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Is it possible to earn money doing affiliate marketing on Facebook?

People often wonder, “Can I really earn money doing affiliate marketing in Facebook?” To show that you can, I have assembled 30 strategies under five ways to promote your affiliate marketing business on Facebook.


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You do not want to be a simple spectator watching others making a killing online while you live from hand to mouth (a.k.a. live on your uppers). Or, maybe you simply crave the internet lifestyle.

Research showed that affiliate marketing is your best route to success online.

So you set out and built your website.

Then you signed up with affiliate marketing programs and/or affiliate marketing networks and have chosen products and/or services from the best niches to promote.

Now, you are wondering where best to find people to buy those products and/or services for you to live your dream life.

You suspect that Facebook, as the biggest social media platform with over 2.7 billion monthly active users as of the second quarter of 2020, could be that place to find your target audience.

Yet you know that Facebook is not really built for business but for social interactions. That’s why you are wondering if you can really earn money doing your affiliate marketing there.

We’ve already said that you can.

So we are going to give you specific strategies you can use on the platform to earn you good money via affiliate marketing.

So without further ado, let’s dive in and see how this can be done.

There are five different ways to promote your affiliate marketing business on Facebook. Under each we will look at a certain number of strategies.

The five ways to promote affiliate marketing on Facebook are:

  • How to do it directly on Facebook
  • How to promote your website on Facebook
  • How to network with Influencers on Facebook to grow your website
  • How to grow a mailing list on Facebook
  • How to use Facebook ads

Now, let’s see the first way and the strategies to use.


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How to promote affiliate marketing business directly on Facebook

This section will consider eight organic strategies to use to post your affiliate business on Facebook.

You do this kind of promoting using your personal account or business page.

Facebook does not like it when you promote affiliate links on the site. But it doesn’t mind much when you use your business page to do so. So we suggest you use your personal profile because it is the best for joining groups and for posting to other people’s walls.

1. Ask family members and friends to share your affiliate link: This is maybe the easiest way to share information about your business on Facebook. But don’t go overboard and use this strategy too often. You must also make sure that what you’re promoting is a good piece of content or that it represents a great deal. Holidays are great times for this kind of promotion. This is especially profitable when there is a sale, such as on Amazon or on a Black Friday or a Cyber Monday.

2. Post in Facebook groups you belong to: Either on Google or right on the site, you can search for Facebook affiliate marketing groups. Then join those that appeal to you. You must first make sure that the Facebook group allows the sharing of affiliate links by reading the rules. For if they don’t like affiliate links and you post them, your posts will be removed, if you are not banned altogether.

Join my Facebook group Join My Link and I’ll Join Yours

Join my Facebook group What is Working for You

Join my Facebook group MLM Togo

Join my Facebook group Internet Marketing Friends

3. Post on your personal feed:
This is like your own property and you can post there everyday. But note that neither Facebook nor your friends will like it. The site was not originally created for business. And your friends did not choose you for business but for social engagement. For those reasons, fewer and fewer people will actually see or consult your posts.

Check my personal profile

4. Post on a page you’ve created for deals: Facebook pages are for business. But this one is a sort of a generalized “Great Deals” page. It’s advisable to start narrow and then go broad as you grow.

Check my Facebook page

5. Post on non-branded pages testimonials that contain affiliate links: Search for fan pages dedicated to the products or brands you want to promote. Participate in the discussion about the products or brands or leave a review. Don’t forget to slip in your affiliate link in each case. The best way to go about this is to offer value to the group before you start sharing your affiliate links. Otherwise you’d be seen as spammy and thrown out of the group.

6. Post video reviews of your affiliate product: Video has the power of you speaking directly to your target audience, showing them the product features, and explaining how it works. Therefore create or buy an interesting video with audio and text to convey your message to those who are listening and others who aren’t clicking to listen. Call out your affiliate link in the video and leave the link under the description for viewers to consult.

7. Seek out niche-focused groups and post in them: There are numerous groups on Facebook focused on certain products in particular niches. Look for those dedicated to the products you are seeking to promote and join them. Then unobtrusively share your affiliate links as you participate in the activities of the group. Let your link serve for more info instead of being salesy.

