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Lead Lightning FAQ’s

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No time to read the faqs? Then watch this video:

To have a taste of what this system can do for you,

I want you to download the ebook: “Road map to riches”.

Down the page is a preview image of the book.

In this book, you will learn:

  • Step 1 – Overview of the Power Lead System
  • Step 2 – How To Easily Earn A Lucrative Income
  • Step 3 – Foundation
  • Step 4 – Huge Value of Sales & Information Funnels
  • Step 5 – How To Promote Our System
  • Step 6 – How To Virtually Guarantee Your Success

Click here to download it!

A) Why is Facebook showing a warning when I try and post my link?

Unfortunately Facebook creates this warning with not much of an explanation. Pouring over the numerous complaints we’ve found online, we’ve discovered this happens to all kinds of different online professionals – including blog owners and brick and mortar businesses.  Although upgrading to Gold will solve this issue, we researched and found a FREE solution…  Click Here for instructions.

B) What do I do first and how do I get started?

Log in and click the ‘How Do I Get Started’ button.  Watch the entire ‘Getting Started’ video and do what it tells you.  Below that video is where you will find your referral link(s).  All you need to do is advertise your referral link. Further down that same page, near the bottom, you will find another video called “How do I market my link”, so be sure and watch that video as well.

Don’t have a referral link? Click here for one

C) How do I get traffic to my website?

For a list of great traffic vendors, log into the training area and click on the ‘Marketing’ tab.  Also in the training area, click on the ‘Training’ tab and watch the top 3 video links.

D) How do I make a sale per day?

‘Endless Free Lead 11’ is a $300 Facebook marketing course that will teach you how to get a sale a day on Facebook.  This couse is the real deal, and our members are getting tremendous results from it.  The great news is, you don’t have to spend $300 to get it.  You can unlock this course immediately by upgrading to either Silver or Gold.

E) What happens to all of my leads when I upgrade to the Gold Membership?

All of your leads, including your list of $7 buyers and Silver members, will immediately be transferred to your new Gold membership back office. The next time you log in, you will notice an entirely different back office packed with new and exciting features. You’re now able to broadcast your list, and freely send them your own personally created autoresponder campaigns.  (your Gold membership includes everything found in your Lead Lightning back office, including all your reports, lists, training, and product access).

F) Will I be charged anything if I click on the Gold or Silver Membership buttons?

No… Clicking on either the Gold or Silver membership buttons will bring you to a new page, giving you all the details, before deciding on your purchase.

G) Who is behind Lead Lightning?

The creators of Lead Lightning is the Power Lead System.  The Power Lead System operates on the Priceless Possibilities platform. Priceless Possibilities has been creating custom marketing systems for sales and network marketing companies for nearly two decades.

H) Is there an email campaign that goes out to my prospects/leads?

Yes! Your opt-ins to ‘Referral Link A’ will receive a 9 message email campaign that promotes Lead Lightning.  All the links from this campaign track to you and give YOU credit whenever Lead Lightning is purchased. Any opt-ins to ‘Referral Link B’ will receive a 17 message email campaign that not only promotes Lead Lightning, but also contains emails with clickable links to the website of your choice.

I) I’m using ‘Referral Link B’.  When will my ‘opt-ins’ see the website I’m promoting?

Opt-ins to ‘Referral Link B’ will receive a 17 message email campaign.  Your prospects (opt-ins) will receive emails prompting them to purchase Lead Lightning on days 0, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, and 15.  The emails that contain links to your website will be received on days 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16. (they will also see a link to the website you’re promoting every time they log in.  However, that text will not be visible if you have not entered and saved a website that you’re promoting).

Check my referral link B

J) What is the Silver Membership?

The Silver membership is a marketing training University.  It comes with two incredible training courses along with updates and ongoing training that will be announced.  One of the training courses included is ‘Endless Free Leads 10’. This course alone sells for $299 online and will teach you how to build an international business on Facebook in less that an hour per day, as well as how to make a sale a day on Facebook.  Our members are reporting tremendous results from these courses.  Upgrading to Silver UNLOCKS these 2 products in your Lead Lightning back office.  To access them, hover over the ‘Training’ tab.  As a Silver member, you are also eligible for residual $15.00 commissions paid through unlimited depths.

K) What is the Gold Membership?

The Gold Membership is a ‘customer + affiliate’ position with the Power Lead System. With your Gold membership you’re able to create unlimited lead capture pages, unlimited sales pages, unlimited subdomains, and video post cards.  Imagine being able to create entire sales funnels, and then share those funnels with your downline, other members, or an entire distributor base.  Create unlimited auto-responder campaigns, broadcast your list, track all of your advertising, create floating capture forms, and so much more.  Plus as a Gold member, you are eligible for exponential ‘$20 residual commissions’ and a 50% matching bonus on all your Gold member personals.  Gold members receive the Silver membership for free.

L) When I start generating leads, where do I find them?

Click on the ‘Leads’ tab.  (one of the main headers along the top)

M) Am I able to send emails to my leads or send a broadcast to my list?

You can send a personal individual email to each of your leads (one at a time) by finding them in your contact manager (click on ‘Leads’) and clicking on their email address.  Creating your own auto-responder campaigns and broadcasting your list is only available to Gold members.

N) Where do I find my ‘Buyers List’?

To see a list of all your ‘Buyers’, hover over ‘Account’, hover over ‘My Money’, and click on ‘My Buyers List’.

O) Do you ever market to my leads?

Absolutely not… these are YOUR leads and will NEVER be marketed to with any 3rd party offer… EVER!

P) How do I start generating leads?

Watch the training video labeled ‘How Do I Market My Link’. (To find this video, click on the ‘How it Works’ tab. Once you’re on that page, scroll down near the bottom and click on the green button).

Q) How do I get paid and how often?

Commissions are paid every Wednesday to your eWallet.  Once you have at least one commission, you’re able to set up your eWallet. To find your eWallet, hover over ‘Account’, hover over ‘My Money’, and then click on ‘eWallet’.  You can have your commissions deposited directly to your bank account or instantly auto-transferred every week to your new Visa pay card.

R) My question was not answered here, so where do I go?

There are three videos on the ‘Getting Started’ page that you should have watched.  One is near the top of that page, and the other two can be seen by clicking on the green buttons located near the bottom of that page. (To find the page these three videos are on, click on the ‘How it Works’ tab). If you still have questions, you can either ask them on our Facebook group or send in a support ticket by clicking on the ‘Help’ tab from your back office.

S) How do I ask my question on the Facebook group?

You ask your question by creating your own post (not in the middle of someone else’s post).  Just look near the top of the group page (below the banner) and you will find the place to enter and submit your question:

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