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Legalshield Review

Today’s article is going to be a Legalshield review.

Coming in at number 43 on the list of the top multi-level marketing companies in the world, they boast an annual income of $450.0 billion dollars.


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This company is our first review involving prepaid services and we are very interested in this company. Because like most people in the USA, we have heard their ads on the radio daily. And we now have a chance to see if they really are the best at what they do!

What is really incredible is they have been in business for 48 years. This means they obviously grew into the online MLM programs as they were being created. So they have experience on all levels from the beginning of the internet.

Let’s get started on finding out everything we can about Legalshield and see if they are as good as we think they are going to be.

We will look at the company, the product which is really self-explanatory, and their MLM business model. Then we will consider any pros and cons for working with them. Lastly we will post our views on the company.



Shall we get started?


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The company


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This company started out as the Sportsman’s Motor Club in 1972 and kept that name until 1976.

The founder Harland Stonecipher set up the company in Ada, Oklahoma. He then incorporated and named it Pre-Paid Legal Services.

Harland made his first public offering on the stock market in 1984.

In 2011 the company changed back into a privately traded entity.

MidOcean Partners then bought the company and changed the name to what they are presently called: Legalshield.

They list their business as a multi-level marketing/pre-paid legal services company. They also deal with theft protection.

The following people run the company:

  • Rip Mason – Chairman of the board
  • Jeff Bell – CEO
  • James B. Rosseau, Sr. – president of business solutions
  • John Long – President of network marketing and sales
  • Kathy Pinson – COO
  • Steve Williamson – CFO
  • Dave Coffey – CDO

Legalshield employs an additional 700 people at various positions in the company and has over 6900 attornies in their prepaid legal network.

Kroll, INC is a partner in Legalshields identity theft protection division.

The company offers its membership plans in two ways: through their MLM plan which we will be getting into shortly, and through employee benefits.


The products


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The products are just as they sound: prepaid legal advice and identity theft protection.

We could not find any complaints about the services offered at first and actually found many positive reviews about how good their lawyer network is.

As we dug deeper we found quite a few reports of limited coverage and exclusions for many services people need.

Customers can buy legal coverage plans and home protection plans that fit their needs. They start at $17.95 and up for personal plans and $39 a month for small business plans.

How do the plans work?

They set you up on a monthly payment plan you can afford. And if and when you need legal services, you have access to the network.

Services covered include consumer finance, real estate, collections, employment, estate planning, traffic, and civil litigation.

A complete list can be found on their website.

It really is a brilliant idea and the same applies to their identity theft plans.


The business model

To get started working with LegalShield you must first buy a membership.

Then you will sign up as an associate and pay the $99.00 fee and sign the MLM agreement.

You will then start selling memberships and earn commissions off of the sales. Plus you will sign up new associates and start building your downline. This downline works like most of the popular MLM business models you will find.

You can find more information on how this model can work for you on their Legalshield compensation page and on their Legalshield compensation plan. PDF.

The company boasts that the average associate’s annual income is around $44,000.00 a year for independent reps and 1 K plus for sales reps. $1,732 for sales managers and $6,000 for a sales professional.

There is money to be made working for this company and the product supports the MLM model quite well.

One potential red flag with Legalshield is the number of lawsuits both pending and settled associated with this company. But we understand when you are dealing with legal issues across the country laws are different from state to sate.

We took a look at each individual case we could find info on. And as we suspected, every one of them deals with or is dealing with local and state laws that vary from state to state.


The pros

  • Great company
  • Great network of law firms
  • Gret network of lawyers
  • Good business model
  • Great commissions
  • Affordable products
  • Needed products
  • Quality products
  • Company-provided training

The cons

  • Many legal issues
  • Too many restrictions on legal services offered
  • Limit to 15 pages of contract reviews
  • No criminal charges are covered
  • No medication-related charges are covered
  • No divorce cases covered
  • No child custody cases covered

Our view

We feel the business plan is average and set up like most popular multi-level marketing plans. And we like the commissions paid.

The products and the training program are both acceptable. Although we wish there were fewer restrictions on the legal help Legalshield is selling. And that is what matters when working in an MLM program.

They get a thumbs up from us. And we think both the beginners and the veterans of multi-level marketing experience can have a go with this company and make money.

We hope out Legalshield review helps you in choosing your own MLM company to invest in. And be sure to check out our many other reviews posted under our reviews tab above.