8. Share image galleries of your favorite products: Like videos, images have the power of appealing to our emotions. That’s what explains the success of image-based social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. But if you thought only users on Pinterest and Instagram love visual media, then think again. On Facebook you can successfully use image galleries to show off a product you want to sell.


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How to promote your website on Facebook

This section will consider six strategies using your website to post your affiliate business on Facebook.

Rather than posting your affiliate links directly on Facebook as above, you can use your website as an effective vehicle. A narrow niche microsite or a full and active blog would do to promote your business (website and affiliate links) on Facebook.

9. Post a compelling free incentive: Is it again necessary to tell you here that everybody loves a free deal? Profit from this to promote your business website in Facebook. EBooks used to be good for this but they are not that good anymore. What you must now do is to create a pseudo-groupon deal or even pitch a daily deals mailing list. Such an incentive will get you lots of people who will click through to your site.

10. Promote a deals-focused RSS feed for your website: RSS, that used to be mythical some time back. Although the novelty has worn off somewhat, your audience that care about RSS might be pretty interested in a reliable feed of your excellent content. So don’t ignore RSS because many people don’t give them attention anymore.

11. Promote individual pieces via your business page: Do you have a business page on Facebook? If yes, good. If no, go ahead and create one now. Then consistently use organic post targeting and ads on this pages to reach specific groups of people. This works well if you promote your business page.

12. Promote individual posts on your personal feed: Your personal website is not the only thing you can share here. Sharing individual pieces of content can be part of your promotional efforts. One good way to do this is if you find somebody talking about a product that you are promoting, comment on it and leave your affiliate link for readers to obtain further information on the merchant’s site. Make sure your Call-to-Action let people know that clicking on that link will take them to more detailed information.

13. Promote your site via your personal news feed: When you share your site this way, you may find some of your family and friends will be supportive. In which case they will share it with their own friends, who could do the same, thus extending the reach of your promotion.

14. Put across your affiliate links as offers: While you can’t offer specific deals and incentives, what you can however do is pretend a sale is something you set up yourself. Then link to it as a time-sensitive offer. Remember how such an offer made you buy something before the ticking clock ran off? It is in the same vein that this will encourage new users to follow you.


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How to network with influencers on Facebook to grow your website

This section will consider four influencer marketing strategies to use to post your affiliate business on Facebook.

Influencer marketing is the magic formula now. Why not when these people have the power to influence the buying decisions of their large followers? And as such you must not overlook it.

Before reaching out to influencers to start partnerships, make sure you have excellent content on your site. The more valuable your content, the better off you’ll be.

Also make sure to engage with the influencers first to warm them up by commenting, liking, and sharing their content. This way they get to know you and could therefore be more receptive to your call.

15. Comment on a product discussed on an influencer’s page: It will be strange not to find a page on Facebook belonging to an influencer. When you come across such a high profile page on which a product you are promoting is being mentioned, join in the discussion (with a review, a piece of other content) and slide in your link at the appropriate place.

16. Find people in Facebook groups who will follow your page: You already know that many Facebook groups have rules against the sharing of affiliate links. The way to beat that prohibition is to network with people in those groups to turn them into readers. Then they will promote your page to their own audiences, and even within the group.

17. Partner with affiliate marketers in related niches: You can find influencer affiliate marketers in your niche on Facebook and strike a deal with them. With their large following who listen religiously to them, these influencers can get their people sharing, liking and commenting on your link when they recommend it. This will extend the reach of your marketing and get to audiences who may otherwise be outside your promotional circle.

18. Promote your content to high profile influencers in hopes they’ll share it: Can you write high quality content in the form of reviews and user guides? Then try to find a blog in your niche that looks for, publishes, and shares high quality content. Then propose yours to them. They just may promote it and let people you couldn’t normally reach see it.


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How to grow a mailing list via Facebook

This section will consider three email marketing strategies to use to post your affiliate business on Facebook.

Email marketing enables you to build a mailing list. Then you can regularly engage with this list to get them fired up about your business. Once they love your business, you can get them from your website to Facebook and vice versa.

