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Independent Herbalife Distributors

Today’s article takes a look at Independent Herbalife distributors and how they feel about their company and products.

Herbalife distributors all seem to agree they work for the best company in the MLM niche. They claim their products are the best on the market. This really grabbed our interest so we decided to go ahead and do a review on them.

Is this a ligament multi-level marketing company? Do their distributors actually make the kind of money the company claims? And are the products that good?

We will take a look at all aspects of this booming business opportunity and give our view on how good or how not so good choosing this MLM company as a business venture can be.

Let us first take a look at the company and see what they are all about.

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What is Herbalife?

Nutrition made with your goals in mind for independent hebalife distributors
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Herbalife is the number three highest-grossing MLM company in the world with sales exceeding 4.5 billion.

They are incorporated in the Camen Islands and have their world headquarters in Los Angeles California.

The company was founded by Mark Hughes and operates in 95 countries and has over 2.3 million independent distributors.

The company develops and sells personal care products, weight management, and dietary products and sports nutrition products.

Hughes started this company by selling products out of the trunk of his car and built an empire in a few short years.

He started with a protein shake that he claimed would change the nutrition habits of the world. And he was driven by this theory having watched his mother struggle with weight problems her whole life.

He soon realized there is strength in numbers. So he started recruiting independent distributors to help move his products.

He set these distributors up on a direct sell multi-level marketing program.

Mark Hughes died of an accidental overdose at the age of 44 in 2000. Since then the company has gone through many changes and has been slowly buying its stock back from the shareholders.

The Herbalife Products

The original protein shake has been the lifeblood of the company and to this day accounts for over 30% of their total sales.

Billed as a replacement for meals, it is soybean-based and today they call it a formula one protein shake.

They soon expanded their product line to include protein bars, aloes, vitamins, teas, and personal care products. They also have a line of vegetarian and halal products.

The company manufactures its own products and has 5 facilities scattered throughout China and the United States. Herbalife uses a handful of third-party manufacturing facilities around the world.

They have their own botanical gardens and grow and extract all of their ingredients for their products.

They also boast many different clubs including weight loss clubs. Besides, they have a diet plan that has been award-winning in several countries and boasts an A rating from the Better Business Bureau.

The compensation plan

Back in the early 80’s Mark Hughes set up a compensation plan for his distributors that revolutionized the MLM niche.

He put the emphasis on selling products first and then recruiting fellow distributors and building a downline.

Not only will his distributors buy the products wholesale and sell them retail and keep the difference, but they will also get payments from sales in their downlines. They will also benefit from many other incentive programs the company offers.

This was a new twist to MLM. It thus took the pyramid scheme out of the picture as any company that relies directly on recruiting without a quality product will eventually collapse. This situation leaves the members at the top financially healthy and their downline broke.

The many reviews written online on both Herbalife’s products and their business model are mostly positive. Many claim this company is the number one pick for getting involved with MLM programs. This is because the potential to make huge profits are 100% and that is a huge boast!

Legal Issues

The company has had its share of legal issues from the beginning.

They have been sued several times by several different federal agencies for making false claims on their products.

One claim was made that they had high levels of lead in some of their products. So it was alleged that this was leading to liver problems in people using their products. But this was pretty much discredited in the courts as not true.

Other lawsuits were filed by distributors claiming mismanagement of payments for services. Fortunately the company has settled these by paying over 200 million out to these distributors.

Other suits are pending. Some claim that Herbalife is just a glorified pyramid scheme. As such, the chances of making a living as a distributor for this company is one in five thousand.

Still, the company thrives and has, for the most part, endured the legal issues and is still growing.

Our take on Herbalife

After reading countless reviews from many different sources we have to give this company a thumbs up.

While the lawsuits that have been filed are a bit disturbing, the company’s response has been quick and upfront. And for the most part most of the suits have been dismissed.

When you run a company as large as Herbalife, you will have some detractors. This is normal. And on our side we have not found anything that would keep us from exploring this MLM opportunity.

The diet programs this company offer have been rated extremely high and effective. And it is refreshing to find so many reviews written by people who have had success with a product!

Thanks for checking out our review of Herbalife. We hope it helps you understand the company, the products and their business model that this company offers its customers and distributors.

We always preach to do your homework when thinking about investing money in any program. And these reviews are our way of helping people make an intelligent decision on where to put their money.

Be sure to check back for more reviews on what’s on the market for multi-level marketing companies. And be sure to share us socially so others can check out our reviews too!

Happy marketing!

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14 thoughts on “Independent Herbalife Distributors”

  1. Hi Akoli,

    I really enjoyed reading your review about independent Herbalife distributors. I have been looking for something like this for my daughter as she is struggling to find any work at the moment. Do you think Herbalife would be suitable for her (she is 21) or would you recommend anything else? Your opinion would be valued. Regards, Andrew

    • Hi Andrew,

      I’m happy that you really enjoyed reading my review about
      independent Herbalife distributors. Please give it to your daughter as this will be work she will cherish her whole life. Oh yes, at 21, Herbalife would be suitable for her (she is 21). But I would suggest signing up for Wealthy Affiliate to learn to create and run a website and do other affiliate businesses.

      Thanks for your comment.


  2. What a great article, I really like the way you present your content, simple with a free flow of ideas , I believe everyone can understand this content, my mum always prefer herbal products and I will have to share this article to her am sure she will learn more out of it, I am sure to subscribe to your newsfeed to learn more about this and other related articles.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Joy gateru,

      Thanks for appreciating my article. I always seek to present my
      content in a way that people can follow my ideas.

