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Jewels by Park Lane

Today we will be doing a Jewels by Park Lane Review.

This company comes in at number 80 on the list of the top 100 multi-level marketing companies in the world.


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Park Lane Jewelry – YouTube



They report an annual income of $0.150 billion and have been around forever. (1955)

As a long-standing company that has been in business for a very long time and is a spinoff of their parent company Park Lane Jewelry International out of Schaumberg, Illinois, it is here to stay in our opinion.

We will take a look at this company and see what they have to offer in the multi-level marketing world. We will also check out their products and reputation. This is because as we know when it comes to jewelry, reputation is what sells!


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The company

In 1955 Arthur and Shirley LeVin founded this company in Chicago, Illinois and over the years have turned it into the leading direct sales and marketing company dealing in jewelry.

They offer handcrafted jewelry and watches at an affordable price for every occasion and they back it by an unconditional guarantee that we will cover in the product section of this review.

Doing business worldwide and having divisions in the following countries makes them accessible on all levels.

They have come a long way since 1955!

Park Lane is well respected and its reputation for fine jewelry is spotless. Besides they are looked up as the leader in their chosen niche.


The products


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Watches, necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, they have it all. And they stand behind each and every piece with an unconditional guarantee.

If in the first 120 days of purchase you find any problems or defects they will replace the item free of charge.

If you exceed the 120 days you will be charged a mere 7-dollar handling fee for any jewelry items and a 12-dollar handling fee for any watches.

All of their jewelry is handcrafted and is inspired by the best in the world when it comes to designers. And they make it affordable for everyone to own.


The business model


Download the compensation plan


One of the best business models we have seen in a very long time is what greeted us when we went to their website and checked them out.

A company that really cares about its products first and foremost which is imperative for a good multi-level marketing company to survive. But they also care about their workers equally!

This company gives you the choices of becoming a director, social stylist, a fashion stylist, branch manager, area leader, or a sales VP. All with their individual perks.

All commissions are paid weekly and range between 30 to 50 percent. There is no quota required ever.

The company has a Mercedes car program with a $700 monthly bonus and fabulous incentives including cash bonuses, weekly cash bonuses, recruiting bonuses, dream vacations, free jewelry and more.

You will be required to purchase a start-up kit and they have a few to choose from.

Their digital kit comes with your choice of $99 worth of jewelry that will best suit your business.

Their standard kit is their most popular and it is loaded with $1000 worth of jewelry for $229. With this you will qualify for commissions immediately.

The presidential kit is their kit for the serious marketer who wants to dive in headfirst and has big plans! It includes $2500 worth of jewelry for $639. $500 of this purchase price will also be counted as sales volume for any contests you may be interested in!

Along with the kits, all memberships will also include a Park Lane email address, online invitations, and order blanks. Others are online order submission, a personal website, customer shopping 24/7, $100 annual subscription fee.

You can also host your very own party and receive your product choice up to $200 for $25 and receive $20 per order shopping credit. This will double with sales over $40.

You will also be able to purchase up to four items for half price, and 4 items from the host reserve collection for a discounted price, plus make 30 to 50 percent commissions.

These incentives are pretty cool when you consider that selling jewelry is one of the easiest in the MLM business!

Jewels by Park Lane do not like to be called a multi-level marketing company because of the reputation that title carries. But they really are exactly that, however all in the right ways.

Companies should be proud to model themselves after jewels By Park Lane and know this is how an MLM company is run!


The pros

  • Outstanding company
  • Outstanding reputation
  • Incredible guarantee
  • Top-notch business model
  • Top-notch products
  • A leader in their niche

The cons

We really did not find any cons to report.

Our view


Necklace, bracelet and rings as part of jewels by Park Lane
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We feel this company is just what a multi-level marketing company should be all about and we are very pleased with our review!

An outstanding company with an outstanding product and an outstanding business model all equals a huge thumbs up from our end!

If you are looking to work with a company that cares about you and your success and gives you everything you will ever need to achieve that success, this is the place to be!

You will get to sell the best quality products available and work for people who really care!

They go out of their way to make sure their sellers are taken care of and we really like this refreshing action as most companies are just out for the buck!

We hope our Jewels by Park Lane Review answers any questions you may have. But if you have any that are still lingering or you just want to leave us a comment, please do so in the comments section below.

We love hearing from our readers and we get back to them promptly!

Be sure to catch our other reviews on our reviews tab and until next time, happy marketing!


We have wonderful news to report to anyone looking to start their own business online! Check out our number one recommendation for details!


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  1. Wow

    I have never heard of Jewel Park Lane but this review is amazing in how it explained everything about the company, the business model and now i understand better how this is one of the few good mlm companies worth checking out.

    I love how the pay is weekly and the bonuses are amazing. WOW!!

    Thanks for this.

    • Hello there,

      I’m proud that my review wowed you.

      The aim of writing MLM reviews is to let people know about both the good and the bad companies in there. In the articles we talk about the company, its year of creation, the founders, products, pros and cons, and business plan. That is, we give you enough information to make you understand better how this one is worth checking out or running away from.

      Do the weekly pay and the bonuses make you want to try this company?

      Thanks you too for your comment.

  2. Thanks for sharing this informative article about PARK LANE Company & it’s products with us. I had no idea about PARK LANE. by this article i have learned a lot about PARK LANE Company & it’s products. Necklace, Bracelet, Ring all the product are amazing. 

    Thanks Again for sharing this article with us…                

    • Hi Abir,

      It was my pleasure sharing this article with my readers. I’m also glad to have introduced PARK LANE to you.

      I hope you will come back again and comment on other articles.


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