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LR Health and Beauty Systems

Today’s article will be about LR Health and Beauty Systems.

This is a new age multi-level marketing company and we are excited to be doing a review on them.


LR image UPGRADE YOUR LIFE to signify LR health and beauty systems
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They are the new kids on the block so to speak and they are making waves in the MLM industry, quickly becoming Europe’s leader in direct sales.

But who are they and what are their products?

We will take a look at that and everything else involving this company in the MLM niche. And then we will give you our view of what we think about this opportunity.



So let us begin on our review journey!


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The company


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LR Health is a privately traded company that is in the health and beauty niche.

They were founded in 1995 in Ahlen, Germany and Andreas Friesch is the company’s CEO.

They are number 56 on the list of the top 100 multi-level marketing companies in the world. With annual sales of 0.31 billion dollars, they are in the list of top 10 multi-level companies in Germany.

As stated above, they are also the leading direct sales company in all of Europe.


The Products


LT health and beauty products range
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This company’s products are well-known worldwide and are best sellers everywhere they are sold.

The product line includes perfumes, skincare products, cosmetics, nutritional supplements and many more.

One product line everyone is familiar with is their exclusive line of Aloe Vera based products. These are popular with women with brand names LR Zeitgard, LR Lifetakt, and LR Aloe Vera.

They also offer an exclusive line of men’s products, one of the only entities in their niche to do so.

All of these products are tested in laboratories worldwide. They are cruelty-free and have won recognition and various other awards around the world.

Products offered by this company are also heavily endorsed by the likes of Bruce Willis and Heidi Klum.

We are liking this company so far!

With a product line like this, we are very confident they live up to our standards of having a safe, quality product that they put first, above their MLM program as this is where a great company starts.

Let’s move on to the next important step of a good MLM company!

The business model

When looking up their business model we went right to their website and found the following quote which they claim is their mission statement.

“Give every individual on the planet the chance to better their quality of life with innovative and high-quality products, an attractive business model for sales partners, and numerous opportunities for all employees.”

What an awesome statement! And it is in the correct order of what makes a true MLM strong and dependable!

Let’s dig in a bit deeper.

The website also presents new members with 3 reasons to work with them.

1. Appreciation – You will become a fully-fledged LR partner with bonus trips, world tours and membership in the company’s unique car concept.

2. Equal opportunities – Every single partner gets a chance at total success with the company. The company does not care where you have been, they care about where you are headed!

3. Freedom – You will be your own boss and free to set your own goals.

They boast that the way to achieve success in this company is by using their tried and tested network marketing program supported by their quality product line.

Cars program

The company offers cars
as an incentive for hard work and has already handed out over 18000 cars worldwide and counting.

Your events

The company sponsors events
and parties worldwide. They also have an annual convention and training seminars, all available to their partners.

By being a partner you will be enjoying 40 percent commissions on all sales and an MLM program second to none.

This sounds almost too good to be true. But after reading personal reviews online they all pretty much say the same thing: this company is for real!

Not only do their partners make a living distributing their products, but many of them are also self-made millionaires!

Now that is pretty impressive!

What we really like, and we touched on this above, is the fact that they have events all over the world. And also that they offer sponsored trips for their members, and really promote sharing the experience of success.

According to their website, these events and parties are full of the best entertainment and food available. And they are big hits among their workers.

The pros

  • Excellent established company
  • Well respected company in their niche
  • Outstanding products
  • Major sponsorship
  • Exclusive product line
  • Tops in their niche in distributorship
  • Incredible compensation plan
  • Trips
  • Cars
  • Full training

The cons

Well, we tried, but could not find a single con and this is very odd for any review we have ever written. But the fact of the matter is they simply are this good!

Our view

This is one of the finer multi-level marketing companies we have reviewed. There is no doubt that we are very excited about what we have found.

LR Health and Beauty Systems are the real deal as far as MLM companies go.

