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i’m not sure what’s wrong with my mouth

I don’t know what’s wrong and I would like some help. Growing up I would get in trouble (like any child would) but I would start clamming up and not be able to say a word to my mom even though my thoughts were racing in my mind knowing how to respond. Due to the lack of response, this would further increase punishments and make me endure more than I would need to if I could have just said anything. This kept going on as I grew older and recently I slipped up and my mom found out I wasn’t quite happy for the past couple of years. She tried questioning me and I couldn’t answer even though I knew what to say but it would make my mom even angrier and try other methods to make me say something. She isn’t a bad mom she really does love me but she gets frustrated easily when she doesn’t know how to help because I stop speaking for some reason. I’m not mute at all but I would start fidgeting and panicking if I was in trouble and was being questioned by my parents because I stop speaking to them. I start to try and let time pass until it was over and it would take great effort or pressure to finally spit something out. I don’t notice this happening with other adult figures or with close friends so I’m not sure what’s wrong with me. Please help me understand why i’m like this.

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