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Internet Marketing Bootcamp

Way back in 2008, there was a huge online training session that was referred to as a bootcamp.

That bootcamp changed people’s lives!

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Heck, the CEO of JVZoo (Bryan Zimmerman) even called it a defining moment, where everything changed for him!

JVZoo Product of the Day

The person responsible for that bootcamp, was Donald VanFossen.

Don, has done it all…

He has trained some of the top people in our industry.

But Don is an introvert so to speak.

He doesn’t normally attend events, or socialize much. He doesn’t have to teach people, and he doesn’t have
to create products.

But Don and his partner Brian, have an underlying agenda.

That agenda has brought Don back to the front lines!

This is one chance you do not want to miss!

Because being able to learn from Don, is a once in a lifetime chance.

Seriously, this guy keeps to himself, he rarely comes out of his shell.

When he does… people stop what they are doing and listen!

Don is also not a flashy guy. You won’t see a crazy hyped up sales video when you visit this site:

See what I mean? No video at all!

He wants you to read… you know, that thing so many of us no longer do…

He also specifically states that shiny object people are not who he wants. That underlying agenda I mentioned, is why. When you read the page, you will find out what that agenda is.

Don only wants people that are driven for success. I highly recommend you stop what you are doing right now.

You need to read this, and read it now.

Have a great day,
Your JVZoo Team

I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.” – Thomas Jefferson

We choose the product of the day based on several factors, including member feedback, customer satisfaction, and other criteria. While JVZoo does receive a commission if you elect to buy, we do not accept compensation from vendors to be chosen for product of the day.

JVZoo Product of the Day

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