As always we love to hear from our readers. So please feel free to post any comments or questions below in the comment section. And until next time, happy marketing!


Take a few minutes and enjoy a free tour of our number one recommendation for making money online with your very own successful home business!


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12 thoughts on “Legalshield Review”

  1. Hello there, Thanks for this awesome article it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me. I not for anything but for the fact that they have been around for 48years and also created a certain level of consistency for this period i don’t think they would want to setback now so I would definitely try them out

    • Hello Feji,

      Thanks also for appreciating this article. Yes, any company which has been around for that long and that has also created a certain level of consistency in that period need to be trusted. Have you already signed up? I wish you good luck.

  2. It seems like that I am always hearing about LegalShield whether it’s on the radio or one of there commercials, an ad on social media, or one of my close friends telling me good reports about them. So I wanted to learn more about all the hype and check to see if it’s worth the investment. My friend tells me they protect you against Identity theft and that’s the aspect I am most interested in because I got my identity stolen once and it was HORRIBLE. I was thousands in debt, had to talk to automated machines for hours, had to get all new debit and credit cards. Just a long process that I don’t ever want to experience again. Great review, very informative and detailed. I am most definitely going to try out LegalSheild and see if it’s as good as everyone says it is.

    • Hello Garrett,

      I like your attitude about investing in a company. Despite hearing about LegalShield on the radio, in commercials, an ad on social media, or through close friends, you still wanted to learn more about all the hype and check to see if it’s worth the investment. Congrats! Yes, identity theft is a great problem on the net these days. Sorry to hear that you got your identity stolen once. You’re right not to ever want to go through all that long process again. Don’t they say, “Once bitten, twice shy”? Do come back here and tell us your experience with LegalSheild. This may help others consider them. Thanks for your helpful comment.

  3. Even I’ve heard of Legalshield!  That said, I never knew it was an MLM company.  That kind of turned me off of it. MLM’s are just the legal version of pyramid schemes.  The potential to make a TON of money is there, but you have to be in the top tiers and recruit a lot of people.  So while I do think this is likely a legal, valid MLM company for some people, I’m not interested.  But thanks for the information!

    • Hey Selenity,

      That you’ve heard of Legalshield but never knew it was an MLM company, shows how much the company has legitimacy. But now that you know, you’re kind of turned off? This shows what terrible reputation MLMs have. Are you really sure MLM’s are just the legal version of pyramid schemes? Sure, for many of them only top people make all the money. But there are a few which spread the gains proportionally among their hardworking members. We know no matter how legal an MLM company is some people would be interested in being part of them, that’s why we offer our number one recommendation.

  4. This is interesting! For the fact that they’ve built a standard for themselves in the last 4 decades, I’ve got no doubt about their legitimacy. Also another thing I admire about LegalShield is that it was founded on the idea of providing people with law representatives at an affordable price. Thanks for reviewing!

    • Hey Evagreene,

      Thanks for finding my article interesting. Yes, acquiring and maintaining a standard for over 4 decades can indicate the solidity and legitimacy of a company. Obviously providing people with law representatives is not a usual MLM idea. Doing so at an affordable price is likely to attract a lot of people since legal representation is very expensive.

  5. This is quite a unique service and even more so for the fact that they sell their services primarily through the MLM businesses model. I like the specialized legal services that they offer and I must say that it is not uncommon to find lawsuits against a company whose primary products is the provision of legal services. I have to ask though, is the service available outside the US?

    • Hello Rhain,

      Yes, I just replied to a comment that it is quite unusual to find legal representation as an MLM service. However I don’t know if it is not uncommon to find lawsuits against a company whose primary products is the provision of legal services. LegalShield’s proprietary system of Provider Law Firms covers 49 states and 4 provinces in Canada. Plan coverage varies depending on the plan you select.

  6. It looks like that LegalShield is a good company overall and a good MLM to be an associative of. Of course, like many MLMs, there are draw backs. I am always concerned about getting involved with a MLM that has legal issues. In this case, it looks as if the benefits of the legal services being sold are very limited. Like many MLMs, you can expect to do lots of work and the pay will be limited. Certainly there are better work at home opportunities.  

    • Hey Lee,

      Sure, LegalShield looks good to be an associated with. However you must be careful about judging MLMs that have legal issues. Some of them may come from former disgruntled members bent on picking bones with the company. However any MLM opportunity that demands lots of work but little to no commission must be avoided. Being aware of this fact, we propose in each MLM, our number one recommended home opportunity.


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