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What is Reddit?

Reddit is a massive traffic source that gets more online Traffic than LinkedIN, Craigslist, Instagram, CNN, Pinterest…

YUP..! That’s how big Reddit is. Best of ALL it’s HIGHLY influential since all their HOT and Viral content is CROWD SOURCED.

It’s not surprising that the Reddit platform currently controls over 10 BILLION Page Views every single month! That’s why all the major players visit it.

What is this Page About?

This page will therefore be sourcing viral content about affiliate marketing and blogging from Reddit and posting it here for you to have hot fresh content regularly.

The ReddiTrafic Tool

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To do so, I will be using ReddiTraffic, an awesome tool that leverages this traffic. With my keywords set, this Freakishly effective software gets to work, to curate the hot content corresponding to them and post the content here!

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Is it not superfluous to say that this software is a No-Brainer for ANYONE doing ANYTHING Online…?
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