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Monat VIP Program and Monat Program – Another scam?

Today’s article will be reviewing the Monat VIP Program and the Monat Program both in one article! Keep on reading to find out whether they’re worth your while or not.

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It seems like there is a never-ending flow of new work at home programs hitting the market every day and it is important to stay on top of them so readers like you will have an idea of whether they are worth investing in or not.

Today we will look at what this program is, what kind of products they offer, and how the pay structure is set up and lastly if it is worth spending time on!

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The Monat Program


Monat is based out of Doral, Florida and was founded and launched in 2014 with a good line of hair care products by a family by the name of Urdaneta.

They started small but have since expanded their operations to cover the EU, Canada and the United States of America.

Early reports were very favorable for the program and they were the buzz of the multi-level marketing niche but things have seemed to sour a bit lately with a lot of negative publicity.

Another concern is the cost of joining Monat.

They have several different levels ranging from $99.00 to $649.00 and these membership costs are monthly. The higher the price the more products you will receive and this can add up incredibly fast and the fact that this is recurring is really not made very clear at the time of sign up.

The problem with so much product again relates to the fact that signing up new members is not going to be very convinced if they do a product search and find they will be paying more for the products by being a member than they would if they were just a regular customer.

There are also complaints of refunds taking several months to arrive and an all-around negative feeling about the treatment of its members by Monat.

Why the negative reviews?


For a program to work properly you first have to have quality products, without them you simply will not have any longevity and this seems to be the case with the MLM program, the products are not performing the way they used to.

In less than a year people are complaining to the Better Business Bureau that they are losing their hair, their scalps are itching and even burning, and some people are even complaining of several allergic reactions to these products.

Topping these complaints, (and they have had over 500 of them reported to the BBB) are claims that are being made by partners in the program called sales agents to tier customers that these products are Food And Drug Administration (FDA) approved and this is simply not the case at all.

This is starting to look like a very bad outcome for a company looking for members to invest in and we are seeing quite a few red flags.

So, we know that there are many people who are not happy with this company’s products and understandably so if what they are complaining about is true. But there is more to this company so let’s take a look at their MLM side of the program, in other words, the money.

The MLM Program


More red flags seem to be popping up when we take a good look at the money side of this business opportunity.

Most MLM programs offer their members products you can only get by being a member of the said program. But this company is actually offering their products all over including on Amazon. Actually many of these products can be bought at a lower rate from these sites than the members can get them directly from the company. And, this is a huge red flag.

When you are putting together an MLM team you must be able to recruit other members under you. But this could be a huge problem if the future members can get the same products cheaper elsewhere than they can get them by joining the program and working under you.

It just simply does not work this way and recruiting new members could be a very challenging proposition at best.

Scam or not?


We can not call this MLM program a scam because people are reporting that they are making money at this. We have cause to believe they are not out to scam anyone out of their money. But at the same time they have a few problems both with their products and how they deliver them.

Because they are a young company you are more likely to get in early and as with most of these MLM programs the early birds get the worm so to speak.

This still leaves the problem of getting people to sign up under you and without this ability on a consistent basis, you will not make money in any MLM company.

Our take on this program


We feel that if this company can get through the lawsuits and figure out how to make their products exclusive to their members they could become a force in the MLM niche. This is because they seemed to be headed in that direction before the complaints started coming into the BBB.

In the present form, you could make money with this program but it would be extremely difficult and dependent on the people you recruit more so than your own efforts.

When starting a business you really should have total control over your ability to become successful and make money doing it. Yet we just do not see that opportunity with this program. So we have to give them a huge thumbs down at the present time.

There may come a time when we revisit them after giving them a chance to turn this around but for now, we recommend steering clear of this company and checking out the many other ways of making money online

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8 thoughts on “Monat VIP Program and Monat Program – Another scam?”

  1. I’ve done some MLMs in the past and although this type of business can be profitable, it depends on how good the product is, the pricing, the payouts, etc. After looking over several reviews of Monat, it doesn’t seem like this one is any good. The biggest two cons is how their products are getting negative reviews, and they are so expensive to members, yet you can find them elsewhere, even on Amazon for cheaper. Without a good product and good pricing, this business is doomed to fail. I’ve checked out your number one recommendation and it sounds way more promising.

    • Hello Son,

      Oh yes, you’ve done some MLMs in the past? And you found this profitable sometimes? Of course, as you so rightly says “it all depends on how good the product is, the pricing, the payouts, etc.” But justly, that’s when the problems start, because you get the exact opposite of what you expect. It’s therefore no surprise you say that “after looking over several reviews of Monat, it doesn’t seem like this one is any good.”

      Yes, the Monat products are receiving lots of negative reviews, in addition to being very expensive. What is shocking is why it is found elsewhere, even on Amazon much cheaper. Why should anyone join the program to buy expensive products instead of just buying them cheap on Amazon?

      Since Monat is not such a good business, that’s why I shared my number one recommendation. Please, look it upfor online success.


  2. I really dislike MLMs as a business model and Monat VIP Program and Monat Program are no exception. The reports of bad healthy reactions is very concerning and with so much negative publicity and problems with the law, it sure looks like their companies future is in jeopardy. They better hope their products aren’t as bad as people say, or they could go bankrupt from all the lawsuits!

    • Hi,

      I understand that you really dislike MLMs as a business model. And of course, as yu say, “Monat VIP Program and

      Monat Program are no exception.”

      Just Google the expression “Monat complaints”, “Monat and BBB complaints”, and “Monat lawsuits” and you’dbe surprised by the number of them.

      Yes, lawsuits are not good for the image and the future of companies. If such companies don’t take the necessary actions, they risk going bankrupt from all the lawsuits! You’ve really madea right observation.

      Thanks for your contribution to this discussion.


  3. Thank you so much for the awesome post! I didn’t realize that people were losing hair!  That terrifies me, as I am a guy who freaks out over losing hair, and thank goodness I have not lost any yet!  I am always skeptical on MLM schemes.  I know some are good, but some are not!

    • Hi Jessie,

      Thank you so much too for coming to read and comment on my Monat review post.

      Yes, some people complained that they were losing their hair after applying the Monat product to it! This sounds horrendous. Sure, that must terrify anybody, especially for a guy like you who freaks out over losing their hair. Lol, thank goodness you have not lost any hair yet! 

      Like you, many people are skeptical of MLM schemes. Yet, as you said, some are good, but frankly many of them are just terrible!

      So be careful!


  4. Hey Akoli Thanks for the review and heads up on Monat VIP Program. With so many ways to make and lose money online it really does paying to becareful with who you invest your money in. Whether it’s a franchise, online business or some other investment we need more reviews like this to set us on the right path. Even though people are making money with them I think if a company has a lawsuit against them and especially if they haven’t been around for long is enough warning for me to stay away

     once again thanks for the review.

    • Hey Marc,

      Thanks also for coming to read my review and especially for commenting on my Monat VIP Program.

      Yes, the aim of all product reviews is to help people find good business opportunities and avoid those which will make them be scammed. This is a way of telling people to be careful with whom or what to invest your money in.

      All that glitters is not gold. That’s why even if people are making money with some MLMs, if the company has a lawsuit
      against them (as you rightly observed), then one must be very careful with them. It will be esay to throw away your money.

      Once again, thank you too for coming to visit and to comment. I really appreciate.



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