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List of 37 Highly Effective SEO Tips for Bloggers

 This post is a list of 37 highly effective SEO tips for bloggers under 5 basic, 17 intermediate, and 15 advance list of really useful SEO tips for bloggers.

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As a blogger you need highly effective SEO tips.

So we’re going to look at a list of 37 highly effective SEO tips for bloggers. They will be under sub-titles like 5 basic, 17 intermediate, and 15 advance highly effective SEO tips for bloggers.


SEO image with arrows showing its various sub-headings as part of 37 highly effective SEO tips for bloggers
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What is SEO?

As the name suggests, SEO (in full, Search Engine Optimization), means optimizing your blog / website and posts / pages for search engines.


…Why SEO is still important

But, the biggest source of organic traffic to blogs is still the Google search engine.





…How does SEO work?

SEO is a series of tactics which enable you to control on page and off page SEO.

That said, here is a list of 37 highly effective SEO tips for bloggers that you need to start implementing right now.

They are divided into three levels:

  • 5 basic highly effective SEO tips for bloggers
  • 17 intermediate highly effective SEO tips for bloggers
  • 15 advance highly effective SEO tips for bloggers.

We will begin with level one:

Wordpress CMS showing an Add New Post Page as part of list of 37 highly effective SEO tips for bloggers
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     I.        5 Basic list of highly effective SEO tips for bloggers

The first part of highly effective basic SEO tips we’re going to see concerns content matters:

1.      Think about what you’re going to write

2.      Make a structure

3.      Write titles for search engines, but especially for people

4.      Write to solve your audience’s problems

5.      Prefer quality to quantity

         i.            Is content still king?

       ii.            …“Quality content is the President, actually


      iii.            Quality content is what Google rewards

Code HTML digital as part of list of 37highly effective SEO tips for bloggers
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   II.        17 Intermediate list of highly effective SEO tips for bloggers

6.      Learn basic HTML

7.    Configure Robots.txt file in Search Console

8.      Mind your URLs


     iv.            Reset SEO friendly URLs

       v.            Transform those ugly-looking URLs into pretty ones

   vi.        Format your post URL link


9.    Provide tags for your post

    vii.            Meta tags


  viii.            H1 title tag

      ix.            Subheadings H2, H3

       x.            Meta description / snippet

Image optimizing page as part of 37 highly effective SEO tips for bloggers
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10.  Use images and optimize them for SEO

11.  Build links

      xi.            Link internally

    xii.            Build external or outbound links


   xiii.            Get backlinks by guest post blogging on relevant blogs

  xiv.            Get backlinks by writing for article publishing sites

    xv.            Get backlinks through other websites’ broken links

  xvi.            Don’t resort to links manipulation

 xvii.            Create linkable assets

xviii.        Beware of spam backlinks

12.  Usability

13. Protect comment section of your post

14.  The right keywords are the beginning of SEO

 xix.        Do keyword research and target long-tail keywords

    xx.            How can you find such words?

Google serp people also asked for for 37 highly effective SEO tips for bloggers
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Google searches related to section
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Another great tool you can use to find keywords that are relevant to your content is Answer the Public.

Answert the public for SEO
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 xxi.            Finding money making keywords

Your keyword research should include those of commercial intent or buyer keywords.

 xxii.            Focus on long-tail keywords

If you’re in the health advice field you may think using the keyword “health advice” will make you show up higher because lots of people would be searching using “health advice.”

But your blog isn’t probably going to beat the big guns that you see in the top places in the image below.

health advice results on a Google page
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xxiii.            Using your chosen keywords in your content

xxiv.        Maintain the keyword density

 xxv.            Providing more keywords

15. Use Schemas

16.  Implement a structured data markup

Microwavd chicken recipes schemas on a serp page
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The pro tip they gave was: “Check out the schemas you can apply to your website! I’m sure you searched for this kick-ass microwaved chicken recipe. Did you see all those stars, images and stuff?”

And then gave “this simple markup of the recipe for this chicken.”

schema chicken recipe for effective SEO tips for bloggers
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Elephate suggested to use the Structured Data Markup Helper. It will teach you everything about it. Having got the hang of it, you can pick any web page and try different markups yourself.

data markups
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The table below (still from the quoted elephate piece) will help you.


Elephate table
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17.  Have a look at the Google SERP page…

Infant sleep chart
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Google rich results page
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18.  …Then optimize for rich search results

You may find that you need to use schema markup to help your content stand out in the main list of results. Or that you may have to optimize your blog post to aim for the featured snippet.

Rich results
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19. Provide good title, description, and footer text

20.  TF*IDF – The algorithm to rule them all

21.  Monitor your blog’s performance

Progress loading on a website as part of list of 37 highly effective SEO tips for bloggers
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xxvi.            Have a look at your site’s loading speed


xxvii.            Make sure your blog is mobile-friendly

22.  Make your blog’s information architecture neat and simple

Laptop Internet reality of installing plugins as part of 37 highly effective SEO tips for bloggers
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  III.        15 Advance list of highly effective SEO tips for bloggers

23.  Install Yoast SEO plugin

Here are some of the features of the free version:

XML site functionality
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Check Tomek Rudzki’s great article on how to use regex in SEO.

Regex in SEO
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24.  Avoid duplicate posts

Duplicate photo of a man to signify duplicate posts
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To do so, the mainly three ways available to you are given by 11 SEO Tips for Bloggers that I quote:

  • Redirecting duplicated pages
  • Setting a link rel=”canonical” tag (this is a hint for Google as to which webpage is main – “canonical”)
  • Using the parameter handling tool in Google Search Console for some cases, (Crawl ->Url Parameters)

Google search console
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25.  Install Screaming Frog

Elephate gave the data directly available in the application (through tabs) as:

I quote:

Screaming frog
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Google your website title
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26.  Use Google Webmaster Tools

xxviii.            Create Google Search Console for your Blog


xxix.        Set a Preferred Domain

 xxx.            Integrate Google Analytics

27. Get an XML Sitemap

28. Avoid Unnecessary Dilution of Your Page Authority

29. You must try to avoid Google Penalty at all costs

30.  Update old posts to keep them current

31.  Feature Influencers in Your Blog Posts

Adam Riemer photo
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Work in my pyjamas photo
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32.  Build relationships within your niche

33.  Try your hand at different content formats

34.  Build the authority of your blog

35.  Create epic content

36.  Invest in SEO Tools

xxxi.        Keyword research


xxxii.        Rank Tracking


xxxiii.        On-Page SEO


xxxiv.            Link Building


xxxv.            Content Creation

xxxvi.            All-in-one Tools

Do you need free tools from a great source? Then check this post.

37.  Continue to keep an eager eye on SEO updates



It is my hope that these highly effective SEO tips for bloggers have given you a new perspective on how to get search engines to give your blog traffic.

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Now, it’s your turn


So, what are some more highly efficient SEO tips for bloggers I didn’t treat here? Or what do you have to say about this post or sections of it?

Let us know below, and thanks for your valuable contribution.


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