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Nevetica your pet's choice showing a dog clutching a toothbrush in its teeth before a line of products
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Is Nevetica A Scam? A Full Review of This MLM Company

This post will be taking a look at Nevetica, a brand new MLM program. In pre-launch, it is already getting great feedback but find out in this review if it is a scam!

Nevetica showing a vet holding a cat and a dog with the product line on the right to signify Is Nevetica A Scam? A Full Review of This MLM Company
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It seems in our past experience whenever any MLM program gets high ratings while still in a pre-launch state they are destined for great results and success!

We must however say that looks can be deceiving and as we got into this review we were mildly surprised at how it ended up turning out.

Go ahead and check it out and be sure to have a look at the recommended programs mentioned throughout this review.

First, let’s see what this company is about and where they are from, then we will dig a bit deeper into what they can offer marketers like us.

What is the Nevetica Company?

The red flags started going off right away for this company simply because of its lack of transparency.

We simply could not find any personal information on where they are based out of, who founded the company and the likes. Just nothing, not even on their website.

This is quite disturbing.

‘We found a ton of general information however about what they offer.

Nevetica are in the pet care niche and offer all kinds of products both in pet care and in supplements for your pets. Their products range from dental health, nutrition, hygiene, and more.

This is a good sign as in order not to be a pyramid scheme a company must have viable products for sale. And Nevetica certainly have that!

They also have an affiliate program that makes it possible to make money on different levels by recruiting new affiliates. But the formula they use is very confusing as you will see later in this review.

In terms of a business opportunity Nevetica are in the MLM space. Such companies are growing in popularity. They’re usually on social media pushing a product and inviting people to demonstrations usually about makeup or a health product.

You probably know someone who’s involved in one already.

Nevetica’s formula does not make them a legitimate multi-level marketing program and it does keep them out of the scam column. But we have found these types of programs really hurt rather than help the beginners. This is because most of the profits come from the starter kits and the people receiving those profits are far up the line.

They really are nothing but recruiting mills for the company and people get very frustrated with trying to build this kind of business.

Nevetica is a unique MLM company in the sense that they sell pet products. You wouldn’t find a ton of them in this field.

We dug deeper but couldn’t find any lawsuits with this company either. This is probably due to the fact they’re newer.

If you’ve been dealing with MLMs for some time now, you know that the most established ones usually have several law suits going at a time.

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The Nevetica Products

Nevetica products
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There is a bright side to this part of this company as they do have a really nice selection of products for sale for the health and maintenance of your pet and your pets’ area. But there are still concerns with the use of nutraceuticals, even though Nevetica claim they are organic and GMO-free.

We were able to round up and check out the following:

  • Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Training Pads
  • Carpet Cleaner
  • Pet air freshener
  • Breath Freshener
  • First Choice Toppers Dog Food
  • Hip and Joint Bisquets
  • Dental Chews
  • Nevetica Nutrition

A nice selection of products that have great reviews except for the nutraceuticals they recommend using for your pets.

This raises some concerns. Many veterinarians say that unless your pet has a specific need of these for a specific problem determined by your vet, taking them can actually be detrimental to their health. And this bothers us as this company really pushes the nutraceuticals.

This program is asking pet owners to give their pets daily doses of these nutraceuticals to keep them healthy. At the same time vets are saying just the opposite so we have run into a real red flag here.

However, here’s a breakdown of the products:


Here are listed products that help the overall health of your favorite animal. They include:

  • Hip and joint for small animals
  • Hip and joint for large animals
  • Digestive
  • Multivitamin
  • Calming
  • Skin and coat

They range from $25 to $75.

Oral care:

You’ll find different chews for both small and large dogs as well as water additives.


Only a few items are listed here. So you get anti-itch, dry shampoos and paw protector products.


There are also packages for your dog and cat that solve a few different problems. These bundles include digestions, oral and overall health products.

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Making money with Nevetica

Nevetica is set up like most multi-level marketing companies like Amway and the likes, only their plan is extremely complicated with many moving parts.

Now, Is Nevetica A Pyramid Scheme?

MLM’s are often called pyramid schemes and plenty have been proven to be so.

