Making Money with Common Types of Affiliate Marketing Channels

Most affiliates leverage different marketing channels to make their audience remain engaged and receptive to purchase the products they promote. They are reviews, email marketing and outreach, video and social media marketing, webinars, influencers, paid search focused microsites and large media websites.

Affiliate marketing channel of pushcart, dollar bill, customers, etc.
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The real money is being made online in affiliate marketing and our number one recommendation can walk you through everything you will need to get started building your own online business. And you can start today for free!


This blog post will be divided into two parts:

  • Common types of affiliate marketing channels, and
  • How to make money with these affiliate marketing channels

Common Types of affiliate marketing channels

We will look at 10 types:

#1: Offer engaging reviews

Smart affiliate marketers are always on the lookout for unique ways to share their affiliate links and maximize their income.

Savvy online buyers are also seeking ways and means to protect their precious identity and hard-earned money.

Why not when scam online is so high that people exercise double caution before buying things on the net. To be able to do that, they depend on word-of-mouth and reviews to make an informed decision.

To help your audience stay safe, you should devise novel and interesting ways of reviewing products and services.

Make sure to offer them (neutral) reviews before encouraging them to make the purchase, even from you.

What this strategy does is increase brand awareness and make you come across as reliable. And so you attract new customers to your affiliate marketing activities.

To be convinced about the efficacy of reviews to sell goods, check this guy who reviews Hot Wheels tracks and cars.

Seen the importance of this strategy, we have set up a reviews page on our website.

While reviews work well, the comparison of one product with a direct competitor is a special kind of review that usually does really well:

#2: Product Reviews rank well

Is your affiliate marketing blog bringing you rankings and letting you make commissions?


Then stop writing the usual affiliate marketing articles. Or at least, reduce writing that kind of stuff.


That space is heavily overcrowded.

So, focus your time and energy on turning out produce and MLM reviews.

They bring easy rankings and easy commissions.

But things are not that simple.

If your reviews aren’t genuinely helpful, people will not spend their precious time reading them. They will feel it if you’re out there just to make a quick buck, and they hate that idea.

As Pat Flynn says in his affiliate marketing guide, involved affiliate marketing is the most profitable. For the fact that you can relate to the product rather than simply promoting it to make loads of money.

The question here is: How can you even credibly promote a product you haven’t used?

So, actually purchase the products and test them. This way you will know them in and out and write better about them. This is the strategy which really explains the Wirecutter’s success:

What if you’re just starting and not have money to buy products?

You will certainly have something at home you can start with.

Thus, the owner of a tech blog could create reviews on the gadgets they already own.

See evidence of the effectiveness of product reviews.

See how MLM reviews took this affiliate marketer from 0 to 2000 Traffic in 5 Months.

When you write reviews, make sure to link to the products with your
affiliate link.

#3: Email Marketing is crucial for your business

Does email marketing still work?

Is email marketing not dead?

Email marketing is a tried-and tested method of marketing products. So you must learn and start using it right from the very beginnings of your affiliate marketing business.

Maybe there are several hundred or a little above a thousand visitors coming to your blog. Most of these people may not come back to your blog again. Some may want to but if they did not bookmark it, they could forget the address or the name.

The solution is to put up a mailing list subscription on your blog for interested people to sign up to your updates.

It is then possible to have hundreds of viewers subscribed to your blog after a few months.

When you build quite a list of engaged subscribers, that will be enough customers for you to earn a full-time affiliate income.

Do this now so that you won’t later have to write something like “32 Things that I Wished I Knew When I Started Affiliate Marketing”.

Having built your email list, you can communicate with your readers whenever you wish.

Thus, you can send them new content and keep them hankering for more.

This, of course, will keep your fans engaged and lead to more affiliate clicks and sales.

There’s nothing as good for the two sides as letting your lists know of affiliate promotions:

(Image source: Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: 7 Steps to Success)

See Also: How to Promote Affiliate Products to Your Email List

How to build an email list

To build an email list, you need to persuade visitors to your site to sign up. You can do this by offering them something valuable in return for their personal details.

But there are plenty of ways to get subscribers to sign up to your list. You can offer a free eBook, a software, an email course, a special review video, etc.

With designrr I create eBook lead magnets as easily as saying 1, 2, 3 and faster than you can recite all the letters of the alphabet.

