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List of all about content matters

What is web content?

Lou Rosenfeld and Peter Morville defined it as “…‘the stuff in your Web site.’”

It is textual, visual and aural.

It may include HTML, documents, data, applications, e-services, images (graphics), audio (sound) and video files (images), personal Web pages, archived e-mail messages, animations, and many other forms of file and data systems found in websites and web pages.

A man keyboarding on a laptop on whose screen is the word BLOG to signify content matters
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The page concept

Web content as a “page” became blurred when individuals began creating and owning a Mosaic page which they often called a “home page” or “Web page”.

Types of web content

Essentially, we have two types of Web content:

Text web content


Multimedia web content

Definitions of the parts of the types of the web content

The parts of a web page are:






Content management

With content author, editor, publisher, administrator, and a content management system.

Organizing content

Content must be organized as to make it visitor- or reader-friendly. Hence, the site must be easy to navigate.

Geo targeting of web content

Some sites resort to Geo targeting, geolocation software, metro code/zip code, Internet Protocol (IP) address, ISP or other criteria, is determined (geolocation).

Quality content, 9 ways to ensure it

To write quality content you must:

  1. Create Original Content
  2. Create Strong Headlines
  3. Create actionable Content 
  4. Create problem-solving content
  5. Create content based on facts
  6. Create Content that is Engaging and Thought Provoking:
  • Providing a great introduction
  • Asking questions
  • Using anecdotes and stories


7. Create content that contains Images and Video

8. Create content that is short and to the point

9. Create content continually


Quality content, 9 sources to find it

  1. Bulletin board or a guest book
  2. Feature Articles
  3. Articles of other authors or other websites
  4. Multimedia
  5. Searching for the best Content
  6. Reviewing products and companies
  7. Collecting newsworthy items
  8. Conducting interviews
  9. Interacting with your website visitors

5 Tools for collecting interactive data

  • a) Polls and Surveys
  • b) Feedback
  • c) Group discussion
  • d) Forums
  • e) Chat Rooms

4 people from whom to get Content for your Website

  1. Yourself
  2. Guest contributors
  3. Content Providers
  4. Syndicating or Licensing Content providers

The last word on website content creation

  1. Imbue your site with your personality
  2. Write simply for the web reader
  3. Mind your Spelling and Grammar
  4. Check your Style
  5. Experiment and grow

To round up, Is Content really King?

Although Andrew Odlyzko argues otherwise, content makes your website visitors content and keeps them coming back for more.

Should you have something to add to this discussion, why don’t you scroll down to the comment box and say it? I will be happy to reply you.

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