Nevetica may not be classified as such but it sure has elements of a pyramid scheme as the image below shows:

Ponzi scheme diagram
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This is how the commission structure looks like at all MLM’s. There’s the owner at the very top. All people under them need to keep on recruiting to make any serious money.

You can sell the company’s product(s) and make commission out of it but it’s easier to make lot of money if you recruit tons of people who sell under you.

Under this scenario, you get a part of your direct recruits’ commissions, a smaller piece of your recruit’s recruits’ commissions and deep down to the level specified by the company’s compensation plan.

Usually you get commissions up to 5 levels down from you.

As you see, the money only flows upwards. So it can be EXTREMELY hard to make any money if you entered the scheme late and find yourself at the very bottom.

The system of recruiting people to make money is a pyramid scheme. Nevetica falls under this category. So if you plan on joining it you should know how to get people to place under you.

What are your chances of making money with Nevetica?

Image showing 1% as rate of success in mlm
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It is not really about Nevetica. This is the industry average across all MLMs.

The truth is, the way MLM’s are designed, only people at the top make money. Something like, the early bird catches the worm

But even of the people that do make money, the average median annual income is only $2400!

Let’s work it out.

In a 40-hour work week, that comes out to less than a $1 per hour.

Tell me, if your time isn’t really worth more than $1 an hour?

What Is Nevetica’s Compensation Plan?

There are 9 ways you can make money with this company:

1) Commissions on personal sales

2) 1st order bonuses

3) Unilevel bonuses

4) Turbo infinity bonuses (presidents only)

5) Income match bonus

6) Leadership advancement bonus

7) Global pool bonus

8) Nevetica sponsored vacations

9) Executive leadership council

For details on how this company runs its compensation plan check out the following 6-minute video that will explain in depth how it all works.

There are really only two things you need to know, however.

The first is, you can make money selling the products. So when you buy from Nevetica you get a discount.

The second is, building a downline and earning 10% on the total sales volume of your team.

The second way is how you’re going to be making your money. Below is a diagram of how a unilevel downline looks like:

Diagram of a 3-level unilevel downline
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As you can see if you can get to the third level and beyond you can really get a lot of people working under you.

The only snag is, it’s very tough, though. Like we said above only 1% make the money. The majority dwell on the bottom of the pyramid not making any money at all.

Like we stated, it is a pretty complicated way of making money. But if a person does work it and work it hard they could make fairly good money with this program.

Our fears are that we see so many people going into these programs without much experience. And with the large amount required to get started, we see a very high rate of failure in making money with these programs. Up to the tune of about 98 percent!

Speaking of getting into it, let’s take a look at the start-up costs.

Getting started with Nevetica

The minimum cost to join is $225. This gives you right to the Business Builder Pack so that you can sell Nevetica’s products.

Here’s the breakdown of the different prices:

Nevetica Business Builder Pack ($199):

This is the minimum product you have to buy to join. Included in this purchase is a training manual, banner, Nevetica Magazine and sales materials.

Know that it’s not specified what products you’re getting. So don’t be surprised if they send you small sample sizes for one on one sales.

Be aware also that the pack gets you in the door.

Nevetica Product Pack ($475):

This is for the person who wants to sell all the products that Nevetica offer.

If you decide to join Nevetica, our advice to you is not to buy this pack right away. You should test out the cheaper pack first and see if this type of work is right for you.

Nevetica Tech Pack ($24.99 per month):

Unfortunately there isn’t much detail about what exactly this is but some think it’s just some sort of a website Nevetica would provide you.

Now once you get the above tasks taken care of the real work comes, you now need to build a downline and this is a very complicated task for those with large amounts of experience.

Your average person will soon lose interest and run as fast as they can and cut their losses.

We are surprised at such a large amount of investment to become a team member and this is another red flag that makes us very leery of this program.

Our View on Nevedica

We have looked at all the information and feel that there are too many red flags to ignore and that this program would be a real challenge for those who do this type of marketing for a living and almost impossible for those just starting out.

We are afraid that beginners are just going to end up throwing away their money on this and rather than seeing people do that we would much rather see them try out one of our recommended programs.