You can find them here.

The latest I’m giving away is this one below. 198 pages long!

Would you like to have it? Click on this link

Ways to collect emails from your website visitors

Here are three dummy ways to do it:

i: Install Hello Bar

Hello Bar is tool which displays a call to action on the topside of your website where visitors cannot miss it.

(Image source: Affiliate Marketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide)

When they click on the program, the visitors are sent to the page where they can enter their email in exchange for the lead magnet.

Below is an example of Hello Bar installed on a website with a “subscribe” link on the navigation bar:

(Image source: Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: 7 Steps to Success)

ii: Create Exit Gate

You can also use Hello Bar to create an exit gate.

This is a popup that will cover the entire screen when visitors are about to exit your site.

Then it asks for their details.

You can also use Hello Bar to redirect people to your lead magnet where you can get their email addresses.

iii: Use Sidebar Widget

Many blogs have a sidebar. Others, including mine, don’t.

If yours has one, then lucky you.

Just place your call to action there.

There are other novel ways to do this.

Ahrefs, for instance, display a slide-in box at the end of every article:

(Image source: Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: 7 Steps to Success)


When I first started building an email list, I treated subscribers as a permanently acquired property. Hardly did I suspect that once people signed up, they were not mine forever. I learnt it the hard way when they unsubscribed in droves.

So, when you have subscribers, make sure that you keep them engaged, by sending them regular updates, ideally once a week.

With my blog RSS feed embedded in my AWeber autoresponder account, every single post on my blog is automatically mailed out to my lists.

While it’s important to be in constant contact with your list, don’t go all “salesy” over them. There’s no better to lose them faster than the speed of light.

Instead, every now and then, send your subscribers a specific call to action to buy a product.

#4: Never ever neglect Video Marketing

People have different preferences for taking in information.

While some prefer the written word, others adore listening to recorded messages and much more are hinged on the audiovisual way of information dissemination.

For the affiliate marketer, video is the ideal marketing tool in the present visually-oriented and socially-connected world. No wonder YouTube has become the second largest search engine after Google.

No doubt, written reviews allow readers to judge the product they need for solving their problems. But what video reviews further do is to enable the viewer to see the details of the product and also check out its features to their satisfaction.

You must therefore make stunning videos and upload them to YouTube, Vimeo and the other video platforms.

Optimize your videos for SEO, and make sure to include affiliate links in your video description.

If you’re inserting affiliate links on your YouTube videos, don’t forget to include the affiliate disclosure in the description:

 (Image source: Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: 7 Steps to Success)


Image source: 10 video marketing statistics you need to know

#5: Use Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing with its various facets like line search, cloud platform, formed into an image
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 With over 4.14 billion people across the planet using social media in October 2020, equating to 53 percent of the total global population, social network is the largest market on earth.

Based on publicly available data up to 19 October 2020, 18 social media platforms have 300 million
or more monthly active users*:

  1. Facebook has 2.701 billion monthly active users.
  2. YouTube¹ has 2 billion
    monthly active users.
  3. WhatsApp has 2 billion
    monthly active users.
  4. Facebook Messenger¹ has 1.3 billion monthly active users.
  5. WeChat (inc. Weixin 微信) has 1.206 billion
    monthly active users.
  6. Instagram’s² potential advertising reach is roughly 1.16 billion.
  7. TikTok has 689 million
    monthly active users.
  8. QQ (腾讯QQ) has 648 million monthly active users.
  9. Douyin (抖音) has 600 million
    monthly active users
  10. Sina Weibo has 523 million monthly active users.
  11. QZone has 517 million
    monthly active users.
  12. Snapchat’s² potential advertising reach is roughly 433 million.
  13. Reddit has 430 million
    monthly active users.
  14. Kuaishou (快手) has 430 million
    monthly active users
  15. Pinterest has 416 million monthly active users.
  16. Telegram has 400 million monthly active users.
  17. Twitter’s² potential advertising reach is roughly 353 million.
  18. Quora has 300 million
    monthly active users.

Source: Global social media overview

Individuals, businesses, governments, and other organizations all use social media, especially Facebook and Twitter, to broadcast messages in real-time.

For affiliate marketers social media channels are also ideal because they enable you to put products in front of all sorts of audiences. It is thus essential that anyone in affiliate marketing work hard to expand their social media footprint so that they could pitch their products all over the world!

