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Kill Your Fear of Creating an Online Marketing Video Now!

You know video is an excellent tool to get new leads and then to connect with them and make them happy customers. But you haven’t started yet because it’s too hard. Really?

Lady watching video on laptop to signify Kill Your Fear of Creating an Online Marketing Video Now!
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Why you need to do online video marketing

Videos have become the most popular media for communicating with the masses because of its audio-visual properties. For online marketers the appeal of videos is due to the widespread use of camcorders and mobile phones in producing it. There is also the added advantage of the convenience of sharing videos on the internet where you can reach a large number of consumers.

No wonder that in the marketing world, videos have become essential marketing tools. Through them, marketers have found a great medium to tell their story and communicate highly complex ideas in a manner that is straightforward and easy to digest.

You have been hearing others talk about inbound marketing but at this point, you aren’t quite sure where you stand on it. Can you do it?

If you have been promoting products on your blog, you already have what it takes to create your online marketing videos. Though most marketers would say that doing marketing video is completely different than any other marketing technique.

But that shouldn’t hold you back.

Look at these 10 Video Marketing Statistics That You Need to Know in 2020 [Infographic] from the

  • 85% of all internet users in the United States watched online video content monthly on of their devices (Statista, 2018)
  • 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support (Hubsport, 2018)
  • 87% of marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool. (Wyzowl, 2019)
  • Videos are a consumers’ favorite type of content to see from a brand on social media (Animoto, 2018)
  • 88% of video marketers are satisfied with the ROI of their video marketing efforts on social media (Animoto, 2018)
  • Video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year  (Opinmonsyer, 2019)
  • YouTube is the most popular video-sharing for marketers, with 88% of them planning on using it in 2020. Facebook is second with 76 percent (Wyzowl, 2020)
  • 8 out of 10 people purchased a piece of software or app after watching a brand’s video (Wyzowl, 2019)
  • Internet users spent 06hours and 48 minutes per week watching videos online in 2019 (Limelight, 2019)
  • In 2022, 82% of the global internet traffic will come from video streaming and downloads. (Citco, 2019)

Check 55 video marketing statistics for 2020

What is holding you back from creating online marketing videos?

Those are powerful reasons enough for any online entrepreneur to go into video marketing. Yet you procrastinate

If you are afraid to create marketing videos, know that you aren’t alone. This was my case too, and of course, that of many others before me.

Most of us find ourselves so scared to death when it comes to creating videos. This comes from hearing others describe the process as ‘really tough’ or ‘too hard for beginners’. Add that to our fear of ‘technology’ and the paralysis is total.

Your fear of creating marketing videos is built on myths and fallacies

But what you must fear is your fear itself.

For we want to assure you and convince you that the ‘discouraging pronouncements’ are nothing more than mere fallacies. You, just like anyone else who has created a video before, can also do this.

Of course, there’s a lot of negative talk around creating the marketing video, and this is not about to disappear anytime soon.

But think about this: if your competition can use subterfuge to dissuade you from also producing videos, isn’t it better for them?

The solution is to keeping rivalry at bay is to make it sound like marketing videos are very difficult to create. But they are not!

Another fear you must discount is the cost and difficulty of using video equipment.

Contrary to what you might have heard, you do not need expensive camera and lighting equipment as well as costly editing software to create a video that goes viral.

At a time when even Hollywood producers are using mobile phones to shoot film scenes, I wonder what can keep you from using the same for filming your videos. Besides, you can get done for you video and audio tracks from here. It is part of the done for you suite.

As for editing software, there are many free ones online. The one I find excellent and easy to use is Shotcut.

Shotcut homepage
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It is open source software, meaning you don’t have to spend a cent to use it. After downloading it, just calmly watch the following short YouTube video tutorials and you’d be using it in no time at all:

1. Step by Step Video Editing – Shotcut Tutorial

2. Shotcut tutorial // Covering the basics 01

3. Shotcut: A Quick Start Tutorial (very very important)

4. Shotcut Tutorial! Super Easy Video Editing!

5. Shotcut tutorial videos

6. Shotcut mini tutorials

7. ShotCut Tutorial 2018 – All Beginners Need to Know to Get Started With the ShotCut Video Editor

8. Tutorial: Proxy Editing with Shotcut for Beginners

9. Shotcut Video Editor – Tutorial for Beginners in 10 MINS! [ 2020 ]

10. Shotcut Video Editor 2018 Tutorial – Designed for Beginners

11. ShotCut Tutorial 2018 – All Beginners Need to Know to Get Started With the ShotCut Video Editor

12. Shotcut – Tutorial part 24 – Recording a Voiceover

13. Make a Simple Animated Intro in Shotcut

14. Learn EVERYTHING about Shotcut | Full Master Class

15. Shotcut Tutorial: Record Voice Over

16. Shotcut Tutorial: Adding Pictures, Transparent Images, and Videos within Your Video

17. official shotcut youtube channel

18. Shotcut Tutorial: Mute and Detach Audio

19. Shotcut – Tutorial part 2 – cutting, merging, adding audio

20. Shotcut Tutorial For Beginners (Complete Shotcut Tutorial) | Powerful Free Video Editor

21. $29 Shotcut video course covering all aspects of it

Too many videos?


I said before that they are short. Besides, if you haven’t used video editing software before like me, you’d find the various ways people explain Shotcut very useful to mastering it in no time at all.

Two last things about all the myths and fallacies that are floating around the internet about video creation.

