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MLM – Is Network Marketing Easy?

We do the Network Marketing Industry and ourselves harm when we state or even allude that it is easy. It’s not. Nor is any business for that matter.

Man carefully laying stones to balance them to signify MLM - Is Network Marketing Easy?
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Anyone who upholds a different view is not being truthful at all. They’re even not being helpful. And what a pity that is!


The requirements

Anyone who has been seriously involved in Network Marketing knows that it requires three main ingredients: time, effort, and of course money.


What is time in NWM or any activity?

It comes down to redirecting your habits. This is not easy (habits are not easy to break) but doable. And it is important to do it because time directly impacts your efficiency.

Using your time continuing to play billiards and drinking beer every evening in a club and using it to learn something new for your job, which of them will advance your career?

Your answer is as good as mine.


Many think of NWM as a get-rich-quick scheme. No, it requires effort. And this is not too complicated because effort is entirely controllable by the individual. This ingredient is important because it directly impacts your effectiveness.

Do nothing and nothing happens. Do something and something may happens.


There is a common saying in West Africa: “No contribution, no chop.” That is, if you don’t put in money, don’t expect to partake in the feast. In business we know that no investment, no returns.

Money is self-limiting and this ingredient directly affects both efficiency and effectiveness.

Which combination is best?

You must find the best combination of the three ingredients that works for you. Nobody can tell you what that combination is because only you know what is best for you and how you can juggle the three elements.

But a good sponsor can help you find it.

Marketing your NWM business

As a new MLM affiliate, you face not only a daunting task but also competition when it comes to “advertising”.

Finding that “best combination” of time, effort, and money is a growth experience. Rarely will it just appear, like a dove pulled out of a magician’s hat.

Education which you provide yourself and the one(s) you acquire plus mentoring are important factors and hopefully a fact of life. However, “advertising” is not impossible.

To me advertising is any method you use to “reach” people. This could be the traditional newspaper or ezine ad or the simple greeting and sharing with a family member, friend, neighbor, or colleague. However, as you can be imagining already, how you “advertise” or “share” can take many forms.

Marketing methods

Some methods are free and inexpensive and do work. It’s a matter of finding those that work for your business.

Let’s see some examples:

1. Business cards are always a good method largely ignored…and more inexpensive than one realizes: Nowadays, thanks to the computer, you can even make your own business card. Then just let them go out crazy like hot cakes…. ball games, businesses you frequent, your local Chamber Of Commerce, churches, mosques, synagogues, local events, networking meetings, restaurants (just leave 1 with your bill), stores.

As you can see, the possibilities of passing your business card out are only limited by your imagination.

 2. Brochures, flyers, posters, post cards, etc. can also be done very inexpensively: Here also, you can make your own on your PC or purchase custom or ready-made templates from numerous online providers. Places like are also free but awesome online sources.

Another useful way is to strike up a joint venture with a local community provider. They print it for you and include their “advert” somewhere and you distribute.

This win-win situation of course benefits you both. The printer gets free publicity from you, you get free printing service from them, and maybe you may even influence that partner to be involved in your business.

 3. Newspaper/magazine ads can be found that aren’t going to cost an arm and a leg: Local publications are a good place to start. Then you can widen out up to covering the whole national territory with time. is an excellent source.

There are even free classified ads services.

 4. Web decals on your vehicle(s) is another inexpensive method: I have one stuck on the back windows on each of our family cars with a short “catch line” and my URL.

The cost was just about $40 each but the visibility, you will surely agree, is priceless.

 5. Writing and submitting ezine articles is an excellent method: It requires writing skills, time and effort…but no money.

The benefits include increased link popularity for the URL used in your author bio or sig box (important for search engine ranking), branding, and reach (your article can “reach” more people than an ezine ad).

Plus it can go viral.

This is how: Often your article is archived by publishers and directories and so it is available when and well after it was published. Also, publishers and web masters will often republish your article when you offered it and well after you originally submitted it.

