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List name: Wired For Joy Self Hypnosis Track

Optin: Feel Happier, Grateful And Love The Journey You Are On

Ending addictions is as simple as listening to this 


You will receive messages concerning:

  • Release stress, anxiety, and sadness when you listen to this…. 



List name: Wake Up Calm Self Hypnosis Track

Optin: Put A STOP To Stress & Anxiety For Good… And To Sleep Blissfully & Wake Each Day With Focused Energy & Excitement!

Are you more stressed than you should be? 


You will receive 6 messages concerning:

  • Are you more stressed than you should be?
  • Guided hypnosis to reduce stress and calm your mind
  • Wake Up Calm – Powerful Meditation Program
  • Wake Up Calm – 85 percent off
  • Last Chance: Wake Up Calm
  • How to Manifest a calm and stress-free life 


List name: Soaring Success Self Hypnosis Track

Optin: Get Ready To Overcome Overwhelming Obstacles… And Reach New Heights Of Success & Happiness!

You will receive a message concerning:

  • Supercharge your mind for soaring success


List name: Rise Above Self Hypnosis Track

Optin: For anyone who is going through a difficult time

Rise above life’s challenges and begin living the life you deserve 


You will receive two 6 messages concerning:

  • Rise above life’s challenges and begin living the life you deserve
  • Rebound from life’s challenges with this!
  • Guided Meditation: RISE ABOVE Life’s Challenges
  • Reminder: RISE ABOVE hypnosis track
  • Last chance to get this
  • Rise Above Life’s Challenges With This….


List name: End Addiction Self Hypnosis Track

Optin: It’s time to put an END to Addiction For Good… And Live Each Day With Maximum Health, Clarity & Joy!

End your addiction NOW 


You will receive 15 messages:


  • End your addiction 
  • Easy tracks for better health, clarity, and joy
  • Last chance to get this
  • Overcome your addictions with self-hypnosis
  • Do you want to stop smoking? Stop compulsive gambling? Try this
  • End Your T.V., Alcohol, Drug, Gaming, Shopping, Sugar, Binge Eating Addiction, etc…


List name: Dream Life Mastery Program Masterclass (Main offer)

Optin: Get the lazy person’s secret to ultimate abundance. 

You will receive two messages concerning “Abundance in minutes a day” to reprogram your inner mind, towards an abundant life of wealth, success and happiness.

Welcome to your new wealth pathway

Discover your wealth pathway to a better life


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List name: Famous Last Words 



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