But note!

It’s true that social media platforms offer great opportunities to reach your ideal customers. But they are built primarily for social interactions and not for doing business. People on social media are also there for interactions and not for looking for things to buy.

You must therefore take the time to build relationships with people before trying to sell anything to them. When you do that they will welcome your sales moves. Any other way will put them off. And of course, that will be opportunity lost.

Visual platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., are especially indicated for promoting affiliate products. You can show your audience features of the product as well as how it works.

#6: Use live webinars to educate your audience

Let’s say you are looking for the best keyword research tool. Here are two ways to get it:

  1. Reading a review of it on a blog
  2. Seeing a live presentation of it in a webinar

Which of them will be more susceptible to make you purchase the tool?

The second, of course!

And this is what makes webinars so awesome.

They not only let you see the product in action, but the presenter is at hand to answer any questions participants have.

And then they make a live call-to-action, and often propose a reduction for all those who attended the webinar!

A tool like LeadPages or AWeber can help you create a simple landing page where people can sign up for your webinar.

Neil Patel uses Leadpages in this regard. See an example below:

(Image source: Affiliate Marketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide)

He also uses the same tool for his webinars.

People need enough time to sign up for your webinar. So, Neil suggests you promote your webinar on social media for a week in advance.

At the due date, you host a Google hangout to stream your webinar live to your audience.

(Image source: Youtube)

During the webinar you can engage with the attendees one on one, show live the product or service that you’re promoting and answer any questions they may have.

According to Affiliate Marketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide, “You can:

  • present the product’s features
  • show different use cases of the product
  • talk about its benefits and drawbacks
  • tell people your personal history with the product
  • help your audience get the most out of it

You don’t know how to host a webinar with a Google Hangout?

It takes less than 10 minutes. Check it in this video.

I usually equate the state of mind of people who attend a webinar to that of those who participate in a political rally of their favorite candidate.

They become fired up! Especially after learning all that your product can do for them.

I’ve often found myself attend webinars where the speaker announced an affiliate link or free gift at the end.

This put me in such an expectant mood that I wanted nothing more than the end!

And when that moment came, I feverishly grabbed the link to the affiliate product or to the freebie.

This came about because the product or service was a soft sell
and the acceptance of it came naturally. Why not when I’d just been convinced during the great talk about the necessity to have the product!

But it doesn’t always go that way.

I’ve attended other webinars where I gleefully took down the link to the product but still did not purchase it.

What this shows is that you don’t feel forced to buy anything.

This could be due to the fact that after taking the time to make up your mind, you saw that the purchase wasn’t really necessary. This could be because you saw no need for it or you lacked financial resources.

Generally less number of people than those who attend a webinar purchase the product.  That is why the influencer’s influencer Neil Patel advised to bore through consumers’ armor of resistance to buy.


By getting your merchant to give you a special deal for your audience such as discounts or special bundles.

Merchants don’t hesitate to do this since they know you’re going to get their product in front of a couple hundred engaged people.

Such special deals have incentivized me to buy products that I’m always despondent to discover on my laptop while searching for something else.

#7: Use affiliate marketing influencers

Influencer writen in black on a white telephone screen against a white-black striped background
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An affiliate influencer is a successful affiliate marketer having powers to produce effects on their followers. Thus, they can motivate the purchasing decisions of a group of consumers.

This individual boasts an impressive following that they can direct to the products being promoted by the affiliate marketer because they listen religiously to them and also trust in their recommendations.

The influencer does this through social media posts, blog publications, and other interactions with their followers against a cut of the sales they helped to generate.

Like social media marketing, before approaching an influencer you must build up a relationship with them.

This consists in following them on social media and liking, sharing and commenting on their shares and blog posts.

This way, they get to know you so that when you approach them, they are not left wondering who you are, which may not make them accept your offer for collaboration.

#8: Use email outreach

Learn to properly use email outreach to work with other bloggers and influencers.

To gather people’s contact information, use a tool like ContactOut or Voila Norbert. Then send them personalized emails for guest blogging and other affiliate opportunities like joint ventures.

What we said at the end of the section on the above point is also valid here. Don’t contact people cold. Build relations with them first so that they get to know you.

