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List of 22 reasons why people read blogs

There are millions of blogs in the world, each type dedicated to a particular subject. Why do people read them? Here we give you a list of 22 reasons.

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Now, to our list.


People read blogs:


1. To connect with others

2. To seek information in a convenient way


3. To feel sociable and human

a) To have touching life stories

     b) To know others are just like them

     c) To feel normal

4.  To have that personal touch

5To have an alternative to traditional media

6.  To get how-to’s or tips

7. To satisfy their curiosity

8.  To have guidance or seek an opinion

9.  To learn from others’ experience, expertise or piece of advice

10.  To escape the humdrum life

11.  To have fun or personal fulfilment

12.  To get affiliation

13.  To get the breaking news

14.  To have the latest news

15.  To read reviews

16.  To engage in discussions

17.  To have answer to a specific inquiry

18.  To improve themselves

19.  To enjoy good writing

20.  To have authenticity

21.  To have aspiration and/or inspiration

22.  For Reflection

Before You Go

And you, why do you read this and other blogs? We are eager to know in the comment box below. Thank you for your contribution.


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