19. Add people from your list to a Facebook page: Make sure to use a list you built yourself. Such a list is better than the one you buy. This last one can get you into problem as vendors may sell you scam and spammy lists. I bought such a list myself. A few mails came back to me undeliverable. Many recipients did not bother to answer, even when I sent them reminders. A few people who received my mail threatened to report me for spam if I ever wrote to them again. I deleted the whole list but made the mistake of not asking the vendor on Udemy for a refund. 

Learn how to build an email list here.

20. Offer your readers free content: Everybody loves free stuffs, we have to say it again. In this particular case, they are free stuffs like in-depth usage guides for products or the standard “free eBook on X topic for signing up. Make sure your stuff offers value to the readers so that they will want it badly to give you their details. And that it will impact them so much that they will want to be part of your conversations.

21. Post compelling links to optimized landing pages: In your organic feed on Facebook, post links to landing pages optimized for conversions. When people subscribe to these pages it will funnel them to your website where you can engage with them.


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How to use Facebook Ads


This section will consider eight advertising strategies to use to post your affiliate business on Facebook.

After your organic posts above have created some presence for you on Facebook, you can now focus on Facebook ads. These, of course, are paid ads which have some reach.

22. Run sidebar ads for fans of the brand: People hardly advise you to use sidebar ads because of “banner blindness” where a lot of people ignore them and some sites even block them. For such ads to work on Facebook, your target must be unconditional fans of the product.  

23. Run news feed ads for your blog content: We said before that you could share your blog content on your personal profile but warned that neither Facebook nor your friends will appreciate that. This strategy then is the alternative. To be effective, your posts must look organic and intended to reach specific types of people.

24. Run news feed ads for an incentivized offer: Although everybody loves free, everybody does not mean everybody. People must be encouraged to take action, even on matters in their own favour. You must therefore give your sign in form a push by paying to promote it. This is true for blog subscribers, mailing list opt-ins, or other forms of conversions.


25. Run video ads: I don’t have to tell you what made YouTube a very important and highly sought after platform. You can surf on the fact that Facebook has finally realized the power of videos and has been actively and heavily promoting video ads, making them the new hotness that many people are drifting to on Facebook. You can benefit off this trend.

26. Run news feed ads for your item directly: Facebook loves ads (because they make a lot of money from it) but they will not approve your ad if it simply targets an affiliate link which is something they don’t generally like. The way out? Link to a landing page which will funnel the traffic to a place where they will find your affiliate link.

27. Offer your followers premium offers only: Target your best deals specifically to your existing followers.

28. Run ads for your landing page to build your mailing list: This can get your existing followers to sign up to your mailing list. Once subscribed, you can target them with your content to convert them.

29. Run ads to increase email sign-ups: Have you noticed Facebook has a mailing list sign-up ad objective? Yes, they do. And when the visitor clicks on the “sign up” button on the ad, their email address goes directly to the site and not to your landing page. The removal of that additional step contributes to higher conversions.


30. Try to be very specific with product ads and related interest targeting: Let’s imagine this demographics, “women age 30-35 in the USA with an interest in kitchen accessories and who follow 2-3 select kitchen accessories suppliers’ pages on Facebook.” This niche appears narrow, but with almost two billion people on Facebook, that can still be tens of thousands.



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So, those are the five ways and the thirty strategies under them to use to promote your affiliate marketing business on Facebook.

Do you know of any others? Let’s know in the comment section below.

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  1. Facebook is an interesting channel, and for certain industries, it can be a very valuable tool. Thanks for the quick-to-read list of ideas for getting affiliate marketing businesses some interest from this mega-sized social media giant. The RSS feed is an idea that I should look into again (perhaps it’s still mythical to me). 

    Quick question: how do offer / fulfill free digital content like ebooks (send a download, coupon code on Amazon, etc.)?

    • Hello Aly,

      Yes, Facebook is awesome. It was my pleasure serving you this list of ideas
      for getting affiliate marketing businesses some interest from Facebook. Yes, look into the RSS feed idea again.  It’s worth it.

      For free digital content like ebooks, better send a download link.

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