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It Works Review

Today’s article will be an It Works review.

This company is number 33 on the list of the top 100 multi-level marketing companies in the world in 2020. They have an annual income of around 686 million dollars.


It works wraps get results in as little as 45 minutesfor it Works review
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That makes them a pretty large entity in the MLM world.

We are going to look at the company, how they do business and what kinds of products they sell, and also how to make money working with them.

As always in our reviews, pros and cons will be listed and our own personal view and recommendations will also be covered.

So let us get started on the company info!



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The company


It worksuildings in Palmetto, Florida; Dublin, Ireland; and Seoul, South Korea for It Works review headquarters b
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This company boasts over one million recurring customers and has over 100.000 distributors worldwide.

Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Palamino, California, this company has defied all odds and become successful with a product that has no scientific proof it even works!

Mark Pentecost is the founder and CEO, and he has put together quite a company.

He has all of his corporate employees stop what they are doing every afternoon at 3:05 PM and high five each other!

He started out as a school teacher that dabbled in the marketing world part-time until he met and started working with billionaire Kenny Troutt.

He saved money and bought an old abandoned church. Then he started his own company after he saw a body wrap product.

He knew from the start that this product would be his claim to fame and he was right!

He renamed it the crazy wrap and within three years had a booming MLM business going. And now has a whole line of products for sale.

The products


It works best selling products such as thermoFightX, It works! carb control, etc
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What started out as a body wrap that is now called the crazy wrap, this company now offers a whole line of nutritional supplements and body care products,

But their number one seller is still the crazy wrap, even though it has no scientific data to back up the claims that it works, it just works!

According to everyone that buys it and uses it, it works and that is exactly how the company came to be named.

The questions asked when Mark Pentecost first introduced this product always had some form of it works in their questions before they would try the wrap.

“Does it work”, “How does it work?” etc…


He claims that their products are sold almost exclusively through direct sales using their distributors. He even boasts that with today’s social media the job is easy and profitable.

So far this company sounds pretty good. It has a great reputation and a very desirable product line.

Let’s move on to the business plan and see just how well it works!


The business model

To become a distributor
you must buy a starter kit for $99.00 and invest a minimum of $80.00 in products.

The distributor then hosts wrap parties at which he sells products. He does this along with recruiting new distributors to add to their downline. This is done using social media and their own personal website the company provides. But there are expenses involved in these features.

The numbers associated with this company do not show very much promise for an average distributor to make a living doing this.

Actually it is just the opposite for most distributors. Most end up losing money. And that really was a letdown for us.

It Works has many different levels of membership and each level up gets more expensive.  And really as with most multi-level marketing companies, the only ones who make the real money are the ones at the top of the pyramid or those who are workaholics.

This is not what we wanted to see. But that is the reality of most of these companies. However, at least, this one does not have any legal issues tied to it. And that is refreshing.

This does not mean that a person could not become very successful working with this company. There are actually distributors that are doing it. But they are of the hardest workers one can imagine. They are also very driven and focused.

If this is you and you feel you can go get that sale at all costs, this could be the company you are looking for to invest in and work with. But you need to be sure you will meet all of the requirements.

The pros

  • Solid company
  • Awesome products
  • Training
  • Personal website
  • A great opportunity for the driven and focussed salesperson

The cons

  • Very difficult to make money
  • High start-up cost
  • High monthly product quota

Our view

This is another of those reviews that started out pretty good but turned lousy as soon as we got to the business model for the average distributor.

When it costs more to be a distributor than you can make, it is always a no brainer to stay clear of that company. And this is one of those companies.

We have to give them a thumbs down and recommend you keep looking, as there are many multi-level marketing companies in business. And some of them are real gems to work for. But this is not one of them. Unless you are seriously driven.

Thanks for checking out our It Works review. If you have any questions we have not covered or if you just want to leave us a comment please do so in the comment section below. We love hearing from all of our readers!

There are also many other reviews posted under our reviews tab that may interest you. Who knows, maybe that one MLM company that is made for you is there!

Until next time, happy marketing!


Are you looking for a way to build a successful home business without any fuss, just your very own step by step instructions? Check out our number one recommendation for more info on how to do this. And you can start today for free!


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12 thoughts on “It Works Review”

  1. I have tried a few MLM’s but this is the first time learning about It Works, it’s surprising as they are a massive company and just looking at the offices shows how they have raked up a few dollars since starting out.

