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List of 32 Things I Wished I Knew When I Started Working Online

We begin every human endeavour somewhere. Then as you progress, you regret some vital experience which would have accelerated your progress. Working online is not an exception.

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This blog post is going to list 32 things, which, had I known them, would have speeded my progress.



Every year many people eagerly step into the arena, sprinting with glee for that glamorous title of a successful online worker to live that lifestyle or dream life.

Sadly, only a small percentage makes it past their dream, with the vast majority parting with their dreams and giving up the idea of making money online altogether.

You need to have adequate preparation and the “coaching” from “the one who has been there before” to help you. For, if you want to know the road ahead, ask those coming back – Chinese proverb.

So, in this article, I’m going to tell you some of the things which, had I known them before, would have made me succeed online long ago. Hopefully they will help you avoid those pitfalls and grow your blog or succeed online quicker.

I’ve just started implementing these things a little over 2 years ago when I started affiliate training with Wealthy Affiliate to create this blog.

I decided to write it all down in a 32-list post and share it with you to help you get new perspective on your own business.

I hope it can, not only help you steer your business online a little easier than I did, but also give you the wisdom to hold on!

Part I: The 8 Foundation Steps to Online Success

1. Create Your Website on the Most Popular and Paid Platform

2. Write Quality Content

3. Take Time to Build Relationships on Social Media

4. Posting on Social Media

5. Build Your List. Build Your List. Build Your List.

6. Use Email Marketing, a Dream Way to Build Your Online Business

7. Email your Subscribers several times a Week

8. Take Note of how you get Leads

Part II: The 13 Supporting Blocks to Success Online

9. Doing Affiliate Marketing Without Reviews (Not advisable)

10. Be the Breaker of News

11. Invest in your Business to Invest in Yourself

12. Help Others to Help Yourself

 13. Brave the Storm and Use a Full Screen Splash

 14. Build Your Traffic with Autoresponders 

 15. Use Paid advertising to promote your Articles and grow your Business

16. Use the Latest Tech Equipment

17. Outsource Non-core Tasks Early and Systematically           

18. Read Steven Pressfield’s “Do The Work

19. Spend 20% of your time learning, 80% of your time DOING

20. Provide far Greater Value than You Charge

21. Simplify your Business to make it more Powerful

Part III: The 11 Pitfalls Lying in Wait for you

22. The Internet Swarms with Scammers         


23. Flexible hours you say?

 24. Your Working Hours will Bring Social Friction

25. Quit Your Comfort Zone to Grow

26. You Earn No Money, Little Money or Lots of Money

27. Ask for Help. Ask for Help. Ask for Help

28. Mind you, you’re in for the Long Haul

29. Above all else, know that you’re a Businessperson

30. Be Prepared to Run Out of Money. Or almost         

31. Don’t quit. Ever

32. Above everything else… HAVE FUN

In Conclusion

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been,” Dr Seuss.

May you avoid these pitfalls in your unbridled desire to succeed online! Safe journey!!

I know I haven’t covered all the bad experiences one can have attempting to work online since each person has a unique experience. Why don’t you tell us about yours to give readers more ways to avoid heartaches and regrets?

Just go to the comments box below and leave your experience there. Thank you.

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