#9: Use paid search focused microsites

In affiliate marketing you can develop and monetize microsites to make more sales. The ads are run on an influencer’s site or on the sponsored listings of a search engine.

Being sponsored ads, they are distinct and separate from the partner’s main site.

Using more focused, relevant content targeted at a specific audience, microsites generate increased conversions by means of their simple and straightforward call to action.

#10: Use large media websites

These websites produce an enormous amount of traffic, easily an audience in the millions.

An affiliate marketer can approach them to promote products and services to their massive audience using banners and contextual affiliate links.

By offering huge exposure, large media websites do really improve conversion rates which bring the affiliate unbelievable revenues.

This certainly must be what Neil Patel calls digital billboards.

Now that you have seen some common types of affiliate marketing channels, we will now turn our attention to how best to make money with them.

How to make money with affiliate marketing channels

Affiliate marketing channels like trolley, customers, megaphone, etc.
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Here we are going to talk of 15 pieces of advice, which, if you ally them with the channels, will make you a happy affiliate.

#1: It takes time to make money

Make money with bust of affiliate + computer screen = yellow dolla sign
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I know it’s no comfort asking a person living in an area hit by famine to exercise patience for food would eventually arrive.

But even when relief food items ate finally shipped, they need time to be conveyed to where they are needed.

It will take time to distribute the food to the needy. And hungry as they are, the recipients of the relief items are not going to eat the raw food. They need time to prepare it.

The same with affiliate marketing business. Making money won’t happen overnight, nor next week, nor even next month for that matter.

Give it time just as you would food in the famine case.

But this is not an invitation to rest on your laurels.

Work, but be patient.

#2: What if you made money early?

It is not ruled out that you may make money in your first week.

Should that happen, know that it is an exception, not the rule. In this case count yourself as one of the luckiest affiliate marketers that ever lived.

Should you hear of people in such a situation, know that wonders never end. But don’t hope that will be your case.

If it is, fine. If it isn’t, don’t fret over it. Just keep on working.

#3: Go for recurring commissions

COMMISSION written in middle of cubes
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Which one would you be happy about?

Getting a commission of $175 one time or receiving $175 over and over again from just one sale?

No doubt, $175 one time is not a bad thing at all, but getting $175 month after month is far better.

See how to get recurring commissions here.

#4: Promote high ticket items

A large number of affiliate marketers promote products or services which pay commission as low as $10 because they think there is a large market for products with such commissions.

While it is true that it takes much more effort to sell a product paying $1000 in commission as compared to a $10 one, know that it does not take 100x more effort.

Which one will be easier to pull off? Selling 100 products to make $1000 or selling just one for that amount?

That’s the argument in favor of promoting high ticket items.

See Highest Paying Affiliate Programs.

You can also earn big commissions by referring visitors to BigCommerce and earn 200% of the purchaser’s first monthly payment or $1,500 per enterprise customer.

#5: Join the right affiliate program

Members ID photos with a target pointed in the middle for join the right affiliate program
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There are so many affiliate programs that it would be madness just to try to list them here. It’s not for that reason that you’ll rush to choose anything just because you’re in a hurry to make money.

You may fall into the trap of scammers.

So take your time and pick the right affiliate program. That is, one which is legit and trustworthy.

You do not want to go running after people for money you’ve worked so hard to earn. Or worse, lose your money even before you start.

Reviews and ratings will help you choose the right affiliate program.

#6: Promote products from many different merchants

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket is a phrase coined years ago. If it has withstood the test of time, it is because there is truth in it.

It is good to start your affiliate marketing business with one affiliate program. But you must not stick to it only.

After you have mastered that program, you should add another merchant, still in your niche. You may even branch off into a similar niche when you’ve nailed down all the basics of affiliate marketing.

This will not only bring you more money but also secure your financial future.

#7: Your insurance is in diversification

Left arm holding a house, right one holding a couple and above a VW beetle car to signify insurance
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Another good reason why you must not promote just one affiliate program is that if it winds up its activities or changes its policies to something which doesn’t favor affiliates, then you’re done.

Don’t count on the company’s reputation, financial solidity, number of years in business, and great products or services.

Although important, they are not enough insurance for affiliates.

Where are Blockbuster, Polaroid, Toys R Us, Pan Am, Borders, PetsDotCom, Tower Records, Compaq, General Motors, Kodak today?