    I am actually here because one of my mates signed up a few weeks back, he told me how much it was to sign up and I was like that is way to much. 

    They seem like they are operating a solid company, but I am not sure if they could be recommended to anyone new as the costs, to put it bluntly, are ridiculous.

    You would need to know exactly what you are doing in order to benefit in any way.

    Thanks for sharing I know some folks interested in joining this MLM will find use in this. But for me ‘it doesn’t work ‘for me.


    • Hello Josh,

      You are one of the few commenters who has acknowledged having tried a few MLMs. You are also one of the people who didn’t know about It Works. Yes, for accompany the size of It Works, that’s surprising. But then one can’t know everything.

      Why your friend signed up, you find the fee way too much. Is your friend making enough money to recoup their investment?

      But I don’t think so because you are not sure if they could be recommended to anyone because of the ridiculous costs.

      Thanks for commenting and I hope you will share with folks interested in joining this MLM company. But I don’t think this will be easy for you because you’re not passionate about this opportunity.

  2. Multi Level Marketing business are never easy to make them grow to what they are now known to be. One can take others like Herbal Life, Team Beauty or  Mary Kay to see that MLM products are known to be very recognizable but not easy to get them to be. I beleive it takes a really well put together model to do so.  

    • Hello Linda,

      Sure, Multi-Level Marketing businesses have had to battle against odds to be where they are now. While some of the MLM companies you have cited have been able to make their names and products known, others however still struggle to keep themselves afloat. Maybe that’s why some MLM companies use outrageous models to do so.

  3. Everything about this is simply interesting. The whole set up and how Mark Pentecost started the company can easily make one ponder about the core ingredients that goes into the making of a successful company. From this review, it is quite obvious that the products from it works actually works which I’m sure accounts for the tremendous success they have enjoyed since they opened up shop. It just doesn’t look as promising for the average or novice distributor looking to make money from their business model.

    • Hi Rhain,

      Thanks for finding everything about this as interesting. Yes, one can learn many things from It Works and its founder Mark Pentecost about how to make a successful company. I agree with you this could be an interesting case study. The name chosen for this company ends up making a beautiful pun (It Works as a company and it works for the products!). Although It Works, one shouldn’t expect this company’s business model to work for everyone. Thanks for your very interesting contribution to this topic. I appreciate.

  4. I was wondering how this all worked! Im glad to see there are many instances of people making money online since that is my goal!

    I have personally been in a mlm company and i can agree it is tough and direct sales especially in home can be difficult. My experience was with the Rainbow by Rexair. I wish i had reviews like this when i attempted that one!

    Thank you for steering me away from another bad mlm. Do you recommend a particular one?

    • Hello Denton,

      I’m sure the name It Works made you wonder how this all worked. You have a personal experience in MLM with the Rainbow by Rexair and this makes your comment special. It’s a pity you didn’t have any reviews to guide you at that time. But it’s better late than never.

      It’s my duty to warn my readers about bad MLM companies and lead them towards good opportunities. I have recommended many MLM companies. Just refer to the reviews tab at the top of this page.

  5. Hey, I enjoy a lot while reading your review on It works. I find it is very useful for everyone like me. While reading I know that this company boasts over one million recurring customers and has over 100.000 distributors worldwide. Now I think it is not suitable for me. I am searching on different resource on which I can easily work from home. I found the best one from you site. I am going to work soon.

    • Hey Parveen,

      I’m happy you liked this review. I’m especially tickled that you found it very useful for everyone like you. The figures you quoted show how successful It Works has been in the world. I understand if you don’t find it suitable for you. One person’s meat is another’s poison. We have a lot of resources here for you to find something to work from home. Happily you found the best one from our site. I encourage you to get down to work.

  6. Hi and thanks for the great review.  I have never heard of this company.  We excercise daily and take another MLM product. So far we are happy with it.  I appreciate the details, pros/cons and company information in your review.  The success of it works may be due to the recurring new enrollments/sales of the wrap as it promises a quick solution.  However, for a business venture, I agree with you that it will take a lot of work than other MLM’s require.


    • Hi Jesse,

      Thanks too for your comment on this review. You’re not the only one to confess that It Works is unknown to you. I’m glad to learn that you’re happy with the MLM company with which you exercise daily and whose product you take. Thanks for loving the details, pros/cons and company information in my review. I can’t say if the success of It Works is due to the recurring new enrollments/sales. It may just be one of the success factors. Thanks for taking part in this discussion.


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