For some of my offers I’ve found College student newspapers and alumni magazines to be good performers. Try them and see for yourself.

The above are just a few examples.

Other MLM Marketing possibilities


Of course there are others: the “3 foot rule”, commenting on posts of related influential blogs, Forum participation (sig line – branding reputation), guest blog posts, leads programs, search engines, traditional ezine ads, etc.

Most of these will cost you money but all will need time and effort, which is normal.

The key to success lies in being creative and above all in sticking to what best fits your time, effort, money combination. That however is a purely personal choice.

If the dollar “cost” invested doesn’t give you the dollar “value” expected….keep trying. But don’t EVER give up. Your success may just be just a step away. Many people didn’t realize how near they were to success when they gave up. Don’t let it happen to you.

Besides…don’t put all your eggs in one basket, diversify. Use multiple advertising methods. Why limit yourself to just “one path” when many equally good ones are around to increase your chances of success?


Who to sponsor


Sponsoring people is important in NWM business.

But how should you sponsor?

Should you just sponsor those willing to waste $1,000’s advertising?

Heck no!!

You should sponsor anyone interested in joining your business and teach them how to advertise in a manner best suited for them.

It’s important not to mislead them with false expectations or worse, pressure them into uncomfortable actions.

Lead them gently to solutions which best fit their expectations and abilities (time, effort, money).

Never forget John Milton Fogg’s priceless answer to the question……”It is simple, but it isn’t easy.”

Better imprint that on your mind, I can’t advise you enough. That’s the message, guys and gals. It’s not hard to understand…should be/is fun…..but it does take some effort. Period.

Anything good is worth fighting for. Be wary of what comes easy. It may well be hiding surprises in stock for you.

Sending any business message to prospects intended to make them believe effort is not involved or necessary in NWM….misleads people. And, from there to becoming part of the “failed or quit” statistics, happens as fast as a flash of lightning.

Because that leads to false expectations.

And false expectations make people start to think that they can simply sit on their couch with a can of cold beer and potato chips watching Oprah on TV all day….and the money will fall by itself like manna from heaven.

No, the sweet days of the Israelites in the desert are gone. And even no single religion encourages laziness.

Take it from me: Lays, Coronas, and Dr. Phil aren’t going to build your business for you.

YOU and only YOU are.

In my mind (OK…my opinion)….that’s the core of any message you send your prospects.

If you really care about your business and your success…that’s what you’ll tell them and nothing short of that.

To round up, I’ll ask you to be honest….and it will pay off.

Success may not come immediately but it eventually will.

What do YOU think about this post? Let us know in the comment box below.

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Before you go


Which of the 3 requirements described here have you used in your NWM combination? Can you tell us about others we haven’t mentioned here? Thank you for your contribution.


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18 thoughts on “MLM – Is Network Marketing Easy?”

  1. team building is the first thing to put in place to ensure that we can all make the best use of network marketing. though it i a very lucrative business that requires a lot of work before it can be made use of. however, following the tips you have shared here would ensure that one can easily access the benefits of network marketing. though i have seen a lot on the internet but i hve never een ny detailed information giving exactly what to do and how to do network marketing

    • I agree with you that team building is the first step to take to ensure that we can

      all make the best use of network marketing. Yes, network marketing can be a very lucrative

      business but as you remarked, it requires a lot of work before it can be of any use to affiliates.

      Nothing is difficult once one has the strategies to go about it. So, yes, one can depend on the tips I have shared here to ensure that one can easily access the benefits of network marketing.

      Thanks for your compliments about this post. I’m really tickled by it.

      I hope that you will come back again.

  2. Hello Akoli, i have never really been a big fan of MLM programmes because when i tried it, i didn’t make any good profit and so i decided to try my luck in something else. The way yo have written this awesome information on MLM and how to make money from it is great. This is something i will really like to try. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hello John,

      You’re not alone not to have never really been a big fan of MLM programmes. The reason you gave, that you tried it, but didn’t make any good profit is true. Most mlms are not worth writing home about. Making people like you try their luck in something else.