Your video also does not have to take up all of your precious time nor does it have to be difficult to make. Your mobile phone and Shotcut will assure that, believe me.

Kill the fear – The secret to starting is starting!

Nothing can be done on wishing and pining. Action produces results more than thoughts.

So get out your webcam or phone, make sure you have a decent mike, adequate lighting and a quiet place, and start to create your first online marketing video.

You should make it short, 1 minute or even less than that is okay. Viewer’s attention spans are short. Give them something super easy to digest and ‘get.’

With your personal message, your visitors can see who you actually are, get a feel for your personality, recognize that you are real, and begin to build trust. Which is the most important ingredient for success online.

Know that because video has the ability to connect with emotions, it will make your viewers much more likely to share your message with the people they know.

Exporting your marketing video to web

Since most videos are viewed on mobile phones, iPads, personal computers, or TVs these days, it is critical to export it the right way for the web.

In practice, four major factors determine the size of the finished video.

They are Codec, Resolution, Bit Rate, and Frame Rate.

  • Codec: refers to the file format in which the video is saved. When the codec is compressed, the video size becomes smaller.
  • Resolution: refers to the number of pixels the video has. Thus, a 4K video contains 4 times the resolution of HD video.
  • Bit Rate: refers to the data quantity dedicated to a second of video.
  • Frame Rate: it is advisable to export a video in the film standard (24fps) or television broadcast standard (30fps).

In practice, many of the online distributors have recommended export settings to enable users export videos of the highest quality.

That is true of Shotcut. But usually you wouldn’t have o worry about these things. The default settings are enough for you to export your video to any of the platforms below.


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YouTube is the most popular video service in the world and the second largest search engine after Google. Incidentally, it belong to Google.

Billions of users visit the site each day to upload videos or to watch those already on the platform. There is a free subscription process for using YouTube.

Vimeo logo represented by a white V in a circular light blue background
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Vimeo is a preferred video streaming service for the people in the industry. Its sleek design and ad-free model allows non-obstructed viewing.


Facebook homepage on an iPhone
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For the past decade, Facebook has blossomed into a popular platform for online videos. Currently, it has a couple of billion monthly visitors from around the world.

At the fast rate that it is growing, Facebook video will soon rival YouTube as the most popular video sharing platform in the world. So give it top consideration when exporting your video. Most videos posted on Facebook often go viral within a short period.


Video editing made simple

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I’m sure you’ve now hurled away your fears of creating online marketing videos. I encourage you to take the plunge. There’s no harm in trying.

Start with a topic, it could even be the most popular post on your blog. Create a solid plan for it. Decide what you want to say and how you want to say it. Then go for it!

After you shoot, edit, export and upload your first video, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t taken advantage of this powerful marketing tool earlier.

But it’s better to be rather late than never.

Good luck with your online video marketing!


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8 thoughts on “Kill Your Fear of Creating an Online Marketing Video Now!”

  1. Hi,

    Thanks so very much for this article! It comes at a perfect time for me, when I am at least 80-85% done with building the best website that I would ever wish to build. Videos would definitely be the perfect next level to go, the next enhancement. So my reason for not having videos in the 20 odd articles I have written so far is not out of fear, but 1. just not having got to that bridge yet, and 2. I haven’t really thought of what to video about in my niche, and 3. the job of creating the website and doing Training in the past 3 months has been too hectic to have time to think about creating a video that would be of adequate quality.

    But the statistics you have provided are absolutely RESOUNDING! No one in their right senses can ignore them.

    Thanks so much and regards!

    • Hey Teboho,

      It was my pleasure sharing this article with my readers. Thank you too for commenting on it. I’m happy the publication coincides with your timing for the next level in creating your blog. I’m happy to hear you have no fear of creating video. As for what to video about, just take the posts on your blog and adapt them into video scripts.

      Good luck in your endeavours!

  2. Thank you for your informative post on market by way of using video. I will have to learn more about the difference of Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube as marketing mediums. I agree that the best way to learn to do something is by doing it. Sometimes you need some extra instruction, but once you understand the process, the thing is just to get out there and do it. 

    • Hi Carolyn,

      Thank you also for your helpful comment on this post. All the info you need to learn more about Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube video marketing mediums is on Google. So go out there, check the details. I agree that the best way to learn to do something is by doing it. But you shouldn’t let the desire for instruction paralyze you into inaction.

  3. Hey nice article you have there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. So many persons today don’t have the skill and fore knowledge of making videos to promote their products, they feel they are not taleted enough or they don’t have the right tools to produce an exciting video that will attract viewer’s. With this initiative of video editing tutorials, it will equip as many who has been a victim of not making a perfect video  for their products

    • Hey there,

      Thank you for your appreciation of my article and my thoughts. Video making was a highly technical affair before. But now with the “democratization” of video tools, making videos is at the disposal of each and everyone. My article was to help people overcome the lethargy

  4. hello dear, white and intriguing article you have here on how to kill your fear of creating online marketing video it’s not doubt that, online businesses do a lot more better when advertise on videos other than on post or articles, but some people get really scared in   creating this videos for certain reasons but in this article you will get all you need to create an online video for your business and I wish you all the best as you do it

    thanks for sharing I look forward to sharing this on my blog as well

    • Hello Evans,

      Thanks for your appreciation of my article. I wish you all the best too.

      Thanks to you too for commenting. I also look forward to seeing you here again.


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