

You could.

So, let’s look at…

…The 2019 Game Plan

The conversations and discussions the participants at LA 2019 had solidified (and in some cases slightly changed) Wealthy Affiliate’s direction in 2019. This has made them more amped than ever about the future at Wealthy Affiliate.

The platforms that they have slated for this year are going to be rolled out through 2019. Many of them are in very late stages of development. They are coming in as soon as a few weeks from now.

It is going to be a very busy spring! Will you be part of this exciting journey?

Wealthy Affiliate have brand new platforms coming. They have new versions of existing platforms coming. They have micro and macro improvements to existing platforms and services.

They have more training, and updated training coming. They have more levels of support coming. And they are doing this all for ONE and only ONE reason.




Get Coached to Become A Wealthy Affiliate Super Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate’s goal has been and always will be to put their community first. They are in the business of helping people and doing so in a way where they can offer the best service in the industry (I think by a country mile), for the best price (also, by a country mile).

They are keeping the foot on the pedal this year. They are the busiest they have ever been, but they also have the most polished and refined internal development process (and a skilled team of programmers).

Expect big things out of them. They will not disappoint!

Here is to a brilliant 2019 ahead, and Wealthy Affiliate hope to see many new faces in Las Vegas for the 2020 Conference.

And that includes you!

Grab this link and begin the exciting journey to LV.

The super affiliate challenge course

Super affiliate challenge training page as part of I want to make you a super affiliate
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Check the training here



Welcome to the Super Affiliate Challenge, you are going to be walked through the process of building yourself into an authority within a niche related to make money, affiliate marketing, online entrepreneurship or a related vertical.

This training is going to be updated month, it is exciting and is going to be very much an interactive community project where we work together to create independently successful brands


Lessons Included

WA affiliate challenge training Lessons included as part of I want to make yu a super affiliate
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WA challenge course benefits as part of I want to make you a super affiliate
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