Read their stories here.

#8: Diversification ensures multiple incomes streams

Too much of everything is bad. But we know that there’s an exception to every rule.

This is one of them.

Building multiple sources of affiliate commissions is the surest way to survive in the affiliate marketing business for the long term. Should one source dry up, you have something to ensure you stay afloat.

#9: Blog to increase conversions

Content is King with related words like Online Marketing, Google + SEO formed into a crown
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If you write SEO-optimized posts, publish them on a well-designed blog, and share the content to your social media accounts, chances are that they will rank organically in search engine queries.

Searchers using your keywords will find them, come over to your site and view your offer. The more visitors that click your affiliate link, the more people that will be funneled to the merchant’s site to consider the offer. The more people that consider the offer, the more of them may buy it.

This is how blogging enables the affiliate marketer to increase conversions.

To be successful, the blogger must purchase the product or service, use it and then write a comprehensive review about it.

This effectively promotes the brand, driving traffic to the vendor’s site where it could be converted into a sale.

See how to get rankings through a search engine using content marketing on a blog.

What you can earn in your affiliate marketing business depends on your niche, your experience, your contacts, and the amount of work you put in.

#10: How much money can you make as an affiliate marketer?

Some niches convert very well and others are difficult. Make sure you work in niches which will assure you good business.

In any activity, the more experienced you are, the more efficient you will be. And the more efficient you are, the more productive you will be.

We also told you to use social media marketing, affiliate marketing influencers, email outreach (bloggers and influencers), and merchants. The more of these contacts you have, it goes without saying that the more money you will make.

I was once reading the secrets of rich people, their habits which set them apart from poor people. And one of the recipe was that they work hard and methodically.

Rich people wake up early and go over their plan for the day. And, at the end of the day, they assess their day’s work and plan for the next. An important aspect is that they write down each night, a list of the ten most important things they want to get done the next day, in order of their importance. Then they force themselves to get the first item on the list done before moving on to the next one. They check off each item as they finish it.

That is how rich people have a productive day as the consultant Ivy Lee taught Charles Schwab, the top executive running Andrew Carnegie’s steel mills during the Industrial Revolution.

What about poor people?

They don’t crawl out of bed except when it is time to go to work and they spend their after-working day drinking beer at the club and playing billiard. Quite an unproductive day.

Concerning affiliate marketing, newbie affiliate marketers make nothing to a few dollars. this It would not be uncommon to receive a check like this:

(Image source: Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: 7 Steps to Success)

You shouldn’t be discouraged by this. The longest journey always begins with a single step. While you won’t earn the big bucks right off the bat, it may come one day, if you keep on working well.

The most successful affiliate marketers now making six or seven figures a month also started small earning similar micro-checks. Go read their stories to be convinced.

The successes stories of these people show that with hard work, time, and the right knowledge, you too can potentially make it to those enviable heights.

Just imagine.

In December 2017, Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income made over $105,000 in affiliate commissions.

(Image source: Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: 7 Steps to Success)

Here are others:

In October 2019, Ryan Robinson, another affiliate marketer, reported over $19,000 in affiliate revenue.

A successful affiliate website—The Wirecutter—made an estimated $10 million in revenue, and got eventually sold to the New York Times for $30 million!

Of course, it didn’t take these people overnight to make these figures. They have done an excellent preliminary job and years of hard, patient work to build their brands.

How much can you earn in a year as a successful affiliate?

Affiliate income fluctuates. An affiliate marketer can make anything from $5 in commissions in a month to millions of them.

On an annual basis, a regular affiliate marketer can rake in anywhere from $10,000 a year to $400,000.

A super affiliate can gain upwards of $1,500,000 a year.

They are generally webmasters or bloggers.

A poll published on the STM Forum asked the question: “How much do you earn in a year?”

See the results below:

See success stories from Wealthy Affiliate, an affiliate marketing training platform.

#11: How to increase your affiliate marketing income

At a point in your affiliate marketing career you’d that you’ve hit the plateau, and you just can’t seem to earn any more.

But this doesn’t mean that you can’t grow your earnings. You can use the following five strategies to forge ahead:

i. Ask for a higher commission

The commission paid to affiliates is usually a fixed percentage of the product’s sales price.

