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Lifevantage Corporation

Today’s article will be all about Lifevantage Corporation.

Also called the Lifevantage Company, this multilevel marketing company has changed names quite a few times. It has been around for years, but many have not heard of them nor do they understand what this company is all about.


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That is why we chose them for this review. Our hope is to enlighten people about who they are, what their products are, and how their MLM plan works. We will also see if they are a good investment in time and effort, not to mention money.

What we look for in a good review is how solid the company is, how well their products are and if they stand behind them, and how well they take care of their distributors.

Also important is their marketing structure. Is it legit?

Let’s start by who they are and work our way down the list from there.


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Who makes up Lifevantage Corporation?



Getting information on this company has proved to be difficult at best.

There is not much available on the web as far as founding members and the like. But we did find some interesting information we can share with you.

It seems the company is a spin-off of a couple of different licensing companies that were around in 2003. It was called Lifetime Therapeutics and CereMedix.

These two bought the licensing rights to an experimental product called Protandim, also called Ependymin, Rejuven8r and Rhoden.

These are actually brand names for an experimental compound called CMX-1152.

Because of this product, Lifevantage Corporation was formed as a multi-level marketing company that would exclusively market this product under the name Protandim.

Joe McCord was brought in and became head of all product research and distributor training. Thus this company was well on its way.

Today this MLM company distributes health supplements and weight loss products to high-end customers, mostly female. It claims it has found the new fountain of youth through its products and the company is boasting 214 million in annual revenue.

Click to check Frequently Asked Questions PDF- LifeVantage

Lifevantage product Protandim
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Lifevantages primary product

This whole company seems to be based around one main product called Protandim.

Protandim is made up of 5 herbal ingredients:

  • Bacopa
  • Green Tea
  • Milk Thistle
  • Turmeric
  • Ashwagandha

The claims of taking this supplement for cancer prevention and treatment of several other diseases have been proven false by the FDA.

This has not slowed sales by any means and the company still does business worldwide.

There are many other products available. From anti-aging, skincare, dietary aids, and even weight loss programs. But all of these are overpriced and hard to find.

We found a whole product line on Amazon. And we recommend that if you are really interested in working with this company to go ahead and check them out there.

Just finding these products on Amazon is another red flag for us. Because it tells us they do not sell exclusively through their distributors. This makes it much harder to make money.

If you do not already know a distributor good luck in finding one.

The Business Model

To get started in Lifevantage you must purchase a starter kit for $500.00.

They run a conventional MLM business model with 6 different bonuses that you can earn both paid weekly and monthly.

The problems are all the same as many others in this niche. They are heavy on recruiting and building your downline. And most of their bonuses are based on the performance of your downlines, but not yours alone.

This makes it very difficult, if not impossible, to achieve them. And although it sounds good up front, the reality is that most distributors see about a 9 percent profit on average.

We will not spend much time on this as it is really not a good deal at all. And on top of the difficulty in advancing to a level where you really could make money doing this, you are also required to purchase a set amount of products for your own personal use.

This is a huge turn off!


  • Established company
  • Health care niche
  • Multi-tiered earning potential
  • Many scientific studies posted on their products


  • False claims of product results
  • Many lawsuits
  • Lousy MLM business model
  • Hard to find distributors
  • High prices
  • Personal product requirements
  • Products sold an Amazon



This is where we usually give our recommendation as to go ahead and check the company out further or run and hide. And this one was a no brainer for us.

Because of all of the legal issues involved in Lifevantage and the fact that getting any real info on the company specifics is sketchy at best red flags this whole situation for us.

We give Lifevantage a huge thumbs down. This is because of the lack of proven scientific studies and the false claims of the product performances. It is also due to the lack of responsibility this company displays when confronted with evidence they are not telling the truth.

So we recommend staying clear of this one for sure!

While there are many legit MLM companies out there we feel this one is not a good choice to invest your money and time in.

We do not give up on MLM companies based on this one’s review as there are many available that are honest and work. So we encourage you, readers, to keep looking!

Thanks for checking this article out and be sure and check out our other reviews posted under our “Reviews” tab.


We have a good selection of reviews to choose from and maybe the perfect fit for you will be found there!


We would like to remind everyone that we also have our number one recommendation posted above and we would love to show it to you!


Until next time, happy marketing!


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6 thoughts on “Lifevantage Corporation”

  1. Thank you for saving me the time and money that I will not be investing in Lifeadvantage. MLM can be a good business model as long as the company is honest in its claims, follows the law, places emphasis on ethics, reasonably priced, and distribution is limited to the distributors. Clearly Lifeadvantage does meet this criteria so I will pass on this one. 

    • Hi Lee,

      I’m glad to have saved you the time and money which would have gone into promoting Lifevantage. Yes, what makes an MLM business model good have all been listed by you. But your conclusion leaves me perplex. I hope you will come back and clarify this matter.

  2. Hello there thanks for this awesome article it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.i must say you have done an excellent job as lifevantage corporation is a very good company with nice product I just know alittle about because my aunty works with them.i would advise that 

    • Hello Feji,

      I’m happy that you love this article and especially for thinking that it would be of help to the public the same way it has been of value to you.

      Thank you.

  3. In truth, most MLM programs are simply pyramid schemes in cover. When you attend the first seminar you are offered a picture of huge potential based on your downline. In reality, only the people at the top of the pyramid hold a chance of making any serious money. The rest will pay their joining fee to discover that there is no market for their products and be challenged with attempting to either recruit new members or lose their joining fee.

    • Hey Mugalu,

      Yes, most MLM programs are nothing more than pyramid schemes. Either at a seminar or a house party, or even before one of the delegates, they will paint a picture of huge potential which comes from building a downline which they also claim is easy to do. Yes, only the big boys make serious money. The rest will break their heads, their hearts and their bank accounts trying to recruit new members and market the products. No, you better find out the bad MLM companies on our reviews tab and stay away from them.


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