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It’s easy to make money online. True?

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It’s easy to make money online

This is the affirmation people or companies use to entice newbies to the online opportunities they are promoting. They even go as far as saying it’s so easy even a 12-year-old child or your aunt Suzie could do it.

To complete the picture you have someone wearing a beach hat with a glass of cold fresh fruit drink beside them lolling on a fine golden sandy beach under a colourful umbrella planted under a bent coconut tree before a turquoise sea meandering its way around a lush green island stretching into a clear blue sky.

The scene is set for you to enter your details into the equally enticing sign up form and then you will be asked on the landing page to check your email inbox (even the spam folder) for a message to confirm that you would like to receive information from the program. You’re even asked to click a link for the confirmation link to be sent to you in case you didn’t receive it.

The confirmation link now sends you to a sales or literature page full of sweet language and other blah blah blah.

You know this scenario and the other(s) which follow.

And what do you end up doing? Signing up with high hopes to the program.

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 Is it easy to make money online?

 That is the question you inevitably end up asking yourself.

And the answer is a resounding no!

Because the statistics are clear: 98% of people who work online fail.

If it’s easy to make money on the internet, why that extremely high failure rate?

The answer as you will soon see is lack of preparation.

Despite that many programs give you the impression that you need just follow their instructions and the money will start rolling in.

As you soon find out, nothing is far from the truth.

You follow these instructions as much as you can but the money flows the other way: from your pocket or bank account into the program’s. You end up becoming poorer than before and weary and wary of online programs. And to add insult to injury the program says that it’s your fault if you failed. For you did not follow instructions faithfully.

Learn make money online

Making money online is an art which must be learned. This often implies creating a website to showcase your business. How many programs teach you that? Very few, if not almost none.

Then you must know how to write a review of a product/service or a company. Before they whip out their credit cards, many people like to read reviews to make sure of what they are going into.

Do you know:

  • How to do keyword research (for your site and blog posts to rank in the search engines)
  • how to build a list? (Remember, the money is in the list)
  • how to carry out an email advertising campaign (sending newsletters and campaigns to your list for them to become your leads or buy from you one day?)
  • How to advertise? (Don’t forget, you must be seen to be patronized)
  • How to drive traffic? (Every serious marketer knows that no traffic = no business online)
  • How to get leads and signups? (That is going to be your downline)
  • How to recruit strangers into your programs
  • , etc.?

Ah, now you see why you aren’t making any money online.

Is it possible to make money online?

The answer is a big yes!

Don’t forget that even if 98% of people fail online, at least 2% succeed.

Making money online becomes possible when you learn the techniques. As the banner above says, making money online isn’t magic, the skills must be learned.

I was myself beating about the bush of making money online from home until I discovered Wealthy Affiliate to learn those skills which changed my destiny.

Do you want to be on a path to success too?

Then click here to learn to make money online from home now!

Easy ways to make money online  

Yes, paradoxically “easy” ways to make money online from home exist. Let me give you examples from some of the programs that I’m promoting:

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you to succeed in affiliate marketing, from building a site up to advertising your business. It has a bearing on so many sectors that it appeals to a large number of people, thus making it easy to promote, especially using Bing Ads to drive traffic to make sales.

EasyCash4Ads enables you to show the ad from your primary business (mine is Wealthy Affiliate) and make unstoppable income. It’s here I easily learnt all the resources an affiliate needs to succeed and how and where to use them.

AWeber gives you email autoresponder for email advertising campaigns and to build your list.

Adplotter posts your messages to hundreds of classified ad sites in the U.S. to generate more leads, signups and make more sales

NameCheap hosting is where this sites domain is registered for a crazy yearly amount.

Jaaxy is the only research platform I use for all my keyword needs. Even to write this piece I used it to find my keywords!

Freetoolbox: Are you money-challenged and/or money-motivated? Then see how dirt little money (can’t even buy a cup of coffee with it) you need to start making money.

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ClickBank has made 1000s of millionaires. It’s your turn.

Make Money with ClickBank using CBProAds’s Storefronts and niche storefronts which are free websites loaded with thousands of Clicbank products with your Clickbank nickname embedded with each of them.

Make real money online

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