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Market America Review

Today’s article will be a Market America Review.

This is a huge marketing company that is number 29 on the list of the top 100 multi-level marketing companies in the world in 2020 with an annual income of 798 million dollars.


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That puts them in the big leagues for sure!

They do business worldwide and are known to be one of the best companies to work for in their niche.

Let’s take a look at this company, its products, and business plan, then see what the pros and cons are before we give you our final views of what we think.



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The Company


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Founded in 1992 it did not take long for this company to grow into a giant.

They are a privately traded MLM company created by co-founders JR and Loren Ridinger and are based in Greensboro, North Carolina.

The company conducts all of its retail sales through its website which was created and purchased from Bill Gates.

Market America employs over 800 people. It is currently doing business in Singapore, Malasia, Mexico, Hong Kong, Philippines, Australia, the United Kingdom, and The United States.

The co-founders were both top Amway distributors before forming this company.

One thing that really makes this company stand out is that they do business with so many different entities. They also sell their products under their names worldwide making them extremely diversified.

The opportunities to make money with this company seem to be many. So let’s continue and see how they have all of this setup for their workers.


The products


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This is an interesting part of this review because there are so many different levels to their product line.

They contract out to other companies and distribute those companies’ products that meet the Marketplace Americas standards through their network of distributors.

At the time of this writing, they are distributing pet care, home, and garden care, jewelry, and water filtration systems. Others are apparel, automotive care, cosmetics, personal care products, and health and nutrition products. The rest are weight management products, electronics, flowers, coffee, and the list goes on.

They also offer financial services, and internet marketing services.

That is quite a list to choose from. And as we said before, they have many different areas to excel in sales with this company. But is it possible to really make money with them?

Let’s take a look at their business model and see if we can answer that question.


The business model


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As we have stated, the company contracts with other companies to distribute their products. This means Market America does not create or produce their own products.

They use what they call independent distributors or “UnFranchise Business Owners” to sell the products.

These distributors must pay an initial start-up fee of $399.00 to start working, then they must pay a monthly fee of $129.00 to remain active.

They are also required to spend between $130.00 and $300.00 a month in product purchases. This is to make them remain in good standing with the company.

Distributors are also required to attend monthly sales training meetings and seminars. They must foot the bill for these, usually between $20.00 and $200.00 a pop.

Lastly, they must also recruit new members to join as new distributors. This is what will be their down line for making money on the MLM part of the program.

This is a huge overhead for a person to maintain. And in order to do so, one must really hustle and sell lots of products and recruit lots of new members.

The company has been criticized for selling the same products they supply to their distributors at half the price on their website. They have also been criticized for promoting recruitment over product sales. This is a huge red flag for us.

When a company does this they are a borderline pyramid scheme at best.

John M Taylor, former consumer agency president, says although executives boast high earnings by their distributors, only those at the very top can make money. Sadly 99 percent of those who sign up end up losing money working for this company.

Now that is exactly the opposite of what we are looking for!


The pros

  • Highly diversified company
  • Huge product list
  • Training seminars

The cons

  • Huge signup cost
  • Large monthly fees
  • Training and seminar monthly fees
  • Overpriced products
  • Half-priced products sold elsewhere on the internet
  • Required purchases monthly
  • Heavy attention on recruitment over product sales
  • Many lawsuits between distributors and company
  • Reports of distributors actually losing money

Our view

What started out as a pretty encouraging review soon took a big turn for the worse.

We are troubled by several things including the high start-up costs and pretty much everything else we listed under the cons above.

We really liked the idea of a company acting as a marketplace. But they have to be fair and treat their workers well. Yet this company seems not to do that at all.

Instead, they seem to do the opposite. That is, take advantage of them. And this just does fit with what we look for in a company.

We have to give this one a thumbs down. And therefore recommend avoiding these people as they seem to want your money. But that is about it.

There are many other options out there that are solid ways of making money in the multi-level marketing niche. And in our eyes, this is not one to mess with.

We hope you found some answers to your questions in our Marketplace America review. And be sure to check out our many other reviews posted under our reviews tab. There, we have many different companies that can make you money to choose from in the MLM niche.

Please feel free to leave us below in the comments section any questions or comments you still may have. Truly, we love hearing your input. And until next time, happy marketing!


Let us show you how to build your own successful home business with step by step instructions! Just check out our number one recommendation for more details!


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4 thoughts on “Market America Review”

  1. Hey, I find your each review very helpful for me. After reading I know that they are a privately traded MLM company created by co-founders JR and Loren Ridinger and are based in Greensboro, North Carolina. Your review helped me to find the best company suited for me. I already find one from your number one recommendation. It is working very well for me. I am very excited to share with my friends. Keep the awesome work up.

    • Hi Parveen,
      I’m very happy that you find each of my reviews very helpful. In fact, that is what I set out to do when I write each review. It should help readers know which company to embrace and which to run away from. That’s why I’m tickled that this one helped you to find the best company for you. Keep on working on our number one recommendation. And share with as many friends as possible. Thank you.

  2. Marketing is a must; even without a venture. The best type of Marketing that never gets old as well as it being the most honest one is the “word of mouth:. However, this company looks very promising; not to mention those years of existence have come a long way; Thank  you Jesus. 

    • Hi Linda,

      Sure, I agree that marketing is a must but I don’t know why you said “even without a venture.” Yes, “word of mouth is great because we trust our friend’s opinion more. That’s why peer pressure works wonders. Do you feel like signing up to Market America? Thank you.


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