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Join me – Here are my Social Media Accounts

Logos of many social media.
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Are you ready to join me? I hope yes. That’s why I’m providing my social media accounts here for that connection. Those are the bridges between us. I’m on one side. You’re on the other. We just need to walk across and connect.

Of course, you’d agree that there’s nothing like bridges to connect people. Somebody could be just a shouting distance away but a natural impediment likea river or a valley could oblige you to go a long distance to connect with them.

Soccial media is our virtual bridge to connect us across geographical, linguistic, religious, racial, etc. barriers.

The world was living in communities before. The time when everybody knew everybody. Industrial development and individualism tore all that apart.

Like magic, the wheel has come full circle with social media. A new form of human development is bringing us back to forming communities again. Nothing could be more beautiful than that.

Please choose your media below and let’s connect and share for social and business. And why not, for any other worthwhile, ethical and legal cause.



Facebook homepage with the inscription Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life.
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Facebook personal account

  1. a) Facebook akoli.penoukou

Facebook fan pages

1. a) Pages/Ets-Nouvelle-Pyramide

1. b) Pages/ItsEasyToMakeMoneyAtHome

1. c) Pages/Worksmartalways

1. d) Pages/Makeplentymoney

1. e) OnlineConglomerate



A smartphone with a blue screen reading Welcome to Twitter - See what's happening in the world right now
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Personal account

2.a) @AkoliPenoukou


Business accounts

2.b) @SmartEasyMoney

2. c) @NouveauPyramid

2. d) @MakePlentyMoney

2. e) @WorkSmartAlways

2. f) EConglomerate



Google plus image showing the word google wrotten horizontally and crossed vertically by PLUS
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3. a) Akoli Penoukou

3. b) Make Money Now 



A keyboard in the background and in the foreground the words LINKEDIN written in white over a blue board and a finger hitting it;
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4. a) akoli-pénoukou



Several Ps written in white on red square backgrounds and laid on each other
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5. a) akolipenoukou




Several circles in blue and light green with the big blue one carrying the StumbleUpon logo of a big S with a small u after it
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6. a) akolipenoukou



Black circle with t written inside it in gold to signify tumblr and around it tiny black and golden circles
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7. a) akolipenoukou



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8. a) akolipenoukou



Negative film showing the words You (written in black) and Tube written in white over a red rectangular background
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9. a) Akoli Penoukou’s channel

9.b) Make Money Now



10. a) akolipenoukou



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11. a) akolipenoukou


12. XING

A road sign with a man crossing a street and under it the name XING, both black on yellow backgrounds
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12. a) akolipenoukou


The badoo logo
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4 fingers showing the V sign and with smiling faces drawn on them
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14. Sweeva




Image diagram explaining tabzi as a social network, free advertising, search engine style ads, etc.
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15. Tabzi

Check me on Tabzi


Sistatalk logo made up of the word SistaTalk in purple letters and under Inspring and empowering women to network online
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16. Sistatalk



Logo of SocialMediopolis showing a clock with social media logos as hours and ithe company's name beside it and under, the words THE CAPITOL OF SOCIAL MEDIA
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17. Socialmediopolis

Socialmediopolis has evolved.


MyDailyFlog logo made up of the name and square dots under Flog, all on a blue background
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18. Mydailyflog

Unfortunately MyDailyFlog has closed down.


Part of the viadeo logo which showed the name and a red flower
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19. Viadeo





20. Plaxo

My Plaxo Website


My Profile

My Page


21. Hyves

Hyves Games



22. Myspace

Check me here


23. Reddit

User/akolipenoukou! logo made up of the Scoop written in black and it! in blue over a plain background
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25. Plurk

My profile



Drawing of map of the world on a dark background with simple images of people in different colors holding hands
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Before you go away, I’m interested in knowing what you think about this blog post. All you have to do is scroll down to the comment box and leave your feelings there.

Thank you.


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