They put their products first. And then they put their emphasis on their members by setting them up for success.

They know that if their members are successful, they will also be successful. And that is priceless in an MLM company.

We give them a huge thumbs up and highly recommend working with this company, both for beginners and for well established MLM marketers!

Thanks for checking out our review and be sure to check out our other reviews posted under our reviews tab.

If you have any questions or just want to leave a comment please do so below in the comments section as we always want to hear from our readers.

And until next time, happy marketing!


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8 thoughts on “LR Health and Beauty Systems”

  1. This is the first time that I have heard of LR Health and Beauty, thank you so much for your review. This is the first MLM that provides car for their employee which I find that it is meat, they really want to set you up for success. Is there an annual fee or the monthly fee that we have to pay when you join? Is it a paid training? Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Nuttanee,

      I’m glad that my review has enabled you to know of LR Health and Beauty. Thank you too for your comment. Maybe this is the first MLM that provides car for their employee that you have come across. But I wrote about Mary Kay in the review Selling Mary Kay in which I wrote the following:

      In 1968 Mary purchased a brand new Cadillac from a Dallas Dealer and had it pained the same shade of pink as one of her products.

      She then rewarded her top five sellers in 1970 with their very one Cadillacs.

      To date, GM claims they have made over 100.000 custom Cadillacs for the company. That is a few cars!

      The company has expanded its car rewards to multiple sales level goals for its distributors and has expanded its car choices to BMWs, Malibus and even Mustangs.

      That is a pretty good incentive program to have!”

      To join LR Health and Beauty System, No monthly minimum sales and consequently no time pressure. No minimum order value (except for your first order) and thus no risk.

      You buy LR products online from us and get them delivered to your doorstep. No storage space required no additional costs.

  2. Interesting review, Akoli. Well, I must say, a lot of things checks out for this company. Being in business for more than 20 years certainly gives them a level of credibility though it is not always the case. Then endorsement from the legendary Bruce Willis and super model Heidi Klum definitely makes this all the more interesting. Truth is, these popular figures would not risk their reputation over a product/brand that does not actually check out. LRs quality control is another point worthy of note. This is exciting for me because I just might have found a true brand to actually represent.

    Thanks for sharing

    • Hi Leo,

      Thanks for appreciating my review. Yes, this company has a lot going for it. Certainly, the longer a company is in business the more credibility they have. For, how can you maintain a company for over 20 years if customers were not supporting you through purchases? This company has gone on to get endorsement from legendary figures. As you said, these people would not stand behind anything that was not worth their reputation. I agree with you that this is a brand to actually represent.

  3. As one who is not the biggest MLM fan I’m glad to see one that’s worthwhile here in LR Health and Beauty Systems. That they have no cons is pretty outstanding. Appreciation, equal opportunities and freedom are definitely things that I look for in these types of companies. Cars and events are also added bonuses for sure. With no cons I will definitely share your post with some people I know who are into MLMs. Great review and keep up the good work!

    • Hi there,

      Yes, a person who is not fan of MLM companies would be surprised to find one that goes beyond their expectations. We were ourselves surprised to find that this company has no cons. This is extremely rare for an MLM company. Even for any company at all. Yes, feel at ease to share this post with people. They’d appreciate you for that. And thanks for the encouragement.

  4. Hey, I enjoy while reading on LR Health and Beauty System. Now a days everyone is very conscious about their health. While reading your full review I found that if their members are successful, they will also be successful. And that is priceless in an MLM company. Both product and business model are awesome for everyone and anyone can become successful by putting their efforts.

    • Hey Parveen,

      I’m happy that you liked my review. Yes, maybe being in the health and beauty sector also helped this company to succeed. Besides, any company that has the mentality of “if our members are successful, we will also be successful” is bound to succeed. This is because they will do everything for their members to succeed. And that success will reflect on them. Yes, the product and business model are awesome but that is not enough for success. Efforts are needed.


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