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Mannatech review

Today’s article will be a Mannatech review.

Coming in at number 69 on the list of the top 100 multi-level marketing companies in the world, they boast an annual income of $0.176 billion.


Mannatech logo consisting of the letter M and the name with slogan 'Transform your life' for Mannatech review
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A major player in the Dietary supplements and personal care products niche, they are a publicly traded MLM company on NASDAQ and MTEX.

In this review, we will take a look at the company, their products, and their MLM business model. We will also give any pros and cons of doing business with them and our own view of the company.

Starting with the company, we will find out all about Mannatech!


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The company


Founded on November 4th, 1993 in Coppell, Texas by Samual Caster, Mannatech are now headquartered in Flower Mound, Texas.

Alfredo Bala is the CEO and president and J Stanley Fredrick is the chairman.

They currently have 252 employees working for them.

Mannatech has always been of Christian orientation and started selling direct by recruiting distributors in church congregations.

They started out selling Manapol, an aloe vera extract made by another company. But soon they started developing their own line of in house products.

From 1993 to 2009 Ted Cruz’s father, Rafael, was their top seller.

In 2004 politician Ben Carson became their spokesperson and claimed the company’s products were instrumental in curing his cancer.

There have been many lawsuits involving false claims of their products curing an assortment of diseases. And this has been the subject of 20/20 undercover investigation.


The products


Mannatech products
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The goal of the company is to “fight global malnutrition by nourishing the world with Real Food Technology Supplementation.”

All of their products are based around their flagship Ambrotose, which consists of sugars and powders made from glyconutrients.

These glyconutrients are supposed to support cellular communication in your body.

They offer 5 main products:

  • Integrative Health
  • Weight and Fitness
  • Targeted Health
  • Home Living
  • Skincare

You can check out their informational video on their website for more information on their products.


The business model

Download the compensation plan pdf

There are 2 main income possibilities with this company.

You can sell their products and earn commissions on those sales while building up your own customer base. Or you can work their multi-level marketing program by building your own downline of distributors.

The second option comes with bonuses and commissions on downline sales.

To get started you will need to purchase an associate membership for $49.99 a year which will make you a distributor.

This membership will include a turnkey business with global distribution, 90 days of free business tools, and 10% discount off retail pricing. Others are 20% in loyalty points, special value bonuses, and 180-day money-back guarantee. There is also world-class customer support and a global community for support and training.

Pretty much everything you will need to get your business up and running except any products.

They offer 3 choices to get you going product-wise.

The basic pack runs from $99 to $169, the all-star pack is $499 and the premium all-star pack is $999.

They base your income potential and number of products on which pack you invest in.

Now comes their compensation plan with 18 different ways to earn money, which is in itself very complicated.

It is recommended to go to their website and watch their compensation plan video for all of the details as it would be too much to post in this review. But we will say it is very hard to take it all in.

What we did figure out is the way to make money is in recruitment over product sales. This is just the opposite of what makes a multi-level marketing plan sustainable.

When you rely heavily on recruiting over product sales you run the risk of losing legs of your downline on a regular basis. And this means the real money made is on the top levels.

What this finally means is that you are constantly leaving money on the table as your legs collapse and the upper management is keeping that money.

This compensation plan borders on a pyramid scheme.

Another real problem we found is the lack of distributors who make any money at all. One report was that a total of 44 distributors in 2017 made any money at all!

We feel there are just too many drawbacks to really consider this program as a way to make money in MLM business. And we are disappointed by too many negative facts about this company.


The pros

  • A top-rated company by Forbes Magazine
  • In house product production

The cons

  • Many lawsuits against the company
  • Expensive join up costs
  • Complicated compensation plan
  • heavy on recruitment
  • Inappropriate marketing
  • Declining sales
  • Lack of profits
  • products are on Amazon

Our view

After all of the information we have acquired about this company we must say that they are very much not one that we would ever recommend as a viable option for working a multi-level marketing program.

