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Le-Vel Thrive Review

Today’s article will be a Le-Vel Thrive review.

Coming in at number 44 on the list of the top 100 multi-level marketing companies in the world for 2020, they boast an annual income of $449 million dollars.


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They are in the weight loss niche and their biggest and best seller is Thrive.

What is Thrive and who is Le-Vel?

We will be exploring who they are, what their products are and how a person can make money working with this company.

We will also give you our own personal views on Le-Vel at the end of this review. So let’s get started!



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The Company

Jason Camper and Paul Gravette founded Le-Vel
in 2012. This makes them a pretty young company but a very cutting edge one.

They are the only company that uses cloud technology in their everyday operations in the health and wellness niche.

Based in Frisco, Texas, Paul Gravette serves as co-CEO along with Jason Camper, and Justin Rouleau is the director of technology.

They are branded as “LV Life”.

The company’s slogan is “Our brand represents a culture of premium products, rewards, recognition, getaways, and product lines.”

Claims on their website include that you will experience weight loss, heightened mental awareness, and a healthier body.

They have a well-built professional company website that is loaded with information on their company and their products. You will also find details on their business opportunities offered. And their website is very much user-friendly.


The products


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The company’s products are based around their Thrive brand. They are nutritional formulas that encompass three different areas: women, men, and lifestyle.

Thrive is an 8-week program that will result in peak mental and physical awareness called the “Thrive experience”.

The programs and products range from $100 to $300 dollars a month if you set them up on recurring shipments.

Le-Vel products are all non-GMO and organic in nature.

Company claims about their products are not backed up by any scientific evidence and many reports of side effects have been reported.


The business plan

Le-Vel claims because they are cloud-based and do not have any real estate to manage they can offer high commissions to their reps.

Sign up is free simply by visiting their sign up page on their website.

You will immediately receive a link to your own personal website where you can start selling their products right away.

You will earn commissions on up to 8 levels under you as you sign up new reps. The commissions are set up at 8 percent per level with many other incentives that are all listed on their company website.

The problem we are seeing with this company as we were conducting this review is we kept finding reports of the same complaints all over the net.

Lack of rep support, impossibility to get hold of a live person, customer complaints about the products making them sick are just some of the repetitive complaints we kept finding.

We also found many reviews of the company but they were all good on Facebook. As we looked closer we found that the people writing them were all present or former reps for the company.

We also read claims that they only post positive reviews and delete any negative reviews that may be made involving their company sites and pages.

Red flags were flying here on this company so we decided to contact them for ourselves and after 3 days of no human contact we gave up.

We then went looking for their income disclosure statements and could find none for the last 2 years as we wanted to see what the reps were making.

This concerns us because they claim that their reps make on average good income. But we could only find very unhappy former reps who swear by avoiding this company at all costs. This is because they are slow to pay commissions. Besides, they have a bad habit of not taking customers off the auto-ship list when requested.

We are not claiming anything is out of order here with their reporting or with their conduct; we just could not find any public record of any figures. On top of that they are getting hammered with both customer and representative complaints!


The pros

  • Established company
  • Personal website
  • Free sign up
  • Top shelf product claims
  • A professional company website that is easy to use

The cons

  • An F rating from the BBB
  • No scientific data to back up their claims
  • Adverse side effects and health issues using their products reported
  • Lack of financial disclosures
  • Lousy customer service reported
  • lack of distributor support
  • Hard to contact company

Our view

After taking a very close look at Le-Vel we have to say we came away very disappointed.

What we thought was going to be a pretty good review turned out being very hard to write. This is because we had a very hard time finding info to write about besides what they have on their company website.

With all of the missing information and the difficulty in contacting the company, we are very concerned about the well-being of the company reps who are working for Le-Vel.

Are they on the up and up and are their products as good as they say they are?

We could not find any scientific data to go with their products and no financial statements. So we have to give them a thumbs down at this time and recommend people keep searching for a better MLM company.

There are many other multi-level companies on the net that are very transparent and easy to work with and have good business plans. So we would recommend searching out a better-suited program to invest in.

We hope our Le-Vel Thrive Review has helped you in deciding if this company would be a good fit for you. And be sure to check out our other reviews under our reviews tab above.

Please leave any comments or questions below in the comments section below as we love talking to you our readers. And until next time, happy marketing!


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14 thoughts on “Le-Vel Thrive Review”

  1. Thank you for your honest review of Le-Vel i was worries it would be another review preaching how great it is without posting the possible negatives. From what you have stated i think ill personally shy away from them. I don’t like the idea of such a bad score with the BBB nor the many reported side effects. 

