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My Club 8 Review – Is It a Good Opportunity Or One Big Scam?

You may have noticed My Club 8 is getting a lot of hype and attention. Either friends in Network Marketing approach you about it or you may have seen it on social media.

My Club 8 logo to signify My Club 8 Review – Is It a Good Opportunity Or One Big Scam
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So, today we are going to take a look at Myclub8 and see what it is all about.

Before we tackle this MLM program know that we are looking at all of this information found in reviews and such and are not part of this program in any way. That is, we are neither an affiliate nor a distributor. So we will be bringing you an outside view of what this company can offer you and what it cannot for that matter.

When it comes to multi-level marketing programs we like to take a look at them and kind of turn them inside out. And there is a buzz going around the industry right now about this particular program so let’s see what all that buzz is about!

First, some questions:

Is My Club 8 really a legit business?

Is it safe to join?

First, watch this video to learn some more about it.

Let’s dive in and see.

What is Myclub8?

This is a fairly new MLM program that is at first glance somewhat of a mystery.

After checking out their website we could not find any information on the founder or founders or where they are based out of but we did a bit deeper dig and managed to drum up the following information.

The private registration of the domain (done on January 10, 2017) hides mention of who the owner of the domain is or where they were located when they acquired the domain.

Myclub8 is a division of a Canadian company called Laguna Blends.

A press release created and published to the Laguna Blends website on March 13 actually hints at that.

It says:

“Laguna Blends markets Hemp products utilizing its B to B Network along with driving traffic to its Club 8 online marketplace.”

After looking more closely into Laguna Blends, I noticed that the company claims to be a “product development, sales, marketing and distribution company for Hemp based products and solutions.”

Passport photo of Ray Grimm? Jr. CEO and President of My Club 8
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Ray Grimm Jr. is listed as the President and CEO, and he first joined the company in May 2016 as the President. This immediately brings up some serious red flags as he has a very checkered past in MLM programs.

Ray Grimm Jr. has also spent some time with Actis Global Ventures, Xyngular, and Terry Lacore’s bHip.

Strangely enough, you won’t find any mention of this information anywhere on the My Club 8 website.

However, he is hugely successful. But he does not follow the rules when it comes to governments’ trade rules and regulations and has had many run-ins with the feds.

This alone does not make this company a good or a bad one but it does put a foul taste in the mouth when it comes to playing by the book.

MyClub8 Product Lines

That press release on the Laguna Blends website says the company purchased another brand by the name of “The Target.”

“This acquisition is a major step forward in establishing Laguna as an international leader in the global cannabis industry. The Target company has an extensive portfolio of intellectual property and hero driven CBD products including isolates, full spectrum oils, pain creams, oral sprays and other nutraceutical products.”

My Club 8 product package
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Well, we went looking for products they have for sale as the company boasts that they are the “online laguna Marketplace”. My Club 8’s product line appears to be building off of the one described above. However, we found some bottles of CBD drops called Nano-drops.

2 bottles of My club 8 nano-drops
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According to My Club 8, Nano Drops allow you to “infuse your favorite water or beverage with the Anti-Inflammatory, Antioxidant, Neuroprotective benefits of Hemp CBD.”

There’s mention on My Club 8’s site that Nano Drops sell for $39.95, but this is likely to be pricing for affiliates and not retail customers.

In closer digging, we found that what this company really sells is memberships in the company and once a person signs up they will receive 2 bottles of these drops.

What are the drops, you ask? They are a concentration of CBD oils and the company claims you add them to water and it will help with inflammatory issues.

We also see that this program is in pre-launch and this could explain the lack of products and the sales of memberships so let’s dig in a bit further and see what the memberships are all about.

The Myclub8 membership and Compensation Plan

What we are going to look into here is just what My Club 8 is offering during the prelaunch stage for the company. There’s a hint that a new one will be offered when everything is officially underway.

So when you buy a membership for $39.95 you are locking yourself into the affiliate program and are then able to market memberships to others for a profit.

When you lock in you are at the top of your particular model and as you recruit more and more the model gets deeper and your earnings grow.

As you meet certain goals, for example signing up 6 new members will open commissions 20 levels deep.

And so it goes, 11 members open earnings on 50 different unilevel teams and so on.

The highest number we could find was 21 sales will open 100 unilevels.

The recruitment commission is organized via a unilevel system, and is paid out at a rate of 2.5% based on the $39.95 that’s paid by the people joining My Club 8.

In reading reviews of people who have tried to make money doing this all we are finding is that even the most successful recruiters are only making part-time money.

But the company reminds people that this is still just a pre-launch. So the more members you have when they kick in their new 8 level compensation plan at the time they go live the more you will make in a very short amount of time.

This is starting to become a bit confusing!

We already told you that you will only be making 2.5 % profit per membership and did not mention thay you will be charged shipping for those 2 bottles of CBD oil you get when you sign up.

This shipping amount is not mentioned but we are betting it is not cheap!

One more thing to mention, if you want to receive these drops monthly you can sign up for this with a $99.00 a month auto-ship membership.