      Thank you for liking the information on especially on how to make money from it.

      Okay, try it and see what comes out of it.

      Thanks for inviting and especially for commenting. I hope you shared and liked the piece.

  3. mlm marketing is not easy and virtually all online means of making money are not easy. it requires so much work and serious hassles to make tangible income from them all. this is a very detailed analysis of how mlm work and the basic components that must be put in place to ensure that we can make tangible income from it. the main goal here to be a success is to build a team of hardworking marketers s that would help trigger bonuses. mlm is  not easy and it takes time and effort. 

    • Hi Shelley,

      When I created my first blog back in 2012, I had the idea that making money online was easy and named myblog it is easy to make money at home. It didn’t take me long to find out that was not the case.This is to corroborate your idea that virtually all online means of making money are not easy.

      Even sometimes, working online seems to demand more time than offline work. Yes, I wanted to give people the fundamentals that must be put in place to ensure that we can make tangible income from it.

      You’re right, “the main goal here to be a success is to build a team of hardworking marketers s that would help

      trigger bonuses.”

      Mlm might be more difficult than other businesses because it takes time and effort.  But don’t let’s leave out money. Mlm is dificult to do withut money.

      Thanks for stopping over. I hope that you will come back again soon.



  4. Hello Akoli,

         Thank you for this great post.

    You’re absolutely right.  Just like any business, MLM takes hard work and dedication.

    There are some legitimate MLM opportunities out there but, for me, most of them have convoluted, difficult to understand, payment structures.  It’s one of the reasons I tend to steer clear of them.  It’s not that they aren’t necessarily a good company/program, it’s just I’m more of a black and white kind of guy.

    Your marketing methods are great and I appreciate your who to sponsor tips.

    Thanks again,


    • Hello Scott,    

      Thank you for your visit and your comment.

      Sure, just like any business, MLM takes hard work and dedication. Anybody thinking otherwise is fooling themselves.

      Yes, there
      are some legitimate MLM opportunities out there and I’m sorry to learn that most of
      them have convoluted, difficult to understand, payment structures.  Any business of that sort or nature is not worth getting into. The complication could be hiding something. So, you’re right to steer clear of them. But if you look hard enough and if you check carefully, you’ll find a good fit for you.

      Marketing is the heart of any business and if you want people to succeed, you must give them the methods which count and work.

      On sponsorship, if you don’t bring the right people into your business, you create chaos for yourself.

      Thanks again for your visit and comment. I appreciate.


  5. MLM program have been one I have little knowledge about and for some time now I don’t really get involved with any business with such ideas. Reading through this post have given me a good understanding of this kind of business, and I feel following these tips, anyone can make some good progress in it. However thanks for the suggestions on other form of business which you listed. Wealthy Affiliate is one I can attest to as being a real good means to making money.

    • A lot of people don’t have knowledge of MLM program because of the ideas spread about it tht it is ponzi scheme and all that. While many of that is true, there is something to say about MLM business. Maybe my piece will give you the courage to get involved with such a business one day.

      I’m happy that my article has given you a good understanding of this kind of business, and yes, following these tips, anyone can make some good progress in it.

      Yes, I mentioned Wealthy Affiliate because it is a good business which can train you to do other businesses. They also help you to create a website and have a real good means to making money.

      Thank you for visiting and commenting.

  6. Oh, these tips you have given is not bad at all. I didn’t think about these methods of getting the best out of network marketing. I am a member of wealthy affiliate where i work as an affiliate but i think i can also join an MLM and experiment this tip you have given here. Thanks a bunch for this. I will most definitely give it a try. 

    • Hello John,

      I’m glad you like these tips I have given. Yes, these methods I have given are there for you to get the best out of network marketing. Since you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate, let me assure you that you can use these same methods to work there as an affiliate.

