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iPhone 12 mini Vs. iPhone 12 Pro Max: Smallest & Largest iPhones Compared

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Apple‘s iPhone 12 mini is the smallest 5G iPhone currently available. Apple seems to be moving back toward smaller and slimmer designs after focusing on larger phones for several years. While it is smaller than the other iPhone 12 models, the iPhone mini is still packed with the latest specs. Here’s how it compares to the largest iPhone in the lineup, the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Apple announced a variety of new iPhone models on October 13, with the lineup consisting of the iPhone 12, mini, Pro, and Pro Max. One of the phones that has attracted the most attention so far is the iPhone 12 mini, due to its small form factor. Aside from the iPhone SE Apple has not been making many small phones and certainly not ones with a full display. Now, consumers have the option of buying a smaller iPhone while still retaining a large display. For those who prefer larger phones, there’s the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

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The iPhone 12 Pro Max is the largest phone in the iPhone 12 line and comes with the highest specs. Apple has been making larger variants of the iPhone series since the iPhone 6 Plus, accommodating those who like or need large screens. More display real estate tends to help users who often perform tasks on their phone or play mobile games. The iPhone 12 Pro Max is significantly larger than the mini, but size is not the only difference worth knowing about.

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The most obvious difference between the two iPhones is the display size. The iPhone 12 Pro Max has a very large display at 6.7-inches while the iPhone 12 mini features a 5.4-inch display. Another notable difference is in the camera department. The iPhone 12 mini has a dual-camera system with a wide and ultra-wide camera. In contrast, the iPhone 12 Pro Max has three cameras, consisting of an ultra-wide, wide, and telephoto, along with a LiDAR scanner. Due to the more advanced telephoto camera, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is capable of 12x digital zoom, compared to the iPhone 12 mini’s 5x digital zoom. In addition, the iPhone 12 Pro Max offers video recording with Dolby Vision at up to 60fps. The iPhone mini can also record with Dolby Vision, but maxes out at 30fps. Otherwise, the two phones are surprisingly similar with both supporting 5G and powered by the latest A14 Bionic chip.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is definitely a more powerful phone, especially when it comes to camera quality. However, and although the iPhone 12 mini is small, it is still a very powerful phone and arguably, just as powerful as the standard iPhone 12. The iPhone 12 Pro Max’s price starts at $1099, compared to the more affordable iPhone 12 mini, priced at $699. Aside from the price, the biggest deciding factor between the two phones is likely to be the display size and this will really depend on personal preference. Those who prefer a smaller phone that won’t take up much space, and don’t mind having a lesser camera experience, the iPhone 12 mini is going to be the best choice. For those that want the best of the best iPhone experience, and don’t mind paying for it, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is the way to go.

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