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List of 88 ways to make money online at home free

In the blog post “88 ways to make money online at home free”, I detailed these ways.

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But not everybody will be interested in reading all the 88 ways because interests differ. And although I have broken the ways down into 8, sifting through all the details to get what you want may not appeal to some people.

Hence I decided to list the ways here. Those interested in particular sections may then click the titles to go to the specific post to have more information.

So, let’s go:

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Part I: 5 ways of making money online at home free through writing.

They are:

1: Become a freelance interviewer

2: Review music

3: Write and publish a kindle book

4: Do freelance writing

5: Do other freelance work.

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Part II: 5 means of making money online at home free through marketing.

They are:

6: Become a telemarketer

7: Do affiliate marketing

8: Engage in network marketing

9: Start an ebay business

10: Become a social marketing consultant.

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Part III: 9 methods of making money online at home free through getting paid for doing certain tasks.

Get paid … to:

11: Visit ‘Get Paid To’ sites

12: Ditch Google for Inbox Dollars

13: Test websites

14: Tweet

15: Shop

16: Use Lyft

17: Use your iPhone (smartphone)

18: Search the web

19: Take online surveys. 

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Part IV: 7 modes of making money online at home free if you have certain talents…to:

20: Help people on Fiverr

21: Rent your items on rentalic

22: Be a ChaCha agent

23: Run errands on TaskRabbit

24: Perform tasks as an Amazon Mechanical Turk

25: Be a product demonstrator with Volition

26: Display your arty side with and others. 

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Part V: 15 procedures of making money online at home free through (buying and) selling…

27: Second-hand course books

28: Notes

29: Old CDs and games and movies

30: Your knowledge

31: Photos

32: Domain names

33: Stories and videos

34: Digital photos

35: Vintage items or widgets on,

36: Articles

37: Stuffs on eBay

38: Out your closet

39: Cars

40: Services at fiverr

41: Books from Thrift stores using Bookscouter.

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Part VI: 5 steps of making money online at home free through renting out things…

… such as your:

42: Car

43: Parking space

44: House

45: Body

46: Home on AirBNB.

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Part VII: 15 moves of making money online at home free through using your skills:

47: As an online juror

48: As an online guide

49: To dish out answers

50: To be a cyber-crafter

51: To be a tutor

52: To create Facebook graphics or Pages

53: To build websites for others

54: To design web logos

55: To design banner ads

56: To complete jobs on

57: To teach classes online

58: To make accurate prodictions

59: To source property for wealthy investors

60: To be an extra, act as a virtual assistant

61: To advertise your other skills.

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Part VIII: 27 ideas of making money online at home free through various other means…

such as:

62: Accomplishing various tasks at Swagbucks

63: Freebie trading

64: A virtual call center agent

65: A customer-service rep

66: Starting your own website

67: Starting a business doing what you love

69: Blogging

70: Writer editor proofreader

71: Raising money online

72: Finding odd-jobs on Craigslist

73: Making money by viewing ads on your Android Lock Screen

74: A mystery shopper

75: Selling plasma or taking part in medical studies

76: No-risk matched betting

77: Social investment networks

78: Mobile phone recycling

79: The ‘Disney Vault’ Secret

80: Entering competitions

81: Claiming tax back

82: Getting cashback when shopping

83: A part-time job

84: Working as a charity collector

85: Babysitting

86: Dog walking

87: Busking

88: YouTube videos.

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That’s it, the 88 ways for you to make money at home without spending a dime.

Is there a way you know that is not listed here? Let me know in the comment box below.

Or do you have any other comment to make on this post. We gladly welcome them. Thank you.


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  1. Wow you have a long list of ideas here. Some of them I’ve never even thought about. It might be a good idea to explain how to go about getting started with some of these. But then again, that’s what google is for! lol Just a suggestion 🙂 Great article though!!

  2. Hello,
    So much ways to make money online! I think that it’s better to focus on just one way which works and choose one of them.
    As there are a lot of ways to make money offline, there are also a lot of ways to make money offline.
    I am currently focusing on affiliate marketing. I choose affiliate marketing because it can make passive income and this is what I am seeking.


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