      Yes, you can also join an MLM and experiment this tip I have given here. It was my pleasure to give them to people who may need them. I will be happy should this help them.

      Yes, go ahead and give it a try.  You certainly will not regret.

  7. Thank you for this very informative post, I am at the moment in the process of building my own online affiliate marketing business, so far the combination I have been using is time and effort, in fact I have been putting in lots of time and effort, but I haven’t been putting much money into it, apart from my wealthy affiliate premium membership fee, I haven’t put any money into it, this is because I am on a low budget but also the way I see it is that I started affiliate marketing in order to make money, not to spend money, when I start making money, I will then put some money in, or at least I hope so, thank you for sharing this post. 

    • Hi Russ,

      Thank you for your visit to my site and for commenting on this post.

      I will encourage you to continue the process of building your own online affiliate marketing business. Yes, anybody beginning this business commits time and effort, because it is what is readily available. Money becomes something one can’t afford to put into the business in the beginning. I guess you’re paying your Wealthy Affiliate premium membership fee because you can’t afford not to do so. You may lose your membership and that’s not a good idea.

      I share your feeling that the reason why you, and any other person, doesn’t put any money into a young business is because of budget constraints.

      In fact, your time and effort can also be seen as money. But the real physical cash to put into the business can be the one the business brings you. Reinvesting your profit back into your business is a smart move. It helps your business to grow and finally, you will reap the benefits.

      Thank you too for your contribution. I hope you will come back soon. 

  8. Woah. What an amazing and informative article. I have to agree with you, when i first started, I was so unsure if I even was going to make money from affiliate marketing, I still haven’t, but the learning process and all the knowledge you start gaining can be such a big pay-off along the way. Also, thank you so much for providing those alternative options to mobilize your website a little and start earning real money. I will be sure to check them out and see which one works for me. Have you tried them all out? If so, do you have any testimonies you could share? 

    • Hello Stephanie,

      Thank you for appreciating my information about MLM.

      Yes, every beginning is difficult. So anybody starting anything, even prepared for it, can experience some anxiety starting. Now, it’s a pity you haven’t still made some money from affiliate marketing. I will encourage you to continue the learning process and, you’re right, all the knowledge you start gaining can be such a big pay-off along the way. The problem with people engaged in MLM is their get-rich-quick mentality. Every  business works like a business. That is, it needs time to grow, attain traction, and flourish.

      Yes, I’ve tried almost all the alternative options to mobilize your website a little and start earning real money. It cannot be done overnight, it needs time and patience. Unfortunately the testimonies I have are my own experiences. Sharing personal testimonials of a business isn’t something too ethical to do. Third party opinions are better. I’ll sure share themone day,as and when they come in.

      Thank you.

  9. Thank you for this great work,

    Sincerely speaking, I’m biased about MLM due to the following reasons;

    Member tend to give false exaggerated information which mislead their down-lines hence failing.

    The whole structure base on recruiting new members yet people are hard to convince.

    Their products are expensive compared to other products that serve the some value.

    Many people end up sweet talking about products they’ve never tried.

    • Hi Mugalu,

      Thank you for visiting to appreciate my post.

      If you’re biased against MLM, know that you’re not the only one. Now, let’s see your resons;

      If members tend to give false exaggerated information which mislead their down-lines, it is because “gurus”, eager to build easy downlines, told people so. And the people told other people so. But soon these people found out, that promise was false, hence the mass failing. I seek to do the opposite.

      Talking of the whole structure being based on recruiting new members, does not make it any different form many affiliate businesses today. If people are now hard to convince to join the MLM business, it is because “oncebitten, twice shy”.

      One can also explain why MLM products are expensive compared to other products that serve the same value. This is to conver commission payments to the downlines. So the end consumer suffers.

      Unfortunately, you’ve observed well, many people end up sweet talking about products they’ve never tried. This is a pity and it’s up to some of us to bring some ethics into the business.


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