      Oh, if your mum always prefer herbal products, hen certainly share this article with her. This may one or two good things for her for which she might be forever grateful to you

      Yes, subscribing to my newsfeed will let you learn more about this and
      other related articles.

      Thank you too for your comment.


  3. I’ve definitely heard of Herbalife before but not so in-depth as this, so this information is really helpful. While generally I am not the biggest MLM fan I am glad to see that Herbalife is a pretty solid company as far as MLMs go. I’m glad to hear that Herbalife is up front regarding their legal issues. This definitely adds a layer of credibility. I’m also glad to see that their products are of high quality. This makes the selling process a lot smoother for sure when it’s backed by a quality product. This is a very informative post and I am definitely looking forward to stopping back and seeing what else you find out there. Thanks for a great review!

    • Hello,

      Oh, so you’ve definitely heard of Herbalife before? But you tickle me when you say “not so in-depth as this”. I’m happy that you found my information really helpful.

      You’re not the only one to say that you’re not an MLM fan. Many have said so. I’m myself also not. But like you, Herbalife as a pretty solid company MLM company has changed my perception about them. While legal issues are what blew some mlms out of the business scene, Herbalife is up front regarding them.

      Sure, their products are definitely of high quality. And as we all know, a good product sells itself like hot cakes. 

      Sure, do come back here for more great reviews.


  4. Hi Akoli,

    Thank you for your thorough review. I myself use a protein shake on a daily basis, although it’s not from Herbalife. I think it’s great that their product like leaves no one excluded (halal, vegan etc.). Regarding the lawsuits: some might indeed seem a bit off, the fact that Herbalife is relatively transparant is a big plus. Also, they’re still going strong, so that has to account for something. I might go ahead and purchase something off them. Thanks again!

    • Hi Kevin,

      Thank you also for coming to read my review which you made me happy by qualifying as a “thorough review.”

      Oh, you use the
      protein shake on a daily basis? Oh, but how bad I feel that it’s not from Herbalife. They have a product for every person and taste (halal,
      vegan etc.).

      A company will always have lawsuits. Even Wealthy Affiliate has had them. But as you said “the fact that Herbalife is relatively transparant is a big plus.” Such companies always come out of the lawsuits. Yeahn their still going strong must be due to something great too.

      Yes, please go ahead and purchase something off them. You wouldn’t regret.

      Thanks again for your contribution to this conversation!


  5. Hi Akoli,

    Thanks a lot for the thorough and comprehensive review post on Herbalife. I got detailed information from your review.

    Third highest grossing company is not a small achievement at all and 2.3 million independent distributors is quite a huge. After reading your review I realized Herbalife is not a scam and it’s a legit company.

    The best thing about your review is you not only shared the positives but also the opposite. Thanks a lot for that!

    As you mentioned the legal issues and the lawsuits are a bit concern for me too.

    May I ask…

    While doing some research I came to know that the success rate with MLM business model is low. What are your thoughts on that please?

    • Hi Paul,

      I thank you also a lot for coming to visit my site and especially for commenting on the post about herbalife. I’m thrilled that you found it not only “thorough and comprehensive review post on Herbalife but also “got detailed information from the review.”

      Yes, being the third
      highest grossing company in the world is quite an achievement and having those 2.3
      million independent distributors speaks volumes about the company. No, Herbalife is not a scam company at all; it’s a completely legit company.

      If a company had only positive sides that would be a bit suspicious. There’d be a little bad side somewhere.

      Sure, the legal issues and the lawsuits are something of some concern but you can count on this company to come out of it stronger.

      Yes, the success rate with MLM
      business model is low. I would even say abysmally low for most  o fits members, especially the masses at the bottom. This is because the plan is built solely on recruiting people into the downline. While if you had a product to sell, you could always make some profit out of it.

      I hope you found answers to all your queries about MLM companies now.


  6. Hello there, thanks for this awesome article. I love the product herbarllife. I have heard a lot about this product. I have also heard many success stories of how it helps people live healthier and also how the MLM offers have also helped people. I think is worth giving it a trial because it would be of great help to everyone.

    • Hello David,

      Thanks for coming to visit this blog. Thanks for appreciating this article which you tickled me by saying it was “awesome” and thanks finally for your comment.

      Fortunately you’re not the only person who loves the Herbalife product. Their products are so popular that it would be strange if someone didn’t know about them. There are also many success stories concerning how it helps people live healthier and also how the MLM offers opportunities to people to make money.

      Sure, you wouldn’t regret anything at all by giving Herbalife a trial. Instead, as you said, “it would be of great help to everyone.”


  7. Wow!! herballife, what awesome products!!! I heard so much about it. Even one of my neighbours has said a lot about them and I have been looking forward to try them out. But I never knew they had MLM. Wow this is great news although I have seen a lot of scam when it comes to MLM but this worth a trial. Thanks for this awesome post.

    • Hi David,

      I’m not surprised that the herbalife review wowed you. Sure, their products are awesome. That’s why you heard so much about them and even from one of your neighbours. Now, that you’ve read this review about it, I hope that finally you’re going to try them out. Yes, it’s because of the bad reputation of mlm companies, it’sdifficulties to believe that this great company is one of them.

      Sure, give herbalife a trial and you wouldn’t regret it.

      Thanks for your wonderful contribution. I appreciate.



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