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Need relevant Keywords for your website and marketing campaigns?

You own a website and need to find keywords for it the right way. Or, you are running marketing campaigns and you need high quality keywords. How do you go about them?

First: Keywords for website

As owner of a website which you want successful, now and always, know that your search engine success depends on your understanding of how to find keywords for the website. And how to find keywords in turn hinges on your understanding of how to research keywords.

As you will soon find out, this piece is going to simplify for you the process of researching keywords. This is my promise. But you can only see results if you do take action on what I am going to reveal here.


Ok, that’s your promise.

So, let’s go.

The trinity of effective keyword research

Effective keyword research rests on three main pillars.

I repeat: there are only THREE things to consider when doing keyword research for your website. Three may not sound much but they are enough in terms of keyword research for your website. Here they come:

1. Low competition: This is the first thing to mind when doing keyword research for your website. In this regard discard any keyword which has too much competition. The reason is that such keywords will not rank and therefore you will not get any traffic.

Now, how can you tell the competitiveness of a keyword?

The secret lies in the metric called QSR. This stands for Quote Search Results.
And how do you determine the QSR of a keyword?

By using Jaaxy. It is the only tool that offers this type of data in an efficient manner. I know because that is the tool I use for effective keyword research.

Now, what is the usefulness of the QSR?

QSR allows you to know the EXACT number of competing pages in Google….which is your REAL competition.

I will advise you to go for a QSR of under 300 (that is, 300 competing pages in Google). Don’t wince! The closer you get to ZERO the better.

To summarize: your First Keyword Pillar should be: Under 300 QSR

2. Must bring in some traffic
: Shun “homerun” keywords and instead embrace bunt singles. It looks as if it makes sense to grab a high volume, high competition keyword. Why not when you see them loaded with lots of traffic. But beware wolves come in sheepskin! You won’t get ranked under them!
So which ones must you reach out for?

Don’t be surprised, but the surest ones are the search terms that get over 50 searches per month. Yes, you read well. 50.

I can hear you yell. But don’t waste your breath. 50 are quite low. Sure. But like the proverbial little drops of water making the mighty ocean, these low volume keywords add up to something great when you start ranking them. Imagine getting 1st page rankings in the search engines for keywords with under 10, or 20….0r 100 searches and you are going to see some traffic!

Another thing: these lower competition, moderate traffic keywords are often more relevant and therefore convert better. So, now, what is your obvious choice?

Evidently your Second Keyword Pillar is: Over 50 searches per month.

3. Must make sense: Imagine falling on an article where somebody was trying to scram keywords in which don’t fit together and therefore don’t make sense. Would you continue reading? Okay, you’ve got the point. The title of this piece is a good example. It makes sense yet my target keywords fit naturally in there. This is what you must aim at with your keywords. Consider the following…

Keywords website vs. keywords for website

Which of the two keywords make sense? The second, of course. The reasoning here is that don’t force an awkward keyword into your content just to target it, but rather discard them and integrate those which fit naturally into it. This is simply because your keywords must make sense to people. Remember, although the search engines rank your content, you are not writing for machines but for an audience, real people.

Therefore your Third Keyword Pillar: Must make sense to a human being!

A word to the wise is enough. And since seeing is believing, I’ll let you try the Jaaxy tool now!
To do so, just take a topic or theme from your website and plug it into the Jaaxy search tool below. Mind the THREE search principles listed above and only success can be yours. Trust me on this or call me any names you want.

And now, to …

Second: Keywords for marketing campaigns

When looking for “quality” keywords for a marketing campaign, below are some of the most important metrics, what I call the “quartet of a quality keyword.”

Let’s look at them:

1. Monthly Searches – This should be your sole concern with traffic numbers. For ANY traffic amount is good enough for you to get natural rankings. Remember, your campaigns are only going to grow cumulatively when you rank under keywords.

2. KQI (Keyword Quality Index) – Is the key to an instant pulse of keyword quality for any of your marketing campaign (PPC, SEO, etc.). If you have the means to quickly determine keyword quality (as with the Jaaxy tool), then you can efficiently perform research.

3. QSR (Quoted Search Results) – Here comes the ULTIMATE competition metric again. What it does is collect information from the search engines so that you know the exact number of competing pages there are under that EXACT search term. Although I said above that you must reach for the ideal figure of 300 QSR, aiming for under 400 is not a bad idea either to get ranked. Millions of these keywords are out there but Jaaxy will give you the exact data you need.

4. SEO Power – This tells you if a keyword is going to make you get SEO rankings. And if you can get rankings, you are surely going to earn money online!
So, super efficient research hinges on the traffic, the nature of the keyword, competition, and the keyword quality. Jaaxy gives you all these.
Pretty awesome tool, isn’t it?

So anytime you need relevant keywords for your website and marketing campaigns your reflex should be to grab the free Jaaxy tool!

If you have any comments to make on quality keyword research to use on your website or for your marketing campaigns, just leave them in the comment box below or ask me on my Wealthy Affiliate Profile. Joy will be mine to answer you.

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