We have to give this a big thumbs down and do not recommend it for anyone. Not even the most experienced marketing partners, due to the lack of transparency alone so this one is to be avoided. Your money can go much further with less effort.

Thanks for checking out our review and we hope it helps you in your quest to find good opportunities for making money online!

Please check out our reviews tab for more reviews on money-making opportunities and please click those share buttons!

Happy marketing!

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20 thoughts on “Is Nevetica A Scam? A Full Review of This MLM Company”

  1. I like the straight forwardness of this article, I love how you’ve made it very glaring that Nevetica is full of red flags, unlike some authors who chose to hide the truth under their tongue. When it comes to the issue of transparency, a company should be well scrutinized and checked because a company that can’t be traced down to anyone is liable to be hiding something. I’ll not recommend it.

    • Hi Wildecoll,

      I’m happy that you’ve found my article on Nevetica straight forward. Yes, a good review must bring out all that is glaring in a company or product. I found Nevetica full of red flags. If some authors choose to hide the truth under their tongue, it is because they are promoting that product or company. But that should not let anyone close the eyes on the issue of transparency.

      We as bloggers need to show what a company is by scrutinizing and checking all about it. We help save other people not to throw away their money.


  2. I’m glad I came across this I was looking into Nevetica because I have seen so many adds and they make it sound like a dream come true. Whenever anything is too good to be true it almost always is. I’m glad I did some research before I threw my money away!

    What are companies or programs that you would recommend?

    • I’m also glad I wrote this piece which makes you see the right side of Nevetica. Don’t often mind the ads, their job is to make what they are talking about sound like a dream come true.
      Lucky that now you have a different view which is going to save you from throwing away your money!

      IN this post, I recommended Wealthy Affiliate. However, if you will check my other mlm articles like 5 Proven Strategies for Internet and Network Marketing Success, you will see the other mlm businesses that I recommend.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. I am always skeptical about these MLM schemes, and although this one seems slightly less of a scam than most that I see, $225 right off the bat to start seems like a little much. If it were a lot less than that it would be something that I would be interested in, since I own animals and know lots of people that do as well, but I can’t see myself investing that much to start. Thank you for the informative review!

    • Hi Travis,

      You’re not alone about being always skeptical about these MLM schemes. Yes, this one seems slightly less of a scam than most that we see, but it isn’t any better. You’re right, $225 right off the bat to start not only seems like a little much, but it really is!

      I know some businesses have interested me in the past but I did not sign up for them because of the high cost. This is also your case. I think people who create these businesses must think of these things.

      Thank you for your comments!


  4. Right from the onset, I hate having anything to do with MLMs and I always make sure I skip it whenever I get any offer from companies that operates as MlM. One thing that is common to them is the fact that it’s almost impossible to make money from them. The painful part about these companies is that they promote very valuable and useful products but who would want to deal with them when you know it’s a no benefit deal. 

    • Hi Wildecoll,

      This is something I’m hearing over and over again: I hate having anything to do with MLMs. And as you did, they go further and say they “always make sure I skip it whenever I get any offer from companies that operates as MlM.” That’s how unpopular these types of companies are.

      Yes, it’s almost impossible to make money from them. The way any pyramid or ponzi scheme is organized makes sure that the very few at the top make all the money and the majority at the bottom are left with nothing.

      Sure, even when they promote very valuable and useful products, mlms are difficult to deal with.  The products are very expensive, making promoting them an uphill task.

      Thanks for your contribution to this talk.


  5. In my opinion, this is a good niche as of course animals are family and most people have some sort of pet. As a family with children and no pets I cannot offer experience with this topic however this is one thing I know a few of my family members would be interested in checking out as well to get more intel on. Your feedback will help others greatly as you have done lots of work and put time into this article! 

    • Hi Trevor,

      Yes, the pet niche is a good one. And as you rightly said, “of course animals are family and

      most people have some sort of pet.” People love their pets and are ready to spend anything to make them  feel good.

      Just like you, I’m also a family with children and no pets but unlike you I was able to offer experience with this topic through research.

