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List of 85+ reasons to start a blog

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Read the abridged article A Summarily List of 85+ reasons to start a blog – Intro & A


Read the whole article 4 Reasons Why I Started My Blog (And 85+ Others I Discovered) – Intro & Part A



When I learnt about blogging way back in 2013, I had only the first 4 reasons for creating a blog. And, when I began, I found 85+ other motivations why people need a blog.



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 A. 4 Reasons Why I Started MyBlog

      1. Little or no costs or experience required to begin

  1. Easy, profitable substitute for traditional work
  1. Opportunity to write and publish regularly
  1. To continue imparting knowledge


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And 85+ Others I Discovered

     B. The Altruistic Motives

  1. To offer people free articles
  1. To help people make online shopping decisions
  2. To inspire others
  3. To help others
  4. To contribute to charity and the community
  5. To connect with like-minded people

11. To influence public opinion or policy


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 C. At the Personal Level

  1. It makes you meet new people online and make friends
  1. It makes you network with new people, especially other bloggers
  1. To add to your insufficient income
  1. To lose your worries about your paycheck
  1. To lose your worries in retirement or about going on retirement
  1. To clear off your debt
  1. To save, invest, buy a house or land

19. To have freedom…

  • …to work from anywhere
  • …to fix flexible working hours
  • …to work at your own pace
  • …to travel around the world
  • …to dedicate more time for yourself
  • …to spend more time with your family


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  1. To ally talents and hobbies
  1. To quit unemployment or underemployment
  1. To lose your worries about the economy
  1. To restore your self-esteem
  1. To make household savings
  1. To trade being “job” (just over broke) for “yob” (your own business)
  1. To avoid being stuck in a dead-end job
  1. To avoid being passed over for wage increases or promotions
  1. To have job security
  1. To avoid embarrassment about talking about your job
  1. To avoid your worry about the future in general
  1. To satisfy your desire to do better, what steps to take
  1. To remake your life
  1. To overcome your frustration at seeing others get ahead faster than you do
  2. To express your thoughts and share your passions

35. To have fun and be creative

  1. It makes you an authority in your industry
  2. To unleash your creative side
  3. To build an online portfolio (Self-promotion as an expert)

39. To get published

  1. To stay in touch with others
  2. To create a record
  3. It makes you knowledgeable…

• …as it makes you learn new things

• …as it gives you new experiences

• … as it can make you acquire valuable new skills

  • … to become an expert at something (Self-branding)
  • …to become authority in your niche


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43. To take up a challenge…

  • …to interact with readers and the community
  • …to discover self

• …to think clearly and deeply

  • …to turn jumbled ideas into a coherent whole
  • …to make you have confidence in yourself

• …to be very observant

  • …to be regular

44. It builds you an audience45

45. To change your life

46. It lands you speaking engagements

47. It gets you consulting deals

48. It brings you freelance writing gigs

49. It can validate your expertise…

• …to replace your resume

  • …to be your new tool to be hired


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50. It can make you happy

51. To ease your suffering

52. To document your life

53. It makes you stand out

54. It can immortalize you

55. It will make you live a more intentional life

56. It will make you adopt healthier life habits

57. It will help you develop a reflex for meaningful details

58. It will make you more tolerant of others’ opinions

59. It will make you known and you’ll be happy to be so

60. It will allow you to make recommendations

61. It gives you quite a rush with positive comments

62. To build authority as a springboard to other goals

63. To boost your success on social networks

64. To create content constantly

65. It will enable you share content on social media

66.  It will embolden you

67.  It will make you find your authentic voice

68. To escape the pressures of corporate life

69.To tell a story your very own way

70. It enables you to document and review your online journey

71. It enables you to create your own PR tool

72. It can reduce stress


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  1. Businesswise

73. It makes you rank in search engines

74. It gives you more exposure

75. To advertise, market or promote your company

76. To build your online brand

77. To transform your brand

78. To boost your offline business

79. To build your professional network

80. To achieve financial success

81. To have an Internet home based business

82. It can give you a business you can sell out profitably tomorrow

83. To benefit from large tax deductions


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N.B.: Not paying your taxes or paying inadequate taxes could get you into serious trouble with the IRS. You even risk a term of imprisonment. Paying too much tax is also not good for your business. So get an expert to handle this task for you.


84. It will make you master of New Information and Communication Technologies

85. To attract an audience

86. To give your company a “soul”

87. It can be helpful for your existing websites to make sales

88. It can grow your other bricks and mortar business

89. To build rapport and engagement




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And you, do you know any other reason why people blog? Kindly leave your comments in the box below.


Read the abridged article A Summarily List of 85+ reasons to start a blog – Intro & A


Read the whole article 4 Reasons Why I Started My Blog (And 85+ Others I Discovered) – Intro & Part A



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