They are heavy on recruitment and you have to pay to play by buying products to qualify to sell them. And they use a MLM model that is very susceptible to failure.

Their financial disclosure shows there is no money to be made working their program for the average distributor. So we give this company a huge thumbs down. Rather we recommend people avoid this one at all costs and keep searching for a better MLM program.

There are many better options out there. Besides, you can find daily reviews on our reviews tab at the top of this page.

There you will find companies we have given a thumbs up and others we have handed a thumbs down.

Our list of reviews is a large one so there are plenty to choose from.

We hope our Mannatech Review has helped you in your quest to find a good multi-level marketing company to invest in.

We are happy to answer any questions or comments you may have. Just leave them below in our comments section and we will answer them promptly.

Please give us a social share and until next time.

Happy marketing!


We are happy to report that our number one recommendation for building a successful affiliate marketing business is now ready to get you started today for free!


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10 thoughts on “Mannatech review”

  1. I thought the whole point of making an MLM is so that you can sell your product only through your representatives and not in a grocery store or Amazon!

    I don’t think this is a company that cares about their reps. They should be more strict with their reps and not allow them to list the products on amazon.

    Thanks for sharing

    • Hello there,

      Sure, MLMs exist to sell their products through their representatives but we note unfortunately that some of them do so through grocery stores or on Amazon.

      Such a company obviously does not care about the welfare of their reps. It is not the reps who list the products on amazon but the companies. That is a shame!

      Thanks to you too for commenting.

  2. Thank you for this awesome review. Personally I never heard of this company before, and feel lI have been more educated by your review.  After seeing that the cons outweigh the pros for joining, I would be hesistant to get started without taking a further look.  I hope others reading this will feel an enlightenment as to whether they join or not as it did me.

    • Hi D. L. Beals,

      Thank to you too for your comment on this review and especially for finding it awesome. I’m happy to have introduced this company to you and educated you about it. You’re right that the cons outweighing the pros discourage you from joining. That is the aim of writing these reviews. To help our readers find legit companies to join while avoiding the bad ones. I hoped that you shared the review with your friends.

  3. Nothing amazing me anymore when it comes to some of these MLM companies.  The #1 red flag is of course lawsuits.  Anytime a company has multiple lawsuits, you should definitely stay clear.  

    The fact that their business model doesn’t seem very sound or successful money wise, why would anyone even join up.  Great job on your review, and although I am never surprised how they type of businesses operate, I do like to read the reviews about them.  Curiousity maybe….

    Do you know anyone that has been a part of this MLM?

    • Hi Coralie,

      That nothing amazes you anymore when it comes to some of these MLM companies summarizes the mentality of people towards these companies. I think too that the #1 red flag is lawsuits. This is because lawsuits are the final results of frustrations. And of course multiple lawsuits should make one stay clear of a company.

      The business model is another factor which dissuades people from joining an MLM. Why should you join a company which is set up not to let you make money? Great review from you too.

      No, I don’t know anyone that has been a part of this MLM.

  4. i have a relative who has worked with them before and i would tell you the simple truth this company is no scam but they have really poor ways of renders service,the policy are really weird and more over they work based on a old system of MLM. so i won’t advice anyone to try them out.

    • Hey Juliet,

      The fact that you have a relative who has worked with Mannatech before makes your comment powerful. You’re right that this company is no scam but the problem is their poor service. Weird policy and work based on an old system of MLM do this company no service. No doubt you don’t advise anyone to try them out.

      Thank you for your contribution to the conversation.

  5. For me I don’t think this company is worth it, I know have been around for some time but ith the review I have seen about them and the comment people have made about their services I don’t think they are good enough as working with them might be a total waste of time.

    • Hi David,

      I’m happy that you also don’t think this company is worth it. Normally the number of years in business determines the legitimacy of a business, but in this case the negative reviews about them and the comments about their services do not let them seem good enough to work with. As you said, it “might be a total waste of time.”


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