Now, are you confused yet?

Wait there is one more thing! They pull $5 out of each membership sold and create what they call bonus pools with the money and the more recruits you bring in, the more these pools are worth.

Each member can be part of up to 5 pools each.

Now we are confused but we are starting to see where this is headed, the top dogs are going to make all the money and the lower recruits will be doing all of the work!!

Our View

In pre-launch, this company is heavily promoting memberships and is doing so with virtually no products and this concerns us.

What’s the truth – is My Club 8 a scam?

We cannot outright affirm that.

Is My Club 8 legit then?

Neither can we come to this conclusion so quickly.

Know that there are some things to be aware of before joining any MLM, which I will detailed now.

You will only be successful by recognizing the weaknesses and finding a way to move past them.

My Club 8 sounds like nothing more than a pyramid scheme.

There is a product to be sold but it seems tied in with the membership. The only way to make money with this program therefore is by recruiting new members. And if this dries up or slows down, like all pyramid schemes eventually do, you will have nothing to fall back on as far as products to sell are concerned.

Now, will this change as they claim and will they introduce the new 8 level compensation plan after they go live to the public and also add products for sale?

That would be a complete game-changer for this program, but we a skeptical.

When you look at the track record of the CEO and really take a close look at where the real money ends up with the pre-launch compensation you have to believe that all this amounts to is a cheap Ponzi scheme that dangles a couple of bottles of CBD oil you can buy off of store shelves in many places and then charges you to ship them to you! Tackey!

We give this MLM program a huge thumbs down and urge people to stay clear of these people at all costs.

We hope this article helps you in checking out the many different MLM programs out on the market today.

Some of these MLM programs are very good while others are very bad and many fall in between the two extremes. Be sure to check out our reviews tab to see what we think about the different MLM programs and see if we give them a thumbs up or a thumbs down!.

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6 thoughts on “My Club 8 Review – Is It a Good Opportunity Or One Big Scam?”

  1. Hey thanks for the review!  I am always skeptical of any MLM marketing programs.  I have had several bad experiences with them, and so this would scare me away pretty quickly.  However, most of the ones I was part of involved buying product and selling it and getting others to do the same.

    • Hi Jessie,

      Thanks too for coming to visit and commenting on this post.

      You are not alone. Many people are always skeptical of any MLM marketing programs. This is because of the bad experience people have had with them. However, not all mlms are scary. Those which resemble a ponzi scheme must be avoided at all costs. I mean those with no products at all to sell.

      Even those which involved buying products and selling them and getting others to do the same must be approached with care. Is that how you make most of your money or through recruiting. If the latter, then pleaserun.

      Thanks for your comments and visit.


  2. Thanks for writing about My Club 8 — which you are right — is getting some hype and attention. I tend to run away when it’s hard to find information on the owners of a venture. And if it’s also a MLM and the owner is not easy to find, it becomes difficult to take the product seriously at all. I see that you do like the EasyCash4Ads MLM, which is encouraging. Do you have other MLMs that are currently on your recommend side, or is EasyCash4Ads the only true contender at the moment?

    • Hi Aly,

      Thanks for coming to check My Club 8 review and for commenting on it.

      Yes, the program is getting some hype and attention, even on Facebook. There was once an mlm like that, a matrix product called Race Cycler. They created such a hype about the pre-lauch that we crawled over each other’s backs to register. Before that, we were watching the official lauch keenly and when it launched, we literally begged to be recruited.It pisses me to know I spent over $300 on that stuff which fizzled away like lemonade!

      So you’re right to run away when it’s hard to find information on the owners of a venture. Why should they be hiding? Do they have something which shouldn’t be public knowledge? Mostly it’s because it’sthe same old people who messed up with an earlier MLM who do not want to be recognized for people to sound the alarm bells.

      Yes, I recommend the EasyCash4Ads MLM. Others I will want you to check are:
      Team Building Project

      If you are interested in creating multiple streams of income WITHOUT having to create separate downlines for each business opportunities, I recommend checking out the Team Building Project.

      Global Money Line

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  3. Whenever I see that something is an MLM program, I tend to steer clear in any case, as the products are normally overpriced and you have to rely on other people to make money for you. I hate the thought of having to motivate a downline, and most end up leaving anyway.

    I prefer the type of business model where you can work for yourself and you have only yourself to answer too if you don’t make a success of it. Building your own online business is by far the best answer long term. What do you think?

    • Hi Michel,

      Yes, you’re right. One of the things which make people stay clear of an MLM program are the overpriced products and the fact that you have
      to rely on other people to make money for you. Oh, you’re definitely right, it’s not easy at all to motivate a downline, and no matter what you do for them most of them will leave anyway. 

      You prefer the type of business model where you can work for yourself and
      you have only yourself to answer to if you don’t make a success of it.
      And you wanted to know what I thought of your claim that building your own online business is by far the best answer long term.

      I think so too. It’s not easy motivating oneself, so why are you going to stretch yourself motivating other people who may not be interested in the business at all?

      Thank for contributing to the talk.



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