    Also it seems troubling that none of their products are backed by science this is kind of concerning for me. Thank you again for the honest and sincere review! Might I ask if you have tried this yet?

    • Hi Denton,

      Thank you for appreciating my review. If we post a review stating how great a company is without posting the possible negatives, you’ll find that we state we found no cons. When a company is bad, we try to give the BBB score and other negative reviews we read. In this case, we mentioned cases of many reported side effects.

      Yes, any product touching on health which is not backed by science is concerning. No, I have not tried this yet.

  2. I like that their products are non-GMO and organic, but would it be better to be a customer instead of a representative? I mean, if the products are indeed good and help with weight loss. Going over the common complaints of most reps, I think I would not sign up to be a representative. Not being able to get hold of a live person is extremely annoying, and I don’t want to deal with that. I have had such experiences before and they drove me up the wall … And a lack of transparency is definitely a warning sign, I agree. 

    Thank you for this thorough review. It’s good to know about this.

    • Hi Christine,

      Yes, any product which is non-GMO and organic is good. Well, you have yourself found the answer to your question whether it is better to be a customer or a representative. But not being able to get hold of a live person when you need an urgent response and the lack of transparency are not good signs.

      Thank you for your valuable comment.

  3. I’m concerned on the fact that they claim that their products are non-GMO (which is a huge thing for most people, but regardless of that there’s no proof of it. How can you trust claims when there’s no actual background on the full story. I have never heard of this company but according to your review, I would not even think about checking them out. 

    • Hi Stephanie,

      Yes, stating that your products are non-GMO without proof is serious enough. This can lead to problems with the FDA, the BBB and other agencies who don’t play with health-related issues. It’s unfortunate for Le-Vel Thrive that the first time you heard about them, it is to discourage you.

  4. Hi! The first thing I liked about Le-vel is it’s professional looking website and since it’s free to join, I signed up. But I’m glad I have also researched a bit! Wao, in what I would have entangled myself if I wouldn’t have researched. The F rating from the BBB is enough for me to say goodbye to this company! Thanks for your review.

    • Hi Henry!

      Oh, so Le-Vel’s professional looking website and free to join made you sign up? And further research, especially the F rating from the BBB made you say goodbye to this company? This is what in boxing is called saved by the bell. Thanks too for your comment.

  5. Thank you so much for your review on Le-Vel Thrive. I am surprised that I have never heard of this company before and I am in love with dieting. Not by choice, aren’t we all tried to lose weight like all the time? Anyways, wow this company is doing really well.

    To be quite honest, I do not like MLM business model. I weight all the cons, I do not think that I will give this company a try. They have to at least set me up for success in order for me to work for them. They have a few things to fix.

    Thanks again! 

    • Hello Nuttanee,

      Thank you so much too for your comment on this review. Although you love everything dieting I can’t blame you for not hearing of Le-Vel Thrive because you can’t know everything. Sure, we are all candidates to lose weight because those extra pounds have become everybody’s problem.

      You have joined the long list of commenters who do not like the MLM business model. This is especially understandable when the company has more cons than pros.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful article with us. Le-Vel Thrive is a lifestyle plan that claims to help users ”experience and reach peak physical & mental levels. This product is as good of a quality as it is so dear to users who have used it once again. They are using it again and again to get the right product and the right quality.My wife has used it and benefited from using it. I will share your article with my friends so that they can benefit from using it. I will copy the link to your website and share it on my social media.  And Thank You Again.

    • Hey there,

      Thank you so much too for commenting on this article. Sure, any quality product endears itself to users. Since your wife has used the product before and you know how well it worked for her, you would be able to tell your friends the truth when you share your article with them. Thanks for your idea to share my website link on your social media.

  7. I am a teacher as well and really hope that with commitment and perseverance i will one day see a return on the money and time I have invested in affiliate marketing and reviewing products about my niche through my blog. I enjoy it so much, I just hope that it will one day work to create an income. I have blogged multiple times about WA and directed traffic to my website to promote it through social media. I know there is so much more to say and it is something I will continue to do for years, but I just can’t wait to see that one day that it actually created a return for me.

    • Hi Cassie,

      If you continue to do anything with commitment and perseverance it can make you see a return on the money and time you have invested. And since you like it so much, one day it will create an income. Wealthy Affiliate that you’re talking about is our number one recommendation. I encourage you to keep working on it.


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