      Sure, everybody knows everybody who would be interested in checking this out. The secret is to share this with them.

      Thanks for your comment.


  6. Hi!! I have seen their pre-launch and have become interested because I like the pet care niche. It has been profitable for me. But I didn’t know all these red flags about Nevetica. The one that discouraged me the most is the lack of an address… not even on their site.

    • Hi Henry,

      Oh, so you have seen Nevetica’s pre-launch. I agree with you becoming interested because you like the pet care niche. Good that it has been profitable for you. Oh yes, Nevetica has all those red flags mentioned in the post. I’m not surprised that the one that discouraged you the most is the lack of an address. Homeless business, is what I call it. What are the owners hiding? Those questions leave uncomfortable thoughts.

      Thanks for your contribution.


  7. I have been involved in other MLM businesses and don’t have much interest in join another again. You have mentioned something that is very true and it is that that those that are up high in the MLM company make most of their profit from starter kits. But those just starting get frustrated because it’s almost imposible to become profitable.

    • Hi Henry,

      Oh, so you have been involved in other MLM businesses? And why don’t you have much interest in joining another again? Is it because of bad experience? Just as I mentioned that those that are up high in the MLM company make most of their profit from starter kits but those just starting get frustrated because it’s almost imposible to become profitable?

      There’s no bitter truth than that.

      You may say the solution is to get in on the ground floor. But I’m not so sure if you can. The mlm people know each other and get in early. They know they have a large following. And that when they get in early, they can pull in many of those people.

      When you and I hear about a new mlm, it’s already too late for us to succeed well in it. So, we better stay out.


  8. Thank you for your post. I started my online business for a while now and am actively looking for money-making opportunities, including MLM. Program like Nevetica could be my choice to make money.

    You give a thorough review on the company and their products. I like your analyses on What are your chances of making money with Nevetica? You give a honest and straight forward answer, that is about $1/hour, a shock truth. This is not something I would like to put efforts on. My time is certainly worth more than $1 an hour.

    Another thing I don’t like is that they have such complicated pay structure or compensation plan. I don’t know why they make it so complicated.

    It is kind of you sharing this helpful information with us.

    • Hi Anthony,

      Thank you too for coming to read my post and especially for commenting on it. You said you started your online business for a while
      now and are actively looking for money-making opportunities, including
      MLM. Program like Nevetica. Why MLM could be your choice to make money, I would advise you to study each opportunity carefully before going into them.

      Just as you saw, your chances of succeeding in any MLM is not better than $1 an hour.

      Anything complicated is not worth getting into. What do the people want you not to understand? Transparency is the key. But when there is a lot of smoke, I will say be careful.

      It was my pleasure sharing this information with my readers.

      Thank you for your contribution.


  9. Hello Akoli…

    Nevetica just like most MLM company has real products they sell and for this case, pet products. Looks really cool that the company is legitimate but what I have found out about MLM companies (you confirmed it in this review) is that those persons that are on the very top gets more of the benefits.

    MLM business is not really a nice business Model especially for newbies

    • Hello,

      I think some mlm companies seek to camouflage the fact that they are a pyramid or ponzi scheme by selling products like Nevetica is doing. But you’d be found to find the products cost a lot and worst, are recurring. All that money go to the top people in the company and the majority at the bottom wallow in poverty.

      Sure, MLM business is not really a nice business Model for most people, who are mainly newbies.

      Thanks for your thoughts.


  10. Hey, I have come across MLM Like this. They keep hitting me on WhatsApp every now and then trying to convince me to come suffer with them or perhaps I’d say to come be under them so they can be my boss. I’ve never had interest for MLM. It looks so stressing and time consuming too

    • Hey Mr Blizy,

      So, you have come across MLM Like this? Those were people pestering you to join their business. This happens to all of us all on social media. People don’t try to create relationships but go ahead and start proposing business to perfect strangers. No, those people asking you to join their machine are not out to be your boss but they desperately need people in their downline. I’ve been in that situation too, where I thought I would feel good if I had people under me.

      Just look for a business without stress and which is not time consuming too and you could succeed.



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