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How to make money online explained
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Let’s see your knowledge and get a gift!

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In the blog post “88 ways to make money online at home free”, I broke down the topic into parts. Then I detailed each of the parts under sub-sections.


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First, here is the list of the 88 ways:


1: Become a freelance interviewer

2: Review music

3: Write and publish a kindle book

4: Do freelance writing

5: Do other freelance work.

6: Become a telemarketer

7: Do affiliate marketing

8: Engage in network marketing

9: Start an ebay business

10: Become a social marketing consultant.

11: Visit ‘Get Paid To’ sites

12: Ditch Google for Inbox Dollars

13: Test websites

14: Tweet

15: Shop

16: Use Lyft

17: Use your iPhone (smartphone)

18: Search the web

19: Take online surveys

20: Help people on Fiverr

21: Rent your items on rentalic

22: Be a ChaCha agent

23: Run errands on TaskRabbit

24: Perform tasks as an Amazon Mechanical Turk

25: Be a product demonstrator with Volition

26: Display your arty side with and others. 

27: Second-hand course books

28: Notes

29: Old CDs and games and movies

30: Your knowledge

31: Photos

32: Domain names

33: Stories and videos

34: Digital photos

35: Vintage items or widgets on,

36: Articles

37: Stuffs on eBay

38: Out your closet

39: Cars

40: Services at fiverr

41: Books from Thrift stores using Bookscouter.

42: Car

43: Parking space

44: House

45: Body

46: Home on AirBNB.

47: As an online juror

48: As an online guide

49: To dish out answers

50: To be a cyber-crafter

51: To be a tutor

52: To create Facebook graphics or Pages

53: To build websites for others

54: To design web logos

55: To design banner ads

56: To complete jobs on

57: To teach classes online

58: To make accurate prodictions

59: To source property for wealthy investors

60: To be an extra, act as a virtual assistant

61: To advertise your other skills.

62: Accomplishing various tasks at Swagbucks

63: Freebie trading

64: A virtual call center agent

65: A customer-service rep

66: Starting your own website

67: Starting a business doing what you love

69: Blogging

70: Writer editor proofreader

71: Raising money online

72: Finding odd-jobs on Craigslist

73: Making money by viewing ads on your Android Lock Screen

74: A mystery shopper

75: Selling plasma or taking part in medical studies

76: No-risk matched betting

77: Social investment networks

78: Mobile phone recycling

79: The ‘Disney Vault’ Secret

80: Entering competitions

81: Claiming tax back

82: Getting cashback when shopping

83: A part-time job

84: Working as a charity collector

85: Babysitting

86: Dog walking

87: Busking

88: YouTube videos.


Now, are you ready for the test to give us your knowledge real quick about this blog posts? It won’t even take 5 minutes…and it’s fun!

Yes. Ready, set, let’s go!   

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