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List of top 55 reasons to engage in affiliate marketing

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There are literally hundreds of ways to go about gaining money online.

Check the most popular ways of making money online here.

But I suggest that you engage in affiliate marketing and this blog post will give you a list of 55 reasons.



What is affiliate marketing and how does it work?


The affiliate marketing industry has four main actors: the business (also known as the ‘merchant’, ‘company’, ‘retailer’ or ‘brand’), the network (which can also be an affiliate company), the publisher (also known as the ‘affiliate’), and the customer.

So, in this type of marketing based on performance, a business (having products or services to sell) rewards an affiliate (a person signed up with it to promote the products or services) for each visitor or customer brought (who takes a desired action) through the marketing efforts of the affiliate.


Does Affiliate Marketing work?

A lot of people have become highly successful in the affiliate marketing business but many others too have got sucked in. But the truth is that affiliate marketing works. But like every worthwhile human endeavour you need to do your part well to succeed. Remember that manna no longer falls from heaven. It is in the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread.

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With that said, now let’s see some great benefits to being engaged in the affiliate marketing business.



  1. It is free to sign up


  1. It is easy to sign up


  1. Anyone can register


  1. You can start immediately on signing up


  1. You can work from your own home


  1. You can start with zero to little costs


  1. You work for yourself


  1. You work at your own pace


  1. You don’t have to create any products


  1. You don’t have to produce any sales materials


    11. You have the choice of a wide variety of products


  1. You get generous (and sometimes, recurring) commissions


   13. You’re rewarded with cool remuneration methods


The way you’re paid depends on the merchant’s method of remuneration, which could be one of the following:


Pay-per-Sale (PPS)

Pay-per-Click (PPC)

Pay-per-Lead (PPL)



  1. You earn at all hours


    15. You can develop it into something awesome


     16. You don’t have to worry about shipping


  1. You don’t need customer support


    18. You can have fun checking the competition


    19. You can live comfortably on it


  1. You learn to adapt to new developments


   21. You get constant training


  1. You become an expert


    23. You get new, wider, and targeted audience


You are exposed to a new audience

You are exposed to a wider audience

You are exposed to a targeted audience


  1. You hone your writing skills


  1. You expand your writing style



You adapt to different products


  1. You enhance your reputation, credibility and authority


Enhances your reputation

Enhances your credibility

Enhances your authority


  1. You impact everything social media


Earns you social media mentions

Stimulates social media shares

Offers networking opportunities with the affiliate company or the merchant


  1. Your content goes viral


  1. You build backlinks


  1. You expand your network


Fosters contacts with bloggers, marketers and niche influencers

Offers networking opportunities with influencers


  1. You get instant, more and high-quality targeted traffic


Gets you traffic instantly

Increases your traffic

Brings you high-quality targeted traffic


  1. You get inspiration


  1. You get outreach and feedback with communities


  1. You venture into related niches


    35. You build and enhance your portfolio


  1. You get partnership opportunities


  1. You expose and spread your brand awareness


You earn brand mentions

You increase your brand awareness


  1. You broaden your outlook


  1. You build your relationships and online influence


You build relationships with affiliate companies and their affiliates

You meet like-minded individuals in your industry

Makes you meet influential people and build your own online influence

Impacts the lives of others


  1. You enhance your resume


  1. You get potential/new customers


You sharpen your marketing, advertising and promotion skills

You shorten the sales cycle

You bring in qualified leads/new potential customers


  1. You get new subscribers

  1. You enhance your goodwill


  1. You build your personal name recognition


  1. You make extra income sometimes


Earns you money writing for some sites


  1. You get influencers to guest post for you


  1. Builds you the hype


  1. Raises your ego


  1. You become more creative and productive


  1. It’s easy for you to become a merchant


  1. You are subjected to minimal promotional restrictions


  1. You have no limitations on products


  1. You get help & support


  1. You have access to search options


  1. You get training/tools


Check Pictorial tour: Wealthy Affiliate training and tools for one of the great places to get training and tools for affiliate marketing.

Check Useful Advice for New Clickbank Affiliates.


Concluding remarks: Ready to take the plunge?


People are afraid of the future, the unknown. If a man faces up to it, and takes the dare of the future, he can have some control over his destiny. That’s an exciting idea to me. Better than waiting with everybody else to see what’s going to happen,” John Glenn, Jr., Astronaut, U.S. Senator.   



And when things are going smoothly for you, don’t forget:


If your outgo exceeds your income, then your upkeep becomes your downfall,” Jim Roh,; Author, “Seven Strategies For Wealth, Success And Happiness.


What this means is invest the maximum of your earnings back into the business until such time that it is earning you passive income then you can live like a King.  


Do you know of any other reason to do affiliate marketing? Or do you have general comments to make on this post? Just scroll down and let us hear you! Thank you.



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Click here to read the whole article Top 55 reasons why you should engage in affiliate marketing business

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