However, if you are bringing the affiliate merchant good business and you ask, the affiliate manager will be willing to increase your level of commission.

They know that you’re a valuable sales source that they wouldn’t want to lose. They’re also aware that motivating you with a higher commission payment will only result in more sales for them.

But before coming to this stage, try to build a relationship with your affiliate manager. You can interact with them on their social media handles and comment on their blog posts.

ii. Optimise your site

There are eight ways to do that:

a) Analyze all of your website data through behavior reports and Google Search Console traffic data;

b) Conduct thorough keyword research using Ubersuggest to help you find long-tail keywords that fit with your prospective customers’ user intent;

c) Produce long and value-rich content which should go beyond the ideal length for a blog post of 1,600 words;

d) Optimize for On-page SEO with headlines, sub headlines, URL slugs, and Meta tags;

e) Optimize for off-page SEO by optimizing your website via external means such as guest blogging, social media activity, influencer marketing, and brand mentions:

f) Optimize the website for mobile as Google has launched the mobile-first index, which means you might rank better if you focus on mobile friendliness;

g) Page speed matters so use Google’s PageSpeed Insights for valuable insight into how fast your site loads across all devices and what specific things you can fix to make your site faster; and

g) Get quality backlinks which are a prime factor in helping your website rank better.

iii. Test your site

These are what you can test:

  • headlines,
  • calls to action,
  • button colors, and
  • timing of pop-ups.

Know that even a small gain in conversions can yield a significant increase in income.

iv. Offer a promotion

In my country Togo mobile communication is a bit expensive. People therefore use their telephone with a lot of parsimony in order not to run out of units and be obliged to buy more so soon.

Aware of this, the mobile telephony operators often offer promotions. You’d see subscribers rushing to profit from it before the promotion period runs out.

I always ask my students of business English if they think the companies do this because they love their customers.

“No!” they chorus vehemently, and somebody chimes in: “It’s to sell more and make more money.”

“Yes! Yes!” the class agrees unanimously.

You can also make more money by offering free training, guides, coaching, or consulting to convince buyers to click on your affiliate links and buy the product you’re promoting.

v. Check your commission rates

Many products are offered on more than one affiliate network.

Find all the programs the similar products are on and check the commission rates offered. Then go for the network offering the highest commission.

Be sure to first test for which of them sells best before changing merchants.

#12: Original content will build your reputation

Part of WordPress posting page where a post is published
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The other day, I was reading 7 Ways to Maximize the Viral Potential of Your Content Marketing Efforts, and one of the strategies they mentioned was “Do something unique”.

When you endeavor to be original and give readers YOUR take, but not what you heard or read somewhere else from another “influencer”, you will begin to build your reputation as an expert.

As people love novelty, they will always come back for more and share your content to spread your fame.

#13: Don’t wait to become an expert, authority or influencer

Do you even see how uncalled for that title is? Because we’re advised to never put off till tomorrow what we can do today. Because don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

As practice makes perfect, whoever waits to become something can never become it.

That’s what Wayne Gretzky meant when he said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”.

An expert is made, not wished or decreed. All the experts, authorities, and influencers you see around today did not begin as such. They began small—maybe even lower than where you are now—and worked hard to attain that status.

So start with what you have. And if you keep doing it right, eventually you will improve and start making money. Then one day, the world will see you as someone worth emulating.

#14: Do people working from home pay taxes?

TAX written in red over 2 suitcase carrying men silhouettes with golden pen between them on tax forms
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If you want to reach the top, you must try to avoid all the pitfalls. And this is one of them.

Yes, internet workers pay taxes.

To determine the taxes to pay on your affiliate income, carefully note down all your income and expenses and keep all your receipts. They can also help you get business-related tax reliefs.

#15: Is tracking necessary?

Working online is becoming more and more complicated and competitive. So, yes, you must track your goals, traffic, sales, etc.

But don’t let it bog you down. Instead use these data to chart the way forward.

Later, when you begin to make money, you may outsource these “side” activities and concentrate on your core business.

Value of tracking

Whatever you can track can be managed. And through managing you can improve them.

Thus you can track goals, traffic, conversions, sales, etc., then manage and expand them.


Affiliate marketing is the wave of the future and we would like to share our number one recommendation in the affiliate marketing field and we will gladly give you a free tour!


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